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Why You Shouldn’t Give A Fuck About Looks

We are living in a world that cares too much about things that don’t really matter. In this blog post I’ll share my thoughts on the importance of looks and the (insignificant) role it played for me in choosing a partner. Why do I feel the urge to do so? For the ...Read More

This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Women On The Planet (.. Because She Fuckin’ Owns her Originality)

Meet Chantelle Brown-Young aka Winnie Harlow. She is 19 years old and has vitiligo; a skin condition causing cells responsible for skin pigmentation to die. At times in her life she wanted to die because of her appearance. Today though she is a model, catwalk star, aspiring writer and role model to ...Read More

Would You Dare To Walk Around Naked All Day? Well, This Girl Did It. (15 Eye-Opening Pictures)

The western world has become obsessed with clothes and scared to death of naked bodies in public. Show some naked boobs in the wrong place and you will go to jail. We are so disconnected from our naked bodies that we think it is unnatural being naked. We have been taught that ...Read More

These 13 Bizarre Pictures Depict How Ancient Asians Loved Kinky Sex

Japan has a rich sexual history. The film “Memories of a Geisha” revived this rich, bizarre & kinky history of a truly open-minded culture.  The following images are coined with the term Shunga which can be translated to “Image of Spring”. Spring is a common euphemism for sex. Shunga art depicted everything: ...Read More

Porn Is Considered Normal But Breastfeeding Is Embarassing? Are You Serious?

I once had a conversation with a person while breastfeeding my little boy. He mentioned that he feels embarrassed every time he sees a woman breastfeeding her child in public and he would prefer a woman to breastfeed in privacy only. Well then we also have to hide all the glossy porn ...Read More

Sh** New Age People Say In Bed

Not only do most of us only use about 10% of the brain, but it seems that the majority of the population also uses only about 10% of the vast potential of our language. But not so the “New Age People”. New Age people know their sh**. They know how to activate ...Read More

Why Another Lover Isn’t Always The Solution To Your Problem Or Why The Grass Is Hardly Greener On The Other Side

The comic strip you are about to see gave me goose bumps. The story of this eye-opening comic happens everyday the same way all over the globe. If you have gone through the same, rest assured you are not alone. It’s a vicious circle until we are able to step up our ...Read More

WTF?? Teacher Gets Suspended From Work For Talking About ‘Orgasm’ On Facebook

My friend forwarded the following facebook post to me. I felt the urge to spread this message since this incident is the perfect example of why most parts of western society is having a disturbed relationship with sexuality. Sexuality is our core essence and its purpose is not solely for reproduction. It ...Read More

Learn About ‘Trust’ From These Two Acrobats (For All Those Who Have Been Heart-Broken)

Have you ever thought about what trust means to you in a relationship? Does it has to be earned or does it has to be given? Does it mean that your relationship is build on trust towards the other or towards yourself? Learn About Trust From These Two “Cirque Du Soleil”- Acrobats ...Read More

The Sensual Art Of Pole Dance (Very Seductive Video)

The pole dance of this round-shaped queen is something I have never seen before. I love the way she carries herself; the way she moves her hips and the way she flows with the beat. Enjoy Her Sensual Moves What are your thoughts after seeing her dance? Much love, Adina ...Read More

How To Give A Yoni Massage: 12 Crucial Steps To Make It Life-Changing For Her

“Yoni Massage is an experience of deep pleasure, intimacy and connection. It is a way of honoring your lover and giving her a gift of intimacy and beauty..” Giving a pussy massage to a woman allows her to fully let go into the experience. There’s a deep expectation of reciprocation when it ...Read More

These Women Show Their Naked Boobs, Butts & Bellies (You Have Never Seen Anything More Authentic Then This)

“I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had  and lift you like a prayer to the sky” ~ Rumi My breasts & belly changed after pregnancy. They have become softer. They aren’t ...Read More
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