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Conscious Sexuality Archive

Pornography Can Ruin Your Sex Life

A couple years ago, I stumbled across some research and articles about the pornography and the negative effects it could be having on men and their sex lives. I found it interesting, but never gave it too much thought after that. Then some time last year I stumbled across this video: It ...Read More

The Art Of Self Pleasure {4 Unique Ways To Pleasure Yourself}

There is something erotically powerful about knowing how to please yourself. Intuitively. The first thing to remember is that we are sexual beings. Our bodies are innately wired to experience touch in an intimate way. The brain is the largest sexual organ in a human being. It sets the stage for a ...Read More

How To Give A Sacred Blow Job

I remember the first time I sucked a man’s cock. I was 19 years old and desperate to explore my sexuality (the high school boys always seemed too “immature”). I’d spent several days anticipating my upcoming tryst with this man and poured over the internet for hours looking for the best ways ...Read More

How To Eat Pussy – A Magical Guide For Evolved People

When a woman finds a man who know how to eat pussy, she’s found a treasure she’s not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won’t even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in ...Read More

How To Become Sexually Satisfied. Deeply, Deeply Satisfied.

It seems to me that women are the gender that is most difficult to please sexually, in that studies show it takes the average man four minutes to reach climax and the average woman sixteen minutes. Given the challenges in satisfying women sexually, why as a culture are we so focused on ...Read More

Why Consciously Awake Women Are “Cunts”

To many the word “cunt” is one of the most vile, obscene and vulgar swear words in the English language. But while researching the origins of this word I was amazed to find out that in its original meaning we, consciously awake women, might all be “cunts”. Sacred cunts. It seems that ...Read More

These 13 Bizarre Pictures Depict How Ancient Asians Loved Kinky Sex

Japan has a rich sexual history. The film “Memories of a Geisha” revived this rich, bizarre & kinky history of a truly open-minded culture.  The following images are coined with the term Shunga which can be translated to “Image of Spring”. Spring is a common euphemism for sex. Shunga art depicted everything: ...Read More

Confessions Of A Sensitive Pussy: How To Give Her Earth-Shattering Cunnilingus

“I once had a boyfriend who put in the effort to learn my body and learn how to read my pussies needs – it was like he could speak to her without needing to speak to me.“ How easily do you cum from having someone eat your pussy? Does it matter which ...Read More

The Yoni Egg Path to Sexual Pleasure

Something deep is happening within my spirit and my soul. I feel an indescribable peace, synchronicities are abounding and my sexuality is taking on new heights. I have been working with yoni eggs which are various types of crystals that are carved to the shape of a small, medium or large egg. ...Read More

Sh** New Age People Say In Bed

Not only do most of us only use about 10% of the brain, but it seems that the majority of the population also uses only about 10% of the vast potential of our language. But not so the “New Age People”. New Age people know their sh**. They know how to activate ...Read More

The Myth Of The Big Black Penis

Recently I was watching one of the Bethenny of Skinny Girl Cocktails and Real Housewives of New York on Watch What Happens Live, and she asked host Andy Cohen: “Is it true that black men have bigger penises than white men?” While not surprised by the question, hearing it from a white ...Read More

A Woman’s Guide To Penis Worship

 “A man’s penis is truly the key to his heart. Loving it will create a deep emotional bond between the two of you.” There are women who see the penis as nothing more than an ugly, protruding dumb stick that men love and obsess over; robbing them of their capacity for reason ...Read More