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How to Truly Satisfy a Woman: 5 Tips to Become Her Best Lover Everrrrrr!

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About Me

Drew Gerald is a coach, entrepreneur, and published author of “Holistic Sex” and the forthcoming book for men “Become A Remarkable Lover”. He also writes on personal development, where over 13,000 people a month visit his blog The Polyman to become better. In a previous life, he founded and ran a high end software company for over 7 years - creating solutions used by Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Square-Enix, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery Channel, Turner, Acura, and thousands of others.

“Techniques are important, but they’re nothing without a deeper understanding of women and what turns them on.”

As one of the most influential driving forces of any living species, sex plays a huge part in our lives. It can be the cause of so much pleasure, motivation, and yes – even frustration. Besides the obvious frustration of people that just can’t “get any,” the frustration that men and women have with mediocre (or just plain awful) sex is alarming!

Before we get to the tips, ask yourself:

  • Is she having multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasms… without you even touching her?
  • Is she willing to do anything for you because you bring her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams?
  • Are you positive that you’re making her go absolutely crazy over you because of the man you are, and what you do for her in the bedroom (or on the kitchen counter), and that she genuinely respects and admires you for it?
  • Are you truly confident that you’re one of the best lovers she’s ever had?

If not, then there’s a slight chance you have some room to become an even more incredible lover! (and who doesn’t want to be ridiculously good in bed?).

The following tips go deeper than a few superficial suggestions of where to put place your fingers or what foods make your semen sweet. Learn to apply them to improve your sex life and help you become the amazing lover you want to be!


“Excite her emotions and mind, and her body will follow.”

Turn her on first with her imagination – not her clitoris – then get physical. Women do indeed love incredible, mind-blowing sex. On a higher (advanced) level, it means she’s capable of having (and you giving) orgasms without any physical stimulation whatsoever.

Tip #1: Talk dirty to her!

Send sexy texts, role-play, or write erotic poems. It’s hot, sexy, and it turns her the hell on! (Need proof? Romance novels are the highest selling genre of fiction books, with estimates at over 50%).

    “Dirty talk is an art.”

Hint at what you plan to do to her in bed. She’ll be thinking all day about how good she’s going to feel when she’s in your arms (or pinned down underneath them) later that night!


    “As a man, it’s your job to lead in the bedroom. ”

Women are more independent now than ever. They are parents, students, and career women – roles that require them to lead themselves and others. When she is with a man, a woman wants and needs to be able to surrender to him, and be feminine. In other words, she wants you to take the lead!

Tip #2: Take the lead.

Escort her to the bedroom. Take her hand and slide just where you want it. Be adventurous, open, and honest, and she will do the same!


“Keep building the anticipation until she can’t take it anymore. She’ll go mad!”

Men are usually ready to get it on at the drop of a dime. Women, on the other hand, need to be turned on – not simply flipped on like a light switch. Think of the knob that controls the volume of your hi-def audio systemthat’s women. How fast or slow you turn the dial is very important.

“A great lover knows when the time’s right. He can sense when she’s ready to get things going.”

Tip #3: Tease her to please her.

If you’re about to kiss her, go in for the kiss…slowly. Kiss her legs up toward her thighs… almost painstakingly slow. It’ll drive her crazy!

Remember, the anticipation of something is often better than actually getting it – for men and women. Go too fast and she’ll think you’re a pervert. Go too slow and she’ll think you’re a wussy. A great lover knows when the time’s right, and when she’s ready to get things going!


So many guys grow up watching porn and think that’s what great sex is.”

Porn is made for men to get off to, and is focused on them – which is the least likely way to get her to orgasm. It’s also a surefire way to become a horrible lover!

“Play her body like an instrument. Conduct her pleasure like a symphony, making her climax in erotic harmony.”

Tip #4: Make her pleasure your priority.

Replace the “What’s in it for me?” mentality with the “I love seeing her face and hearing her voice when I’m making her feel this good” mentality. Think of new ways to bring her pure bliss and make her climax to new heights!

Focus on her by:

  • Taking off her clothes first
  • Bringing her to orgasm before intercourse
  • Asking her what she wants
  • Exploring positions (and places) she loves


“If you’re in your head, you’ll miss the moment, and you won’t enjoy yourself or her.”

Tip #5: Just Let Go and Be.

If you’re worried about what she’ll say tomorrow or if she’s going to laugh at your “size”, you won’t to be doing her or yourself any good. Remember, if you expect her to follow your lead, you need to be confident. So get out of your head and into your body!

Now go off and have some bathroom-sink-breaking, neighbor-waking, back-arching, incredibly remarkable sex!

The only downside is that you’ll probably totally ruin it for the next guy. Oh well!


By Drew Gerald (check out his bio & visit his website to learn more about his epic work for men)

EDITOR’S NOTE: To learn even more about how to be a great lover & have epic sex check out this video:

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  • Bren

    I’ve found the build up is very important. Never rush it fella’s, you gotta pre-heat the oven before you stick in the turkey

  • Bren

    Best article on http://www.google.com

    Every guy should take note.

  • Jackson Kites

    this is hot hahaha. As a man I strongly encourage spontaneity. I’ll definitely be pushing the shit off my desk and dropping her down onto it

    as I rip off her pants and welcome her home.
    Of course, you gotta have the confidence. and when you can go balls deep like Ron Jeremy, there’s no reason she should ever stop thinking

    about what I’m going to do to her later (;
    ( http://goo.gl/LMWWIz free course to get you there if you’re not )

  • Tommy Gallagher

    wow good to come back to, forgot the third one.

  • Tommy Gallagher

    Man, reminds me all of the things my girlfriend and I used to do. We were perfect, and she was fucking amazing when it came to sex. Of course, I brought it out in her (; … one of the biggest things is you’ve gotta have TIME for all of this though. I mean, what’s making love without being rough, playful and then transitioning into something more passionate and intimate as you give her your closing sentiment? Of all the things, just learning “how to LAST” in general, brought everything together. My techniques I picked up only became more powerful and dynamic. I searched around when I was first looking into it and there is so much WRONG information out there, and if you even do find any it’s all scattered and you’ve gotta piece it together. Fortunately I got lucky though, there’s some good info out there yet, and it comes at a FAR more than worthwhile investment. Like Ross Aken’s work which you can see here goo.gl/6TujMI, or Ian Kerner’s or Dr. Siegel’s books. However, Aken really pulled it all together I feel and made it really simple.

    One of the best things I recommend is kegelling, but you’ve got to do it right. Learn how to balance your Pelvic Floor and see amazing results, and all you have to do is just sit at your desk for 15 minutes and do them while reading “Slow Pussy Sucking” as an example hahah. Really changed my life though you should check it out! Hope this helps as much as this site.

    • Alex Vera

      wow thanks. this site has been amazingly helpful all around

  • Selena Gisella

    The fulfillment of a relationship relies on upon how the couple see one another what they need their accomplice. goo[dot]gl/IU0gv

  • Sally Star

    Great article, thanks! I do think that its a little stereotyping in a way harmful to men to say they are usually a switch that turns on and off sexually. In my experience about half of men need some warm up too and to be made to feel very special by their partner too. Its not the man’s role alone to feel confident, a good lady will tell him how handsome he is and how hot he is naked. For the other half, well it won’t hurt to compliment him and tease him a little before intercourse. One thing that is so important you said at the end but didn’t really explain and I would love to see more articles about this, is how to stay present in your body and the moment. Besides being confident, visualization of what your body and your partner’s body is feeling is so helpful. My second mind used to wander even though I was really in love with and enjoying my partner and his touch. When I found this site and there were some ideas to visualize what is happening inside I have been so much more able to quiet my second mind/chatter and just really receive powerful spiritual orgasm.

  • George M

    I am one of the most fortunate men on earth. I know when she is feeling my touch, her heartbeat gives it away. I know when my lite kisses are where and how they should be -her breathing gives it away. I know when my tongue rhythm is in sync with her vagina, her movements encourage me, I know when it is time for insertion, she tells me. And her moaning brings me to a new level. Being part of her orgasm is an exceptional experience for me. It is the most selfless and selfish engagement. And my love for her feels stronger every time.

  • Coco

    Great article though I disagree to make her orgasm BEFORE intercourse. That’s too much for some women, even for me as it is disturbing the sensations in the vagina. Men should focus on the inside … allllllways 🙂

    • Cindy

      That may be true for some women but I would guess that for most your statement is very inaccurate. It is much more difficult to have a vaginal orgasm than through clitoral stimulation. Plus, the sensitivity inside the vagina are intensified after orgasm making penetration that much more enjoyable.

    • Alicia

      Wow, not sure if ur a troll but if ur serious, I can already tell ur a very poor lover..!

  • Anique van Weesenbeek

    Lovely article and amazing video, I’ve been on this site for hours now, reading all about sexuallity and relationships, never came so close understanding the many things related to these subjects, it feels amazing to let all this information flow in, I feel so much better already 😀

    • Alexb

      its all good..hve been an xpert with these 4 yrs nw.
      men, ladies alwys fine it hard 2 4get me, after sex in bed..
      its like i become a charm.


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