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The 4 G-Spots in a Woman’s Body You Did Not Know Exist

G-Spots in a Womans Body

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“It’s for real.. there are more G-Spots in a Woman’s Body that you probably know. When touched properly these spots can bring her closer to an unforgettable orgasmic ride. In fact she can have an orgasm without being touched on her “real” pussy.”

So I’ve found a very interesting article about the many “vaginas” in a woman’s body.

I’ve personally experienced these hot spots during sensual full body massages. The pleasure found through these points is indescribable, activating energy throughout the whole body and not just in my genitals. This alone opens my body up to more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

So let us check out this magic.

The 4 Unusual G-Spots in a Woman’s Body…

G-Spots in a Woman's Body

#1 The Neck “Vagina”

The back of her neck, the spine that leads up to the coccyx, the muscles wrapping around the spine on the neck are her lips, and the coccyx is her clitoris, the spine is the empty space and opening, and the entire neck is her entire vagina as a whole.

When squeezed, and muscles are worked out to their entirety; not just teased and given a small amount of attention, but truly worked out all of their knots and tightness, with firm or gentle pressure and as long as it take, this area become an access to her full body orgasm.

#2 The Arm “Vagina”

The area of her arm below the shoulder and between her elbow on the exterior part of her arm is another clitoris.

When you find the point that is that one special pressure point and when pressed on directly and held for 10 seconds or more, she has the capability of moving into orgasmic breath and wave of pleasure fills through her body.

 # 3 The Thigh “Vagina”


The outside of her thigh from above the knee all the way to her hips on the yang, or exterior side of her body are another vagina of her body.

The clitoris of this area is along the rubber-band muscle that is in the inner layer of her muscles closer to the back side of her leg also has another clitoris. The whole thigh muscle on the outside is her lips, and LOVE to be pressed firmly and squeezed to release their tightness.

#4 The Foot “Vagina”

The top of the foot and the bottom of the foot are an entire vagina.

The top of the foot is the outer lips, the bottom of the foot is the inner lips and labia, and the entrance to her vaginal canal and her clitoris is somewhere along the bottom of her foot. For each woman it will be in a different location, and only she can lead you to the right place.

Foreplay is Essential To Enjoy Real Love Making

The author of the article also describes:

When the whole body and all of these vaginas are massaged in this way, I move into total bliss and euphoria that is difficult to stand. Then my actual vagina is extremely engorged and ready to be massaged directly and MUCH more sensitive to the touch when only massaged there. It’s like having foreplay for the body instead of going straight in to having sex right away. You have MUCH more pleasure when you have lots of foreplay than when you dive right in. The WHOLE body has the ability to have an orgasm and the more orgasms, the better!

I know for myself that this is to be very true. A female body usually needs about 20 minutes to really open up and to be ready to “receive” a penis. You should only allow the penis to enter your sacred yoni once your golden fluids are flowing like a river.

Love, Adina

Featured Artist: William Etty


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Jackson Kites
Jackson Kites
8 years ago

this is kinky. I’ll have to start trying these.
Thankfully I have plentyyy of time to explore while I’m deep inside her. I remember trying to master “oral” because I
couldn’t last ( didn’t hurt hahah ) but https://goo.gl/LMWWIz ( to help with that, seriously, changed my life so I can’t help but recommend it ).
Looks like i’ll be back to exploration for a bit. Thank god cause I was looking for a way to keep things fresh besides the woman (;

Vision Development Expert

So true!

Rosalyue Evelina
Rosalyue Evelina
8 years ago

you forgot the belly button 🙂
I always get super aroused by massaging my BB and sometimes even almost get an orgasm ^^

colin pomery
colin pomery
9 years ago

To those of you who seem to have misunderstood this, I believe Adina is referring to the entire neck, spine and Coccyx as an erogenous zone. If you think about it carefully, your spine houses the major super highway of your nervous system. Thats why it’s called “The Central Nervous System”. It makes complete sense that stimulating this entire system of Nerves, from Top, to Bottom, can give an intense pleasurable experience. Have you ever had a sensual fully body massage from your partner before. I’d suggest you do. You’ll be amazed at how uplifting it is. And that is even before any kind of sexual contact.

I like to touch the body in much the same way as I describe talking to a child who is in trouble. If you scream at the child, they will not listen, and may even rebel more. If you talk quietly to the child about what the issue is , then they will tend to listen and take onboard what is being said. In much the same way, the body will respond to a sensual massage with soft touching and caressing in a totally different way to a deep tissue massage that may even hurt at times.

Remember, you are in control of the amount of pressure you use. Your partner is in control of how they respond. Use those responses to guide you through this sensual journey, and you’ll both be satisfied at the end of the massage. Orgasms Optional.

9 years ago

Adina….fab article! Again….love the art print! Finally images that look like my body…fuller softness and marshmellowy… Where can I buy these prints?

9 years ago

Anatomy tip: the coccyx is NOT located in the neck! The coccyx is what is commonly referred to as the “tailbone”!

9 years ago

The ears have a lot of nerve endings, and gentle kisses and licks during foreplay can feel incredible.

10 years ago


Tzynya L. Pinchback
Tzynya L. Pinchback
10 years ago

I do know about the neck vagina. I have reached climax from being bitten or scratched or kissed hard on my neck. It is my most intense of erogenous zones. Even a light stroking of my neck brings about breathy arousal. In fact, I restrict my lover from neck play in public because it will elicit a response not appropriate for public consumption.


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