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Sex Magic: How To Manifest Your Dreams Through Orgasm


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We want to send out a big thanks & all our love to the author of this masterpiece. Much love from MyTinySecrets Team.
Within our loins lies an energy that has the potential to create any reality we want.

Sex is one of the most powerful energies on the planet, but it is often overlooked.

Within our loins lies an energy that has the potential to create any reality we want. Unfortunately, many of us have a love/hate relationship with sex that is reflected in many ways (i.e., unsafe promiscuity, self-destructive perversions, denial, shutdown, religious intolerance, rape, abuse, etc.). So much has been done to suppress our divine sexual nature and keep the masses ignorant of the potential uses of sexual energy.

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I want to share with you a powerful tool for deliberate reality creation, called Sex Magic. Have some fun with it.

What is Sex Magic?


Sex Magic is based on the belief that the most powerful moment of human existence is the orgasm. All senses and psychic powers are heightened during orgasm. It is a moment when a window opens to the unlimited abundance of the Universe.

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When we embrace our sexual nature we are free to use its awesome power for our benefit. We come into balance and view our sexuality as part of our divinity. We no longer worship or deny it. It becomes joyful, light, and loving. We learn to use sex for more than procreation or sensual gratification.

True magic is simply the art of creating what you want. People who consciously and deliberately create their reality are the ultimate magicians on the planet.”


Some may argue that they fantasize about some person or event during sex, but it never materializes into a reality. This is because most of us, at the moment of orgasm, lose our focus and get lost in the physical response. That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with using sex for pure pleasure. That intention is also a created reality.

The key to Sex Magic is to maintain one’s focus during orgasm and channel the energy into creating a reality. Any reality, whether it’s a new job, car, experience, or relationship. The possibilities are endless.

Sex Magic 101: How to Create Your Reality

Sex is creative energy. Magic is the art of creating reality.”

Step #1 Relax Your Body

Relax and breathe deeply. Breathing deeply is vital to the success of Sex Magic. Take your time and relax your body, especially your jaw and belly.

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Step #2 Identify What You Want to Create

It’s important to choose something that really excites you. Make it specific. You can write it down, or say it out loud as a mantra or affirmation. Make it in the present tense or as if it’s a reality already (i.e., “I earn $85,000 per year.”)

Step # 3 Visualize Yourself in the Creation

Focus on the creation. See, hear, taste, smell, and feel the creation as if it’s real. What is your life like when you earn that $85,000? What does it feel like? Make it big, in technicolor, with all your focus and intention. Breathe into it.

Step # 4 File it Away, and Relax

When you’ve identified the feeling and picture that best captures what you want to create, file it away in your mind and relax. You may want to practice a bit with this step before proceeding.

Step # 5 Do Whatever Brings You Almost to Orgasm

This can be masturbation or sexual activity with a supportive partner. Remember to relax and breathe into your orgasmic state. Take your time. Bring yourself almost to orgasm, backing off just before the point-of- no-return several times. What you’re doing here is charging up the sexual battery.

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Step #6 Recall Your Visualization

When you have almost reached orgasm, after coming close several times, and you’re ready to let go, recall from your mind the reality you want to create and energize it with focused intention. Make it vivid, exciting, big, and beautiful.

Step #7 Channel Your Orgasmic Energy Into the Visualization


When you orgasm, keep focused on the visualization and deliberately channel the orgasm into it. Just let it flow into the reality you want to create. Remember to keep breathing during the orgasm and breathe your orgasmic energy into it. Stay focused, and your body will do the rest for you.


Step #8 Repeat the Process

You can repeat the process if you want to come to another orgasm, and add even more power to your creation, or another creation.

The reality will create itself immediately, or will be buffered by time. It may also manifest as an opportunity, insight, or healing.

The power of Sex Magic will blow your mind as you master it! Have fun with your creations

Namaste, Jeffery Tye | Edited by Serena Gee | Originally Posted on Uazone.org

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alex forselius
alex forselius
7 years ago

That was really working. I tried that and my dreams become true. Because my soul was transferrred into the correct fork of parallel universe where good stuff happens.

David K Far-El
David K Far-El
7 years ago

Lemme find out the author’s been reading up on Pascal Beverly Randolph “Sex Majik”… The author’s right too…Good work.


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