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Cervical Orgasm – This Keeps Any Women in Orgasmic Bliss For Hours (Sometimes Even Days) & Is Worth 10 Kingdoms Of Gold

cervical orgasm

About Me

After overcoming rape, divorce, self-sabotage, sexual shame and self-hatred Kendal has learned to dance in the radiance of the Creator’s light, embracing and expanding love. She has learned that our sexuality is the greatest creative force on this planet and is dedicated to helping others heal their shame and misunderstanding.

“At the back of the womb there lay flesh that demanded to be penetrated. It curved inwards, opening to suck. The flesh walls moved like a sea anemones, seeking by suction to draw his sex in… She opened her mouth as if to reveal the openness of the womb, its hunger, and only then did he plunge to the very bottom and felt her contractions…” Anais Nin, Delta of Venus

I don’t know about you but if your a woman and you read this quote I hope it make’s your pussy contract the way it does mine.

As my eye’s linger across each word of Nin’s I can feel the rapture of turn on in my body. My mouth dampens as does my pussy, deep contractions start to form in it’s velvety walls. My clit pulses with anticipation and hope to soon be sucked as my cervix screams in her own language, YES, YES.

Even my breasts feel more engorged with each breath while reading.

If you feel little to nothing from reading those words then perhaps you are one in the ever growing field of women in our western world that suffers from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. And this ladies is a REAL issue.

Gentlemen, if your reading this and you are thinking:

“Damn, I want to make a woman open to me like that.” or
“What the heck is she speaking of? penetrating the womb? what?”

Cervical Orgasm: Cervical Kiss On The Head Of Your Penis

The above quote is referring to a cervical orgasm where yes your finger or cock may actually, safely and pleasurably for both parties penetrate the cervix.

David Deida refers to it as a cervical kiss on the head of your penis.

Sadly this can only be accomplished if a woman is properly stimulated, relaxed, trusting and full of desire. And many woman in today’s world and time just are non of the above, while many men of today’s time do not know how to get the ladies in their life to this state of luscious being and do not have the sexual education outside of porn to achieve these results that will keep a woman in orgasmic bliss for hours and sometimes even days. the high and release that a woman get’s from this experience DOES indeed carry her for a long time and is something that she will never forget.

This sort of orgasm is not achieved by how “big” a man is.

It is not achieved by how long you have known each other or been dating.

It is not achieved by hours of thrusting and grinding away.

It is not achieved by how tight a woman is or if she has ever had a vaginal orgasm or G-spot orgasm.

The main key to this orgasm is preparation!

As with anything that is worth it’s weight in gold, and let me tell you a cervical orgasm is worth 10 kingdom’s of gold in my opinion, one must prepare the grounds to be fertile and have patience, understanding and flexibility. Both parties must be willing to take it slow, check in constantly and remain as open as possible.

So How Do You “Stoke The Fire” In Tantric Terms?

This can be a difficult feat in today’s world.

With anywhere from 27-34% of women (that is more than double of the male %) experiencing low sexual desire and because woman are feeling an all time low in sexual function and desire they are looking at men with pointed finger’s saying, ” Your a sex addict and have a problem.”

Our sexual education in society is limited to put it kindly and tainted by shame, embarrassment and fear. In general we the people are scared to get our f**k on!

Especially we women.

Women are built to be f*ked, we are designed to be f*ked open deeply by our men.

Our pussy’s once re-opened to the pleasure, energy, healing and joy of orgasm are insatiable.

Female Sexuality: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea

It is high time that we wake up and realize that what we think we know about female arousal and sexuality is simply out of date. Women NEED sex.

A healthy woman want’s sex and enjoy’s it deeply.

She eagerly open’s into the raptures of orgasm and she goes deeper then her clit can take her from a few moments stimulation.

She understands that through her sexing she can heal the trauma of her vagina and overcome such epidemic issue’s as: depression, weight-gain, irritability, irregular menstrual cycle’s, fatigue, chronic migraine’s and headache, stress related issues, lack of clarity and instead boost her immune system and become a creative muse full of desire, direction, love, forgiveness, passion, and empathy.

A women empowered through her sexing is a beautiful and rare bird to see. She is an angel not afraid to soar to the highest of highs and fully reveal herself to her lover.

She is equally comfortable in walking through the fire’s of life vulnerably without being a victim.

She is radiant! Her fire is stoked.

by Kendal Williams | Art by: TBA
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  • margey

    Hire a proofreader. Really bad.

  • Pagan

    Yes, yes and more yes!!!!! I just discovered this. There is nothing that feels so good as being bent over with a huge one beating the heck out of the cervix. Love it!

  • Kelibur

    Oh my god yes! This is it! This is what is happening to me. We’ve been mystified for months and months and how do you talk to someone about feeling transcended, blissful, unexplainably fully satisfied. Penetrated so passionate and deedply you have to take a day to recuperate you feel so high.
    Thank you!

  • duanebidoux

    I think we need a new language to describe this kiñd of what I call “mind orgasms” or “mind bliss” or something like this nomenclature. For men as well as women. Since I’ve started to have P Spot orgasms I am more convinced than ever that our awareness of sexually is too narrow and reductionist. This whole debate about whether or not there is a vaginal orgasm is a perfect example. We cannot look at all these testimonials from women and dismiss them simply because we don’t yet have a scientific way to measure this in a lab. And we should consider the possibility that these are real from even a scientific perspective but we simply don’t know yet how to measure it or the mechanism by which it is produced. The complex chemistry of the brain to me indicates or at least hints at the possibility that we have a rush of substances in the brain from sex in ways we don’t understand. Perhaps this can give us a materialistic explanaton of a form of “spiritual sex” of the type people feel in Tao etc. But even if we never get such a scientific explanation I’m still doing it: its just too much fun.

  • Ciara Raven Blaze

    “your” instead of “you’re”, unnecessary apostrophes… you need to hire me as your proofreader–I would not have let any of these mistakes see the light of day.

    • They’re having such wicked hawwt gasms, it’s amazing they can type at all. Take it easy on them.

  • GeorgetteG.

    You’re kidding me !! After reading the article they don’t tell you how to obtain this “bliss” and then they try to sell you something !! Or did I miss something ??

  • Tyler Dirden

    hmmmmm i was thinking about this last night….. next level sort of thing…..hmmmmmm…. will be reading

  • adez

    i agree to this article a 100%, i;d like to help edit it …the punctuations/grammer have a lot of mistakes. ANYWAY, i can testify 100% that after achieving cervical orgasm (by dildo) …my life never stayed the same. i became a strongwilled empowered female. no depression, stress, etc…i felt like my qi (chi) was flowing amazingly fresh and strong. i felt sooo healthy both mentally and physically.
    This type of orgasm is indeed literally, gently massaging the head of the cervix..and remembering the sensation, then slowwly building pace up .while mildly stimulating the clitoris with a vibrator..to a point where the cervix blanks out any pain, you get numb and the constant thrusting/ pounding against the cervix errupts into a stormy wave of constant shock, reverbrating on and on ….and on. I MEAN IT. the shock/ intense pleasure wave electrifies your entire body from head to toe until your body is trembling deliciously unstoppably and this sensation continues even after the thrusting stops. —-Any slight touch around your groin area, your thigh or your nipples is amplified by a thousand fold where your brain converts the sensation to immense pleasure.

    LADIES, The key is to make sure YOU ARE IN THE MOOD, i have never experienced this type of orgasm with a man’s penis (just with a dildo) because it takes INSANE TRUST TO SURRENDER THIS DEEPEST PART OF YOURSELF TO ANOTHER PERSON, it is scary. If i do this with another person, and i didnt love them that much, id just feel pain or later regret and feel violated. SO DO NOT ATTEMPT CERVICAL ORGASM WITH SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT SURE OF. e.g one night stand.

    EXPLORE your femininity because it makes you stronger, and come on, its your body, you have only one life, so why not. Women are blessed and many do not realise it. No man can ever experience a minute ounce of pleasure that this type of orgasm can bring. so glad im female (excluding periods and child birth, females do have the best end of the deal).

  • walkedmileseveryday

    I’ve read a bit of similar New Age sexuality full of so many promises and miracle cures (I do agree, a healthy love life cures many ills, real and perceived). But most lack the meat. Watch the orgasmic meditation videos, and tell me what they aren’t just “making up” to sound good. Another example, dare I go read the “Secret to Mind-Blowing Orgasms FOR MEN”…I expect it will be the same in so many words as this article…(here I go)…

  • Kestrel

    After sifting through the hyperbole, bad grammar and unnecessarily hokey “earth mother” euphemisms, the only thing I took away from this is how poorly educated we are about women’s bodies and their capabilities.
    Uteruses are for babies, not men. Cervixes (NOT cervix’s) are the proverbial front door and should not be opened. However, one can hang out at the welcome mat, so to speak, of the uterus and provide massages and gentle stimulation to the cervical collar that will be very pleasurable for her.
    This is very much like prostate play for men. My husband and I love having these more unusual orgasms. I think you need be very comfortable with your partner not only so you can be fully aroused but so you can STAY fully aroused while being in a rather unusual position. Just as he must get over the idea that having a hand or a vibrator up his ass to hit his prostate is “gay” – the only way to make any type of sex gay is to put a dick in there and not a silicone one – so she must become comfortable with him so far in there.
    Personally, I dislike G spot play. It does not feel good to me. I am very orgasmic, however, and can easily achieve 3-8 Os per session. My husband can also have multiple orgasms: usually one via hand or blow job, then one from intercourse followed by another within a minute or two. We have practiced having sex involving multiple Os for years (we’ve been married 24 years) and find them to simply be a natural part of sex now. I mention this because I believe a couple can perform amazing and wonderful things when love, familiarity and comfort are involved. Sex with a hot stranger might be wildly erotic but sex with the man who knows your every desire and wants to make you satisfied has a lot going for it, too!

    • museviews

      Thanks for your comment – I like it more than the article! I think this is what is happening for me (the cervical collar thing). I haven’t orgasmed from this stroke yet as I think I am just getting used to the feeling – it is very intense in a wonderful, strange way. I think it may lead to squirting (which I have experienced at other times – and i find that quite mind bending)
      And my lover is only 5 months new to me so I am not yet in deep trust in him. (He is the most present, delicious lover I’ve ever had.) He also has multiples and I have always been very orgasmic.
      I agree, that I too need to be very comfortable with my partner to be fully aroused and stay aroused.
      In my experience, the most deeply erotic sex is within a deep and familiar Love/sex relationship.
      thanks again.

  • Random

    seriously.. you guys are bitching about punctuation?

    • margey


  • jtoddtorg

    Good lord, the rules of good English composition are not beyond your ability to grasp. Every single plural word gets an apostrophe? Where the hell did you get educated?

  • Sammy

    Seriously? You can’t even write fuck without censoring it? Let’s keep it real…if anyone is offended by seeing that word as opposed to f**k, they shouldn’t be reading this sort of stuff anyway.

  • Adrienne Prince

    god this article need’s copy editing!!!!!

    • Ferlonda

      I know! I LOVE the message but the punctuation is atrocious and really detracted from the whole thing! (I’m one of those with hyposexual issues, though, so your mileage may vary…)

    • John

      Wow, you don’t know what you’re doing. That’d be: God, this article needs copy editing.

      Conjugations don’t receive aposrophes you retard.

      • Adrienne Prince

        ROFL! No shit, Sherlock!

      • Adrienne Prince

        HA HA I was being ironic. Guess it was lost on you.

  • Oleksii Gerasymenko

    It`s all goodly,
    but how to open and release the potential of this from tired tortured women, how to withdraw of issue’s as: “depression, weight-gain, irritability, irregular menstrual cycle’s, fatigue, chronic migraine’s and headache, stress related issues, lack of clarity” ?

  • Oleksii Gerasymenko

    it’s all goodly
    But how to open and release the potential of this from tired tortured women, how to withdraw of issue’s as: “depression, weight-gain, irritability, irregular menstrual cycle’s, fatigue, chronic migraine’s and headache, stress related issues, lack of clarity” ?

  • wideEyedPupil

    Oh there’s a shop!

  • Swan

    Yeah, pentrating the cervix? I don’t think so…
    Very difficult to read with all the apostrophes that shouldn’t be there, and I’m not even talking about the “your” which should be “you’re”.
    My eyes are bleeding, and English is not even my first language.

    • Robert P. Robertson

      Her pussy was pulsating. It made it hard for her to write sitting still.

  • Jodi Meadows

    A very interesting article but if you are a professional writer you absolutely must learn when apostrophes are to be properly used (or not). Many times in this article you used apostrophes, which are meant to denote possession, not pluralism. Just a helpful comment for your craft…it’s pretty darn important.

    • Jenn

      Also dear Kendall, you have used “your” several times in the article when you mean “you’re” = you are. Sister, if you write columns, you gotta get your English grammar on girl!

  • Priya

    Would have been great to see the promise of this piece realised. The concepts are poorly developed or integrated, this reads like notes or perhaps a first draft. Not to mention the distracting and obvious problems with the punctuation. Too annoying to labour through til the end.

  • Eric

    Its not entirely true that it doesnt depend on a mans size. I am about average, 6 inches on a good day, and I can barely reach the cervix. If I was any shorter I’d never reach it. And as far as penetrating the cervix, I dont think so. I can rub the head of my cock back and forth across the entrance (which does generally produce instant orgaams) but penetrat.. would be like both of you trying to solve a rubix cube at the same time. I’ll give it a try though.

  • Eric Wallander

    Sounds great & I would LOVE to bring my woman to such heights of orgasmic ecstasy, but I did not see any real pointers or tips to bring her there. Ok, preparation (of what?) and patience . . . . m’kay. I employ lots & lots of foreplay & after play, but I am relatively certain she has not had a cervical orgasm.

    • andrew

      It takes about an hour of sex/head/play to warm up, not to mention foreplay and oral before. She needs to have had multiple orgasms via clit and gspot first – and of course you need to have practiced and built your stamina to that point. Or it could be done with toys, hands and mouth.

      You need to feel with your hands and cock where it is, look at anatomical diagrams, then you know what you’re looking for. After a while of great sex, once she’s very warmed up, very aroused and into it, then start going deep. Slowly at first, then back to shallow, head, fingering. Then back to deep. Slow, hard, so you’re connecting with the cervix. Be very sensitive as it might be painful, meaning she’s not ready or into it. But there should reach a point where she becomes wild and hungry, you will notice a whole other plateau of energy and intensity of pleasure. Then keep it slow, steady and deep until what seems like a bomb goes off inside her. Best positions I’ve found are either: her on her back with her knees to her head while you squat above her, or you on your back while she rides and your hands helping her hips.

      It has to be at her pace, you need to become extremely sensitive to the signs of her pleasure. The most most most important thing in all of this is a sense of trust, love, communication, and that she feels comfortable. I’ve done this with multiple girls in different kinds of relationships and it’s a wild experience. It leaves a woman in quivers and thrills of ecstasy, it’s honestly the most incredible thing I’ve seen, it’s like a supernova of pleasure, you’re causing it and she becomes it. BE PLAYFUL not technical and mechanical. It’s beauty and loveplay not a chore

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  • kate

    I am so glad to have discovered such a great site. But please get someone to proofread your copy. It’s hard to keep with the flow of your writing with so many errors. Almost every plural has an apostrophe. Also, I am intrigued to know why you can’t bring yourself to use the word vagina? I like your info but I think your desire to get attention or make a name for yourself by trying to shock detracts from the message.

  • Alyssa

    Yes great topic but the extra apostrophes are distracting.

  • glenn knight

    I stand corrected Joan and agree it could cause a serious infection. The cervix also has to open to let semen in, some believe it is actually sucked in

    • rawbabymama

      I hope no one reading this foolishly attempts to penetrate the cervix with a finger forcibly. A penis is too wide & it wouldn’t go, but fingers with nails… not good. The cervix is protected with a mucus plug during pregnancy & may open 1-3 centimeters during the late third trimester in preparation for childbirth; the plug being shed is one sign of labor starting. During various stages of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the cervix changes position & is slightly more open or more tightly closed, but it is not open nearly enough for anything more than fluid to get in or out; thank goodness for that, as penetration of the cervix would cause infection and severe cramping/pain. Anyone who has had a cervical biopsy know what I mean. Please, folks with cervices & your partners, no penetration. On a side note, yes to the cul-de-sac, which is not through the cervix but – if we have our lady lying on her back – underneath it. Google “vaginal fornix” as well for more information.

  • Lisa Marie

    Maybe take all those extra apostrophes out…

  • PRdream

    More mythologizing of women’s sexuality. She may have “overcome rape, divorce and self-sabotage” by overcompensating with this anatomical bs. As if women don’t know their own bodies.

  • Joan Bradshaw

    the cervix should never be penetrated. it is closed for a reason, to protect the uterus. it opens itself to release menses and during childbirth, and is meant to remain closed. only a physician can open it under sterile conditions for surgery. the area Ms. Williams is referring to is a space directly in front of or just below the cervical area which feels like a vacuum when penetrated as the rear of the vagina “balloons” when a woman is aroused. a physician opens the cervix gently and gradually using sterile probes of increasing size. to attempt to open the cervix during sex is extremely dangerous as it exposes the uterus to serious infection and possible bleeding. Sex educator Barbara Keesling wrote the wonderful book

    Discover Your Sensual Potential: A Woman’s Guide to Guaranteed Satisfaction in 1999 about what she called the “cul-de-sac orgasm” and how to achieve it safely. namaste.

    • glenn knight

      I think the article was referring to energetic penetration not physical.
      If the cervix was fully closed our species would disappear quite quickly.

      • Joan Bradshaw

        she clearly stated the cervix can be physically penetrated with a finger or penis: quote-” yes your finger or cock may actually, safely and pleasurably for both
        parties penetrate the cervix. David Deida refers to it as a cervical kiss
        on the head of your penis.” unquote. the cervix does open for childbirth and menses as I stated in my post, (that should be obvious, else your statement about the species disappearing would be correct, no? ) but it should otherwise be left closed during sexual play; there is no reason whatever to force it to open. The “kiss at the tip of the penis” Deida refers to is the sensation of the “cul-de-sac” space that opens up in front of the cervix when the back of the vagina balloons in arousal “locks” around the glans of the penis. The woman who wrote this article mistakenly thought her cervix was being penetrated. It was not; no penis can do that without the use of surgical probes such as a physician would use during uterine surgery/abortion. Tantric teacher Carl E. Stevens teaches men to give women these deep orgasms energetically, without physical touch at all. He is on FB, as is Shantam Nityama, his teacher, who may also be seen on youTube. cheers and namaste…


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