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The Sacred Purpose Of Orgasm

Alexandre cabanel

About Me

Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

Your scientists and doctors will tell you that an orgasm is a matter of blood and nerve endings. This physical explanation is not even the tip of the iceberg. Your orgasms take place in a realm that remains largely invisible to most of you.

The following words have been channeled by a psychic medium and are supposedly coming from an extra-terrestrial species called the Pleiadians … No, I am not nuts. So don’t even go there and stay with me.

The message is amazing, powerful & empowering and to me this is all that counts. I don’t care where it comes from. You might believe in other species alive in this universe or not, but the message hits the current zeitgeist. Read it. Just do it. And do it without any judgement.

Here you go:

The Sacred Purpose of Orgasm {a message from the Goddess Inanna}

In the Pleiades, we have always known and have always taught our children the sacred purpose of orgasm. This knowledge has been kept from you by the tyrant consciousness that has controlled this plane, third dimensional planet Earth, for the past 6,000 years.

The tyrants found that it was much easier to control your species if they brainwashed you with sexual guilt and suppressed your natural sexuality. The power that flows through your body is the same power that allows the rest of us (yes, you are not alone!) to access the myriad of nested layers of multidimensional realities that exist and have always existed all around you.

Doctors will tell you that an orgasm is a matter of blood and nerve endings..

Your scientists and doctors will tell you that an orgasm is a matter of blood and nerve endings. This physical explanation is not even the tip of the iceberg. Your orgasms take place in a realm that remains largely invisible to most of you. When you experience that sweet ephemeral pleasure you call orgasm, something is occurring in the invisible realm which is very powerful.

If you were able to see the waves of energy that pour from your bodies at the moment of orgasm, you would be very careful what you think about when this happens. There are waves upon waves of energy generated by your chakras (energy centers), your endocrine system, and your physical reactions.

Be very careful what you are thinking

These waves of energy correlate precisely to your thoughts, meaning your consciousness. As you release these frequencies, an entire package flows out into the invisible realms. This is why it is very important for you to be careful of what you are thinking at this moment.

Those who are foolish enough to tune into dark thoughts, such as pain and bondage, during their sexual experiences will find themselves plugged into a lower plane of consciousness with some very draining companions.

All those wonderfully hideous images painted in the Middle Ages will give you a good idea of the company you can expect to keep.

Your lust will increase, but it will never really be satisfied

Not only will you hook yourself up to some very nasty entities, but you will find your sexual experience limited and limiting. Your lust will increase, but it will never really be satisfied. Those lower dimensional forces which you have invited to feed upon your orgasmic display will not want you to move on.

They will always want more from you. This is why pornography, especially the victim style of pornography, has very big cooties! These negative draining parasitical entities can easily be felt even in cyberspace.

A Sacred Orgasm draws pure souls

If you want to use your experience to uplift you and your lover, then you both must focus on your mutual consciousness. Your endocrine system works in tandem with your chakras to emit waves of energy. These wave forms have the frequency and even color which correspond precisely with the level of your consciousness from your thoughts. These waves can be seen by those souls who are waiting in the invisible realms for an entry frequency.

In simple terms, if you want a child when you are in sexual union, your orgasm will attract the level of consciousness you are creating.

You will attract to you the type of consciousness you are generating. Magnetism is the law of the Invisible Realms: Like attracts like. The child/soul is attracted to a similar consciousness, meaning whatever thoughts you are having while you are making love.

Your orgasm is an exact expression of your consciousness

If you are drunk or on drugs, you will attract a soul from those realms. If you are angry or having some dark fantasy, then you will magnetize a soul from those realms. Consciousness is everything, even in the act of love making.

Even if you are not creating a child, you are still sending out masses of energy onto the Earth plane and into the Invisible Realms. This energy greatly effects everything, including the fertility of your fields, the quality of your lives, and what you call Nature. The energies of orgasm can lift the entire planet, if properly done.

Massive deep sacred orgasmic wave fields

It is very important to realize the differences between men and women in this matter. In the physical world, the woman is the receptive generator (yin) and the man is the creative instigator (yang).

If the man wants to enjoy the full and subtle nuances of Sacred Orgasm, he must patiently, sweetly, lovingly, and deliberately lift the frequencies of his lover. The fact is that when a woman generates massive deep sacred orgasmic wave fields, so will her partner. Their union will prolong his orgasm with hers.

If he allows himself, he will be able to tune into to her experiences, which he himself has fired and augmented. He will be carried away in the Bliss of their mutually created bliss, the cosmic waves of the true sacred orgasm.

You don’t know what you are missing if you are not experiencing this now. Not only that, but in fact the sacred orgasm is your Divine Right. Your beautiful bodies were designed for this in order to attract evolving souls into your plane, third dimensional planet Earth. The reptilian-based tyrants have kept you from this knowledge. They have imprisoned you in guilt and shame; you are ashamed of your bodies which are works of art.

You have no idea what your human bodies are capable of. You are like super computers with no users manual. But you will not be this way forever. The time of the tyrants will come to an end the moment you freely chose to stop giving your power to them. It is up to you.

Have fun! Inanna


C’mon, share your thoughts with me. Do you think I have gone nuts? Did you find some truth in the message? Do you think this is complete bullsh**?

Love, Adina

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Share Your Thoughts

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  • Alec Boswijk

    Thanks for the usefull overview. Rather feeling judged for what I’m not doing right, I feel inspired to develop this potential even more. From my own experiences I can confirm that a more subtle but intense and sustainable ‘orgasm’ is within reach for all. I think it does require physical, emotional and mental cleansing, but this can be done in as many ways and steps as one chooses. I started the path, taking as many ups and downs as I needed. Being aware of this, open and compassionate to myself really helped me soothing the judgement around it and enjoying and living my life to the fullest.

  • Nemesis_Nexus

    Inanna would never have said any of these things (with the exception of the energy that is released which is what is used in Tantric Magic) the fact that she allegedly only said it to one UNNAMED person renders the entirety of the claim complete and utter bunk!

  • Nemesis_Nexus

    I have one question, what is the name of the psychic medium who allegedly channelled this message? Also this information is so important why did Innana not impart it upon the rest of us and only this one person? I’m sorry but I must call BS especially the part that cleans anyone who partakes or participate in BDSM is of a lower vibration!

  • stardarliing

    “The reptilian-based tyrants have kept you from this knowledge. They have imprisoned you in guilt and shame; you are ashamed of your bodies which are works of art.”

    I just thought this was really sweet to all the readers tbh

  • Bhumika T. Chopra

    In Yoga the place of origin of the Kundalini powers in a human being is the genital organs (first chakra) it is from your genital organs that the kundalini powers start

  • Alexander Dukas

    Yet More New Age Bullshit Channelled-In From A Spiritual Entity Whom Apparently Has As Little Knowledge Of Evolutionary Biology As “It’s” Dimwitted Sales-Rep Whom Also Alleges The Existence Of Yet Another Satanic Entity That (Once Again) Is There To Let Humanity Off $cot-Free And A Benevolent Alien Species Who’s Main Purpose In Life Is Apparently To Kiss-Our-Ass, Never Use Contractions, And Lead-Us To The Light!

  • Alexander Dukas

    Meanwhile, Yet More New Age Bullshit Channelled-In From A Spiritual Entity Whom Apparently Has As Little Knowledge Of Evolutionary Biology As “It’s” Dimwitted Sales-Rep Whom Also Alleges The Existence Of Yet Another Satanic Entity That (Once Again) Is There To Let Humanity Off $cot-Free And A Benevolent Alien Species Who’s Main Purpose In Life Is Apparently To Kiss-Our-Ass, Never Use Contractions, And Lead-Us To The Light!

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    Wow. It’s like you might grow up in a traditional christian religion and learn that sex is sacred and shouldn’t be perverted. Then you go out, and if you wander away from that you realize that even new age space hippies agree that sex is spiritual and best left for committed and innocent lovers.

  • Robert

    The author of this article is too stuck on form, instead of energy. You can experience Tantric orgasm without even having a partner, let alone this notion that only a heterosexual couple can cultivate it. Please do more research on Tantric practices, especially those of the Daoists, instead of watering it down with your heteronormative, homophobic interpretations.

    It’s more than a little aggravating to see this misguided notion repeated over and over by new agers, that you can only complete your divine union with someone else’s sex, or someone with a specific physical configuration. If you’re working your energy channels, then it doesn’t matter what genitals a person has.

  • Jim Christian

    All true, except for none of this works with American women anymore and hasn’t for twenty years, at least that’s when I noticed the change. My Brazilian girsl, my last girl a Korea-born woman, another, from Thailand, they were VERY sexually, and spiritually attuned. American women are too leaned-in, aggressive or angry or have some attitude that prevents them from being receptive to waves of passion and energy. For all their feminist anger and energy, American women want to be treated as and act as if they were pron-stars, they want to be abused in bed, hair pulled, tied up, rape games, crap like that.

    The American Way has done much to ruin the spirit of American-born women, and in bed is the biggest ruination. Gentle, sweet foreign-born women somehow have not been infected with all this poison-of-the-soul. They are capable of true joy and love and sexual energy in a way American women forgot, lost or never had many years ago. For American women, sex is a commodity and a currency, not a joy in and of itself. Sad, but true.

  • Earl

    This makes sense to me and is in line with my personal experience. I have felt the existence of the spoken of “parasites” for some time, and have found that women can feel their negative presence on me when I have attracted them. From what I can tell of the other comments, people are confusing what is being said about the level of consciousness vs the form of sex. It is the level of consciousness that is key, not the form of sex. To understand more about the level of consciousness I recommend reading “Power VS Force” by David Hawkins.

    I would like to know more about the Yin and Yang between the masculine and feminine. I have often felt like a surfer riding a big wave : )

  • Antony Galvan

    Pure bullshit

  • Alex Kozlowski

    I don’t know about the whole idea that you attract souls from certain realms based on your state of consciousness. From what I understand all souls are pure and in direct connection to the Source. So I’m not so sure about that. As for the whole orgasm idea I am sure it is true. Orgasm is an extremely powerful energetic expression and will certainly have strong effects on the collective energy field of both you and your partner and even the planet. So practicing things like Tantra can be great. Also the idea about Reptilian tyranny is true, yet they are simply doing their job. They are creating contrast to help us better understand who we are and what we want. And since all is ultimately one, it is actually us doing it to ourselves for the purpose of our own creative evolution. Boom!

    • Anika Goldfeather

      i feel what you are saying @alex_kozlowski:disqus

  • Lucas Thompson

    The entity being channeled is demonic. This demon wants to convince you to lust after the flesh. Seek first the kingdom of God.

  • BDSMis an hint that something can be more.. and you must find the guardian who brings you out from it..

    well, ofcourse there is another bengs with aother ambissions.. and it does not apply to all, but for awarage human world as whole..

  • BDSM IS spiritual… but not just as the deepest expression of whole human potential spiritual.. BDSM is spiritualas it is technology from another spits.. and they have many ways to keep us there.. it can also be as a healing tool fro mpeople .. to come out from the traps and locks.. but the ones who just do BDSM for sake of plasure and all that.. not for healing.. well.. i hope you end up then in some proper entheogenic plants, that will show sensitivity and love size

  • Maddie

    Excuse you? My sexual fantasies are not wrong. I get off on pain and bondage and I’m not ashamed of it and I’m not going to let you guilt me into thinking they are because I’m “attracting negative spirits”. Nope. As another person said, you getting people to “thought-police” themselves during sex is just as bad as the religious and governmental officials telling you sex is bad and dirty and yucky. Sex should be a wonderful experience, and there’s no wrong way to do it besides doing something without the other persons’ consent. That’s it.

    • THere is NO relgious peple in world, who would have EVER telling you, that ” sex is bad and dirty and yucky “,
      they just simply doe not excist, period.
      It is a rebel teenagers and dark minds fantasy and inovation of broken minds. Anyone who is ACTUALLY religios, knows as basic, first step the Divinity of sexuallity so thats why they protect it, and some try to guide it… but mostly, the ones making bad image of it, is anti religious people (anti relgious means anti Nature, anti women, anti creation and women) who pretend to be relgious
      (Like big part Lutherians i think personally, ..). In judaism sex is ONLY womens right and man duty from god is learn how to satisfy women, man was not even allowed to travel far away if that interfaired with the sexual demands of a wife, basic judaism abc. Women is a Queen. You know Jews, the ones behind bible.
      And if people get off from things not on the line of love then they already are, in fact enslaved that body they live in to these spirits who deal with these kind of energy slaes in another mrkets, do greate real things out of this pain and torture.
      JUst becouse we like something in outer layer, does not mean it is good, we can be triced and forced in to liking all kind of thngs that are against our core.

      But we should use some proper dosages of psychdellic medicines, in nature.. and see.. if we still desire something else then holy sex. ..nothing to be shamed about, just matter of healing, the world.

      Its not just Your body.. if you help with wrong behavor to keep alive not so good organizations.. who deal with this kind of confused energy.. then… well, what karma sais… your own doing

  • Dr LLoyd S. Gordon

    Scintillatingly beautiful thinking Adina! No, most assuredly, you have not gone bonkers in this instance. Do publish more on this at my site for the Quantum Organiculture Institute-Q.O.I. for the History and Development of The Terran Earth Human Civilization and Experimental Natural Medicine. I would like to make use of your kind of back-up information at my site also for presentations on why MARRI-AGE is better than MUTUAL-AGE which seeks to mimic and to equate with it.

    • Marriage is for sure the way Dr. as this is bibles basic, how to grow two souls in to one, how man can get a real life.
      Basically only way man can save a soul, is trought women heart love.
      As in the end, God is on the side of women, the some god that is on the side of major relgion… .. just people must remeber, what ever is good is often surrounded by something else, to make outsiders se something else.. and to inflatrate that inside.. people often in relgious sircles know who is among them the dark one, even if one pretens to be a priest.. but they wait the right moment, devine promission, to handle them all at once

  • Edna

    One time I even felt an orgasm out of my forehead! I was mediating on the beach at night!!! It felt exactly the same as if it came from well where you normally orgasm maybe even more pleasurable…. based on what the peladians have said I mean orgasms are really powerful, and they feel great!!! I believe it!

    • Yes it is possible, with a psychedellics often people , a man can get a near step closer to even start to understand what is normal orgasm for a women, … but it might take some time to get to the sport.. as often there is so much otrher things to learn on these plants.. before we are let near to the pleasure and knowledge .

  • Edna

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience…. When I orgasm lately I can see the entire universe it’s like im in the stars and galaxy’s. The entire universe is making love to me and making me cum over and over again, it is the most pleasurable experience i’ve ever had but like what does it mean??

    • That means, Youare the Universe, a part of that God everyone talks about, and now add this You see.. multitute it with 7 billion , JUST on humans side.. and then all the other plants and nature parts who have their own levels and worlds. WAY deep and big.. then we start to understand the size of god, just in beginning
      BUt yes, on these moments up there make sure to make best corrections in world You can.. you are one of the lucky ones who are able to reach on these lvels and thats means.. you can do a lot of good in earth.. and make sure.. to keep these lovers… knowing of important work they do.. its like they having sex with a god on that moment, literally

  • Paradise

    You have finally tapped into the truth about Spiritual Realms … Congrats ! This is something I’ve been trying to relay for sometime . I’ve even made a Vlog on it ! Ever since I was tiny I have been Gifted with a third Eye & Ear . Like my Grandfather and some relatives . Every time a Porn page is open there are negative energy ; I call them spirits. To people like me they are as plain as night and day. Very hard to get rid of once these demonic channels are open …. You are so right about the energy released during pure intimacy & bondage . Sex is alot more complex than we are thought ! If people could only see what I can see . The energy , The lights , The Spirits around and Realms … It may sound insane to some but it’s true .

    Very True . https://youtu.be/XdLqwk5YegA?list=PLiD5ncF-x8nZyvsBr1buEr836hCwDj6_C

    • take some good hearted peope in to woods, with large amount of psychdellic mushrooms (5x the avarage dosage) and keep Your heart near good on these moents.. and then You can help, these people to see in secure way.. what is ordinary for You..

      You really blessed person!

      • Paradise

        Thank you Margus 🙂

  • Tyler Balkman

    Good stuff. Leave out the worry that people think you’re crazy! You’ve already taken that jump, things will get better for you instantly as you BECOME this role. Also, I’d like to point out that you can probably increase your channeling skills if you communicate with them more. Ask for real understanding so you can provide people with something they cannot mediate themselves.

  • Andrew

    What a wonderful way to make people insecure about sex. Lady, telling people they are having the wrong type of demon attracting orgasms, then offering courses and products to help solve this ‘problem’ makes you just as bad as those priests and leaders who control people through sexual guilt. This article is also judgmental of people’s fantasies, reinforces traditional sexual norms as absolute fact (woman is receptor, man is instigator) and just gives people one more thing to worry about during sex. Seriously, you ask people to thought-police themselves during sex. I can’t imagine a quicker way to a sexual anxiety attack.

    • Sean Malley

      Preach, dude. Seriously. Thank you for writing this shit. You made about a million times more sense than that lameness up there. Any reference to “bondage stuff’ or ‘dark things’ immediately brings terror and woe on the world? Define dark? She never even gives any actual examples — it’s all subjective… to a bible-basher, the idea of someone channeling a message like this is ‘dark,’ as perhaps even enjoying said orgasm, so we REALLY need to define some terms here…

      And what is it with new-agers and Random Capitalization?

      • nice to see that these spirits mentioned, on their police troll squad ended up here also, try to sound all cool and downplay the important truths slipped in to the article.. but ya aint have it here “mate”

        So did you give YOUR version of truth about sex in here? No.. you just try to pull her down but there was so little to attack innit?
        And hey.. leave bible alone better.. well, in fact, start to have respect that.. as bible in fact is one of the bigges püower to keep the dark kinds who think “all is subjective crap”

        So start to define terms, dont just sound smart.. give some proofs of your knowladge of energy fields, demons and devine source of women?
        And yes.. man is made to serve women, just for information, if you womder about it

    • for Your information, sex is TRADITIONAL; one of the first, most traditional things in relation to our life, and it has NEWER changed, it is as it was created, as a norm.
      Thank god for relgious people keeping some norms, lines.. so people all of them would have not sale them self of as spiritual sex slaves… (and so their ebery in return can be turned to enslave more.. to the end then they throw away these bodyes as candoms)

      DO not just troll with the attacks, give then some opposite truths, HOW IS.. and state your sources also then.. as You come here, to a professional and spiritual masters web blog to state oposite, and your name “Andrew” does not sound like a “Mickael” or “Lucifer” so that it should be enought to state your words auhority or rspect.
      You just make up sotry, expenation about other persons text, that she cahnneled.. but you not have given any of YOUR original ideas baout it.. so please.. please do it,
      and posting under different names here, does not help to make your diversions to much effective, in here we can see deeper then that

      We need to tell a truth who uses orgasms and what they attract, not live in farry tales Andrew










    • Sean Malley


    • you have good radical points, even about thelephaty, but all of that is actually included even in basic cristianty. Just must lookand read deeper.
      We should make love with our LOVE.. and then it will be forever.. but when some random light beings come.. this is near same assome other cosmic gigolos come and .. as a workers of dark.. theyr job is to make other in the state of orgasm so the other part of the comapny can use the energy. .and they can access deeper in to your soul…
      what i want to say, we must be really sure.. to know, that it is allowed us to have sexual interaction with all kind of light beings besides our love, …just becouse it feels good.. is not enought.. we must know full deeper knowlage about it.. .as good

      but for now you are more knowlageble about it in many arias.. so let me evolve, i know for sure… shamaic plants is one way to make people pernatly know the truth and way to the truths

    • and yes, orgasm is one of the truths.. that open our eyes to god

  • JediStiz

    I like it, having successfully experimented with manifestation through meditation this makes sense to me. I lost that path for a while and am finding it again, so thank you for expanding my knowledge of this power we have.

  • Much wisdom here, but the concept of the man always being the active giver, and the woman always the resceiver seems very limiting for both parts and rather exhausting for the man. But I do not believe this philosophy origintes in super-wise Plaiadean inhabitants either. And I do not necessarily think pornography is so bad, but it depends on what you mean by the term pornography.

    • Maria

      I like your comment. Being always the giver gets boring no matter how creative you get and being the receiver ALSO boring!!! Pornography isn’t wrong but during the years even that system has changed. They make it seem that if your not in pain or awkward position and if your not into bondage/whips/fisting/or anal then your not doing it right. They offer you the extreme side of sex. But it also opened our eyes into spicing things up. You can now experiment with sooo many things. Have fun with it and take it slow really allow you and your partner to feel if your enjoying it if not you can move on to the next! But you do have the ability to find your true self in all these ideas. I mean who are we to same the Dominator/Slave isn’t right? If there happy and they enjoy it its all good in the end. If that is so extreme for you then take it down a notch or two 🙂

      • We are, if we know what is Love and how is right ” who are we to same the Dominator/Slave isn’t right? If there happy and they enjoy it its all good in the end”
        as i say before we can trick people to like all kind of things.. i know merriage copples where women things she must let her huspad to make her a anal bunsihment if she has been bad and not obey rules.. just one example out of thousands how humans are kep serving dark spirits, and think it is good..
        as it makes her feel good as she feels she served and make it better and makes him feel good as he feels in control and that she behaves now.. but is it love realy ?

    • how can it be exhausting for a man if he does what She created him for so She can return the energy to him ?
      You cant jsut say “this is boring how electrisity works i want to reverce it sometimes” (in the way of that there is two plus or two minus.. or where must be minus is plus.. etc, not to confuse with DC dv voltage that is in a way one and another way:p)

      but yes, this is the reason, why homo thing NEWER ever will not work, and why lesbian thing is more accepted but hey.. this is just man world fault or a need of women when she is liek that but if man do it. it always man fault.. and he will newer evolve to the end like that, He must start to realize, the sex of cosmos and earth.. and that Life giver will be one and the same, in the end, and life only comes from a female.
      She made male for that, but she can also make life with out a male (just look chickens and many other animals who are able to do it, besides virgin mary :p … just giving an hint to a people.. that if god wants. .then the women will be breaknant with no man also..)

  • Owen Powell

    Good article for the most part; you are giving the tiniest tip-of-the-iceberg of ancient wisdom that long predates any channeling of the ‘Pleidians’–but if that is how you visualize/sense it, by all means rock on! This is Tantra, Kundalini and visionary Kalachakra, and comes from the oldest yogic practices. Much of these teachings are freely available on the interent, and only need to be practiced and incorporated into a personal meditative practice to be affective. The only thing that I take issue with is your conservative mindset, strangely enough given your blog title, which contains many value judgements on the nature of other people’s sexual practices. BDSM attracts many people who are fully conscious of their proclivities, and why. Any alternative sexuality, if based on open acceptance, communication, respect and love is ‘valid’, regardless of what incarnation it takes. Simply put, sexuality is spiritual if the people involved think that it is. Similarly, many cultures and spiritual belief systems utilized sacred medicines or ‘drugs’, especially entheogenic ones, such as cannabis and ayahuasca, as very profound aspects of their spiritual-consciousness. I respect and honor your intent in this article, but that last thing this planet needs is yet another person yapping out judgement and condemnation to their fellow Selves, no matter how well intended. Remember the last line of your article; “The time of the tyrants will come to an end the moment you freely chose to stop giving your power to them. It is up to you.” The first thing to do is to make sure that ‘you’ are not the tyrant. As in all things, be mindful, fully conscious, and compassionate. Karma is self-correcting, and we have eternity to figure out the lessons, in an infinite number of manifestations. I personally believe that the primary lesson of Source is simply enjoy existence, in all its aspects. SAT NAM

    • Destiny Waters

      I think ETs have given humans much of what they know. Everything from religion, science, military, art, astrology, to spirituality, e.t.c. Pretty much a double edge sword… Humans are relatively young, and undergoing much evolution. To my understanding many of these “drugs” are meant to assist you in opening the gateways but eventually you should be able to do it all on your own because those mechanisms are already inherent in the human instrument. These types of articles are meant to stir something in you not to be the end all be all, yet they carry much wisdom. To awaken what you already know…

    • Paisley

      I agree with you. I don’t believe in this article at all. First, I am doubtful that aliens believe in chakras too, I thought this is just an Indian system. Also I disagree that thinking about BDSM, dark fantasies or doing drugs will attract bad beings. I think dark fantasies are just a manifestation of the human psyche, and it’s liberating to satisfy and show the darkest part of yourself…without harming anyone. People who like S&M can be good people too. It’s very limited to say doing drugs or liking dark stuff is bad.

      • yes, there was times in youth when i would have thinked about some of the things similarry, but in truth, homo things, the wrong drugs (WORONG drugs, means in wrong situation unknowing usage of unknown technollogy of nature… so the smarter spirits can abuse you…. or you hurt urself..)

        In fact, your last sentence, i would correct to say : it is really limited, to say that linking bad can be mostly good.

        What is good people? Is people who does not stop others to make bad if they can stop.. is these people good? Can smokers be good people?
        Can sigaret company owners be good peole?
        Is people who know what hair coloring is doing.. and who selling har coloring products.. is that person a good? Is he a better then when he does not know and sells it? But makes hes not knowing, hes deeds good?
        Not .. they still stay as it is..
        doing best possible good.. is good

    • these sacret medicines you talk about are NOT a drugs, but these entheogenic and psychdellic plants much more strictly state same as she says.
      And they also explain, these plants why newer dark liking or forceful hurful thing is not the perfect finish.
      THese practices can be used as medicine from one to another side to save us from these spirits who using this kind of slavery of us.. the love is really basic and all knowing, and simple and intimite.. not some show and freak thing with leder and tied up metal shains.. just think now for a time in correct mind.. .what spirits using this art for what kind of things..

      and yes, these spirits for sure, keep protcentage of people, in good state of mind and belief its good.. so they can with this culture.. trap more epople and soul rape them to the end… this was one of the tools accoring to L. Hubbert son hes fater used (look hes play boy article).. and there was drugs.. there is grugs that in combination of wrong situations will inprison and limit a human… nad then they can be accessed deeply..

      The biggest problem of society is that to much is accepted.. this allows tyrans to exisit.. we have to clean up our norms, to become free

  • Cass Cayne

    I love this article, very insightful!! However, there’s some fear in here that might hurt people – please be aware that a person is EXTREMELY unlikely to attract a “dark soul” to be their baby even if they have some negative thoughts during sex.

    I’m Pleiadian and work with my spiritual guidance team daily and they do emphasize all the therapeutic and energetic benefits of sex – especially “love sex”, where you’re in a high vibrational interaction, connecting emotionally with your lover – but please don’t be afraid that some reptilian or low vibration entity will come and attach to you for having one stray thought about being spanked or choked for fun in bed with your lover. You can actually use orgasmic energy to amplify your manifestations, so you might want to direct your thoughts to your ideal situations during climax, I do completely agree with that : )

    In terms of keeping any unwanted energetic attachments at bay, I’d say staying in a high vibration consistently is the most important thing. If you’re scared or worried or feeling low, imagine a shield of white light around you and your lover. The more immediate energetic “danger” in sex actually comes from absorbing your lover’s energies – when you have sex your energies flow freely between you, so pick your lovers carefully/protect yourself… <3

    x Cassady (twinflames1111.com/blog)

    • Paisley

      I agree with you. This article sounds like fear-based propaganda than anything. I doubt if it’s really channelled with a Pleiadian or some bogus Reptilian aliens…

      • So you feel like that, based on what? Please explain your experiences and knowladge about different aliens, spirits and plants?

        What is your reccomendation to keep our spiritual life private.. so other beings would not be able to access her or You … also in dreams..

    • Sean Malley

      Thank you for your response! ! I’m glad we have a real Pleiadian on the case here to help us clear out any issues and misinterpretations that this slightly misguided author had… I had few questions, though, hopefully you might be able to help us?? You said that as long as we stay in a high vibration consistently that having one stray thought… How do we make sure to maintain the ‘high vibrational frequency’ during sex in general, but especially if we ;3 have a biiiiit more than “one” “stray” thought about (uh… yeah, we’ll say spanking and/or choking) while we make love… and you believe me, our connection between our bodies in this realm is certainly “love sex,” as you mention, so don’t you worry one little bit, we’re more committed to each other than a Raccoon on a “Journey” to see the other side ;)))

      • this is in fact you have let other beings inside you who own you and use you… and you think yu the one who makes love..
        In most cases you can see these troubles in childhood.. travel back and try to release your fears.. you must clean yourself up and realise, she is the devine source, whou you need to serve, love in most sensitive way.. she is the same god ans everyone else talks about…
        just making up fantasyis and farry talesthat “its okey to chocke” to justify spiritual dirtyness does not make the deeds undone.. She from above is made to serve in another way.. and as log you let these spirits to be ruling you and inside her (to make you belvie she likes it..)

        as long you two newer have real lvoe between you ..

        go to another spirit realsm…keep awa from sex for few moths and only make bigger amounts of stronger proper psychedellics.. and just stay naked togheder.. toch .. tlak.. and explain each other each other… then you will get another level, higher level of sensitivity back and she will have WAY better results.. that last up to times when you are 80 +
        But first you have to see and accept who she is

    • nearly all your comment is good but please do not make the important message, that is rare truth in article, upside doen by sentences like “please don’t be afraid that some reptilian or low vibration entity will
      come and attach to you for having one stray thought about being spanked
      or choked for fun in bed with your lover.”
      It is better calmly to quit sex and keep each other in carenessless.. and then go on with full experience when people are ready, clean from unneeded energy.. as when these kind of thoughts come and in whorst. .when ur partner is doing it to a women,,, then this is already a sing, that they are in.. and. well.. this should bt be accepted in ANY respected women spirit to have some third one interfairing with ur inimate love.
      there is no fun involved when someone is choked in bed, it just love level pressure pleasure.. that can not comperhand with orgasms and love feelings that will stay with your for days, if people love properly.. for years..

      i personally not worryed about reptilians when loving a women, but it is normal basic thing to be aware of.. that they are around, not reptilians but some other beings..around our real other bodyes all the time.. and SPECIALLY if you are in city.. then is near impossible to live normal sex life , as in truth you not even have half a kilometer room empty around you for having sex… and that is about minimum you should have..

  • Robin Pehrson Guyton

    I wonder how long it will take for me to actually have an orgasm without being distracted by my thoughts. They are not negative but they have a grip on me that I can’t seem to shake. This explains so much thank for posting it.

    • Sean Malley

      What kind of thoughts, Robin?

  • Ganna

    Please say the prayers for my relationship with Will, a white soul man from Brazil. I went through spiritual awakening, and he was sent to be with me for a reason. He knew who I was from the moment he saw me. We danced salsa, and then spent a whole night together, having orgasm after orgasm. I am 1 in numerology, and I have faith that the balance in our world will be restored, whatever it takes! I am ready to heal the world:) @nina_markoni

    • Sean Malley

      Huzzah! Number 1 Number 1!!1!

  • Naima Obaitori

    Those who are ready to elevate their energy and the energy of this planet will understand and welcome this information…This world we live in is definitely in need of the energy of love….Thank You for gifting this wisdom <3

  • Heather Sirotak

    I’ll never say you’ve gone nuts. I feel so alienated from the misogynist & misanthropic way this planet is being run, that I WANT to identify with Pleaedians. I feel like I hardly belong here, in this cold cruel world.

    • be careful what you wish for mate!
      Just do your part of repairing the world, to the end of life.. and pray you have many years to come, do to it
      be thankful you notice, that something is needed to be done..

  • Macko

    For some reason, I think this is all metaphorical in a sense than literal. When she speaks of “reptilian entities” I feel as though she’s really talking about the reptilian brain, a more primitive and primal part of a human. It could be that she is saying we must transcend our lower, more base impulses to achieve greater access to our frontal lobes: Overcoming animalistic desires to THINK.

    • Sean Malley

      This is goddamn brilliant. You just gave every single conspiracy theorist a MAJOR out on the subjects of reptiallian government takeover/ billions of species of aliens and dimensions

    • i always luaghted about when people so worryed about reptilias who was here long before us and part of project ot make us and hey.. we got retilian brain.. they forgot in abovetopsecret.com forum 😀

      But pledians just seems like cleaner nicer wersion of propcanda tool fro mme from communists, who are good in thelephaty now days.. to make propacanda against reptilians.. and other goverments whos ideologyes they want to concure.. and taking people in to imaginary worlds time by time

  • Eric Nicolas Schneider

    So, you mean that there’s actually souls from the dark realms (“demons”) entering women and being born. Hum, you mean like evil in their DNA? Mh, or are they pure light baby beings coated in a suboptimal vibration received by their parents’ bad aura? The implications are serious as one would be a … dark soul (for life? and consider your readers who may have had babies in troublesome times and might now think they are beasts by nature, hmmm), the other that cleansing is easily possible. Unless you specify this you are sort of on the side of demin / witch hunt worldview, just like the dualists that have messed up everything in the past. In one sentence: Your perceptions, concepts and communication are suboptimal. And dangerous.

    • Ava

      Eric, the very fact that you are being so judgemental and hurtful in your words, in kinda coming from a lower vibration, the very same you are accusing her of. It’s not fair to make such judgements. She is only sharing that which has come to her from another source. You don’t have to believe it but don’t accuse her of being “on the side of the demon/witch hunt worldview” – how low vibe is that!

      • actually he explained and accused really nice way,
        not that i think that the article author intented bad, but just the accusation was important and nicelly but..

        And yes, the questions Eric told is true as well.. this what he asked, just we need to answer that.. not acouse Him back . )
        Talking about low vibe… :p

    • answer to your questions: Yes

      Telling truth sometimes, is a bit dangerous… but only when we are inconsistant

  • Nicole Marquez

    This explains a lot for me. For years now my mind has gone to dark places during sex and I’ve never even experienced sexual assault or trauma. ..goes to show that all it takes is your mental door being open a crack to let the nasties in. Now…to give them the proverbial boot and reclaim my rightful sacred orgasm. Thank you Adina. ♡

  • Yolanda Bertaud

    This article shows how we as humans can evolve spiritually through our sexual experiences. For the most part, we have been conditioned to believe sex is dirty, while the truth is “it’s sacred”. Our thoughts & feelings create the energetic fields between partners and our cosmos, we all should study the true nature of being “sexy” in tantric sexuality, this alone can make a better world, a sacred place. Thanks for the reminder on the nature we are exchanging with our mate; keep up the good work Adina! ♡♡♡

  • Tyler Dirden

    Good Stuff 😉 Aloha

  • Johnna

    I refuse to be made to feel guilty about enjoying BDSM sexually and nonsexually. I’ve grown to accept and love who I am, sexually and otherwise. I am not ashamed and I do not believe I am being unhealthy or “dark” for what I enjoy.

    • Ava

      Johnna, I encourage you to look up the creator of Holotropic breathwork, Stanislav Grof. He explains why it is ppl are having these sexual desires such as yours. It’s about understanding how these things come to be and then healing that which is not working for you or perhaps keeping one stuck. You have accepted yourself, that’s good. Perhaps then understanding yourself and where these manifestations come from, would take you even further on your journey. Just a thought

      • Sean Malley

        She said she’s happy and refuses to be made to feel as if there is anything wrong with her choices, which there isn’t. Why are you assuming that she needs to have her own desires and pleasures explained to her? You are responding in a manner consistent with her being distressed about her habits, not fulfilled and loving it.

    • Sean Malley

      Preach, Sister. Don’t worry, we don’t need that Alien’s approval anyway….
      We know how to get down. They’re just jealous and (maybe a little) scared of what they so clearly don’t understand nor will ever have. ;D

  • Andrea

    I dig it. As with anything, I take some and I leave some. The parts that resonate, I think about. The parts that don’t, I put question marks on, don’t dwell, and let them go. Reptile people and all that, even if it is true, the best thing is still to just focus on the love and opening up and doing good in the world. That’s the way to live. And if there are lizard people, it will rebuff them. And if there aren’t, it’s still the best way to go.
    Keep it coming, I like hearing positive things about sex and orgasm. There’s so much base info out there, it’s nice to hear someone who is focused on the more loving and spiritual aspects of this.

    • Sean Malley

      Rock on

      Great Job!

  • Simone

    Whilst I think there are refrains of truth in principle in the above post, I really don’t care for the “channeled, plaedian, reptilian” aspect. This all could be written from a much deeper and more credible place, also more accessible to mainstream. Science is certainly starting to prove true a lot of previously held “out there/new agey” beliefs or teachings, but it is up to us to also stay with the current meeting of science and spirituality, not perpetuating new agey stuff like this. It’s been done to death and still has some kind of fear mongering aspect to it in tone and style eg “If you are drunk or on drugs, you will attract a soul from those realms.
    If you are angry or having some dark fantasy, then you will magnetize a
    soul from those realms.” What realms are these?

    Personally, in my experience working at the level of cellular healing, I have been able to facilitate clients accessing the consciousness and energy they were conceived in. Rather than spontaneously opening into some awareness of “coming from another realm” they instead articulate that they can tell exactly what each parent was feeling and thinking at the point of conception (or at that point in the parent’s life). This has been life changing for those clients as they have been able to clear a LOT of energy overlay. The client’s have had access to information they didn’t necessarily know and felt a sense of relief eg “I always felt unwanted all my life”, realising that, although the mother of course had accepted and loved her baby, at the point of conception she really didn’t want another child, already having 3 other small children, a unhappy marriage, etc.

    Children are definitely conceived in an energy (no one will dispute that) and, in my experience, will take on the predominant energies of the parents at that time. If the parents are particularly stressed, angry, worried, considering separating etc, the child is taking on an overlay of the parents “stuff”. Conversely, if the parents are very in love, consciously wanting a child etc, they child will be conceived with less “stuff” because there is more of an openness in energy.

    Cells take on beliefs and when we are created we are just one cell full – not just dna programming – but energy of the parents which create the spark of life. So yes, the energy of the orgasm is very powerful but it is more than just that, the whole of the individual’s life needs to be addressed. If one wants a child, is unhappy and dissatisfied in life, but thinks “at the moment of conception I will just think happy thoughts and attract a child from a superior realm” then that’s totally delusional. This is a much more complex issue of organism, energy, cellular biology, inter-connection and orgasmic energy. What is true is that humans are at a point of being able to see and grasp the complete complexity of this subject of “who am I?” and bring science and spirituality to a meeting point of understanding.

    • Sean Malley

      Great Job!

  • Philip Sobul Love

    the idea that the quality of sexual orgasm is directly related to the level and expression of consciousness resonates with me as true. sexual union can be filled with egoic manipulation or full of divine tantric union and surrender. we create our own reality here as with all other aspects of life

  • Anthony Torchia

    In my opinion, this information agrees with what in the West is called “sex magick” and in the East is called Tantra (insert disclaimer here that Tantra isn’t just about sex). I agree with it except for the knock on bondage play. Of course, angry people can do hurtful things in such circumstances, but the helplessness of being bound makes for an experience of total surrender that can be difficult to achieve without it. My riding crop is a playful sex toy, not an instrument of torture.

    Regarding the reptilians and whether this truly comes from the Pleiades, heck if I know.

    • Sean Malley

      Thank you for expressing what I feel are the feelings of at least several of us here… We’re not using restraints and ‘toys’ to actually harm our partner, not be sadistic or cruel…

  • Thank you for sharing your creative insights! As the top sustainability and wellness framework here in SE Asia, our research has found (and based on personal experiences) that our neuro dynamic connections; building blocks of experiences through sub-modalities of the senses and our intelligences can create dynamic connections through such physiology expressions as “sex and intimacy.” Therefore orgasmic releases can have great values in the neuro dynamics of our existence; very much in support of your article!

  • That guy

    You are nuts. If you are going to make a good article, you might as well leave out the reptillian opinions out of it, any other religion or politics.

    • Judith Williams

      I thought it was interesting. It’s time people got out of their narrow minds.

    • Sean Malley

      And stop knocking spanking and choking!

  • Eric

    I really enjoy reading this article!! And NO you are not crazy, I think it’s crazy to think we are the only planet out there with life out of billions of know planets. I have one question,, how does the energies of yin receptive and yang creative instigator play role in full body anal stimulated orgasm with NO lingum contractions with man to man, women on man or man to himself?? I agree that these energies must transcend the physical world. And we as men have an ability to receive and women to instigate.

  • Narayan Sacredhealingbeauty

    with all due respect … the women is the vessel of light who lifts up the man … if the man allows himself to ride her waves he will have the best orgasm ever… when a women is shall we say full of spirit and in her god.dess state of being a man becomes irrelevant and if she tunes into spirit can have the best orgasm ever … no man or toys needed just pure energy …kundlaini… so yes the conciouness level of your self and your partner will determine, shall we say the band width of energetic pleasure and the ability to lift the energetic frequency of the planet … enlightened orgasm

  • Elephe

    Interesting thoughts, worthwhile testing them. Specially; ” Your lust will increase, but it will never really be satisfied”.

  • Johann

    Thanks Adina for posting my commentary. Sorry for being impatient! J

  • Johann

    Hi Adina. I wrote a detailed commentary on this post and it seems to have disappeared. It was listed as “awaiting moderation” for quite a while, and then disappeared. It was respectful and had both complimentary and constructively critical aspects to it, but pulled no punches. Did it get removed for some reason? Or is the moderation turnaround just longer than I expected?

  • Johann

    This post is inconsistent with your claim to want to share evidence-based, unbiased, non-dogmatic thinking about sex and relationships. I am extremely disappointed. Firstly, I have enjoyed the candour and openness of your site…and 99% resonates with me and my experiences. But you say this site is for “grown ass adults”…yet you post this insanity about channelling thoughts from beings light years away. IF one could channel another civilization….would “big ass adults” really be talking about educating children about orgasms, etc? What about their science, medicine, propulsion, power sources, origins, understanding of the universe, life form, biochemistry, food production, etc. This is total new age BS and greatly diminishes the credibility of your otherwise excellent site. BTW…I also find it uncharacteristically weak that you are not saying what you think about this channeling. Makes me think that you believe it…which makes me……..disappointed, and now more skeptical of some of your other posts. Maybe you could put your cards on the table so we can better understand what confidence to place on your critical thinking skills.

    • Morgan Giddings

      Wow, who took the unhappy pill today? There is plenty of evidence that mind and matter interact. If you chose to ignore it, that’s fine. Why do you feel the compulsion to “tear a new one” into her for posting something like this here? Oh yeah, because it’s not factually cited from some obscure scholarly article somewhere.
      Let me tell you about those scholarly articles. If you’ve paid attention to the news, the cases of fraud that have slipped by peer review are on the rise. Even when not outright fraud, shoddy and/or inconsequential science that serves to reinforce existing scientific dogma comprises the majority of what gets published. Peer review does nothing to stop that, and in fact, encourages it.
      Think I’ve got my head up my butt?
      Nope. I’ve played that game, very successfully. (Look me up on pubmed if you care to).
      It’s just as full of biases as any channeler. Often, more.
      If you want to “tear down” the idea that this kind of connection is possible, please provide evidence that it doesn’t happen. Because there’s plenty of evidence that it does. (Start with Princeton pear labs and go from there).

      Science is not about your opinion, though many such as yourself seem to be confused that science adopts a particular world view.
      No, science is a process of discovery. That is all. True science does not take an opinion on something like channeling, it just weighs the evidence at each moment, and asks good questions.
      It doesn’t start with assumptions like “that is not real” from the start. The WORST science comes from people who already know what the answer is before they even start.

      • Johann

        Morgan….You ask…”Why do I feel a compulsion to…”? Well…Adina asked her readers to respond. She said: “what do you guys think? am I crazy?…etc.” So I responded. I did look you up on Pubmed. But I am not sure why you think I believe science is about confirming a priori biases?? I don’t think I said or implied that about science…but I do feel there are ideas that are simply not reasonable. I agree with your definition of science….but if someone were to ask me for a grant to explore anti-AIDs activity of an Amazonian plant extract, or even whether MS is caused by carotid occlusion, I would be open to them…with evidence later supporting or refuting their ideas. If someone asked for a grant to have aliens on Alpha Centauri to cure aids via telekinesis on viral particles….I probably would not give them money!!!! Just not plausible. Would you? You don’t know me at all. By way of context (simply declarative, not self-aggrandizing, nor competing with your unquestioned qualifications)…I am CEO of a life sciences investment company, chair of the research committee at a major medical research institute, on the board of 5 life science organizations, serial life science entrepreneur…as well as being a musician, artist and long-time-student of science, fraud in science, cosmology, religions and religious history and philosophy, the holographic universe hypothesis, morphic resonance and more. I know well that there is fraud in science as there is in many other areas of human endeavour. (Not sure I understood your comment about “playing the game well”. Hope you meant you were frustrated to see the misrepresentation in the work or a few others, rather than performing fraud well yourself!?) But I also know that the general public is mislead on a regular basis by those who take advantage of the public’s lack of scientific knowledge, and strong desire to “believe” in things. As I stated, I was impressed with virtually all of Adina’s site prior to that post. I have dealt with many friends and relatives dealing with misinformation and shame-making dogmas and practices associated with religion, pseudoscience and misunderstandings of science. Adina’s site seemed to be accessible yet clearing the air in many ways. But unsubstantiated musings on aliens from other planets communicating about orgasms (rather than origin or the universe kind of stuff) was just laughable. Morgan…please do address the points I made in my earlier post, rather than ad hominem attacks on what you assume to be my perspective on the world. I have no interest in ad hominem attacks on you, but do enjoy debating ideas. =) I also invite Adina to weigh in on this topic.

  • Jenn Zen

    Who knows what’s “real” and what isn’t? The words resonate, and don’t seek to harm anyone. I like it!

  • Holly Christine Rudinoff

    I love this article!!! Imagine if we all held these thoughts and vibrations. My sex life 20 years ago would have been so different ~ but no time better than the present ! This one is a keeper!

  • La Moon

    I totaly agree. u r not nuts.

  • Laurence Allan

    Yes to the message itself, but dressing it up in an alien mythos, no. The orgasm is most definitely sacred, indeed the best sex is a sacrament. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience second-level O, full-body orgasms, and still seek the third-level, a transcendental O. Men need to understand that seeking their own O does not deliver it but the way to supreme pleasure is through participating in the orgasm of the woman. A man’s temple is not his body, but hers.

    • Ciara

      Hi Laurence. I really like what you said about how men should seek to find supreme pleasure through participating in the orgasm of the woman. I’ve read and heard this same sentiment quite a bit now and it really intrigues me. I was just wondering – out of genuine curiosity – how this might apply to gay couples? Also if you could refer me to any good sources of info about this whole topic I would very much appreciate it. Thank you ~ blessings.

  • ajaxthegreat

    Excellent article! Not sure I believe it 100% but it does make sense on some level. Dark energy has no place in sex.

  • Logic101

    Sorry to be rude but the fuck up. What if you dont ever think positive thoughts then whats the long term effects? This tantric chakra invisible diety religious bullshit needs to stop. Its all a placebo making you believe if you think your achieving something more than a normal orgasm, its all in your head. Whatever makes you happy

  • mmmmmm

    the only thing in the article I do not agree with is the following: ‘Those who are foolish enough to tune into dark thoughts, such as pain and bondage, during their sexual experiences will find themselves plugged into a lower plane of consciousness with some very draining companions. ‘ and ‘Not only will you hook yourself up to some very nasty entities, but you will find your sexual experience limited and limiting.’ the experiences I’ve had with bondage and ‘pain’ were eye-opening, it is not about oppression and darkness but about trust and knowing that you trust the person you are experiencing these things with so thoroughly that you can let go of the fear to be hurt. it’s not really about pain for me, it’s about absolutely feeling with your body, which is not limiting.. i don’t say ONLY absolutely feeling with your body (cause that would be limiting)

  • Ej Love

    I am also a Psychic and do some work in the field of Tantra. I have received similar messages from Spirit about the healing power of Orgasm and Sacred Sexuality. Sex has the power to Heal the world when done with the proper intention without shame or guilt. Sexual energy, when honoured and combined with love, takes on a sacred form and becomes an extraordinary power. This form of sexual energy is the greatest creative force on our planet.

  • Vwoohu

    More reasons to have more sex.

  • DJ Sabatine

    U are not crazy! That’s for sure i used to have this amazing bond with my boyfriend from 8000 km away , and saw angels and colours as we united our energy fields is Beautiful

  • Yelena

    You are not human, you are a Pig.

  • The insights regarding the energy interactions and potentials during conscious sex between man and woman, yes- though I think the disciplines behind those have to be understood and practiced to reach the levels of intensity you shared, or there’s the occasional happy-just-right moment that are gifts 🙂 Pleiadians though? C’mon that race was being referred to and “channeled” around in the 60’s and before that in the “spiritist movement” of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It (Pleiadies) ironically, is also my favorite constellation and I feel a strong connection with it- whether that is real or not. But I gotta call out these things- If you really were contacted by a celestial who introduced her self as goddess she better have given due acknowledgement to your divinity also, or “she”or “it” was pulling your mystical chain. Also, the “Dante’s Inferno” like illustration regarding bad thoughts during orgasm opening doors for demonic beings is just so… middle ages. Not buying that one. Intentional and belief energy effecting destructive or constructive outcomes? You bet. Thanks for your article and I look forward to email updates because I like sex and orgasms too AND I am horribly inexperienced at the sexual union as a spiritually beneficial practice. Heck, I could be way off in my opinions about your article- who knows? and it was fun to get into thinking and writing about this topic.

  • thank you for the info, I always knew that orgasms are sacred and a tool for spiritual growth and it makes perfect sense that you atract what you put out, i’m in bliss for a long time after making love

  • DeezNuts Muh Fuggah

    Batshit. Crazy.

    • Yelena

      You obviously never gave an orgasm to a woman. You seem to be more interested in guns. Well keep Wanking and Fighting.

      • DeezNuts Muh Fuggah

        Oh how clever *eyeroll*. I realize I am outnumbered by a bunch of nutty fruitcakes, so I’ll not engage in silliness. I imagine if I had an astrological symbol or some other nonsense you might take me serious, but that’s OK. Oh, if any of you spiritual flakes want a million dollars to prove any metaphysical B.S., here: http://www.skepdic.com/randi.html P.S. you judge a book by it’s cover, so small minded. I’m a very giving, loving and peaceful person. I posted this gun because it was a gift from my father before he passed. But I digress.. Peace and love, peace and love.

  • Absolutely ~ I practice an ancient Taoist system ~ My teacher made that known and instilled the importance of being in a spiritually conscious state as vital part of Practice
    ~ awesome and Very Important share ~

  • Ray Walker

    No, you are not at all nuts. I have had the pleasure of consciously
    trading places with one of my lovers and feeling her body as my own, and
    she in mine which pretty much disrupted all her scientific paradigms
    around consciousness. There is much more to know about Sacred Sex than
    we have had exposure to. One way for a man to enter that sacred circle
    of energy with the lover is to read the book, “Tantric Sex for Men,
    Making Love a Meditation” by Diana and Micheal Richardson. They teach
    exactly what is talked about here, “If the man wants to enjoy the full
    and subtle nuances of Sacred Orgasm,
    he must patiently, sweetly, lovingly, and deliberately lift the
    frequencies of his lover. The fact is that when a woman generates
    massive deep sacred orgasmic wave fields, so will her partner. Their
    union will prolong his orgasm with hers.” I know, and now several of my
    men friends also know, how true this statement is. Enjoy the read, enjoy
    the Union!! Thanks for posting this Adina!! <3

  • human

    I think you are full of shit with no evidence to back up your claim, furthermore you discredit the science community with proof of their claim… Yes off thy rocker…

  • William_Molloy

    Well I am so glad this crossed my news feed today, I am a metaphysical healer and I work with women and s few men who have all kinds of issues over sex. Some from this life some from past ones. I found your writings i=to be insightful and gave me some ideas to look at at a different level. s thank you. I signed up and will be following you..



    Ozzy the Healer

  • aulderyan

    I am down with it. The message rings true. Good info is good info, regardless of source. And yes the Plaedians are quite vocal these days!

  • luvs2dance

    Most of us have had sexual trauma in one form or another. Many of us were born into this life having to deal with ‘nasty’ entities early on. That means that we are here to transform the energies into something higher. I agree that it is all about intention but the article creates a dichotomy between ‘lower’ and ‘more enlightened’ sexual fantasies. Its just simplified to point of sounding foolish. I think sexual fantasies, however low and crazy they may seem, hold a key to our potential as human beings. And it is all about intention. Just like birth, it is a critical vortex that can pull you in every direction. I think sexual power is way more complex than what I read in this article. Thanks for sharing!

    • luvs2dance

      I see this article setting up ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects of sexuality and we dont need more of that. We need to transform who we are and, in order for that to happen, we have to witness without judgement. That means consciously acting on our deepest desires and then working to raise its vibration. It takes courage to see ourselves. If we did I dont think we would be thinking so much about who is enlightened and who is a lower entity. We all have to transform lower entities, every single one of us.

  • Kala Shekinah

    Yes the pleiadians have some amazing wisdom and it it so true. Sexuality has been controlled and repressed for aeons. There are lower dimensional entities that feed of the negative attachments to sex and this fear of our power and right use of energy, and when we raise it higher we open to the infinite connection. There are many ancient texts and new information about how to really use this powerful energy right. There have been many mystery schools and sacred teachings around this.
    We are collectively opening to raise this frequency. And yes when we are in this state it does accentuate the frequency of our thought and creation and what we are focussing on. A powerful sacred space that can be used for ritual, healing and prayer also. In full conscious connection we can use this vibration to bring potent energy to ourselves and the planet.

    Of course souls are attracted to our vibration.

    The light and energy that is cultivated in orgasm and lovemaking can be fully raised to our higher chakras and energise the pituitary gland and this is the essence of the kadusias the twin snakes. When we really tap in multidimensionally and overcome the fear and transcend into love this ecstasy is a key to the universe. There are a few higher dimensional teachings around orgasming and love making. But it is something that most people have not been aware of for a long time. There are also ways which our soul fragments and DNA emit frequencies as we orgasm.

    I have witnessed some very full on things around sexuality, especially as the lower frequencies and entities tap into and feed from this lower base desire realm, many stories to tell if people really want to open their eyes and see the dimensions and it is great that you have posted this article.

    • ShankirShamir

      Please tell!

  • ArianneEarth

    Let us start with a blood line. Inanna should be in the blood line of the family of Anu. Which is the bloodline associated with “reptilians” most often on the net since probably 1995.

    Now, let us assume that all of this is true all the same for the purposes of discussion.

    I want you to put on your strategic thinking caps. If when women are being assaulted, psychically, physically, emotionally to reduce their ability to disagree or even to be fully compliant with their own assault they are open to being an opening into our world for souls who are attracted to situations of spiritual harm. That is most of us then, because most of the world enforces this sort of action on women and on men who are in relationships with them.

    Now, why would someone do this? Why would you create a world in which people would do this sort of harm, when you are also in this World and once here your actions also effect you.

    You are not incarnated. You want an opening to incarnate and you find an opening onto a world where the work of suppressing women’s ability to control their acceptance of what sort of world they live in. Or a group/person/people/entity which wants to incarnate but cannot fully get all their brothers to do so but has figured out how to harm women so that they are acceptable portals for their group to be incarnated into this World. Harming women is a matter of soul incarnation for a group. These groups do not want you to say no, so the social structure is created to make saying no to be the worst things you can do. Also making sex which is harmful in some ways to be normal and even the best form so that their group can incarnate as many as possible out of the place they are in and into this World.

    Women’s ability to say no is literally a threat to their ability to get as many of their type out as possible. Any way to continue having women not stop them or to access agreement which is sufficient if misinformed is considered enough by the universe. Purchasing compliance is still some sort of contract recognized as enough to draw in.

    Any other group working with this paradigm would have to be able to understand what it might be like to be harmed in this way so much that it is normal.

    I want you to imagine that this is all true. Because if it were true, the things done to women have a purpose. That purpose is to suck you dry and to make you allow as many people of these groups to be born as possible as quickly as possible. Everyone that is here has to have an amount of ability to be that bad to be able to attract people who would be nasty enough to conceive of a platform to harm women for thousands of years just to be allowed to continue to do so, and an amount of ability to not be that bad to make it so very desirable to be incarnated here.

    Don’t point fingers out now, because those souls…they are you. You did this. The souls who conceived of this, they are you. At some point you have to accept that if this was true, your souls found a place full of life, found bodies capable of housing your souls from where you were, and someone offered to let you use women already here to get into these bodies. Someone here had harmed women so thoroughly that they could extract compliance without much understanding. And offered it to you. And you took it.

    So, if you are a “young” world and the women here were a “young” species, someone sold them as mothers knowing that the young species could not and did not have a full understanding of what that meant. Then used it hard and fast with some brutality to keep it going for their own purposes. That once your soul incarnates here, the limitations on women also effect everyone else, so once in your ability to process and understand what you’ve done is just as hampered as it was in the women that were sold to be mothers or sex sources for their energy.

    You cannot look and go “they” did that. That is 6000 years. That is you. Do you think you had a plan to stop being people who would accept that deal after you got here? That once you were “in” you’d surely make better choices until this form of slavery came to an end?

    I want you to assume that some of this is true, and see past the bunnies and light and see yourself for what you are. Once you do, maybe you’ll see that you made a choice to do something that would pull you here, and now the thing you accepted to be here was not lovely. That you either want to continue doing the harmful things to get all your buddies to incarnate with you here, or you wanted to make better choices so that once you were here that you and yours would NOT become the next generation of those who are hurt to be soul portals for harm.

  • Garr Bostic

    The only thing out of place is the stereotyping of “reptilians”. While there are non humans in ruling positions that appear human, many of the healing specialists that aid healers are reptilian. There is the natural duality that needs to be remembered when believing any species to be negative.

  • Greg Autry

    Namaste Goddesses

  • truth_inBeauty

    I’ve had the same download! Beautiful, transcendent, creative energy IS sexual energy, and it is our right as souls / human beings to allow it to permeate every level of our existence. What magical force, and when two can co-create in such harmonious love making, incredible things can happen.
    Be aware! Orgasm is also a POWERFUL time to manifest, so keep your highest intention and purest thoughts present while experiencing bliss. It is your right, and can help you and your partner in many ways.

  • Niamh Kane

    This makes a lot of sense on any realm the type of love and how we attract it into our lives, looking forward to experimenting with this more consciously in future, thank you for sharing! <3

  • I’d also highly recommend reading this: “Transmission from Pleiadians about sexuality” http://projectx9.tumblr.com/private/72115499976/tumblr_myud5hPwzD1rpg588

  • John Gramm

    I have a question, and I am confused. I took metaphysics courses in the 1970s that were taught by a trance medium. This trance medium proved many times in almost a dozen readings that she was authentic and not a charlatan. She told me things that she could not possibly know. Things that only I knew. Anyway, in one of our classes, she said that our children ask to be our children before they and we are born. It was also said that souls get together and agree to interact with us before we are born. This makes sense to me, and I firmly believe it. I asked to be born to my parents, because I needed to learn certain lessons that they could help me with. Some of it was karma. This seems to contradict what you say here. It seems as though you say that our children are not decided before we are born, but at the point of orgasm. Do you see my confusion?

    • serafinachristine

      Hi John,

      In the Kundalini Yoga Tradition it is believed that once a woman has conceived until the 120th day there is a soul that comes and kind of checks out the family. There is no soul within the womb until the 120th day. Until that point the new soul is kinda checkin’ around, seeing how everything is, etc. During this time period it is of utmost importance that the community around the mother is making her life as high frequency as possible to keep the womb open to the highest frequency soul possible.

      I feel that the agreements are made beforehand and the soul will come and check it all out to ensure that everything is in place for their arrival and to ensure they will receive what they need. If not, a different soul will enter the womb.

    • John, I believe that anything reaching and happening in a multidimensional reality, realm, or whatever we call it, reaches and happens out of our space-time conception, so it would be ok to suppose that there is no difference between ´before we are born´ and ´at the point of orgasm´ 🙂

  • Amanda Yali de Keijzer

    Hi Adina!

    Since you asked for feedback so intensely and since your intuition is telling you there’s something crazy, I will say that your BS radar about this post is beeping for good reason. There may be some truth… BUT please be careful with what you post darling!

    “These waves can be seen by those souls who are waiting in the invisible realms for an entry frequency.” Im cool with that…sounds good right…but then…danger!!!

    BUT then your source says that:
    “In simple terms, if you want a child when you are in sexual union, your orgasm will attract the level of consciousness you are creating. You will attract to you the type of consciousness you are generating. Magnetism is the law of the Invisible Realms: Like attracts like. The child/soul is attracted to a similar consciousness, meaning whatever thoughts you are having while you are making love.”

    Then the victimisation gets way way worse, children and babies are innocent victims and pure souls don’t you think?
    “If you are drunk or on drugs, you will attract a soul from those realms. If you are angry or having some dark fantasy, then you will magnetize a soul from those realms. Consciousness is everything, even in the act of love making.”

    The source is both, hinting/ blaming/straight saying CHILDREN born to abusive addicted parents chose and asked for that situation…. really? Please, careful what you post, share and promote. Don’t let the quality of the content be diluted by overtly esoteric, speculative, blameful ideas… Please. Feel free to edit sources and what you feed in to your followers minds. Its a huge responsability and an almost journalistic role.

    This is such a wonderful space! And I love it! Thank you!

    • .. a baby child is a pure soul just as an adult is :), but not an innocent victim .. btw, naming someone victim, that is a victimisation.. ´children born to abusive addicted parents chose and asked for that situation´ – why not? ..bearing in mind the conceptions of action/reaction, karma/dharma, re-incarnation, harmony and balance.. I think in a way in a certain rather hardly understandable way it really is possible for a soul / a child / an adult .. to choose or ask for any situation..

  • JAn Karlsson

    Right on track !

  • Elizabeth McQuade

    Makes perfect sense to me. Too bad we don’t get taught about this early on. If you think about everything in the article is just feels right. Good to see info like this coming out. I like the part about us being supercomputers with no user manual. I think that about sums up the human race, except we do have a back up user manual and it is call our intuition, gut feeling and emotions. 😉

  • Graeme Salvetti

    No your not crazy Adina. The messages shared within these words are inspiring and attainable. The contex of where they came from is irrelevant and to question the value of the message based on the source is to lose oneself in the egoic, evidential based constructs of the mind.

    We are all sacred beings with beautifuly constructed bodies designed for pleasure. I revel in the deliscious prospect of what’s possible within what we are?

  • Jai Amun Bhakti

    I agree with, and my Twin Flame and I practice, everything in your article – except whose fault the suppression is. The “us” vs. “them” attitude denoted by blaming things on “the reptilians”. I’ve yet to meet anyone on Earth who wasn’t born here, at least in this lifetime. The souls here on Earth have been present in some form having experiences somewhere for 14 billion years. Yes, some of us remember and identify deeply with lifetimes in other systems. The fact of the matter is that we are all here now. We came here, likely participated in creating this world and this species, to work this all out. To figure out how to live in peace. There are no Starseeds, no Reptilians, no Pleiadians, really. There is US. Whatever we are, we are all in it together. Some have different ideas about how to achieve peace – what you refer to as “reptilian” is the authoritarian notion that rule of law – control – will create peace. Would the Pleiadians support xenocide and destroy an entire race of beings because their method of achieving peace through differs? We need to rebel against tyranny under no other name. It doesn’t matter if a tyrant is reptilian, republican, or reformist. Tyranny is tyranny. When we stop blaming “them” and realize instead our own responsibility to stand up against injustice, we welcome ALL those who are for liberty and freedom to join us. There are those who identify with “reptilian” energies but do not seek control of others. Do not alienate anyone on the basis of race, star system origins, or philosophy. Invite all those who seek freedom, peace, and thriving to do so freely so long as they do not take from others to provide for theirs. It is time we break free – but we must take responsibility. If there are “reptilians” in power being tyrants, we’ve allowed it with our complacency. Frankly, I hear more hard-line control from those ascribing to Pleiadian or Ashtar Command directives than I’ve ever seen from any other race or alliance. I declare my sovereignty from any command, any race, any lords of karma, anything other than my heart’s true desires. I encourage all to do the same. I offer my alliance to anyone, any command, or any race if their mission resonates with my heart.

    • Sebastian Schimpf

      Very well said! 🙂

    • Nicole Braley

      Amazingly said!!

  • AleenaAspleyDotComDotAu

    Yes I totally agree with your article “The Purpose of Orgasm”. Humans do not know their orgasmic potential to enlightenment and divinity. We really do access our divine through orgasm. I also have channelled a similar article on my website.

  • AleenaAspleyDotComDotAu

    Yes I totally agree. I am into automatic writing, I have a similar written article on my blog at http://www.AleenaAspley.com.au called “The New World Order. Humans have no idea of their orgasmic potential. This is the exact subject that I passionately teach. Thanks Adina for posting this article.

  • Namaste Moore

    I love the message but I think calling bondage and pain during orgasm something that pulls on “lower plane of consciousness” may be a result of the contamination of bias in the Channeler. Even those who channel tend to be impacted by their natural proclivities and biases. I say this because as a Spirit worker and Sensuality and intimacy coach with knowledge of alternative sexualities I know that while some of those practices are based in un-consciousness- often they are playing with more spiritually dynamic principles such as binding the body to experience the freedom of the Spirit, or understanding how the Shadow of our experience and self (pain) is not something to run from but to embrace as part of our consciousness. On the whole these are some good concepts -I’ve heard f them before – as they’re taught in Judaism.

    Namaste Moore

  • That guy

    I don’t know about reptillian overlords but religion has definitely played a large part in making sex a big taboo. Pretty much all religions don’t even want to touch the subject with a ten foot pole. Whether this was done consciously or not is hard to say. So maybe there was/is a plot to keep humanity from reaching its true potential 🙂

    Tantra in buddhism is the only philosophy that embraces sexuality and sees it as a tool for experiencing higher levels of consciousness. Tantra is not all about the different sexual positions you find in the kamasutra, they are just a small percentage of what is taught. What you have written about is somewhat similar to what can be found in tantric teachings.

    One of the tantric techniques (for men) teaches how you can have an orgasm without ejaculating. It’s the ejaculation that causes a massive drop in your energy levels. That’s why you’ll hear some women complaining that their husband falls a sleep right after he’s done. By not ejaculating, a man can experience much more intense full body orgasms and because he doesn’t have this drop in his energy levels, he can have quite a few of them too. When a guy has sex and has a couple of orgasms without ejaculation, his sexual energy (kundalini) is raised with each orgasm and this allows him to experience higher levels of consciousness. So in tantra too, sex and orgasms are considered sacred.

    So, I love everything you have written in this article. And it certainly is a beautiful way of looking at sexuality. I’m just not sure yet about the reptillian overlords 🙂

  • Meg

    My ten cents…

    I believe that there is much truth in this article, but also just enough mistruth to cause disruption. I have never cottoned on to the practice of channelling. How is one to know that the being they are allegedly communicating with is indeed who they purport to be, or that their intentions are benevolent?

    Search your heart when you read this. Does it alight as it does when truth is spoken in a conscious way, or are there nigglings of doubt? How does your own barometer read?

    I agree with much of the principles of energetic possibility mentioned here. We are powerful generators beyond measure, and the point of orgasm is a terrific example of a potentially creative connection with that power. This is why seekers of old tried to recreate that moment in meditative states through a variety of experiments later referred to as Tantra.

    Choose your teachers carefully, and remember that the one you were born with, called the Shivaya Guravae in sanskrit, or the Still Small Voice in more modern practices, is the highest of them all.


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