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Expecting and the Unexpected: Vaginal Infections During Pregnancy

Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy

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Vaginal Infections are a common complaint among pregnant women. Trust me, sweetheart: I have been there. During my pregnancy I went through a glorious yet challenging time with my body.

Delicate PH-Level During Pregnancy Causes Overgrowth of Bacteria

During pregnancy your bodies’ PH Level is very delicate so that acidic levels can easily become imbalanced leading to an overgrowth of bacteria. This overgrowth is usually the result of the increase in hormone levels and changes in diet that occur during pregnancy.

During your pregnancy you will experience an increase in vaginal discharge. If the discharge is clear or pale white and odorless, it’s likely that it is just caused by the increase in hormones. Though the increase in discharge can lead to a very moist intimate area which is a perfect playground for bad bacteria. Read at the end if the article what you can do against this.

 If you do have an infection, it is likely one of the following three types

3 Common TYpes Of Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy

  •  Yeast infection
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Urinary Infection

#1 Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Yeast infections are very common. In fact, we all have a certain amount of yeast in our vaginas at any given time. Sometimes, this yeast can grow fast and cause an infection. During pregnancy, the increase in estrogen can make it more likely to get a yeast infection. The good news is they are quite easy to treat. Not only during pregnancy, but especially at this time I recommend to only use natural ways of healing an infection. (please no antibiotics)

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Yeast infections will not cause a problem in your pregnancy. However, if you have a yeast infection and go into labor, the yeast can be passed to the baby during vaginal delivery causing a condition called thrush. Thrush isn’t serious, and can be treated naturally as well.

#2 Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is another common vaginal infection. It is caused by an imbalance in bacteria. If you notice a thicker white or grey discharge, or the discharge has a strong fishy smell, it’s possible you have BV.

There are some risks with BV during pregnancy. Studies have shown that BV causes an increased risk for premature labor, and low birth weight babies. Also, with BV there comes an increased susceptibility to certain sexually-transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Like with all types of Vaginal Infection I recommend to heal the infection naturally.

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#3 Urinary Infections During Pregnancy

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common for women, especially if they’re pregnant. Those nasty hormone changes affect the urinary tract, making it easier to get an infection. Also, your baby is putting more pressure on the bladder, making it hard to completely empty the bladder. UTI symptoms include increased urgency and frequency of urination, burning or pain during urination, and strong-smelling or cloudy urine.

Apart from the annoyance and discomfort, there are no significant risks with UTIs during pregnancy. That is, as long as they are treated. Untreated UTIs can lead to kidney infections, which can be dangerous to mother and baby.

Important: Treat a Vaginal Infection as soon as possible.

All in all, these infections are fairly common, easily treated, and low-risk…even during pregnancy. The important thing is to treat them as soon as possible. The longer the infection goes untreated, the higher the risk, and the larger the potential complications.

So when you find out your expecting, don’t forget that sometimes something unexpected can sneak up on you. You may be excited about your growing belly and waiting for the baby to move. But while you’re paying all that attention to your bun in the oven, remember to give a little love to your muffin!

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Help other women and answer one of the following question in the comments:

Are you having a Vaginal Infection at the Moment? What are the symptoms you are dealing with? What are you using to cure it?


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10 years ago

love the fact that you are addressing this issue……most women have no clue what to expect during pregnancy and how to prevent or combat infections once they arise…..there are so many great ways to treat them, that are natural and in no way harmful to the body or the baby…….


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