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5 Taoist Practices For The Modern Man

Taoist Practices

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Stronger, yet gentler, the modern man understands that a woman’s beauty comes from within. He knows she cares deeply for her body, mind, and spirit. These taoist practices will help him do the same.

As a modern man, you know to treat your body as a temple.

5 Taoist Practices That Will Help You Master Your Modern-day Manhood

#1 Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Much emphasis is placed on women exercising their pelvic floor muscles, but it’s as important for men.

Regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles keeps blood flowing in this all-important male area. This taoist practice is good for the prostate, too, as contracting these muscles gives it a bit of a massage.

There are two pelvic floor exercises you should incorporate into your fitness routine.

  1. The first one is when you stop yourself from urinating, which feels a bit like lifting your testicles.
  2. The second exercise is when you squeeze hard and deep within your pelvic floor so you can feel your sitting bones move closer together.

The first exercise isn’t one you should do as an on-going practice. Instead, do it when you need to remind yourself what it feels like to contract this muscle group. This muscle memory is important for the second exercise.

For the second pelvic exercise, consider setting a target of three sets of twenty squeezes each day. If you are not sure at first, you may find it easiest to lie down and place your hands on your buttocks to feel this movement. Practice makes perfect so you’ll get the hang of it over time.

#2 Nurture Your Other Sexual Areas


One of the most important taoist practices is to nurture your body as a whole and not just your penis. Here are a selection of Taoist exercises you should consider adding to your routine:

  • Penis stretching: where you hold the base of the penis and pull to the left, the right, then up, and then down to loosen any tight tendons and improve your blood flow.
  • Testicle massaging and tapping, which helps to stimulate your sexual energy.
  • External prostate massage using your finger to rub the perineum in a circular motion.
  • Internal prostate massage, which is a more advanced technique of massaging the prostate via the anus using a finger or a prostate massager.

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#3 Extend Your Self-Pleasuring

There are many obvious benefits of self-pleasuring, including gratification. When you extend self-pleasuring, you also extend the benefits.

Many men tend to have a single focus and that is to come as quickly as they can. When you slow down and broaden your approach to self-pleasuring, you can spread your pleasure throughout the body.

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Stimulating the penis is, of course, a central part of self-pleasuring. But there is also so much more to enjoy when you spread your pleasure to other parts of your body. Experiment with touching your belly, chest, thighs, or any part you feel moved to explore. In this way, you turn your whole body into a sexual organ and not just your penis. Imagine that amount of pleasure!

#4 Separate Your Orgasm From Ejaculation

Often, men are under the impression that orgasm and ejaculation happen at the same time when orgasm actually starts before ejaculation.

If you can retrain your body to separate the two, to hold back from ejaculation and enjoy a full body orgasm, you will experience something wonderful, energetic and deeply satisfying. It will take a fair bit of time and perseverance to get there, but the effort really is worth it. This is one of the most ancient taoist practices.

Each man might experience it slightly differently, but essentially it is a shaking and fantastically pleasurable electric pulse that works through the whole body and is especially focused on the spine.

#5 Learn To Control Your Ejaculation


Once you’ve trained yourself to separate orgasm from ejaculation, you’re able to focus on controlling ejaculation.

Controlling ejaculation needs practice and involves a fair bit of masturbation. It starts out as normal self-pleasuring, but when you feel yourself at the brink of ejaculation, hold back.

Then carry on pleasuring yourself until you’re back at the brink and then hold back again.

Repeat this a number of times, each time getting even closer to ejaculation until you decide it’s time to ejaculate. It is inevitable that you’ll go a bit too far every now and then, but with enough practice, you’ll be the master over your ejaculation instead of the other way around.

These 5 Taoist tips will deepen your connection with your inner self while strengthening your outer control. It won’t happen instantly, but with practice, time and patience, you will be the master of your own manhood.

Some of the information has been taken from Rude Magazine | Art from the amazing Thomas Saliot

Much Love, Adina

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