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About Me

Mahasatvaa Sarita is a Tantra Master and author of two books on Tantra. She teaches Tantra for both couples and individuals in 12 countries around the world, working with a Team of highly skilled co-teachers. She offers Tantra Teachers Training, a 7 level couples training, a Tantra Meditation Retreat and Mystic Tantra Massage Training among many other courses. Sarita is in the Osho Lineage, having lived in his community in India for 26 years. She received much personal guidance from Osho in the powerful alchemy of Tantra as a spiritual path. She has been teaching Tantra in India and Europe since 1990.

If we practice Conscious Conception, it will only take two generations for the world to be completely transformed.  

Burning questions regarding our origin have plagued the minds of humankind down the ages.

I offer my humble experience with answers to these questions.

I have worked intensively with deep Karmic Healing of many others and myself and by so doing; have gained immeasurable insight and experience as to the subject of preconception and conception.

We attract the parents we are born to, due to Karmic influences.  

If someone is dying and has unfinished business, ie incomplete issues hanging around, these will be carried as a karmic bundle by the soul into a new womb best suited for that soul to work through, live and complete those unfinished issues.

Coming Back To Learn The Lesson


If someone has been very reluctant to face and dissolve their unfinished business before death, they may be very reluctant as a soul to enter into life again, knowing that this may mean suffering in order to complete the incomplete issues.

In general, if we have missed an opportunity on one occasion to complete something, the same issue will be presented to us again in future in an even more challenging way.

In other words it gets progressively more challenging to complete issues the longer we wait to do so.

Some souls have piled up so much incomplete karmic stuff that they are very reluctant to be born at all, knowing that they will have great difficulties ahead.

However, the law of Karma will make sure that we cannot escape that which we need to face and clear.

We will be drawn back again and again till we discover a way to become love itself in every aspect of our body, mind and soul.

This Earth is a school and love is our primary lesson.

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The Bardo Space


After death and before a new life the soul enters into a space the Tibetans call the Bardo.

According to the level of consciousness a person has at death, they will be magnetically drawn to a realm, which contains those elements he or she has been in resonance with in life.

If someone was a glutton, for example, they will go to a Bardo of greed and the impossibility of ever finding fulfillment through greed. This is experienced, as being hugely fat with an enormous amount of food laid out, but the poor sufferer of gluttony will discover that they have a mouth the size of a pin and can no longer stuff themselves as they used to do in life.

Death is simply a mirror in a more subtle realm, of who we have been in life.

In Tibet, when a person is dying or has died a monk who is skilled in Bardo work will read to them from the Tibetan book of the Dead, helping them on their way and encouraging them to persevere in finding a higher consciousness birth next time round. This work is being hampered by the Chinese involvement in Tibet due to the fact that China has outlawed reincarnation!

If the soul is not able to solve the riddle posed by the Bardo level they find themselves in, they will be born into a womb, which will best help them to face this lesson in a stronger way.

Existence wishes for us to awaken to our full potential.

In existence time does not exist as we imagine it to be. Beyond time and space, our Soul Contracts continue to be played out, life after life.

Conscious Conception


In this sense, when a woman wishes to become pregnant, it is wise if she is very aware that she is inviting a guest into her womb that has their own karmic imprints and destiny.

In ancient India, it was well known that whatever a woman and her lover were thinking about at the time of conception would influence the type of soul being brought into the womb.

Parents used to go through rigorous Meditation, Yoga, special nutrition, and Tantra practices in order to prepare themselves to invite in the highest soul possible.

In addition to this, they would consult a Vedic astrologer as to the optimal timing for conception.

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Conscious Conception During Tantra Meditation


In Tantric Lovemaking for conception, the consecrated sacred space, intention and orgasmic quality of union are all considered to be of great importance.

Because I teach Tantra for couples, I have been privileged to meet babies who were conceived during Tantra Meditation practice.

What astonishing beings these babies are!

If such pregnancies and births are combined with proper nutrition and an ecstatic birthing method, the babies being born are of a very high caliber.

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In the film, Birth As We Know It, Elena Vladimirova says that..  

.. if we can practice ecstatic Birth Methods, it will only take two generations for the world to be completely transformed.  

And if we add Conscious Conception to the mix, we will find ourselves in a world of geniuses!


7 Steps To A Conscious Conception


#1 Physical Cleansing

Both partners go through a one-month Ayurveda Pancha Karma, (multi faceted cleanse of internal organs, blood, lymph etc, which also includes the purging of emotional and deep subconscious issues.) This will bring optimal health to the whole body, including eggs and sperm.

#2 Rewrite Own Birth Story

Several Cranial Sacral sessions for both ‘parents to be’, to rewrite your own birth into it’s most positive aspects.

#3 Consult Astrologer

Check with a Vedic Astrologer as to the best time for conception

#4 Nutrition & Exercises

Follow the guidelines in the book Gentle Birth Method by Gowri Motha in terms of nutrition and exercises.

#5 Write Down Your Dreams

Keep a dream journal. (The mothers of enlightened masters have reported extraordinary dreams before conception and during pregnancy.)

#6 Meditate with your Partner

Meditate with your partner on the type of soul you would like to invite in.

Find out if you can visualize this being in the ether and establish communication.

However, do not get fixated on your mental ideas about the incoming soul.

Your vision may be limited and not able to see the bigger picture.

It is optimal to align with higher consciousness energies and ask that these beings bless you with the optimal soul according to you and your Beloved’s potential for being parents.

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#7 Conscious Conception Ritual

Create sacred space and sacred time together. Do an opening ritual and then practice a Tantra Meditation of your choice, which includes penetrative sexual union.

It is good if the sexual union is such that both partners experience unbounded ecstasy, love and gratitude.

It will be my joy to hear the success stories!

By Ananda Sarita | Featured Artist: George Atherton

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