Secret Ceres

Secret Ceres

Secret Ceres naturally tightens, heals and rejuvenates your vagina leading to better sex. Ships Worldwide from the US. Buy now with FREE shipping.

Secret Ceres is a highly potent herbal stick that cleanses, rejuvenates & tightens the vagina while improving sexual sensation. Worldwide Shipping. Trusted✓ by 1.000s of Women. *Featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Jolie, Cat etc.

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Hello Beautiful, I am the founder of MyTinySecrets. I first came in touch with Secret Ceres when doing research for one of my projects back in 2008. I started testing it and was incredibly  impressed by its potentcy. I have been using it ever since. At the time it wasn't easy to get ahold of it so I decided to tell more women about this tiny secret of mine and offer it online.



According to ancient Asian wisdom a woman’s temple is located in her center. From there she reigns and rules, from there she stimulates her entire organism and her environment. This is the source of her energy. Here she creates. This place is holy. Here she lights the spark life. Originally developed to tighten and cleanse the vagina, Secret Ceres has been applied and appreciated by women in Asia for ages. In this manner they treat their sexual organs with utmost care and dedication to rejuvenate and maintain their youthful beauty and sexuality.


Three consumer studies carried out by Natural Body Care between 2004-2005 showed the following gynaeological health benefits of regular use*:

   99% tightening of the vagina after the first application
   99% enhanced hygiene after the first application
   99% internal cleansing and regenerating
  95% successful treatment of vaginal infections
   90% reported a regenerating effect on damaged and infected areas of skin
   86% since successful treatment of vaginal infection have had no further outbreaks
   78% increased humidity level during intercourse
   68% reduced discharge
   62% increased libido and intensified sensation during intercourse
  56% clearer consistency and altered taste of discharge
  43% decreased menstrual discomfort and irregularity

*Consumer tests with 200 women aged 19-55 years using the product twice a week over two months.



The healing herbs in Secret Ceres help with the biological exfoliation of the callus inside of the vagina. It sensitizes, cleanses and regenerates the vagina as well as having a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of its secretion. By shedding off the dead skin cells of the superficial layers of the vagina’s epithelial skin, Secret Ceres help regenerating and balancing the vaginal micro-flora while sustaining the humidity level and substance balance of the vagina. The synergetic interaction of selected herbal extracts, minerals and crystals balances structural deficiencies of the body while accelerating the cell renewal process in the body.

Here are some examples of how our customers use Secret Ceres:

#1 Rejuvenating the Vagina
Secret Ceres helps to rejuvenate the vagina. The combination of natural ingredients works wonders to restore the vagina to a firm, healthy appearance, creating beauty from the inside out. It stimulates the body’s natural cleansing process, which means a healthy, balanced, odor-free, fresh vagina.

#2 Eliminating Vaginal Odor
Bad vaginal odor can be an embarrassing issue. Every woman’s vagina has a natural scent, but when this scent becomes overwhelming or unpleasant, you need to take action. A stronger scent always is an indication for an imbalance (i.e. infection) in the intimate area. By supporting the body’s own cleansing mechanism Secret Ceres can help you get rid of vaginal odor.

#3 Tightening the Vagina
Secret Ceres helps you regain a tight vagina: it’s more pleasurable for both you and your partner during sex and it can make you feel more youthful and therefore more confident which in turn again can affect the quality of your sex life. The tightening effect can be felt immediately after the first application.

#4 Rejuvenating a Dry Vagina
A dry vagina can have negative effects on a woman’s sex life and how comfortable she is with herself. Many women have used Secret Ceres to restore an appropriate level of humidity. It uses a combination of natural botanicals to promote good vaginal humidity and health. You will feel a higher level of humidity after the first 3-5 applications.

#5 Healing Vaginal Infections
Secret Ceres can support the healing process of different types of vaginal infections such as mycosis, vaginitis, yeast infection, vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, bacterial vaginosis etc. by exfoliating the vaginal callus sanitizing, cleansing and regenerating the vagina.





Due to the unique composition, its processing and the synergetic interaction of selected herbal ingredients and minerals, Secret Ceres tightens the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner. Secret Ceres active ingredients’ antifungal and antibacterial properties effectively counteract conditions that arise as a result of a state of imbalance of the flora, such as fungal infections (Vaginal Candidiasis) vaginal dryness inflammation of the vagina (Vaginitis) unpleasant odour (Vaginosis) or discharge (Leucorrhoea).



“I have been suffering from a chronically vaginal infection since a very long time. Common medicine lost their effect on me due to the repeated use over such a long period. I was constantly suffering from an itchy and burning feeling as well as unpleasant discharge. As a consequence I was also unable to have a normal sex life. Since I found out about Secret Ceres, it has changed my life and has since become an essential part of my hygienic routine. Thank you very much!”

Lisa, 27, L.A. - California

“My vagina has always been very dry and my skin would break when having Sex. Most of the times I would start bleeding and it was generally uncomfortable for me. Since I tried Secret Ceres I am completely overwhelmed. Immediately after the use I was surprised because I became so tight that it scared me at first. I thought I had worsened my original problem, since my vagina felt dry on top of it. But within 1 day the entire skin inside of my vagina shed off and regenerated and renewed itself and became supple and soft. During intercourse I now become nice and wet, so my skin won’t break anymore. You don’t imagine what it means to me. To my boyfriend Secret Ceres is the 8th world wonder, since our sex had always been anything but relaxed so far. Incredible!”
Johanna, 21, Stuttgart

“After the birth of my son my vagina had become so loose that even the largest tampon size would not fit me anymore. Thus, one of my girlfriends gave me the magic stick. What a relief…the stick has been my rescue! I am indefinitely indebted to you!” Celia, 34, Amsterdam “I started using Secret Ceres when I was pregnant, because I was repeatedly suffering from infections and excessive discharge during my pregnancy. Fortunately my girlfriend told me about this natural alternative to successfully counteract and cure thrush. So there was no need to use the chemical based medicine I had been prescribed by my doctor.
Stephanie, 26, N.Y

Since I started using Secret Ceres the effect I have on men is incredible, sometimes I can’t believe it myself! They chat me up in the supermarket, on the street and not to mention when I go out! Secret Ceres definitely has a strong effect on my erotic appearance and hormone production. When my girlfriend told me about the product or respectively a certain incident she had after using it, I thought she’s exaggerating. Until I witnessed one incident myself and started to consider that it might really have something to do with the stick. Thus, I got one for myself and must say I am truly amazed. I started to believe in miracles again! Nature is amazing! Since I realized this I perceive myself in a completely different way. I feel and appear more feminine, more sensual and erotic…… Wow! Every woman should experience this feeling!
A.M. 40, Berlin

Since the first application of Secret Ceres I am impressed without a doubt. I feel so clean; furthermore I became so much more confident when having sex. Everything is so sensitive, the sensation is amazing.”
Karen, 19, Paris



Secret Ceres contains 100% natural, organic ingredients. The lengthy growth process of the natural resources in a fertile, rich and unpolluted environment and tropical eco-systems provide the essence for a product of highest purity, quality, bio-energetic potency and effectiveness. As a result, Secret Ceres is only produced in limited quantities. Each stick is individually handmade.

Pomegranate Tree - Known to have styptic, cleansing, antibacterial, antifungal and regenerating properties Since ancient times the pomegranate was considered not only the fruit of love and passion but also a strong aphrodisiac. Its juice is rich in vitamins and acts as a tenderizer due to its content of proteolytic enzymes. The fruit rind and root bark have an astringing effect and are furthermore known to have styptic, cleansing, antibacterial, antifungal and regenerating properties. Punica seeds contain an oil which contains not only the steroidal oestrogen, estrone (one of three female sexual hormones), in the highest concentration found in any botanical species, but also a full range of non-steroidal phytoestrogens (estrogens derived from plants) including the comesten, cumestrol, and the isoflavones, genistein and daidzein.

Drip Stones - Crystals that are formed as a result of billions of water drops. During this process the rain transfers the calcium carbon contained in the rocks into soluble calcium carbon. In the inside of the cave the reversed chemical process takes place: the continuous dripping makes carbon dioxide secrete from the water while the remaining bi-carbon is insoluble and segregates in the form of magnificent sinter formations. Kaolin - A natural mineral that has been used in Asia for more than 2500 years. It serves as a carrier and guarantees an even release of Secret Ceres’ active ingredients.

Kaolin - It is created by the decomposition and transformation of silicate rock and is in its purest form snow-white, inodorous and nearly tasteless. Due to its cleansing, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties Kaolin is a frequently used base ingredient in the production of cosmetics. Kaolin draws out impurities and toxins, while dead skin cells are removed. The mineral stimulates the skin’s renewal process, flabby skin is revitalized and unsightly wrinkles may be reduced. Its antiseptic, deodorizing and healing properties leave the skin clean, tight and smooth.


Ingredients: Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Rhizoma, Curcuma Domestica (Tumeric), Artemesia Annua (Sweet Wormwood), Eurycoma Longifolia, Piperis Folium (Red Piper Betle Leaf), Oak Gall Extract, Ocimum Sanctum (Holy Basil), Scaphium Affinis Pierre (Malva Nut), Punica Granatum, Artesian Mountain Spring Water, Alunite, Kaolin


What happens after I apply Secret Ceres?

After the first applications of Secret Ceres you will feel a tightening and tingling effect. After a while dead cells of vaginal skin will peel off leaving the vagina in a tender, cleansed and regenerated state. Thus, you are to feel that youthful and sensuous feeling. In cases of severe imbalance of the vaginal flora a noticeable burning sensation will be felt during the application, which indicates the healing process and will diminish along with the decreasing of the symptoms.

How long does Secret Ceres last?

Secret Ceres will last between 6-12 month depending on the frequency of use. With each use the healing herbs and kaolin will be absorbed into your vaginal skin which is why it reduce with time. How often can/should I use Secret Ceres? Secret Ceres is recommended to be used 1 time per week. 

How do I apply Secret Ceres?

Secret Ceres is inserted up to two third into your vagina. To secure the wand you hold it with your thumb and index finger at the end that sticks out. Secret Ceres can be left up to 90 seconds inside the vagina. After the application you simple rinse the stick and put it back into its original packaging. You will receive a full explanation on how to use and care for Secret Ceres with the product.

OUR GUARANTEE Secret Ceres is shipped in a secured way. After your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking code. In case of any damage during shipment we will immediately send out a new Secret Ceres to you. Your Secret Ceres will arrive in a discreet and beautiful packaging.

I AM HERE FOR YOU. Contact me any time if you have questions. You might be passing through difficult moments which is why you are here reading this. Secret Ceres helped thousends of women all around the world. It can do the same for you.

If you have any concerns, doubts or general questions do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help.

All the best beautiful soul,

Adina Rivers ([email protected])