Shakti Yoni Egg - Enhance Orgasms, Increase Sex Drive, Tighten Vagina

Shakti Yoni Egg - Enhance Orgasms, Increase Sex Drive, Tighten Vagina


  •  - intensifies your orgasms
  •  - tightens and tones your vagina
  •  - increases vaginal lubrication
  •  - helps maintain healthy intimate organs


Made of highest grade, certified, all-natural breathtaking Rose Quartz. 

*Note: For Hygiene Purposes Our Yoni Eggs are not drilled.

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Hello Beautiful! Quality means everything to me. That's why I researched for months to find the highest quality gemstone, design the most efficient shape and fid the best producer. With all my heart and all I have I stand behind this magical, little device to help you come more in tune with your vagina, orgasms, femininity and sex life. 


Yoni Eggs date back thousands of years to ancient China. The egg shape represents fertility, the cultivation of new life, and birth. Primarily used by ancient women for vaginal health and wellness, they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (often referred to as tightening the vagina), strengthen libido, heal emotional wounds, and create stronger orgasms

What The Yoni Egg Can Do For You

#1 Tightens the Vaginal Walls

If done correctly, Yoni eggs will help you strengthen your pelvic muscles. They go hand in hand with Kegel exercises. Tightening your vaginal walls can drastically improve your sex life, leading to more intense pleasure and leaving you feeling happier and healthier!
Believe me, your partner will love feeling your pussy firmly gripping his lovewand.

#2 Strengthens Libido and Increases Lubrication

Most women report that the more they use their Yoni Egg, the more sexually sensitive they are. Over time, working with yoni eggs even encourages the body to naturally produce increased vaginal fluids. Let it flow! ;)

#3 Increases the Power of Orgasms

This is my favorite benefit...Some women have reported squirting and toe-curling orgasms after working with Yoni Eggs. And in case you are wondering, yes, you can totally have sex with a yoni egg inside. And it’s absolutely amazing!

#4 Helps to Heal Emotional Wounds

Believe it or not, Yoni Eggs are not just there to strengthen your intimate area but can also help remove any blockages that are keeping you from living your highest and best life.
Our experiences, both good and bad, are stored in our wombs and vaginas. While great experiences open us, bad experiences can shut a woman down. Shifting the focus to this area through Yoni Eggs is a great way to release some of that tension.
Yoni eggs are excellent for healing on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. Many women report that the use of Yoni Eggs has unleashed their Divine Feminine power.
Once inserted, the natural urge is to try to force the egg out, but the stones don’t work that way, often staying inside until the energetic work is done. Thus, you will be forced to relax, trust, and surrender to the process, allowing the egg to do its work in its own time.
Through this process, the stone reveals to a woman where she could surrender and trust in other areas of her life. It’s a beautiful journey, full of revelations and wild emotions!


I AM HERE FOR YOU. If you have any questions to not hesitate to contact me personally. I am here to serve you.

All the best to you beautiful soul,

Adina (