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The 7 Magical Powers Of Oral Sex {.. Innncreeedible :}

oral sex

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“It may sound odd at first that oral sex can be a woman’s portal to realizing not only her spirituality but also the very force that retards her aging process.”

This following article looks into the amazing healing benefits of oral sex on the physical body. It is an excerpt from this amazing book. The book in its essence takes a look on sexuality from the perspective of ancient Taoism. You might have never looked at oral sex from this perspective. 😉


Oral sex stimulates many of the oral fixations we had as adolescents. It is the most powerful stimulant of the body memory and intelligence in re-creating many of our youthful energies and conditions.


Nothing has as much influence on our health, and also on our psyche, as oralism does – in all its forms.

In Western psychoanalysis, oralism is considered the first stage of libidinal development, at which time sexual desire is undifferentiated from the desire of food.

Aside from mother’s milk, saliva is actually an infant’s first ingestion of nourishment.

“It is an undeniable fact that body fluids are the initial source of nourishment for the survival of human life – namely mother’s milk and saliva. As infants and children we spend an inordinate amount to time licking things. Almost every object we grasp must first be licked.”

As infants our first sense organ to develop is the tongue, so we judge everything first through the sensations of the tongue. Using the tongue creates saliva, and to infants saliva means nourishment. Hence the frequent occurrence of drooling in infants.

“The importance of the tongue to our health and well-being could not be overstated. The tongue is not only our first sense receptor but is also the last organ to deteriorate after death.”

It may sound odd at first that oral sex can be a woman’s portal to realizing not only her spirituality but also the very force that retards her aging process.

But when we look closely, as this work does, we shall see clearly how these acts and behaviors deeply affect a woman’s entire biological and spiritual natures.


When speaking of oral sex, two body fluids are immediately apparent: saliva & semen.

The Healing Power of Saliva

Saliva is a body fluid, not excrement – an erroneous view held by many Westerners. Saliva is full of nutrients that benefit the body in numerous ways. In women it can aid digestion, produce weight-loss, heal the skin, restore the teeth and gums, and cleanse the esophagus, to name just a few of the benefits.

The Healing Power of Semen

Semen is likewise a body fluid and it is primarily protein. Its warmth draws fresh blood to where it is applied on the body, acting like an astringent in the generation of new skin cells and tissues. The warm semen simultaneously affect the pigments, called melanin, that lie underneath the skin, keeping the skin and hair healthy.

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Healing benefits semen


The ancients surely did not know the breakdown of these essential micronutrients, but they did know that semen was without question the very best of skin rejuvenators.


#1 Nourishes hair, gums, teeth etc.

The activity of oral sex produces and attracts new blood for nourishing the teeth, gums, hair, facial muscles and tendons.

#2 Enlarges breasts

It also enlarges the breasts because of its hormonal effect on the milk glands.

#3 Decreases breast cancer & effects of menopause

It has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland. When the thyroid is stimulated and excessed women experience a decreased chance of contracting breast cancer and are less likely to experience the ill effects of menopause.

#4 Prevents wrinkles & aging spots

Oral sex exercises all facial muscles, most of which normally never get exercised. The muscles used for sucking are especially beneficial in slimming fatty tissues from the face and removing or preventing wrinkles and aging spots.

#5 Make lips look fuller

Oral sex draws more blood into the cheeks, lips and gums, thus making the lips fuller and restoring their natural color.

#6 Strengthens gums

The gums are strengthened and cleansed through both the sucking actions and the increased amount of saliva.

#7 Activates deep breathing

Breathing through the nose is strengthened by oral sex, thus creating deeper breathing. Deep breathing is something we all did as children that we lost as we became older and more tense.

In brief bringing air in through the nose into the abdomen causes the diaphragmatic muscles to push air into the lungs, which is the natural and more beneficial manner of breathing, rather than inhaling through the mouth and into the lungs, which can cause illness, shortness of breath and loss of balance.


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Much love, Adina

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Artwork: Michelangelo “Adam and Eve”

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8 years ago

Oral sex should always be a two way street. Men should learn to please women in this way. I agree with Barbara Bradford Taylor when she wrote that cunnilingus is the most intimate of all sexual acts. Because it means that your lover’s eyes and mind are two inches from your feminine Holy of Holies. This is a greater surrender to the gods of lust than allowing a man to get on top of you and thrust. A woman has not truly lived unless she has been taken to a great orgasm by the tongue of another human being. The penis cannot focus carefully on the clit, but the mouth and tongue can.

The lewd world of my adolescence got some things wrong, and was silent about many others. But one thing it got right was the glory of eating pussy.

Dan Shill
Dan Shill
8 years ago

So do the same health benefits apply to gay men, too?

joe grant
joe grant
9 years ago

It was suggested by Lisa for me to read this article. Having done so I fail to see any connection to my ques.ABOUT CREAMPIE EATING. I would really like to hear from anyone who has experienced this and might suggest any advice. I have come to trust what you and your staff have to say. Your articles are so enlightening. As I have said I am a willing and compliant student to all things oral. I believe that what a women brings to a sexual joining is to be treated with utmost respect and Honor. Sex and all things are so much more when the desire and fulfilment of my partner are given complete and equal consideration. I don’t think in mechanical terms only but in the revelation of just how much pleasure is given and received by both in a mutually giving situation. Suzy has made references to me that indicate how much she wants to have the experience of me licking her clean to the point of orgasm. Any thing will be greatly appreciated. I am probably going to go forward with her suggestion this Fri. I just wanted some professional advice from more experienced folks.Thank you.


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