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8 Sensual Ways To Become More Orgasmic {And Yes.. It Works}

Many of us women in today’s goal focused world are so stuck in our heads that we are disconnected from our cunts. Our masculine dominant lifestyles have taken us out of alignment with what is both necessary and nourishing to our femininity. Because of this lack of connection to our pussies, many ...Read More

The 22 Diseases You Can Heal With Passionate Sex {Incredible!}

The infamous Woody Allen once said: “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” And oh boy was he right. It might not be new to you that sex can heal physical and mental diseases, but did you really know that sex can play an important role in the ...Read More

My 9 Unusal Secrets To Extremly {Beautiful & Healthy Breasts}

“Breast is nourishment is life is sun is round and warm and full. A simple drawing of a breast is the symbol for Sun, nourisher of all life. And life is sacred, so breasts are sacred, so women are sacred, holy, whole.”  Susun Weed I used to have not much of a ...Read More

The Secret Power Of Your Period Revealed

The menstrual cycle is about womens’ energy and power; the power to be, to restore, to receive & to create. Throughout history different cultures attitudes towards menstruation and menstrual blood have varied. This has ranged from menstrual blood being viewed as sacred, healing and powerful, to being feared as dangerous and unclean. ...Read More

Viva La Boobies! 7 Things To Know About Breasts

Breasts are amazing – they are beautiful, they nourish babies, and they have an intelligence of their own. Breasts have so many incredible benefits for the health of humanity, the power of women, and the nurturing of the future generations. Your Breasts Deserve A Medal Of Honor – Plus Nurturing, Pampering, & Respect ...Read More

My Hymenectomy: A Painful Surgery And a Confusing Journey

I was 16. I had started menstruating at 14 and every period I had was a distressing event. I counted the days between cycles again and again in the hope that I would gain more control over the dreaded bleed. 10 days of bleeding was normal for me, 12 days was a ...Read More

Porn Is Considered Normal But Breastfeeding Is Embarassing? Are You Serious?

I once had a conversation with a person while breastfeeding my little boy. He mentioned that he feels embarrassed every time he sees a woman breastfeeding her child in public and he would prefer a woman to breastfeed in privacy only. Well then we also have to hide all the glossy porn ...Read More

The 7 Natural Birth Control Methods Your Doctor Would Probably Never Tell You About (.. Because Money Rules The World)

You may want to look into natural birth control methods if you’re a woman in your reproductive age and are in a long term committed relationship, where both you and your partner are healthy, safe, and have been tested for STIs. Why Natural Birth Control? Synthetic hormones in the contraceptive pill and ...Read More

The Undeniable Health Risks Of Tampons & The Most Effective Natural Alternatives

Handling menstrual flow is something that every women from every country and background has to deal with. Papyrus was first used in ancient Egypt, then reusable sanitary belts, and after that disposable pads. Most of these inventions had limited effectiveness until tampons were developed in the 1930’s which revolutionized feminine hygiene. Recent ...Read More

Aahhhh.. This Is The Shocking Truth About The Health Dangers of Your Bra

A few months ago I stopped wearing a bra! I did it mainly for comfort reasons but what I didn’t realize is that there is a scientifically proven link between bras and breast cancer and apparently this research has been known for more than 20 years but never properly shared in breast ...Read More

How I Cured My Incurable Disease With Love (A True Story)

For many years of my life I struggled to bring the light of love and awareness into the pain and anguish of being devastatingly ill. Perhaps many of you face physical or emotional problems that at times feel hopeless. Do not despair — within you is the power to love and heal ...Read More

The Most Powerful 3-Step Guide To Vaginal Dryness You Have Ever Read

Every physical ailment is the manifestation of your emotional health. Based on this ancient wisdom I am exploring the real cause of vaginal dryness and how to approach it in a holistic way for long-term benefits. ...Read More

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