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The Awakening Man {A Guide To Become A Conscious & Powerful Man}


About Me

A former criminal lawyer and psychotherapist, Jeff Brown is the author of “Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation,” and the soon to be released “Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground”. Endorsed by authors Elizabeth Lesser, Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Katherine Woodward Thomas, “Ascending” is a collection of Jeff’s most popular spiritual graffiti-quotes, soul-bytes and aphorisms frequently shared in social media. He is also the author of “Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition)”.

This new warrior is noble and kind-hearted, protective, and honourable. He is also sensitive, yet not fragile. He is conscious, powerful, masculine, and Divine.

There is a newly awakened man emerging in the collective.

He has heard the call to a deeper life in which everything is a deeply felt experience and an ever-expanding awareness that moves from the heart outward.


“For the awakening man, community is humanity.”

He has shifted his focus from a localized, ethnocentric perspective to a world-centric framework of perception. He has a sense of responsibility that reaches beyond self and community. He is a man whose decisions are fueled by an expansive vision of possibility for all of humankind.

“The awakening man lives from the inside out, exploring and developing his inner geography.”

More interested in inner expansion than outer achievement, the awakening man cultivates and honors his intuition. Seeking congruity between his inner life and his outer manifestations, he boldly adventures deep within, integrating the treasures he excavates into his way of being.

“The awakening man has reverence for Mother Earth. He walks upon her carefully, with conscious awareness and gratitude.”

The awakening man does not imagine himself as superior or distinct from the natural world. He understands the interconnected and interdependent nature of reality. He knows that if he does damage to the environment, he does damage to himself.

“The awakening man has reverence for the Divine Feminine – in all her forms.”

He celebrates the wonder that is woman, showing her respect, honour, and gratitude.

He refuses to accept the horrors perpetuated against women by the malevolent masculine, and he holds his brothers accountable. He co-creates a reality where all women can feel safe to move about freely, find their voice, and actualize their inherent magnificence in the world. Indeed, the awakening man is helping to usher in a new paradigm, where women and men stand as equal partners.

“The awakening man courageously embraces his vulnerability, honouring the wisdom at the heart of his pain. He is emotionally honest.”

The awakening man is not afraid to surrender – to reality, to truth, to love, understanding that this is not a weakened form of surrender, but one that is emblazoned with courage. He consciously sheds his armour, facing his issues and unconscious patterns heart on, and communicates his feelings to others in a respectful way.

Indeed, the awakening man speaks the language of the heart.

Balanced between his Divine Masculine – Divine Feminine, he openly explores his capacities for receptivity and tenderness, living not as distinctly masculine or feminine, but as whole human.

“The awakening man prioritizes conscious relationship.”

He values authentic co-creation. He honours relationship as spiritual practice. He seeks physical intimacy that is deeply vulnerable and consciously connected.He is attuned, engaged and healthily boundaried. When relationship challenges arise, he courageously works through any blocks to intimacy, boldly standing in the heartfire.

“The awakening man values spiritual freedom.”

His Spirituality is tolerant, respectful, and all inclusive, honouring all paths to God, so long they are respectful of others. He accepts those who believe, and those who don’t, and condemns any path that uses religious differences as a justification for destruction.

“The awakening man is empowered from within.”

He is empowered but he does not exploit power.

The evolved man derives his power from his connection to source, not from power over others. And he neither competes for competition’s sake, nor accumulates for the sake of accumulation. Instead, he consciously chooses to share abundance and give back to his community, ever mindful of his impact on humanity.

“The awakening man leads a purpose-full existence.”

No longer satisfied with survival alone, the newly emerging awakening man’s ambitions are rooted in higher considerations: his sacred purpose. This is what energizes him, not the machinations an unhealthy ego.

“The awakening man is not externally derived – he is authentically sourced.”

He does not compare himself to others, nor does he adapt his personality to the dictates of the crowd. He stands in his own centre, respectful of others but not defined by them. He works diligently to liberate his consciousness from the egoic ties that bind.

He has become his own benchmark, valuing authenticity over image. He is the sculptor of his own reality.

“The awakening man embodies the highest standard of integrity in his words and deeds.

The awakening man makes a sustained effort to work through anything that is not in alignment with his integrity. He honours his word, even at his own expense, holding himself accountable for his actions and their effects. Neither sidestepping or blaming, he owns his misdeeds, and makes amends for them.

“The awakening man seeks wholeness.”

No longer attached to archaic, linear notions of masculinity, the newly awakening man strives for a healthy balance between the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. He seeks a holistic way of being that reflects both of these archetypes, and is comfortable using both as he moves through life.

“The awakening man is a warrior of the heart.”

After too many lifetimes of fighting, a benevolent warrior is being birthed on the planet. He honours the warrior capacity for assertiveness, yet he is not arbitrarily aggressive, moving instead from a space of love and compassion.

This new warrior is noble and kind-hearted, protective, and honourable.

He is also sensitive, yet not fragile.

He is conscious, powerful, masculine, and Divine.

By Jeff Brown (Please read his biography & visit his website); Edited by Chelsie Diadhiou


Editor’s Note: Here’s a wonderful example of an awakening man:

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8 years ago

The awakening man stands up for what he believes in, is a peacekeeper, but is not afraid to get physical to protects the ones he loves. Not because of ego, but because of what he knows. Hence, being a man.

9 years ago

Hi Jeff,
I really enjoyed the article and having a male point of view. I have a question for you: “Is there such a thing as too much sex?” – We all know how men love sex, but do they feel having sex every day, or two, three times a day, to be too much? Does it create a sense of obligation, kind of “I’m not satisfying my wife enough since she wants it too much?”
Thank you for your help!


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