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Energy Orgasm 101 [You Have Never Felt Anything Like This Before]


About Me

Cathleene is a Tantra Counselor (Dakini), Intuitive Movement & Meditation facilitator and Painter and Teacher of Sacred Geometry. Today her main vehicle for growth and personal transformation is an Intuitive Movement and Movement Meditation; she is the creator of Bodyworld… moving heaven and earth, utilizing Meditation, Dance, Art and Tantra to help others explore deep body wisdoms in order to awaken and discover their true selves, and explore, move, express, heal and shift any stuck or ancient patterning that may be keeping them from living life in its most vibrant expression.

“For this type of orgasm it is not even necessary to take off your clothes…”

Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever had.

You probably recall waves of bliss radiating out from your genitals, an all too short lived experience.

Well, what if I told you that you could have orgasms of an even greater magnitude in your heart, throat, belly, or better yet, your entire being.

Orgasms that would last minutes, even hours…

You can.

It’s called an Energy Orgasm.

What is an Energy Orgasm?


Most of us understand orgasm to be something that is happening only in the body.

More often than not, when we are focused solely on the physical aspect of ‘cumming’ we are not really utilizing sexual energy in way that wakes up the entire body, heart, mind, and soul. When we leave these parts of ourselves out of the equation we experience shallow, short, or not very fulfilling orgasms.

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Science tells us that the universe is entirely made up of energy, and the mystics have been telling us for millennia that we are part of it, so how do we tune into our energy bodies?

“An Energy Orgasm is a profoundly deep, and often spiritual, experience of self.”

It is a deep orgasmic release of sexual energy through your whole energy field, starting from the very innermost body.

Energy Orgasms occur throughout the whole body at many different points, usually up and down the central column of energy, where our 7 major energy centers are. Because the human energy field extends about 6 feet from the body, that is A LOT of opportunity for pleasure.

“Energy Orgasms connect us deeply to our playful, creative life force energy and move away any blockages we may have, leaving us feeling really alive, and juicy in every moment of our lives, not just during sex.”

The effects of this type of orgasm reach far beyond a momentary release within the body.

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How to Have an Energy Orgasm


In an Energy Orgasm we focus on the entire body, energy pathways, emotions, and sensations; not just our genitals.

For this type of orgasm it is not even necessary to take off your clothes, or to have a partner. Although, it is easier to practice with someone at first. If you are the receiver these are your steps to take to come closer to an energy orgasm experience.

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Step #1 Breathe

Slow down and breathe very consciously. Feel your breath expanding your lungs and imagine it creating space in your entire body.

Step #2 Sigh

Sighing, and sounding on the exhale can jump start the movement of energy in your body leading to an orgasmic experience.

Step #3 Feel

Feel yourself deeply, turn inward and relax your body. Really just let go and release any tension or stress you feel.

“The more present we become with the body the more we drop into the present moment.”

Everything that is not relevant to what is happening in the now begins to drop away. Exhale to release and feel even more.

Step #4 Connect

Notice the flowing nature of your energy field.

Step #5 Open

Open to sensation. Notice any sensations, tingling, warmth, vibration, and bring your awareness to them. Open to your partner, and feel their energy.

Step #6 Allow

Say yes to what you are feeling. Let it move.

Step #7 Surrender

As you open and allow, open and allow, the waves of energy will build up until they spill over; let go and really enjoy. Open your throat and moan deliciously.

You’re not done…

Step #8 Repeat

Continue to breathe, feel, connect, open, and allow until the energy begins to build up again. Energy Orgasm sessions can last for many minutes, and even hours!

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How To Give An Energy Orgasm


As the Giver, you will follow the same steps as the Receiver, except that you will be passing your hands over the Receiver’s body. Not touching, just feeling, following, and playing with their energy field.   

It is best to start about a few feet above the body and come down until you can feel your partner’s energy.

Go slow. Give them a couple minutes to really relax and begin to feel.

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The most important tip for the Giver is to be present to what is arising in the Receiver, and to hold a conscious supportive space for them.

In advanced practice you may dynamically share energy without using your hands, but instead, directly from energy field to energy field between bodies. This is a wonderful way to start a lovemaking session.

“As we practice connecting more deeply to our own authentic truth and feeling body, any heavy, stuck, or stagnant energy in our bodies is vibrated out.”

We may release with sexy moans, tears (Crygasm), or laughter. So not only is this a source of delicious pleasure, but it can be powerfully healing as well.

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Years of social conditioning and repressed emotions keep us from being as orgasmic as we naturally are. This practice is phenomenal for letting all that go and stepping into our true juicy, vibrant, and ecstatic nature.

Happy Orgasms!

By Cathleene Cienfuegos | Edited by Serena Gee | Featured Artists: Dela

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7 years ago

I never knew what exactly it was before. It’s amazing when you can open yourself up to someone and can literally feel their energy and yours mingling and passing through you. Blessings Adina XX


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