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Spiritual Sex 101: A Badass Guide To Truly Transformative Sex

Sacred Sex

About Me

Walter Last combines training and experience as a Research Chemist, Biochemist, and Toxicologist with that of Practicing Nutritionist and Natural Therapist. He has held positions in medical institutions at the Universities of Greifswald, Cologne and Munich, working in research, and toxicological investigations. He worked as Forensic Scientist at Cologne, Greifswald and Berlin, and later at Bio-Science Laboratories in Los Angeles. In 1970, he settled in New Zealand and, dissatisfied with drug-based medicine, practiced as a Natural Therapist. Since 1981, he has investigated a wide range of natural therapies to improve the effectiveness of natural medicine in treating medically incurable diseases.

Our sexual energy is a concentrated form of life-force energy.

It can be used to create children, to have an orgasm, fuel achievements, or even to prevent and overcome disease. However, its ultimate purpose is to facilitate spiritual growth by developing our connection to our higher guidance.

Converting sexual energy into spiritual energy can be done alone, but its power is even greater when done with a partner. These methods of spiritual sex are sure to leave you feeling in harmony with your partner, and the Divine.

How To Get Started With Spiritual Sex

You convert your sexual energy during meditative sex.

Before starting meditative sex, there should not be much foreplay. You do not need a strong arousal, but neither should you try to connect without any stimulation of sexual energies. The emphasis should not be on direct sexual stimulation, but rather on expressing your affection for each other.

You may agree on one of you saying a prayer or invocation before starting, or you may use music, fragrance, candles, or colored light to set the mood. Using background music has the advantage of signaling when the meditation time is up. Music can also be arranged to give the signal to move to the next agreed step.

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Step #1 Focus on Points of Contact

Begin by concentrating awareness on the sensations at the points of contact with your partner, especially in the genital area, and also wherever the skin or a caressing hand touches. This generates pleasant sensations, which can be converted into a loving feeling.

Open your heart and send this love to your partner, enveloping both of you in a cloud of love.  

Step #2 Assume Your Position

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After some caressing you may assume your chosen position.

Comfortable positions for direct sexual contact are the sitting embrace, or the ‘basic’ or ‘scissor’ position shown above. In this position, the man lies on his side and the woman lies on her back. She raises both knees toward her chest, and the man moves his lower body to bring his penis in toward the vagina. She lowers one leg and places it between his legs while the other leg rests bent over his body.

Facing each other in a close embrace while lying side by side is also a suitable position.

Step #4 Make Sexual Contact

Bring the tip of the penis in touch with the entrance of the vagina. Remain motionless in this position for some time while focusing on feeling the energy between you, especially where penis and vagina meet.

To initiate, or greatly increase the feeling of pleasurable sexual energy, both partners may gently and rhythmically squeeze their buttocks, or just contract the perineum. Coordinate each gentle pelvic contraction with an inhalation, and with each other.

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Step #5 Begin Penetration

If and when you feel like proceeding to the next step, either the male or female may gently rub the tip of the soft or hard penis up and down between the clitoris and the entrance of the vagina. If there is not enough natural lubrication, use a natural oil such as coconut oil. When you feel ready, gently push the head of the penis inside. If the penis has remained soft, firmly enclose the shaft with your hand and the head can usually be inserted, and further stimulated with some slow movements.

Step # 6 Generate a Stream of Sexual Energy

After penetration, you may either remain completely motionless for some time or continue with the rhythmic pelvic contractions. You may also continue to contract the pelvic floor with each gentle thrusting movement, and relax it during withdrawal. The emphasis is on the inner awareness as well as on the feeling of complete union with the partner.

Orgasm is not the goal of this session.

Caresses and slow controlled movements during intercourse generate a steady stream of sexual energy that is consciously converted into feelings of sublime joy and love.

Typically, this may continue for an hour or more.

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It is not necessary for the penis to be erect or even inside to enjoy this type of lovemaking. Part or all of the time the tip of the penis may just touch the entrance of the vagina or the sexual organs may not touch at all.

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Do whatever feels best to generate a stream of sexual energy without becoming too excited.

Step #7  Intensify your Spiritual Connection

Instead of feeling excitement just in the sexual organs, focus on feeling it like a slow orgasm in the whole pelvic area, especially in the pelvic floor, or perineum. If you feel the energies strongly, you may stop moving for a while and just focus on intensifying whatever you feel.

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Now, you can radiate the energy not only throughout your own body, but also onto your partner to produce a common field of sexual energy that envelops both of you.

Sexual Meditation

When you have filled your brain and heart with pleasurable energy, move part of your attention to the spiritual love that you feel for your partner. Feel your heart expanding with a gentle love and add this to the cloud of pleasurable sexual energy that surrounds and interpenetrates both of you. Feel that both of you are now connected to the love and power of your higher divine guidance.

Feel united and in harmony with all levels of your own being, with your partner, and with your spiritual source. Feel like you are melting into each other.

Step #8  Bask in the Afterglow

Initially, try to hold all of these levels of connection with your partner in your awareness: the touching of the bodies, the pleasurable sexual energy in and around you, the love that you radiate onto each other, and the feeling of both of you being connected, loved, and protected by your divine guidance.

Just bathe in this symphony of feelings.

However, after a while, the sexual energy may fade. If it does, just continue to remain aware of the love radiating from your heart, and the connection to your spiritual source.

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By prior agreement you may then also send love, harmony, or healing energy to another target, be it to heal a situation, a person, or the planet.

After a period of spiritual sex, one or both partners may feel a preference for a strong orgasm for deeper relaxation. There are no fixed rules and you may use or alternate different forms of lovemaking as you please

For many sensitive individuals, this is more satisfying than just mechanically experimenting with different positions, or chasing an elusive orgasm.

You may also lie quietly connected, just to relax and feel close, cared for, and protected, without attempting to generate any specific effects.


If sleeping together, it is good to develop a routine of connecting daily before going to sleep, after awakening, or both. This may be done without moving, just to feel close to each other. It is not only emotionally satisfying, but produces strong bonding and greatly strengthens the relationship.

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Cultivate Empowering Sexual Union

For most of our lives, our separation into males and females leaves us with a longing to be united with a partner of the opposite sex. We try to achieve this temporarily through sexual activity.

However, sexual excitement and striving for an orgasm usually take over, and we do not have much of a chance to focus on feeling at one with our partner, feeling whole again.

It is very satisfying to cultivate this feeling of being united with our missing sexual half and we can do this by focusing on it in a meditative way, leaving us feeling at one with our partner, loved, protected, whole, and utterly at peace.

By Walter Last | Edited by Serena Gee 

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