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The 8 Most Powerful Parenting Lessons From Tribes Around The World

They believe that the role of family is the “planting of good seeds”. Jimmy Nelson is a British photo journalist. For more than 28 years he documented 35 of the last indigenous tribes around the world. What he learned was life changing. His travels have taken him to the farthest and most unimaginable ...Read More

These 10 Voluptuous Couples Take Off Their Clothes {..And They Don’t Give A Sh*t What You Think}

“The hope is to broaden definitions of physical beauty. Literally.” Caution! The following images are raw & real. And therefore I couldn’t help but sharing them with you. The men and women in these images are executives, mothers, musicians, artists, activists, clerks, and writers. They are, perhaps, even the women or men ...Read More

The 11 Most Beautiful Vaginas On The Planet {Part 2}

“There are no words that come close to describing these powerful images. They will symbolize something different for every person who sees them. So I guess you’ll just have to see them for yourself!” Mother Nature is incredible, unbelievable, artistic, sensual and oh .. so damn sexual. When you feel yourself judging ...Read More

These 11 Naked Women Will Make Your Jaw Drop {.. not kiddin’}

“The most beautiful art is not always found locked inside a museum – but on the human body itself.” Body painting is an ancient and traditional form of artistic expression that has long existed in many tribal cultures. There is no doubt that the naked body is a perfect work of art on it’s own, but these artists have ...Read More

Booom! This Family Will Challenge Everything You’ve Been Taught About What’s ‘Normal’

“We just want people to know that we’re normal, and you can’t judge people on their ‘normal.’” A year ago a handsome guy named Kordale snapped an innocent picture of himself and his family during their morning ritual. (picture below) Within minutes after posting it on Instagram it went viral. Ever since that day has the ...Read More

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