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F*ck Love & Light! Your Darkness Is What’s Sexy


About Me

Alana is in a committed relationship with Truth and gets off on helping to raise the worlds consciousness. She intends to fuck her way to enlightenment and to ignite a global uprising of sexually liberated and soul integrated Women. She is a Fire Starter, Writer, Witch & Spoken Word Artist. She is currently writing her first book, She Has Come.
Your dark side is the new love & light.. 

“Love and Light” is a term commonly used by New Agers that is flung around like some kind of cover all, sweeping whatever has come before it in its passive aggressive fluorescent light.

“I am only love and light. All I am is love and light.”


There is nothing that could be further from the truth.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious” – Carl Jung

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Your shadow is your biggest teacher, yet you enjoy kicking it in the guts as it lies on the floor, yelling furiously through tears of desperation, “Love and light! Love and light! Fucking love and light!!” Screaming, and scrunching your eyes shut trying to demolish your demonic self.

While determined to only see yourself in the golden hues of the divine, you are sorely missing the point.


You are all the colors and all the shades.

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You have a side so dark that refuses to be subdued by your stubborn mantras of positivity and one-sided belief in clear quartz, yoga, purity, and being “nice”.

The depths of your obsidian self can offer you treasures that only the abyss can bear, carries with it the brightest flames of hell that can set you alight in the true blazing glory of your unified, integrated self.”


Ditch the love and light facade, you’re not fooling any of us. We all know your insides are filled with shit. We know that because we are too.

Get real. Give me your depth. Become a balanced person who is on their way towards truth and consciousness as a wholly integrated individual.

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Honour your shadow or that wild bitch will fuck you so hard that no amount of cold pressed organic coconut oil will make it better.”


Love, Light, and Immeasurable Darkness, ✨

By Alana Louise May | Edited by Serena Gee

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Christopher Carson Snell
Christopher Carson Snell
6 years ago

The single focus of one’s dark side brings forward the life experiences of restriction, and that can be a hard life. While the cultivation of one’s inner light brings forward the life experiences of abundance, and the freedom with one’s authentic self expression.
Men of balance are drawn to women of balance. So when a woman slips into her dark side, he will step away to allow her the freedom and space to come back to her balance or change losing what she has.
I see a lot of anger on this site; anger at men, and I’m not sure I can be apart of that. I do send my blessings in that you do find your authentic happy place.

6 years ago

True love is ourselves and winning doesn’t matter that advanced sex

7 years ago

The message is great. What surprised me most is that this was written by one person and edited by another. There’s a lot of syntactical errors here for such a short article that was presumably okayed by not one, but two people.

Sloppy presentation never makes a good impression.

The message is still great though.

7 years ago
Reply to  ian

Hi Ian,

I was the editor of this piece. Thanks for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed the message of this piece, it is indeed a good one.

Some works do require closer editing than others, and I find it is always a dance between what is correct by grammatical rules, and what is authentic to the author’s voice.

Alana Louise’s tone is often very conversational, poetic, and raw. I think that editing out certain syntax errors would take that away from her work.

Thank you for being here, and for paying attention… I appreciate when people point out errors, as I am certainly not perfect 😉


7 years ago
Reply to  Serena

Hello –
It’s funny that this “sin”tax error “pops up” in this blog!
And it’s funny that this post specifically talks about the “dark side.”
I think we all have to remember two things at the same time:
1. Light can burn and start a fire…
2. There is no shadow without light.

7 years ago
Reply to  Serena

Hi again – I often struggle with whether I should point out errors.
I mean, do I want to be the person who brings it up? or the person who allows you to walk around with a smudge on your face?
Usually, I don’t point it out…
But is that the RIGHT thing to do? Or am I not helping the other person if I tell them?
I really don’t know…
All I know is that when I look over my writing, I always say, “It’s,” out loud to myself as “It IS.” That little tip has saved me numerous times from making that common error.
I’m just here to help!

7 years ago

this doctor may be incredibly naive about peoples “dark sides”.


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