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The Secret To Mind-Blowing Orgasms FOR MEN

mind-blowing orgasms for men

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This method will teach you how to provoke harder erections, increase staying power and give amazing and powerful mind-blowing orgasms for men.

The following article might be challenging to some of you, others might already know of this secret and some few are totally in love with it. I’ve tried this secret with my man & I can tell you this… I was sweating all over my body. Not from exhaustion but from nervousness & excitement. It was the same for him. 😀


“When it comes to sexual pleasure, the commonly held belief is that men will do just about anything to get it. While it’s true that a lot of guys will go to great lengths for sex, there are some things that many men flat out refuse to do.

One of the biggest no-nos for many straight men is anything that involves anal penetration, such as prostate massage. A big reason for this is the stigma that putting something up your ass makes you gay. Other men simply worry that it would hurt or be uncomfortable, so they shy away from giving their prostate pleasure.


The fact is, when it comes to sexual pleasure, prostate massage is one of the best ways for men to get it.

Prostate stimulation, otherwise known as the “male g-spot,” is a perfect supplement both to masturbation and to actual intercourse. It not only enhances sexual pleasure, but it also has a number of other benefits that every man should be interested in.


#1 Better orgasms

The first is simply that it enhances your sexual pleasure and gives you better orgasms.

#2 Increases sexual performance

Second, it increases your sexual performance when done over a longer period of time.

#3 Strengthens the health of the prostate

Finally, it also increases the health of your prostate and can help prevent diseases from developing there.

Let’s go over each of these benefits in more detail.


In terms of prostate pleasure, massaging the area enhances the sensation of both penile stimulation and traditional orgasms. With practice, it’s also possible to achieve full “prostate orgasms” that can occur without any penile stimulation at all.

These orgasms can be maintained for long periods of time – even up to an hour!!!


As far as sexual performance, the prostate stimulation works by increasing the blood flow to the man’s sexual systems.

This results in a number of positive effects, including:

  • giving him a harder erection and
  • increasing his staying power in the bedroom.
  • This all culminates with a more forceful and lengthier orgasmic explosion.

After many sessions massaging the prostate, a man’s body will become used to the effects and he’ll receive these benefits even when not receiving the stimulation.

Thirdly, prostate massage helps to improve the health of a man’s prostate.

Most all men have heard that they should have their prostates checked every so often. This is because the prostate is prone to a few different types of diseases, including cancer. Regular prostate stimulation can help to “clean out” the prostate which can help to prevent disease. Regardless of sexual pleasure, this is something that every man should be interested in!

So as you can see, there are many benefits to massaging the prostate.

While the idea of it may seem intimidating, the truth is that it isn’t that scary – it’s not painful or uncomfortable at all. With all the benefits that you can reap, you owe it to yourself to explore what your prostate has to offer.”


Here’s a great video on “How To Start A Prostate Massage”

Love, Adina

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  • Rick Cooley

    I have used certain “toys” in my anus before, but not too many of them. I am heterosexual, but at the same time, we men deserve mind-blowing orgasms through ptostate massage! One toy i used was one of those inflatable hop balls that had long protuding “handles” so the person bouncing on it can hold on to something. It was very pleasurable bouncing on the ball while a handle was inside my anus, as it would brush up against the prostate. The only concern was the fact that it is a vinyl toy, which sometimes contains BPA, a dangerous chemical which has been known to cause cancer. I would love to know of a company that distributes those hop balls, which contain NO BPA. I would buy several and bounce my way to earth-moving orgasms daily! I plan to research online toy suppliers that bring a health-hazard to light, so i can get those vision-blurring, spasm-inducing orgasms at will!

  • Alex Vera

    This is exactly why I’ve worked to become an amazing lay, wanted to give my girl everything.
    Truthfully this sucks for me as it takes me like 45 minutes to cum now. ( http://goo.gl/LMWWIz free course to get you there or even closer) The prostate trick is heavenly, and I can basically use it to bust on command.

  • I would rather suggest to investigate on the other direction: forget about the end and focus on valley orgasms… the tantra vision will open a new realm for you.

  • Chicagomatt

    I never had EVER allowed anyone to play or put anything in my “exit only” place my entire life, but as the fates may have it…I met an unbelievable crazy wonderful sex machine. she convinced me that prostate massage would completely change my sex life….she was 100 percent correct! the first time I almost hit the ceiling fan with my goop! I have never felt so turned on in my life.

    • Keith Merril

      I’m with you Cigagomatt. My wife has been doing this for quite some time to me and WOW what an experience. Practice make perfect, it seems like it gets better every time. It is definitely not a gay thing. So guys, have your woman explore that area, I guarantee you with a little practice it’s a great feeling. P.S. My wife uses a hand lotion type stuff instead of sex lube. It seems more smoother.

      • Rick Cooley

        I was recently on a website and they mentioned that people should be careful of using hand lotion as sex lube, as it does contain chemicals galore, and perhaps it’s not a good idea to have them in your urinary tract. Just be careful!

  • bovii

    Hmmm the fact that you claim a guy can enlarge his penis is telling to me. You can not enlarge your penis with pills, creams, exercises, or pumps. Period. You are either lying or stupid. Neither fills me with confidence. STOP SAYING IT.

  • richards

    Adina river im not sure ivunderstand u say masturbate up to stimulation but not ejaculation .i am single never had a female partner and i rely on alot of masturbation to the point of ejaculation.can this affects me later on

  • Thank you for a wonderful resource.
    Great info intelligently presented.

  • Konrad

    Same here, the video doesn’t seem to work. 🙁

  • RSM Testing

    Same problem here, I tweeted, and How To Start A Prostate Massage video is missing

  • Giselle Trajano

    I couldn’t see the video, although I clicked on both buttons!!! The video remains locked…what do I have to do?

    • @giselletrajano:disqus oh no.. I ll try to figure that out.. thanks for the hint..


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