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Raffaello Manacorda is an international Tantra teacher and faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). Coming from a background of radical political activism, he has been practicing Tantra for more than 15 years and has undergone intensive training in several styles of Yoga. Raffaello believes that the evolution of sexuality and intimacy is a necessary step to heal the planet and create a culture of peace. He is the author of “Conscious Relationships”, a practical guide to evolved intimacy; and the co-creator of the ISTA Practitioner Training, a residential training program for sacred sexual healers.

Intimate penetration is a powerful and deep sexual practice.

The thing though is that we tend to penetrate our lovers’ bodies as a routine, unconscious act.

We are used to penetration being either a “goal” or a sexual motion.

And yet, by being attentive, we can turn penetration into a sacred ritual. We can create a space where physical union leads to powerful energetic merging, giving both lovers a glimpse of oneness.

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(Just to clarify: You can penetrate a lover with your lingam (penis), eat her pussy out and use your fingers. All of this counts as penetration)

The Secret To  Penetrate Her Body, Mind & Soul

Imagine that you are just about to penetrate your lover, who is looking longingly into your eyes. You are both naked, turned on, glowing, and ready to embrace each other.

Your body is yearning for immediate action. Instead, I suggest you try something different.

Step #1 Stop

Stop everything you are doing & contemplate the body of your lover as you would contemplate a work of art.

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Feel the excitement of being on the brink of a momentous, transcendental act.

Step #2 Ask for permission

Do one simple thing before you enter your lover: ask for permission.

Find your own formula when asking for permission. Personally, I like something along the lines of: “May I enter your temple?”

By asking for permission, you acknowledge your lover’s body as a temple; a sacred space.

If our bodies are temples, it makes sense to stop for a moment before we penetrate them. After all, we wouldn’t just storm into a church or a mosque.

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Step #3 Pay attention to your lover’s response

What if permission to enter the temple is denied? What if your lover does not want to be penetrated in that very moment?

Receiving a full “yes”, given with heart, mind, and soul is a beautiful gift, and  so is receiving a “no” or a “not yet”.

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This “no” to penetration shows us that it isn’t (yet) time to enter our lover’s most innermost space. It prevents us from ending up in a situation of non-consensual, unwanted sex.

In truth, the fact that our lover could say “no”, even in the midst of the heat, is reassuring. It gives us the peace of mind that they’ll be able to say “yes” and mean it when they really want us to enter their shrine.

Step #4 Penetrate passionately

After having asked for permission and receiving a full “Yes!” go ahead with passion. Penetrate your lover with all the sweetness and presence, that you can muster.

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When your partner feels safe and open enough to invite you into their temple, oneness happens.

Your lover’s body becomes your home, your meditation room, and your sacred playground.

The Benefits Of Conscious Penetration

The energetic effects of conscious penetration can be powerful.

Asking for permission before penetrating your lover is a deep act that can trigger powerful emotional release. Long-forgotten traumas may be brought to the surface. There can be of tears of joy or tears of sadness.

Simply being asked for permission before being penetrated can have powerful healing effects.

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A world where everyone is penetrated with full consent would be a more loving, respectful, harmonious, and sacred space for us to live in.

Let’s start to bring this world into existence from our very bedrooms through conscious penetration.

By Raffaello Manacorda | Edited by Allison Ross | Featured Artist: Unknown  | Elizabeth Lisa

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