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Conscious Sexuality Archive

Awaken Your Body To Magical Cervical Orgasms!

A cervical orgasm feels like deep, pulsing pleasure that spreads across the entire abdomen…sometimes, the whole body. In October of 2015, I went to see a tantric bodyworker. I didn’t book a session to talk about my cervix let alone experience a cervical orgasm, in fact that was the last thing on ...Read More

5 Taoist Practices For The Modern Man

Stronger, yet gentler, the modern man understands that a woman’s beauty comes from within. He knows she cares deeply for her body, mind, and spirit. These taoist practices will help him do the same. As a modern man, you know to treat your body as a temple. 5 Taoist Practices That Will ...Read More

Sacred Sex: The Difference Between Light and Dark Tantra

Sacred sex is not all kinds of sex, and by learning about the “dark” forces from an energetic perspective, you are able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexual feelings often misconstrued as “sacred sex”. Sexual energy is very powerful for better or worse and one of the primary control mechanisms for ...Read More

The Magical Power of Semen & How it Can Hijack Your Brain

It seems that the power of semen may be able to hijack your brain! . Menno Schilthuizen wrote an amazing book call In Nature’s Nether Regions where he explains how the chemical cocktail found in semen can hijack the female brain. The study has only been performed in insects so far, but ...Read More

Why Men With Erectile Dysfunction Are The Best Lovers

This may come to you as a shock… .. But many women agree that men with Erectile Dysfunction are the best lovers they’ve ever had! While this response is rather unexpected, the reasons behind it may forever change your views on what true, fulfilling intimacy entails. DISCLAIMER: at the risk of sounding ...Read More

Extended Orgasms Are Magic & You Can Experience One

I want to invite you to try this ancient, unique and powerful self-pleasure practice Very recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Steve Bodansky, author of “Extended Massive Orgasm”, on my radio show. His book outlines the practice of Deliberate Orgasm. And I love, love, love the practice of Deliberate Orgasm! This technique is useful ...Read More

Condoms Block Sexual Energy Flow – Fact or Myth?

In Tantra, sex is a way of mobilizing and channeling powerful energies to achieve spiritual goals. The question becomes whether a “latex barrier” allows for the interchange of energies that the participants are looking for. While lovemaking, is it possible to awaken sexual energy, channel it and use it for personal and ...Read More

5 Magical Steps To An Orgasmic Vagina (.. even when you don’t feel much now!)

A few years back, I could only feel clitoral orgasms with a vibrator or my finger. My vagina was numb and sexual intercouse felt painful. Back then, I believed the female g-spot to be nothing more than a fairy tale. I certainly didn’t know my body was capable of over 11 different ...Read More

Do This Magical Thing To Make Your Woman Bliss Out In Bed ?

Intimate penetration is a powerful and deep sexual practice. The thing though is that we tend to penetrate our lovers’ bodies as a routine, unconscious act. We are used to penetration being either a “goal” or a sexual motion. And yet, by being attentive, we can turn penetration into a sacred ritual. ...Read More

Dear Men Who Love Blow Jobs (6 Magical Secrets From A Woman) ✨

If you honor your penis and treat it as the “Holy Shaft of Light” that it is, we women will follow in suit. I was one of those girls who used to gag at the thought of having to give my man a blow job. But all that has changed: I freaking loove ...Read More

17 Reasons You Need a Pussy Massage ASAP

A Pussy Massage is one of the most magical experiences a woman can have, and her partner can give.  It involves awakening not just her pussy, but her entire body. The Pussy Massage is an Ancient Tantric practice used to awaken a woman sexually, and deeply heal and rejuvenate her.  This is ...Read More

The Ancient & Mysterious Art of Pussy Worship

A woman’s pussy  is a portal to life. It is a place from where all life originated. Our vaginas are called so many different names: “down there”, “pipi”, “cockpocket”, “hairy mussel”, “goodies”, “honey pot”, “kitty”, “pussy”. I bet you will agree that none of these nicknames really express the magic, power, and ...Read More