Who’s The Person Behind MyTinySecrets

I am Adina, the founder of MyTinySecrets and I consider myself a life-scientist. I try until I succeed. I’m not a teacher nor a guru. I’m just a regular woman that loves life and the challenges that come along with it. Today I live a life dedicated to growth and helping others on their journey.

But it wasn’t always like this. I mean I always enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest but I was unaware of what it was I really wanted from life. Carrying a subtle feeling deep within of wanting more. More from my relationships. More from one self. More from life.

What I was missing was a mirror. Somebody that was different than I was. A person that would – just with his presence – force me to overcome the things that where holding me back.

From Living to Creating a Life

In 2004 I met this person without knowing and wanting it. It was anything but a smooth start. Our relationship has been full of ups and downs and I learned loving these, since it were the downs and the challenges that had the biggest positive impacts on our lives.

We went from being unconscious to conscious!
Sounds like nothing big but was an amazing step.

We went from living in Germany to living in Bali!
Brought a huge jump in life quality.

We went from living a life to creating the life I want!
Amazing thing to take life in your own hands.

Taking these steps wasn’t easy but with every challenge we take we get one step closer to the life we want and MyTinySecrets has become a major part in this journey that is dedicated to growth on all levels.

Today we live in in Bali, Indonesia. I love to live a minimalistic lifestyle allowing me to focus on what really matters to me. My material belongings fit in 2 suitcases and I am proud of that. I love to travel, experience & taste life wholeheartedly. I am proud to be the mom of a wonderful soul called Jonah and blessed to experience the inner growth of a 10 year relationship with my soul-mate Oliver.  I usually follow my heart & love to be disobedient with my mind. 

My Mission: Educate & Empower

I want to educate and empower all people on the topics and depths of natural intimate health & beauty, conscious sexuality, conscious relationships, and self love. I unveil the taboo associated with ones’ sexual wellbeing.

Ultimately, I strive to provide a safe, sacred and comfortable space for people, assisting in their awakening process and ultimately contributing to ones personal transformation & growth.

My Commitment: Nothing Is Taboo

I talk about what others aren’t talking about and I’ll talk about it from my heart. Nothing is taboo. The less I hide, the healthier we all become. I share quality over quantity. I deliver alternatives to the mainstream. I hold the space for deep personal exploration, growth and expansion. I aspire to contribute to overall global consciousness.

That’s enough about me for now since this site is all about YOU. If you have questions or simply want to say hello, you can contact me here. I would love to hear from you.

I see you. I care about you. I’m here for you. 


Adina Rivers