Shakti Wand Rose Quarz

Shakti Wand Rose Quarz

Cultivate your sensuality & inner goddess. Experience the joy & healing power of this beautiful all-natural Shakti Wand™ inside your Yoni.Size: 17cm x 4cm. Material: A-Grade All Natural Rose Quartz GemstoneSee the description below to find out more about the Shakti Wand™ Rose Quarz NOTE: Our gemstone wands are all-natural and might therefore vary slightly in shape and color   

Cultivate your sensuality & inner goddess. Experience the joy & healing power of this beautiful all-natural Shakti Wand™ inside your Yoni.

Size: 17cm x 4cm.

Material: A-Grade All Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone

See the description below to find out more about the Shakti WandRose Quarz

NOTE: Our gemstone wands are all-natural and might therefore vary slightly in shape and color




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Hello Beautiful, I am Adina, the founder of MyTinySecrets. I have been working with healing crystals (gemstones) for the last 4 years. One day - my partner was playing with my yoni - the idea was born to create an energy healing wand from natural gemstone. (using plastic toys for sexual pleasure was never appealing to me); the Shakti Wand was born.



Using gemstones for heightened sexual pleasure, -health & overall-well being is no new-age invention but a tradition that has been around since centuries. The use of gemstones for the intimate area of a woman first evolved in ancient China. But as most powerful knowlegde in the world the knowledge about gemstones as a way to sexual restoration, stimulation and pleasure has been kept as a secret being taught only to queens and concubines of the ancient chinese Royal Palace.

With the rise of new technologies this ancient knowledge found its way all over the globe. Today women of all nations are becoming aware of the power of gemstones to their bodies. Nowadays this form of energy healing is not only embraced by large numbers of women around the globe, it has excited the interest of many physicians and medical researchers.


#1 Women Who Feel Stress/Tension/Blockages In Their Yoni And Womb

Every day life, stress, motherhood, rocky relationships, trauma, childhood memories etc. can all lead to tension and blockages in your yoni. It is important to cleanse, rejuvenate & reactivate it. The Shakti Wand helps to rejuvenate the Yoni on an energetic level.

#2 Women Who Want To Unleash Their Sensuality And Femininity

Using the Shakti Wand for Self-Pleasure will help unleash & cultivate your inner goddess & sensuality. Do this once a week and you will feel a change within.

#3 Women Who Feel Numbness/Stiffness In And Around Their Intimate Area

Each part of your body corresponds to your energetic and emotional self, and each bodily movement will mirror back to you your current state of holistic health. Stiff hips and pelvic movements can remind us of a rift between us and our sexuality, our connection to the earth.

#4 Women Who Feel Guilt/Shame/Fear Or Experienced Trauma

Many women have stored negative and/or fearful emotions and/or trauma within their Yoni (Sacral Chakra) without knowing or realizing it. As a result the intimate area can be tense; the beautiful flower closed. 

#5 Women Who Want To Liberate Their Orgasmic Potential & Sexual Energy

The Shakti Wand takes on the natural heat of your vagina. (plastic toys won't do this). This natural heat will help in a heightened natural lubrication of your intimate area. The energies emitting from the Shakti Wand will help to open up and awaken your Yoni. 

#6 Women Who Want To Experience A Different, Powerful & Exciting Way Of Pleasure

Gemstones are eons old and come right from the womb of Mother Earth. Imagine this when you let the Shakti Wand dive into your Yoni. It is powerful, intense, liberating, hot (literally as the crystal heats up). Gemstones are alive. They vibrate and take on the vibration of your Yoni.

#7 Women Who Want To Heal Their Mind, Body & Soul Holistically

Healing with crystals has always been a part of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine Traditions as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. These traditions are over 5000 years old. Crystals influence the subtle body - the energy body that carries out life force. This life force is particularly focused on energy centres called Chakras. They cleanse and energize the Chakras and thereby bringing you greater health & sense of well being. 


You are energy that shows up in various patterns and densities. Your thoughts and feelings are connected to your physical body.  Sexual Trauma, abuse, neglect, lack of love, divorce of parents, social conditioning, disturbing thoughts a.s.o. can imbalance us easily.

On a microscopic level a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecules. Since crystals vibrate and emit pure vibrations at constant rates, they can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance within ourselves, removing blockages, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well being.  


Rose Quartz is universally known as the stone of love. It is powerful on the female reproductive system and used to assists in alleviating sexual difficulties, nurture your yoni with loving energy and is thought to help mothers heal after complicated births.
Rose Quartz healing properties:

Promotes deep inner healing

encourages self-forgiveness

Invoking self trust, self worth & self love

Soothing, calming & balancing stone

powerful during times of transition & transformation (relationship, life a.s.o.)

Release of emotional wounds & trauma


The Shakti Wand may be used for healing, pleasure, meditation or manifestation.

#1 Use as a Healing Tool During Yoni Massage

The Shakti Wand can be used during a tantra and/or yoni massage as a healing tool to release negative emotions/blockages from the yoni. Insert it with the intention of releasing unwanted energies that are holding you back and then dive into the pleasure. Release the Shakti Wand and cleanse it physically and energetically.

#2 Use the Shakti Wand as a Meditation Tool

You can use the Shakti Wand after its first initiation as a meditation tool. The energies of the sexual encounter are stored in the Shakti Wand. Sexual energy is life force. By holding the Shakti Wand in your hands or placing it in front of you during meditation you can access the vibrations of the sexual energy stored.

#3 Unusal Tool for Sexual Stimulation (For Women and Men)

Imagine the intensity of an age-old gemstone within your yoni. A stone that carries the wisdom of the womb of mother nature. It is a powerful and unusal experience.

#4 Use as a massage tool

You can place the Shakti Wand on those parts of your body that need healing. You can also use a little bit of pressure and use the Shakti Wand as a massage tool for the back.

#5 Use as a Tool for Manifestation (Sex Magic)

Sexual energy is life force. It is the most powerful energy in the universe. It is the energy of creation. Manifest your highest calling and goals during sex and while the Shakti Wand is inside your yoni.



The Shakti Wand is made of highest quality gemstones:

  • - Grade A Quality Rose Quartz.

  • - All-natural gemstone (No chemical polishing, stone color enhancing or fake gemstone quality)

  • - Each Shakti Wand is carefully handmade with the exact shape designed by Oliver & Adina.


How do I take care of the Shakti Wand?

The Shakti Wand is made of all-natural healing crystal. If you drop the stone it will break. Make sure your hands are not slippery when using it. Make sure the Shakti Wand lays on soft material only (bed, carpet, bed sheets). After each sexual experience cleanse the Shakti Wand under purified water. Dry it and store it in its original packaging.

How can I use the Shakti Wand?

The Shakti Wand should be inserted 2/3 into the yoni & anus; not further. 

How to I cleanse the Shakti Wand from Energies/Emotions released from the Yoni?

It is important to cleanse the Shakti Wand energetically from time to time. I personally prefer to cleanse the Shakti Wand with purified water and then leave it outside with the packaging opened up under the moon. (the moonlight stands for cleansing and feminine healing qualities). Everything that shows love and appriciation for your Shakti Wands will help in cleansing and releasing unwanted energies. Do whatever you would do for a good friend to feel good. 


"Women whose heart and Yoni have opened completely have the power to change the face of the Earth. And the first step towards this absolute embodiment is to cleanse the Womb and Yoni from the energetic residue of conditioning and emotions left in it by the outer world and her sexual experiences. A Yoni is regarded as the very source from which the universe emerges; it nurtures existence and dissolves matter and form back into the universal blackness." Peruquois

 The gift I have received from the Yoni Wand will also be your gift:

Energetic Healing & Opening of your Yoni.

I AM HERE FOR YOU. If you have any questions to not hesitate to contact me personally. 

All the best to you beautiful soul,

Adina ([email protected])