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The Art Of Self Pleasure {4 Unique Ways To Pleasure Yourself}

How to self pleasure

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Greetings! I have a deep passion for writing - about natural birth, sexuality and astrology. Poems are another passion of mine.

There is something erotically powerful about knowing how to please yourself. Intuitively.

The first thing to remember is that we are sexual beings. Our bodies are innately wired to experience touch in an intimate way.

The brain is the largest sexual organ in a human being. It sets the stage for a positive self pleasuring experience.

We have to allow what may come up so that we can release it – guilt, fear, all of it. Our clitoris exists solely for pleasure and too many women are not taking advantage of engaging in self pleasuring their flower.

A Good Climax Can Literally Cure What Ails You


  • It is stress relieving and
  • it builds up our self confidence and
  • we are more in tuned with our intimate areas and how we enjoy being touched.

Make The Moment Of Self Pleasure Special To You

  • incorporating whatever background sounds you may enjoy,
  • oils that you love to massage onto your skin and
  • even candles.

Here Are 4 Unique Ways To Enhance Your Self Pleasure


Don’t feel self conscious about it, it is your time to relinquish all of your hang ups and embrace your orgasmic power!

#1 Self pleasure yourself during a bath or shower.

In a shower our bodies are hot, steamy and naked already. So why not open your thighs and allow the stream from the water to massage your clitoris. I’ve heard of some pretty intense orgasmic experiences from this.

#2 Self pleasure yourself during ovulation.

Ovulation naturally heightens our libido and is a delicious time to engage in some self pleasuring. We are naturally lubricated as our yoni is in receptive mode big time and therefore more than ready for some delicious love play.

#3 Self pleasure yourself in the morning before you start your day.

Due to routine and time constraints, we tend to put lovemaking at the very end of our day when our energy levels are at their lowest. How about giving yourself a boost of the best kind before you even get out of bed!

Just lay there for awhile and allow your hands to massage all over your body: your breasts, your stomach, your inner thighs.. wherever you desire. Your heart beat begins to speed up and your juices begin to flow.

Gently redirect any thoughts that take you away from this moment. Make this moment yours and allow the energy that builds up and explodes within you to radiate throughout your day. Trust me when I say that it makes your day go so much better!

#4 Self Pleasure Yourself In The Mirror

Yes, I said in the mirror! Many of us have most likely made love near a mirror and were able to catch some sweet glances, turning us on even more. But have you ever pleasured yourself in front of a mirror? If you haven’t, you will love it.. it is addictive.

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mirror masturbation

Take a big mirror, open your legs, allow your eyes to gaze over your whole body from the top to the bottom. Allow the inhibitions to fall by the wayside as you lovingly engage yourself in a sensual union with your soul.

Touch your body softly, with your fingertips and tingle with pleasure. Notice how you feel as you tune into the deliciousness of how your body responds.

Your breasts are becoming more sensitive, your sweet nectar is beginning to flow and your breath is becoming more rapid. Look at your reflection as you bring yourself to orgasm. Try to connect with yourself on this level when climax is becoming inevitable. Make sounds, express your longing and know that there are no boundaries to how high you can go!

When I actually saw my facial expression, I knew that I was experiencing one of highest levels of being that I could. I saw pure love on my face and gratification from within.

I once had someone ask me why I would feel the need to self pleasure if I’m in a relationship. I think it doesn’t take anything away from your relationship with your partner. In fact it enhances it, for the simple fact that when you are in touch and in love with your own body you can express that love on a deeper level with your partner.
Much love, Lisa

Featured Image Artist: Titian


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8 years ago

Self pleasure instills confidence. If you’re feeling low or stress. Even self conscious. Ive found that when I do not pay attention to my body I close up. I am more tense and my sense of trust with my partner vanishes. When I pay attention to my body, exploring and practicing self love, learning every inch of it I fully open up. I open to myself and my partner. There is a sense of trust that rebuilds over the time I spend with myself. It makes me more confident in bed with my partner and confident with myself alone. I hate that for years we have been taught that self pleasure is bad for you or shameful. Honestly its great for you. Its the healthiest thing you could ever do for yourself. I recommend everyone take a few minutes out of their day to do some self loving and pleasure. In the end it will keep you happy and positive.

Cal Sutherland
Cal Sutherland
9 years ago

or do it in bed with a whole cooked chicken while the maid steals linens from your chest of drawers

Teasy Love
9 years ago

some other options:

– using a camera or webcam rather than a mirror, so you can comfortably focus or zoom in on specific areas, and study your own body in more detail, or in the viewpoints that you are interested in. this way it’s also easier to play around with odd positions and poses or postures.

– using objects, much like in tantra, for touching yourself. for example using specific types of fabric or textures to apply to various parts of your body. for example a feather, icecubes or even various types of clothing that your body says Yes to.

– using food, in various ways. such as applying it on your skin, which can also have very beneficial effects (such as avocado), or using it as ‘edible objects’ and finding new creative ways to play with these to further enhance your own experience in basically becoming one with these gifts from nature.

– using your own breath, also much like in tantra, to explore your own (sexual) energy. see how your body, your emotions and your thoughts are affected by playing around with your breathing. see if you can arouse yourself just by feeling which areas of your body are activated by your body’s natural motion simply by breathing. using more conscious breathing enhances everything in life greatly. for example, if you’re not familiar with it, try focussing on your breath while massaging yourself or engaging in erotic or sexual activities, whether alone or with someone else.

– using scents and odors. this can be for example incense, essential oils. or even your own body’s scent. find out what is your favorite scent or even your favorite own body odor.

– using meditation or trance. whether using music, scents or not, find a way to relax completely, and use your imagination and breathing to take you into a semi or awakened dream state, much like the state you’re in after sleep, the state of dreams and drifting thoughts. then connect this blissful relaxed state with the presence in your body and see if you can create or follow a flow in your body that is soothing and healing. ultimately a sexual or sensual healing from deep within.

– when using background music or ambient, using this to go into a trance, following the motions that come up in your body, and letting your body go completely, using the rhythm or sounds as a foundation for your physical sensations.

– or perhaps using less sensitive ways, such as using your nails, clamps or sharper objects to over stimulate or numb specific areas for a very short time. stretching body parts (like in kamasutra/yoga) or applying other types of pressure to certain body parts are also options. these ways can create an even more intense sensation and experience due to the increased blood flow and energy running through the body. it perhaps goes without saying to use caution and applying only the amount of pressure or “sweet pain” that is comfortable for you, being very aware of your own boundaries at all times.

– lastly finding ways to tease yourself. if you’re craving for a pie, and bought (or baked) it, just sit in front of it, and absorb all the scents and flavors without touching it. similarly for example in massaging yourself, avoid all sensitive areas, and see if you can arouse your most sensitive areas without touching them. for example by nearly touching sensitive areas, using your imagination, or even using the energy from your hands holding them right over a sensitive spot without touching.

– and there’s always more …

thank you for sharing, Lisa & friends 🙂

Adina Rivers
9 years ago
Reply to  Teasy Love

@TeasyLove:disqus I love this. May we invite you for an expert guest post at MyTinySecrets.com? Pls contact eda@mytinysecrets.com in case you are interested to get featured.

Teasy Love
8 years ago
Reply to  Adina Rivers

thank you so much, Adina! <3
i'm deeply honored …

9 years ago

Thanx adina for the article.i am a proud healthy masturbator.i love having me some me time.im not embarrassed about talking bout the subject or admitting i enjoy it.keep up the good work and hope to be reading more articles on the masturbation later on

Adina Rivers
9 years ago
Reply to  richards

thanks for you kind words. yes it’s a great article. all credits to the wonderful Lisa Artis for putting this together.

and even more probs to you for being a healthy masturbator. 🙂 Hugs, Adina

9 years ago
Reply to  Adina Rivers

Lol thanx a lot adina .anxiously looking forward to reading more aricles on such subject.


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