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The Fine Art of Penis Thrusting

penis thrusting

About Me

"The Passionate Wife" is an unapologetic sexual and sensual enthusiast, an advocate of pleasure and eroticism and of course, a very passionate wife.

Faster…harder…deeper…slower…the man who learns to vary his penis thrusting technique during penetrative sex will not only be able to last longer, he will be rewarded with greater arousal and delight for both himself and his partner.

When it comes to sexual intercourse, many women would be delighted – in more ways than one – if their men viewed penis thrusting as something more than just a race to the finish line. Thrusting is a wonderful time for loving couples to touch, kiss and even dialogue – whether whispering sweet nothings or engaging in dirty talk. Penis thrusting can also encourage intimacy and a sense of connection.

Couples who believe the sole reason for thrusting is to achieve orgasm often end up suffering from mechanical sex that is devoid of any emotional depth and lasting enjoyment.

#1 The Memorable First Thrust

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Many women, once aroused, consider the very first penis thrust to be one of their most favourite parts of intercourse. Make it amazing and send her soaring by asking her exactly how she would like your first stroke.

Is she in the mood to be teased with a few shallow thrusts, having you enter her only an inch or two?  Would she prefer you enter her halfway while circling your hips? Or does she like one luscious thrust right to the hilt? Once she shares her preference with you, respond accordingly.

#2 The Shallow Thrust thrusting2

A women’s vagina is really quite remarkable; it changes shape with each penis thrust during intercourse allowing every stroke to stimulate thousands of nerve endings and increase her sexual pleasure.

For the majority of women, the most sensitive part of her honey pot is actually the opening and up to an inch or so deep. When a woman is aroused, this part of her vagina also becomes the tightest.

Shallow thrusting enables the tightest part of her vagina to wrap around the most sensitive part of your manhood; just below the head. So shallow thrusting allows the ridge around your penis to stimulate this tight, sensitive part of her fiery furnace; making shallow thrusting an extremely enjoyable experience for both of you.

For those men who have a penis with a compact head and is thicker around the middle of the shaft; try putting the thickest part at her vaginal opening for better stimulation.

#3 The Deep Penetration Thrust

Unless your penis is really long or your woman’s vagina is really shallow, deep penetration can be quite heavenly for both of you.

Deep thrusting is excellent for G-spot stimulation. It also allows you to position your pelvic bone directly onto her clitoral region permitting her to rub against it to help trigger a clitoral orgasm.

Deep thrusting also enables your penis to tug on the inner lips (labia minora) of her vagina for a longer period of time which can also provide more stimulation to her clitoral region. Some women find deep thrusting to the back of their vagina highly pleasurable when approaching orgasm because that area is sensitive to stretching and pressure and the deep strokes will make sure your penis is there for her to contract around.

There may be times during deep penetration thrusting when your rigid shaft slams against your woman’s cervix causing her pain.Try waiting until she is highly aroused before deep thrusting because an aroused cervix actually rises up allowing it (hopefully) to get out of the way of your deep strokes.

#4 Combination Thrustingthrusting3

Mixing up the thrusting between shallow and deep strokes is certainly something you and your partner will want to try.

Some Tantric sex masters caution against continuous deep thrusting during penetrative sex.They believe that the vagina does best with a ratio of five to nine shallow thrusts to every deep thrust. Another thrusting technique involves starting with a ratio of seven shallow thrusts for every deep thrust and then counting down until the ratio is one shallow thrust to one deep thrust. Try different combinations to determine what works best.

What Kind of Thrusting Does She Want? thrusting4

Contrary to what you may have seen in porn, not all women enjoy having their most secret place rammed deep and furious during intercourse. 

Some women prefer a slower more sensual thrusting rhythm. There are, of course, some women who prefer both; a slow start that ends with a hard finish.

A great way to determine what strokes work best for your partner during intercourse is when she is in the woman-on-top or “cowgirl” position. This allows you to watch and feel how she moves up and down your erect shaft helping you discover which parts of her vagina she focuses the head on.

Does she just ride the head of your penis or does she slam down repeatedly on your entire shaft for deeper penetration? Does she ride rhythmically up and down or does she keep your manhood deep inside her and rub her clitoris on your pubic bone?

Does she lean forward or backward?  Does she fondle her breasts or clitoris while your penis is inside her? How does she help with the speed and rhythm?  Where does she look? Where does she touch you? Pay attention and you will soon discover what kind of thrusting gives her the most pleasure.

After experimenting with different modes of thrusting, you and your partner will no doubt end up with a variety of styles to choose from. Will it be hot and frantic, fun and playful, slow and gentle, passionate and intense or deep and sensuous?  The choice is entirely up to you…♥

Republished with permission, courtesy of The Passionate Wife

Artist Featured Image: Giulio Romano


What kind of thrusting do you prefer? Has it changed through time? Let us know in the comments below


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  • Rick Rodrigues

    I’m horny now.

  • John Dugan

    Thrusting is crucial, but men also need to maintain the
    overall health of the tool as well. More guys need to regularly use a first
    rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to
    address issues like dry skin, flakiness, splotchiness, odor, etc.

  • Sanjau

    I love this article, I am married 1 month back, i was searching for the new techniques.. this will help me definitely…

  • Robot_Dei

    I found myself going to a pleasant memorable land as I read certain parts. Great article!!!

  • Thrusting isn’t always done by a man, and it isn’t always a woman receiving. Written with more gender fluid language, this article could lend itself to a larger audience.

    • Jeremy D. Pike

      ….The title of this article is, ‘The Fine Art of Penis Thrusting’ by “The Passionate Wife” I am fairly certain it was established very early on that this information is targeting men directly or indirectly. We all get that sexuality isn’t exclusively hetero but it is kind of pathetic to go crusading through every post that discusses heterosexuality (easily the most common form of sex). No need to be so insecure.

      • Daniel J Speedone


      • I just thought it was such a great article that it could be written for a broader audience. There’s no need for such a rebuttal. If you consider a casual comment a “crusade,” I suggest evaluating your experiences – you seem jaded to even the most mundane commentary. A crusade was not my aim, my comment was fueled by how impressed I was by the article, but disappointed in its narrow focus.

        • Jeremy Klondike

          The article isn’t ‘narrow,’ just because the author isn’t writing about YOUR thing doesn’t make it ‘narrow,’ it makes you narrow for providing irrelevant criticisms of this article.

        • Dice Cameron

          How sad.

    • Daniel J Speedone

      I bet you’re a feminist too.

      • nvnnklc .

        Since she was speaking of men on the receiving end, and implying that the article could be useful for the pegging audience (how to thrust better to achieve greater MALE pleasure), I sincerely doubt she’s a feminist.

    • Dice Cameron

      Jesus you must be an absolute scream in the bedroom.

  • bex0r

    there is a lot of misinformation in this article. mostly the following:
    “…position your pelvic bone directly onto her clitoral region permitting her to rub against it to help trigger a
    clitoral orgasm.” This is actually quite annoying and can become quite painful for women with very sensitive clitori. you should actually try to avoid this unless your partner explicitly asks you to do so!

    “Deep thrusting also enables your penis to tug on the inner lips (labia minora) of her vagina for a longer period of time
    which can also provide more stimulation to her clitoral region.” this again, many women find irritating and painful if done for long periods of time and can actually indicate a lack of adequate lubrication. There shouldn’t be any tugging, pulling or chafing occurring during penetration EVER. ouch!

    • As the author of this piece, I respectfully disagree with your comments. What you may consider as misinformation is frankly a matter of personal preference. For example, I as well as other women I have interviewed rather enjoy the clitoral stimulation received from the rubbing of the pelvic bone of our sexual partner while he is thrusting. The same is true for the tugging of the labia minora.

    • Teigan

      That is how I achieve my orgasims. Its my favourite position. Every woman is different and they all achieve their sexual peak a different way. So I don’t try to avoid it, I encourage it.

  • Leroy Maloney Selman

    Nice very nice


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