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Sh** New Age People Say In Bed

Shit New Age People Say In Bed

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Not only do most of us only use about 10% of the brain, but it seems that the majority of the population also uses only about 10% of the vast potential of our language.

But not so the “New Age People”. New Age people know their sh**. They know how to activate their brain to have conversations and use words such as below. Fascinating. Truly fascinating.

Here’s what New Age People say in bed

“Darling, it was merely anasyrma! It didn’t mean anything,” Leo exclaimed.


“It isn’t as if you walked into irrumatio, after all!” he said.


“Leo, I don’t care. You only love me because I’m a callypigian.” said Gwendolyn


“I’ve seen you at modern art exhibits, worshiping anything natiform


“..And since I’m nullipara, there isn’t anything to keep us together. I know you’d prefer to have a child.”


“Gwendolyn, don’t say that! Our concupiscence binds us together!..


“..I know it, from my fingertips to the very end of my baculum..


“.. I met you when you were just a young ecdysiats..


“and you depucelated me!”


“But darling, don’t you see?” Gwen mournfully stroked her armpits. ” I can never deal with your maschalagnia..


“We are simply incompatible. Although our retrocopulation makes me extremly delighted..


“.. and you love my pompoir,..


“.. but your satyriasis troubles me.


“.. I love your priapic qualities, but can’t handle the emotional aspects involved.”


“Can we engage in something more oscular, Gwen?” Leo pleaded.



“.. I don’t even care if you want to bring your olisbos or..


“.. engage in onanism.”


She whirled around angrily. “We’re ending this. I hope you meet a steatopygous woman soon, but I’m leaving.”


He looked up hopefully. “Does that mean you’re still open to troilism?”

Language can be so freakin’ amazing. By the way: All of these words have either a latin, greek or french origin.

Thanks to Molly Fitzpatrick from nerve.com for bringing together these unique words. The short story around these words has been composed by Catrina Kalavera.

Hugs, Adina

Image Credit Malomalverde

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  • rpg714

    I like to see more descriptive words used. Callipygian has always been one of my favorites. That article made me cringe though. Not only did they misspell Callipygian but they used it as a noun instead of an adjective. What made it even more egregious is the definition had an a for adjective beside it.


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