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Premature Ejaculation.. Bye-Bye! 6 Unusual Ways To Last Looooonger


About Me

Jacques Drouin has been studying and practicing the Tantric Arts for over 30 years. He is the Co-Founder of Tibetan Tantra™ and is the very first westerner given permission and qualification to provide instruction in the Secret Tibetan Five Element Sexual Teachings. Jacques focuses on awakening men to their true sexual potential, and supporting women in being sexually empowered and healed. Jacques has been featured as a Tantric Sexuality Expert on: Playboy Radio, Sex & Happiness, Ultimate Tantra Summit, Sexy in Vancity, and Consious Living Network Radio. He was an official co-host on Figure It Out!

“I now have complete control over my ejaculations. I even enjoy whole body orgasms while making love for hours – and I just turned fifty-nine!”

After I overcame Leukemia by using natural methods I was shocked to realize that I had become a premature ejaculator.

This problem seemed to increase over time eventually weakening my whole body, mind and spirit connection..

.. until I learned about Tantra.

“Tantra is an ancient practice to heal, activate and empower body, mind, and spirit.”

I now have complete control over my ejaculations. I even enjoy whole body non-ejaculatory orgasms while making love for hours – and I just turned fifty-nine!

I tell you this for inspiration. If I can do it then so can you.

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What Causes Premature Ejaculation

According to Tantra the core of premature ejaculation is a weakness in the downward voiding wind (your blood circulation) and the prana that powers our orgasm and ejaculation functions.

The voiding wind is responsible for both excreting and retaining our bodily fluids and is responsible for powering our orgasms.

An imbalance in the prana energy severely impedes the nervous system and will result in the lack or ability to retain or control leading some men to experience incontinence early in life.

6 Ways To Empower Your Erections 


The first thing for you to understand is that no drug or surgery can repair premature ejaculation. This is because it is a multi-faceted syndrome requiring a combination of healing methods.

Here are 6 unique ways to up-level your sexual stamina.

#1 Get a Medical Examination

Your first step to empowering your sexual stamina is to get a medical examination. This will help to rule out if an infection or disease in the pelvic region of your body is causing the stamina issue.

#2 Learn To Relax

An ancient key to uplevel your sexual endurance is to be present, relaxed and aware in the moment. The practice of this translates to the ability to remain relaxed at the peak of stimulation.

To learn this one must learn to harness the breath.

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#3 Learn Breathing Techniques


Our emotions and breath are completely interdependent to one another.

To be at ease at the peak of stimulation we must use our breath (which arises quickly for the premature ejaculator).

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#4 Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Along with breath training it is important to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening these muscles results in greater sexual control.

In Tantra these exercises are called the “Power Wind Exercises. They are so effective many men have begun lasting longer simply with the use of this one exercise.  

Doing it regularly results in heightened ejaculation control and strengthens the erection resulting in greater overall sexual experience.

#5 Learn The Art of Ejaculation Control


It is also important to build a new relationship to the act of ejaculation.

Addiction to ejaculation is what may prevent the correction of your affliction which will make it hard for you to heal.

Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate functions in the body. When you learn to orgasm without ejaculating you may find to experience that your orgasms are strengthening instead of weakening.

Editor’s Note: There are different concepts and ideas about the act of ejaculation control. Ask a professional before you start this practice.

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#6 Learn The Art Of Genital Massage

In Tantra we say that pleasure with love is medicine.

Regular massage of the pelvic region and genitals using a series of strokes and a few pressure points is necessary, healing and pleasurable. This massage can be done by oneself and even better yet by someone loving.

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#7 Learn How To Pleasure Your Partner

Another aspect of premature ejaculation is the performance anxiety and frustration – especially in relationships.

In Tantra we say that love is desiring happiness and bliss for others.

An important aspect of this is to learn the tantric art of love and become an artist in pleasuring your lover. You can do this by giving loving and healing yoni or lingam massages and delighting your partner with multi-orgasmic bliss.

Healing first and then engaging yourself in sexual stimulation will feel so much easier on your spirit while you go through your process of empowering your sexual stamina.



By Jacques Drouin | Featured Artist: Jacques Reattu

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hello, i really like your all documents, i had a question , @mytinysecrets , me and my fiance we see each other every 1 month, i live in another country, how should be my behaviors in making love ? eventhough we are so hot, and love each other… should i be myself as wild or fast accessing ? or slow kissing and making love …. thank you


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