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This Ancient Egyptian Sex Technique May Be the Secret to Eternal Life


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Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human body/light body called the Mer-Ka-Ba, and the Flower of Life. Drunvalo is the author of five books. His newest book is called “The Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle.” His books, his works and his meditations with prana, lightbodies and energy healings has helped millions of people.

The ancient egyptians believed that orgasm is more than just something that feels good and allows procreation…”

They believed that an orgasm is sacred!

And that if the energy of an orgasm would be harnessed in the right way, it would become a source of infinite pranic energy and thus lead to eternal life.

In this article we will explore the incredible benefits of an orgasm according to the ancient Egyptians and their ways of harnessing its rejuvenating power.

3 Incredible Benefits of the [Egyptian] Orgasm


#1 Helps Prevent Physical And Emotional Disease

According to the ancient egyptians the orgasmic release dispels dysfunctional energy from the body which can help prevent disease from manifesting.

#2 Helps Raise Consciousness

They also believed an orgasm opens the higher chakras, and under the right conditions allows a person to begin the process of enlightenment, leading to higher consciousness and into worlds beyond this plane.

#3 Increase Strength and Vitality

They also believed that an orgasm can increase your life force energy and make you stronger, more alive, revitalize your relationships, and perhaps lead you into eternal life.

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The Power of Orgasmic Energy


However, most people are ignorant about what happens to their sexual energy after they have had an orgasm.

According to ancient traditions such as the Hindu, Tibetan Tantra and Taoist the orgasmic energy moves up the spine and out the top of the head.

In a few rare cases, the sexual energy is released down the spine into the hidden center below the feet, the point opposite the one above the head. In either case, the sexual energy – the concentrated life-force energy called prana in Hinduism – is dissipated and lost. It is similar to discharging a battery into a ground wire. It is no longer in the battery and so it is gone forever.

This is what the world’s Tantric systems that I am aware of believe: orgasm and ejaculation brings one a little closer to death because a person loses his or her life-force energy in the orgasm and is made weaker. It is for this reason that the Hindu, Tibetan Tantra and Taoist systems ask the male to avoid ejaculating.

But the Egyptians found long ago, that it does not have to be this way.

Egyptians believed orgasms are healthy and necessary, including the release of sperm in males, but that the sexual energy currents must be controlled in a deeply esoteric procedure that is unlike any other system.

They believed that if this energy is controlled, the human orgasm becomes a source of infinite pranic energy that is not lost. They believe that the entire Mer-Ka-Ba or lightbody (the field of energy surrounding the body) benefits from this sexual release. They even believe that under the right conditions the orgasm will directly lead to eternal life, and that the ankh is the key.

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How Egyptians Harnessed Orgasmic Energy


The Egyptians developed a system, unlike any other, to allow them harness this orgasmic energy and use it to empower and rejuvenate themselves.

While the full subject of Egyptian Tantra is incredibly complex, I will share with you one simple sexual technique to control these sexual currents, increase your life force energy, and help to bring strength and vitality into your body and your relationships.

#1 .. by observing the flow of sexual energy


The symbol above may look familiar to you. It is commonly depicted as the ankh the Ancient Egyptian symbol for life. The ankh is key. It relates directly to how the Egyptians believed energy circulates through the body:

Take a look at the graphics below. This is how the ancient egyptians believed energy flows through the body. They believed it comes from the center of the body (a.).


From the front view of a human, they would appear as (b). In the center of the cross there is a hidden energy line coming straight off the page and also moving in the opposite direction away from the reader.

The same energies from the side of a human being would appear different than you would expect. There is another energy-flow ”tube” there circling up and over the head (c). In Chinese medicine these “tubes” are called ”meridians.”

Symbol (d) shows all three views: the top, front, and side simultaneously.

#2 .. by using the wisdom of the ankh


For purposes of healing, the Egyptians used long rods, often made of wood. These rods had a tuning fork on the bottom end, and the top end had four different types of devices that could be attached.

One of these devices was in the shape of the ankh.

What was discovered is that if you attach the ankh on the top of the rod, the vibration from the tuning fork lasts a great deal longer. The energy wraps around back into the rod along the curve of the ankh, moving downward as it returns, thereby sustaining the energy. 

If you apply this idea to the human spine, you can see why the energy of the orgasm enhances the entire human system as the energy wraps itself back around and back into the human meridians.

This is the key to why the Egyptians performed the particular practice of sexual ankhing. They found that if they had an orgasm and let it go out the top or bottom of the spine, the sexual energy was lost.

But if the sexual energy was guided by consciousness to move into the ankh conduit, it would come back into the spine and continue to resonate and vibrate.

The life-force energy was not lost. In actual experience, it seems to increase the energy. One does not feel depleted after sex, but rather recharged.

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6 Steps To Experience An Egyptian Orgasm


This technique begins as you feel the orgasm energy building. Whatever you do sexually before the orgasm is completely up to you.

Step#1 Let the sexual energy rise

The moment you feel the sexual energy about to rise up your spine, take a very deep breath, filling your lungs about 9/10th full and hold your breath. Allow the sexual energy of the orgasm to come up your spine.

Remember, it will take some practice to fully control this orgasmic energy. If for any reason this practice does not feel right, stop and return to normal. It just is not the right time for you yet.

Once it is learned, you won’t ever want to have an orgasm any other way. It’s too powerful and feels too good.

However, you will have to decide for yourself if it is something you wish to practice.

By Drunvalo |Reprinted with Permission from Spirit of Ma’at, LLC (Ezine) | Edited by Serena Gee | Featured Artist: K-raven

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  • Alan Wayne

    Can you imagine an eternal life on this human hell hole called earth?

  • James Anthony Davis

    Did I miss something? Where is the rest of the article? It stops at step 1. I Liked and I Shared. Have I been jipped. Whats up?

  • YouCanCountOnMe

    My third eye opened a number of years ago for about 3 days. It was scary as hell — very upsetting. During that time I was taking a run one day, and I had to throw my head back while I was running because I could feel all of this energy rushing from my second chakra, up the front of my torso, and out my forehead (third eye). It felt like a horizontal plane of energy shooting out of my forehead. The reason I had to throw my head back is because there was so much energy that it hurt my neck when it tried to push through it — as though the “hose” through which the energy was flowing was crimped at my neck because it was too narrow, and by stretching it by throwing my head back more energy could flow through.

    When I reflected back on this experience, I realized that this motion I did of throwing my head back was the same motion people take when they have sex and orgasm. I came to realize that we throw our heads back during sex for the same reason I did while running — because we are discharging lots of energy from the second chakra, and it can flow more freely if we stretch and open up our necks.

    This experience of mine mirrors what the Egyptians said. There is no big mystery to this concept — you can feel the bloody energy moving. We don’t need the Egyptians to tell us about this — we only need to be in touch with our bodies.

  • StarsCollide


  • Kianna Huang

    Who wants to live forever? You stay here on this plain until you are developed and ready for the next. Only an idiot would want eternal human life.

    • Campbell Dustin

      “Eternal Life” doesn’t mean eternal human life. Calm down.

      • murican

        lmao . well said

    • murican


  • StÅle Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

    Solved! Egyptian Secrets: The Riddle of the Sphinx and Creation of Demons.


    • IAMThaLaw

      Who is the speaker links to anymore??

    • Crown Ether

      @StÅle Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh _Great Link!!! SoundCloud^

  • run13

    Taoists still have it right, and what they think about it has not been described well in this text.

    • Mark Cloudfoot Gershon

      There are alternate spiritual expressions of immortality. One is physical immortality considering that the physical body is just a coagulated form of spirit. To retain it we leave nothing behind with its unresolved issues that could draw us back unnecessarily. And with it we can increase its sensory range and learn to access other dimension just by increasing its vibratory rate. Full physical ascension is appropriate for some and not for others but can be a great option.

  • Steve Cook

    Regardless of the whether the details are documented or not, every old culture and anyone that has explored the energetic experience of sex openly, knows the cycles of energy and how they flow through the body and interact with the environment. By falling into accord with these cycles one experiences these living acts to the fullest. Explore and enjoy!!!

  • George Singleton

    I concur with the archeologist. This is pure conjecture based on Hindu Tantric Yoga. There are sexually explicit illustrations of oralbsex from Ancient Egypt and ofvintercourse but no hieroglyphic text exists reflecting this articles premisses.

    However, the first human “homo sapiens sapiens” of EastcAfrica __ the first from the 4 black African Any Tribes (aNubia, Cush, Meroe, Anu Antiu) of the Nile River Valleys circa 200,000 BC of the human genetics science called “Mitochondrial Eve” __ were by definition practicing aboriginal human sexuality.

    Their Mystery School of On/Annu/God Priestesses served as the model for the later Dead Sea Scroll writing Palestine Essenne Israelite Priestesses of whom Elizabeth mother of John the Baptist, his first cousin Jesus Christ’s Mother Mary of Nazaereth nd Christ’s wife Mary Magdalene were Priesrtess members.. We know from the Jewish Historian Josephus that they were devoid of the menstruation syndrome being vegan and following the Bible Genesis 1:29 human vegan diet directive from Prophet Moses.

    From the 4 th Dynasty Princess Nefertiabit Stelae in the Louve Museum we have excellent docunrentation confirmation as the hieroglyphic text as the hieroglyphic text specifies the daughter of the Great Pyramid at Giza building Pharaoh Cheops/Khufu was vegan, amenses ,__ devoid of menstruation and a Mystery School of On/Annu/God High Priestess.

    Thus we can safely assume the aboriginal human sexuality would have reflected the 5 ways of female human orgasims of 1.) Clitoral by cunnilingus 2.) Vaginal by coital intercourse; 3.) Cervix by analingus and ànal digital stimulation; 4) womb by analingus and 5.) Brain by fellatio usually in the “69” hetersexual oral sex regime.

    This Ancient Egyptian human sexuality predates the later Hindu Kama Sutra and would not have included the surgical removal of the penis foreskin rituals of the Tribe of Judah or Jews and their Abrahamic cousins the Arabs.

    Please note therefore that the aboriginal human sexuality of the Ancient Egyptians would more likely have at its core the sacredness of the male and female human climax of orgasms as follows:

    A. For the female multiple-orgasms orally via cunnilingus, analingus and digital stimulation would dominate providing a stress free experience as preganancy would be naturally avoided and

    B. For the male multiple orgasms without semen ejaculation was possible as being uncircumcised ejaculation can be controlled and conserved with the use of the penis foreskin smooth muscle.

    • inapsin

      Elizabeth was not related to Mary. That was a made up lineage.

    • Wow! that was a whole lot to take in. Interesting article (and feedback all round) .. Would like to know what sources these derive from…. Are there any modern day Egyptian Tantrikas who can attest to, or modify this article i wonder?

  • Abriemotus Anud Gorim

    This is absolute nonsense. If this would be, what ancient egyptians “thought” or practiced, there would be any textual evidence. But as an Archaeologist, I know there is ABSOLUTELY NONE for the stuff Drunvalo EVER WROTE. Read the primary sources.

    • tothestarz

      Kill joy! LOL

    • Violet Rose Reiki

      BULLSHIT! All talk about the physical body. Crock!


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