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The 14 Most Beautiful Vaginas On The Planet

most beautiful vaginas

About Me

Marie-Noëlle Lanuit is a sex therapist, specialized in female pleasure and the source effect of squirting. Established since 2001 in Montpellier, she regularly hosts meeting conferences, true moments of exchange and knowledge about our sexualities. Former dancer, model for painters and sculptors, and still Pilates coach, MNL knows women's bodies, she speaks with simplicity and poetry. Her unusual career, rich of meeting, curiosity and love of earthly pleasure allow her to share with us all hints of a happy sexuality.

These are the most beautiful vaginas in the planet. Not many words needed. I love nature & its subtle messages. Please take a look at the following beautiful “vaginas” and let me know what you think.

Which one is your #1. Let me know in the comments below. Mine is definitely the last one.

#1 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

Photographer: Hermann Foersterling

#2 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

#3 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

Photographer: Hermann Foersterling

#4 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

#5 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

Photographer: Hermann Foersterling

#6 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

#7 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

Photographer: Hermann Foersterling

#8 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

#9 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

Photographer: Hermann Foersterling

#10 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

#11 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

Photographer: Mario de Lijser

#12 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina

#13 Most Beautiful Vagina

Most Beautiful Vagina


Do you want to learn about an ancient recipe how Geisha’s used to tighten, beautify & rejuvenate their “real” yoni’s? Feel free to check out this natural recipe to have your intimate area taste like heaven and become an enchanting flower to any lover. You can find it here: The Secret to an everlasting young & fresh Yoni

Some of these pictures are from the book “Flora Magica” by the photographer Hermann Foersterling. The photographers of the pictures of the landscape like vagina’s are yet to be figured out. If your know them please contact me so I can credit them.

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Share Your Thoughts

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  • PeterCumming

    Looks like these have been on display here for some time…no matter, l do like #13 a lot, it’s definitely a beautiful Vagina…I like #3 better for close up, sooo lovely.

  • Me-Mo

    I have always thought labia looked like flowers.Specifically the bearded Iris .I think they are ALL lovely. ♡♡

  • Jacksaid

    Why does looking at ones lady’s vagina , makes ones mouth water until they can get it into their mouth? Any man??

  • poolpiddler

    Not. Vaginas. Vulvas. As in, “She had a lovely vulva, but I nearly fell inside her vagina.” Or, “Not much going on with her vulva, but her vagina felt fantastic.”

  • Dan

    Screw you man!!!!!!!! Those weren’t vaginas dude!!! Good way to disappoint a Young mans night!! Good one!!!!!

    • babshi

      When you are a little older, perhaps you will understand the full impact and beauty of what was offered…..

  • Odysseia

    Is it me or for some reason I rarely see any posted uneven labias..when most women do have uneven/assymetrical labias! Even on these pictures there’s not one photo of uneven labia minoras…just different shapes of vaginas.

    • GerryAllwin

      Penises don’t have eyes, so don’t care whether a vulva is symmetrical, pretty, or what. All penises care about is if the vagina is friendly, slippery and snug.
      Symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing vulvas are nice for display purposes but rather unimportant for practical purposes.
      So, ladies, unless your lady parts have functional problems, stay away from the plastic surgeons. If a man has a problem with the appearance of your vulva, let him find another one more pleasing to him. There are plenty of penis appendages who are interested only in using your vulva and vagina for the purpose intended and could not care any less how they look.

  • Henry Kelly

    “Pussy” is such a soft, pretty sounding word. Not harsh and grating like “vulva.” “Vagina” has a melodious sound but as Jennifer pointed out, the vagina is the entrance to the gate of the holy of holies, the womb (another warm, friendly sounding word, while the Latin for the same inner chamber, uterus, is not a lovely word.
    “Vagina” is a pretty name for a girl, though I wouldn’t dare!

  • vagabondo

    no six look delcioso

  • vagabondo

    no one,tress and seis make my mouth watring

  • vagabondo

    yes they are the truly presence of goddesses.

  • Jan Marie

    Just add a slice of “Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s Famous Key Lime Pie” and you’ve got “Heaven on Earth”!…Like the “Captain” says “A Yoni of My Owni”….Good to the Last Drop!…

    • Joey Casares

      hi, jan marie…. liked that quip , is it an original?

  • bob

    I rather liked number seven.

  • Trevis Robotie

    no,y’ain’t no perv!your eyes are to blame-lol

  • Ina LeBlanc

    I seen one in every picture too, so if your a perv then I am too

  • Iris

    8… and 13.

  • Kaile Shafer

    These are Vulva’s women!!! Learn the anatomy that brings you joy and sorrow!

  • Jeremy Britton

    Great pics. On an aside, I could not see the hidden pic on this or your other articles, even after clicking to follow, and after refreshing. Error or trick?

  • Mariana

    these are vulvas, not vaginas…when will people learn their anatomy!

    • Jacksaid

      I love all two , three both of them. When I’m sufficiently submerged, I hardly care which is which?

  • gary

    the best one is the one in frount of you

  • I think Adina used the word Vagina intead of vulva, just for practical uses, because everybody knows the word Vagina, but few people knows the word Vulva. So I agree with Adina to use the term Vagina, even if it´s not correct.

    http://arroyoriquejo.com/ jose

    My farm have also a vagina form. Take a look into http://arroyoriquejo.com/imagenes/#jp-carousel-155http://arroyoriquejo.com
    The red point ( the clitoris ) is a barn, the mayor labia are the trees along the bank of a stream,, down is a clear space in the trees ( the entrance into the vagina ), upwords the clitoris, the farm takes the form of a pubis.

  • Jennifer

    These beautiful pictures represent the vulva, not the internal vagina. It is surprising that a website all about sex would use incorrect anatomical vocabulary. I believe it is important to use the appropriate words because it is validating to women to understand all of their beautiful body parts, not just the vagina- which means “sheath” in Latin- as the place where a man sheaths his sword. There is so much more to a woman’s anatomy and pleasure than just the vagina- her whole external genitals are collectively referred to as the vulva, and this includes both sets of labia, clitoris, lubricating glands, urethral opening, and vaginal opening. Let’s empower women by using the correct terminology rather than reducing their genitals to just a word for where the penis goes.
    Hooray for vulvas!

    • MihiCuraFuturi

      I totally agree with this. Please use correct vocabulary.

      • Mariana

        Yes, Jennifer..one wonders re the use of incorrect terminology in a website such as this!!

    • Kaile Shafer

      Well said Jennifer!!!

    • Toby

      You say correctly referred to as the vulva, however, nobody, in the real world does so. In reality, the whole female genitalia is referred to as the vagina. It may be anatomically wrong, but it’s the truth, and quite frankly completely irrelevant on a site, as you refer, such as this.

    • Jacksaid

      Jennifer, any wording that glorify’s that mysterious , uneplainable part of the female anatomy is always welcome to be added to my vocabulary///


    #8.. Is that you, Kim?

  • Jayne

    These aren’t “vaginas”, they are vulva’s. As a “sex therapist” you should know this and how important it is to use the proper terms. And ranking them is not only destructive but sad. I would think as a sex therapist you would understand the harm this causes and would want to promote how beautiful EVERY shape and kind of vulva’s are. Women go through enough body terrorism growing up with how they ‘think’ they are supposed to look and feel.

    And the ad at the bottom about tightening your yoni for your lover? Disgusting. Your pussy is fine the way it is. The fact you coupled it with this article so that people can’t even see the last picture without clicking on the ad is sad.

    As a sex therapist you should be promoting positive body thoughts, not ranking vulva’s and shilling for misoginistic ads that promote body alterations for the sake of pleasing someone else.

  • John Constantine

    I’ll go with 8

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  • Vernice Greenaway

    My favourites are 8, how the ice looks the the inside wall of the vagina…………..Nice

  • Verry High

    LMAO … #4 looks like its got yeast infection haha.. oh candida

  • Beautiful. Something I do indeed prefer in real life.
    #3 looks delicious!

  • Soraya


  • Laurie Morgenthal

    What a drag. The real thing is not worthy of art or you just don’t have access? Human being’s parts are gorgeous. Let’s see those.

    • Mel

      We see in these pictures the art in everything. The way everything is everything. The folds and colors. How we are part of nature itself. How we are art and part of nature all at the same time….

  • Rajko

    i suggest you site


    maybe you would see something interesting too

  • Rajko
  • joseph stanton

    #6 is my favorite. I have always enjoyed a natural forest

    • Ben

      That’s more like a jungle growing out of control .The sides look like legs & shits growing down them too. If I saw something with that much shrubbery in it would be a little scary! Lol. You go ahead with your forest I’ll go with some more maintained area.

  • cc

    …Not exactly “vaginas”

  • Helen May Hardwick

    #2 and #5 for me. i love how nature does this, beautiful indeed!

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  • Bibliofilen

    A little wimpy. The real deal looks best. Or perhaps a beautiful ring:


  • David W

    #5 is my favorite. I like the daintiness of that one. It is truly a virgin. #2 reminds me of one I saw in the forest when I used to go hunting many years ago.
    But now at 75, it is difficult to find a real one to play with.

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  • Kent Walker

    I think labia are beautiful. The bigger, thicker, and more prominent they are, the more I love them. So I guess #3 and #5 are my favourites.

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  • ladyjaibaker

    You need to see the one in Jamaica in a parish named St. Catherine.. We call it the PUM PUM ROCK… all the tourists stop for a pic!

    • Lindseyjam

      ‘PUM PUM’ is Jamaican patois for the female sex organ. PUM PUM ROCK is in the Rio Cobre gorge by the side of the river. It is said that there used to be a rock formation on the opposite side of the road resembling the male sex organ (penis) but that it was broken off by a traffic accident. Painful!

      • jim murphy

        Ohhhh yes pum pum saturdays ! Dats da way mon and that accident was called a circumsision

  • jhun

    nice nature shots…

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  • hmanthe3rd

    Wheres the real deal? Ive seen some peaches.

  • FartyPants

    These are going in the spank bank!

  • Inesperada

    K impacto, son fotos modificadas? buenas

  • Nimoy Carlton

    the one tool that a vagina can transform into three separate keys to unlock the hidden chambers within the male who enter the bottomless pit of her abyss.

  • Gene Smith

    Hate to tell you idiots, but I’m a graphic artist. All these ‘vaginas in nature’ are photoshopped.

    • Luther McKenzie

      Well perhaps they are photoshops, but I had a mango tree in my yard that had a natural vagina just like the ones shown here, and that is a fact. So, don’t be so quick to call people idiots because mother nature is real Mr. graphic artist.

    • Dfool

      C’mon dude we know…there’s no need to ruin the fun. People like to be fooled, it’s fun, sometimes.

  • Larry scandium

    Time for sushi!

  • lexie

    Number 10 for sure

  • Jesi Lee

    more like external labia really. great pics tho.

    • Junie

      That’s still a Vagina. External labia makes up part of the Vagina.

      • rissie

        external labia makes up part of the vulva. the vagina is really just the vaginal tunnel.

      • modern angel 99

        When did women fail to understand the terminology of their own genitalia? Don’t they teach health in schools anymore. The outer area is called the vulva or more specifically, the inner labia and the outer labia, referring to the lips. The vagina is the inner wall leading to the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb).

      • GerryAllwin

        The minor lips are as if they were extensions of the vaginal lining but they actually are specialized formations of the skin. Their purposes are to close the vagina when it and they are relaxed and to help guide a penis in when the vagina and labia minora are turgid.

  • gelo


  • Amazing pictures! 🙂

  • Cristina

    no. 7 is the real thing. the last one looks like a disease.

  • Kenzie Mitzner

    beautiful, but the list needs antelope canyon!

  • john truth

    Please let the scientists grow a vaginal (and anal) flower!!!!

    if it really did grow on trees/flowers, you women would SOON find yourselves with a lot less attention. No more expensive dinner dates, no more traveling buddies (all expenses paid), no more rides all over gods creation, no more random gifts, or platonic friends.

    Men wouldn’t have to be strong+sensitive+smart+funny+paid+fit+groomed+patient+tolerant…we could just pick a flower, have our needs filled, and leave you to putter around doing yoga, pigging out at cafes, then going to clothing stores and contemplating what jewelry matches your outfit as the toughest decision you have to make that day.

    We wouldn’t have to treat you like pets anymore…your expensive, require tons of attention, we have to feed you, clean up after you, take you outside…forget it.

    Thank your vagina girls, because its your key to survival in this life, unless your smart enough to rise above the rest of the dipshites and get a real education solving real world problems.

    • Telly

      Wow, dude. You should maybe see a psychiatrist. You’ve got some issues to work out on a therapists couch. Best of luck to you there.

    • Gypsy Mothe

      You are not doing women any sort of favor. If you feel thats what you need to do in order to get your little peanut played with then one, you are compounding the problem of materialism, two, you are just as shallow as the women you complain about in your rant, you obviously think money is everything, fixes everything, and being kind must be an afterthought for you. Do all women a favor, and STOP thinking you are such hot stuff, and hole up in your shitty IKEA apartment and count your money while playing your video games. Also, who said you cant go stick your weinis in a tree and get your jollies that way? Go do it, and stop acting as if you are ‘gods’ gift to women. That yoga comes in very handy for the uncomfortable positions men feel necessary to fold us into during sex. How can an unenlightened women stop craving attention if you feel you must slather it on?? I do find it amusing how you view the world as men cleaning up after women (when most guys feel the exact opposite, women must clean up after me and make me a sandwich), taking sexism to the opposite extreme. Way to go buddy. Maybe you should go back and get a real education, and learn how to be a real MAN, not some misogynistic little boy who thinks money and objects are important, you need to rise above materialistic views and get over your self. You are no gift to women little boy, you need to agitate gravel in a direction that leads you far far away from all humanity.

    • allyofIsrael

      Are you OK man?!!! You sound like a wacko ‘woman-hater’.

    • Shadia Liou

      Successful troll is successful.

    • Gwen Anglin


      Platonic, definition: of, relating to, or having a close relationship in which there is no romance or sex.

      And I didn’t use my vagina for any of that 😉

    • Tracey Lin Miller

      Interesting, I’m trying to figure out what world you’re living in. Are you sure you haven’t been screwing your dog?

    • Sashatu Matat Tamerean

      Someone has hurt you awful! lol

  • po1e

    that’s called vulva, not vagina… mixing up different organs is quite edgy, tho…

  • Nice 🙂 Very nice. It’s realy beautiful..

  • what a pictures 😀 congrats!

  • Innate Soto Sstrauss

    …the shape of grace embodied in a self contained flower of life
    …something that gives life and is the pinnacle of pleasure ..is but to
    be showered with love …and crowned with with the finest kisses ~)))
    …i love them all …for me it’s more than just about the shape or the
    size …it’s the ultimate flower of life ~)))

  • chicolini 99

    Great photos! In spite of the way it looks and smells the Vagina has achieved near mythical status in our sex positive culture. You go grrrls, you go!

    • Junie

      You must be one of those Guys who have only been wirh women with Heavy vaginal odor. It looks & smells just fine for those who Practice good hygiene.

  • Zakairan Sheehan

    Totally awesome pictures!!!! Nature is so amazing and so sensual. My most favorite place on the planet to make love of course, is in nature! Orgasmic just being out there in nature with your lover!

  • francesca

    Such stunning beauty.

  • My farm have also a vagina form. Take a look into http://arroyoriquejo.com/imagenes/#jp-carousel-155 http://arroyoriquejo.com
    The red point ( the clitoris ) is a barn, the mayor labia are the trees along the bank of a stream,, down is a clear space in the trees ( the entrance into the vagina ), upwords the clitoris, the farm takes the form of a pubis.

    • I love it. I might do a follow up article to this one and will then include your farm. Much love jose. Adina

      • Thanks Adina, many people from around the world are visiting my images. Happy new year

        • .Para los Hispano-hablantes : Mi finca también tiene forma de vulva. http://arroyoriquejo.com/imagehttp://arroyoriquejo.com
          El punto anaranjado ( el clítoris ) es un henar, los labios mayores son alisos y sauces a lo largo del arroyo La Aliseda, más abajo hay un espacio abierto ( la entrada a la vagina ), y más arriba del clítoris, la finca toma la forma del pubis

    • Jose Marifa
  • Kerri Ryan

    Do you know I got banned from FB for posting the image of the vagina tree… And also another time for a rose that resembled a vagina (not pictured here) but banned for flowers and trees…. seriously they need to get over this shit, what are they scared of

    • ha I know the banning thing. I got banned already twice by fb and now have to be careful. What is the vagina tree though?

      • chicolini 99

        I got banned from the park where the vagina tree is. If I ever go back they’re gonna arrest me.

  • Richard

    Number 7 is my favourite, closely followed by 11. Not too keen on 4 and 6 – yuck!

    • thanks for sharing ur opinion. So good to see how we all have different opinions. beautiful. take care brother. adina

    • ScratchyOne

      Yuck ? Yeah, stick with the tidy little pink ones just like you see in your porn. lol Good boy.

  • wou

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  • Andrew Aloha

    Now that’s Nature at its best…….Blessed Holidays and 2014 to you…….:)

    • thanks andrew. wishing you a blessed holiday as well. take care, Adina

  • Dennis Briskin

    Those are external labia not vaginas.

    • yes, many have complained about using the term vagina. yet I believe it is only what thoughts we associate with those terms. To me vagina, vulva, labia, yoni are all beautiful terms which point out to the same area of a female s body/temple. Much love, Adina

  • Cruel_Intentions

    #7 or #10

    • thanks for sharing. 🙂 much love to you, Adina

  • 59Bassman

    I can’t bring my self to say VOLVO either…

    • thanks for making me smile today. 🙂 much love, adina

  • Karin Kough

    The only vagina is #8. The rest of these look like gorgeous vulvas. (Why is our culture ok with saying “vagina” but can’t utter “vulva” or “labia?”)

    • Tom Czerniawski

      For the same reason you ladies refuse to correctly address men’s sex organs, sticking to clinical terms like “penis.” The correct term is “titanic,” “pelvis-wrecker,” “the pork train” or “weapon of ass destruction.”

      • I kinda agree here with Tom. 🙂

      • michael

        Agreed, Tom. “Glistening flesh rocket,” “meat popsicle,” “bouncing pork sword,” “100% all-beef thermometer” and “Russell the love muscle” would also be accepted.

      • TOiNKS143

        Would “princess sofia” (cute and shy, but hard and tough when serious or angry) count?

    • hello beautiful, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yet I believe it is not the term vagina that is bad but the associations that society has made put into it. There is nothing bad about the term vagina. It is as beautiful as vulva, labia, yoni etc. But I understand your thoughts. Much love, Adina

  • Lisa Roche


    • Rinna Corl

      hi how are you doing
      you are so nice
      we could talk at hotmail or yahoo

    • thanks for sharing. much love to you, Adina

  • jack dawson

    you might have Pareidolia or a giant obsession with vagina.ha ha ha

    • yes you might be right. 🙂 much love to you, Adina

  • bluestorm239

    I wonder what those flowers smell like…

    • I guess each smells just as different as each yoni does.. 😉 much love, Adina

  • Edgar

    Nice — ♫ ☼ ☾*´☮ ♫

    • .. yes makes my heart sing too. thanks for sharing. much love, adina

  • Jordan Grey (Jack)

    Um, the majority of these are undeniably photoshopped.

    • .. well I am not sure as the photographer became very successful with these image series. but yeah.. you never know. much love, adina

  • Greg Burton
    • ahhhh u made my day. 😀 thanks for making me laugh :D. much love, adina

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  • Delk Kalopsia

    Natural Pussy!

  • Diana Vergouwen
    • awesome. thanks so much for sharing this. Adina

  • Quasar


    • yes, this is quite a hot topic in here. 🙂 see previous comments on this. I will write an article about this. Much love, Adina

  • Marko

    And let’s not forget, in addition to the natural, the projected ones / http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-november-19-2013/unnecessary-muffness (from 1min20)

  • I count only 13 pics. When I get to the last, labeled “#14 This is my PERSONAL FAVORITE”, there’s no picture underneath! Am I missing something?

  • Clemen Si

    IMO #8 the best. Maybe because it’s an interior shot, which is, not to nitpick, what a picture of a vagina (not vulva) essentially should be 😛

  • Jenn Sims

    My vagina is the most beautiful one!! Mine!

    • Period. I agree. I d agree with each woman who will be posting this. Much love, Adina

  • Liz Patterson Antku

    I guess I didn’t make the cut.

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  • Karen S

    Should these be called labia’s and not vagina’s? We’ve got enough problems with people not knowing how lady parts work – shouldn’t we use the proper names when they come around?

    • Ella

      They’re vulva, not labia.

  • Glen Scheibe

    Absolutely Amazing. Full Respect and Honour to the Sacred Yoni

    • what a beautiful comment. thank you Glen, Adina

  • Jeffre

    I am very much in favor or the undeniable beauteous form that vaginas indefinitely have going on. However as a dude attracted to females I must say I’m bummed by not seeing any people vaginas, especially since they are clearly the prettiest. I suppose I did click on the article link with supposedly more sexually inclined expectations, and am still quite pleased with what i saw. But, in truth the nuance of the human, especially female, form adds an aspect of beauty that cannot be equated by even the majestic forms of the natural world.

    • 🙂 I feel you jeffre. I will soon post some beautiful and sensual pictures of beautiful vulvas, pussies, labias, vaginas, yonis.. however you wanna call them. Much love, Adina

  • pisces28

    no flowers of color?

    • Johnbraavo

      Looks like the flowers I saw in this pic had color,what are you talking about?

      • pisces28

        Of course the obvious pink (vagina) flowers, but I expected other colors.

        • Matthew Austin Pendleton

          I agree. There are more colors than pink! It’s like the way nipples are represented in hentai, for instance. When a woman of color appears (rarely) in the hentai, her nipples are almost always pink. It’s really odd.

        • Son JI

          agreed…..i guess only pinks ones are pretty according to this article…

        • Lisa Faye

          2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.

        • Allison

          #2 isn’t pink, the ones in #7 are debatable (maybe mixed?), a few are pink and the rest are actual natural formations/photoshop so there’s no way to know.

    • Monica Williams

      No color?? Sis, aside from this portrait that was recently drawn of me, I am a dark skinned beauty, and I’m completely represented here. #2 is me. From the shape, the clitoris, the the formation of the “lips”, the color… Everything. We as varied as we all sre we cannot make an issue overything that someone does. If you feel this isn’t varied enough, & you can make a post that will more effectively than does this posting, covering/representing the full spectrum of vaginal aesthetic of every of woman out there, then you should post it on a blog for all to see.

      • pisces28

        As far as realistic representations go, I agree with you, but I expected more abstraction and metaphor, but completely hidden in symbolism. They should definitely remain vaginal-like, or what’s the point, right?

  • Devoh

    These are amazingly beautiful pictures and I love how they express the feminine aspect of our world, but, dear, wouldn’t these be more appropriately labeled as “labia”, since technically they are on the outside of the vagina? Still, I applaud your insightful use of these images and nod to your effort.

    • hi beautiful, u r fully right & I agree. the thing is that most women do not know about the terms Vulva and Labia. But I agree that I should and could have mentioned it in the post to clarify and educate. I will do so. Thanks for helping to make this a better source. much love, adina

      • Annika

        The reason most women are unfamiliar with the terms Vulva and Labia is because people continue to misinform them by labelling our genitalia as Vaginas.

        • Jenn Sims

          Yep, that’s a clit

      • Karin Kough

        “most women do not know about the terms Vulva and Labia” OMG, girl! What woman does not know what vulva and labia are??? Geez, even my son learned those terms in health class in middle school! No, the problem is our reluctance to SAY them.

        • ScratchyOne

          Yeah, that was a ridiculous comment. Men are the ones who tend to call female genitalia, vaginas, no what part.

  • Grabados En Linea

    Pregunta: Como se le llama a la masa amorfa que rodea a la Vagina.

    Respuesta unica: Mujer

  • Grzesiek VVereszczyński

    these are vulvas not vaginas :p



    • ..u nailed it. i find these images also to be very sensual & erotic.

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  • Polly McLean

    beautiful images. How would you feel about me using one for a psychosexual workshop flier? I’m based in the UK
    warm wishes

    • these images are not taken by me. Until now I could not figure out who is the photographer. Hugs, Adina

      • Jon

        You mean the photoshopper? You really ACTUALLY believe those are photographs? Wow. Just wow. Women really are stupid.

        • Paula J West

          These are real pictures from the sexiest woman on Earth … Mother Nature…stupid, arrogant men!

        • LisaPreston

          “Photographer” is (in this case) a term used to indicate the person who owns the picture. My niece is a photographer and also enhances her work using Photoshop. As do most photographers. So how about you enjoy the post (or not) and leave your snotty, rude comments to your Facebook wall.

        • Yeoman Roman

          Jon, Don’t be a jerk.

          Some are definitely photoshopped, Some may not not be.

          You have probably seen tens of thousands more vulvas, than the woman you criticize so you might expect to be more capable of discerning what is what.

          That doesn’t mean you are smart, just experienced.

          You certainly don’t have good manners in evidence.

          An honest mistake is forgivable. Poor manners are a choice.

  • Alvaro Osorio R
  • Me lo llevo Muajaja

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  • Esteban de Moras

    Your vagina looks like the #14 flower Adina?
    Wow, I’ll dream in pink tonite, seriously 😉

  • Robb Seattle

    Vulvas would be the more appropriate description. The most beautiful vulvas I’ve seen are and have been those of my lovers. They didn’t need to be embellished with flowers, trees, or landscapes. I am all for celebrating sexuality and the feminine and for your sharing your appreciation of this visual celebration of vulvas and feel it deserving of a more appropriate title. And yes, I will admit, you made me look 😉

    • Hi Robb, what a lovely comment. I agree Vulva is more appropriate. Much love, Adina

  • gisela

    love the first one!!! 🙂 but mine is more like 2nd 😉 very beautiful work!

    • yes the first one too is lovely. all of them are.. also #2.:)

  • Adriana Hernández

    Number 6 was mine!

  • elenaHarder

    Thank you for the pictures! 🙂 So beautiful!

  • mabel

    Those are vulvas, the vaginas are inside

    • yes you are right. I have used the term vagina as the term vulva is less known. But I ll write an article about the difference soon. Thanks very much. Very appriciated. Adina

  • Sutton Harlow

    I think I like 8 for the emphasized clit.

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  • anonimo

    El post más perfecto que he leído en años <3

    • Gracias amigo. Q tengas un buen dia. Abrazo, Adina

  • Finn T Human

    ke bonitas pepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

    • Obrigada. Fico feliz q gosta tanto. Abraco, Adina

  • Clovis Marques Lima


  • CarlosAmoras

    Couldn’t manage to unlock #14, despite having clicked on the button.

    • Oi carlos, I ll try to figure out the problem.. thanks for letting me know..

  • Guest

    Que legal! Você fala português. Vi o link para teu site, totalmente de forma aleatória, mas acho que voltarei aqui mais vezes. Acabei de terminar um tratamento para Câncer colorretal. Devido a radioterapia, não tenho mais menstruação, estou com estenose vaginal além de não produzir mais hormônios femininos, ou seja, não consigo mais ter relação sexual. Estou indo aos médicos, preciso de uma fisioterapia uroginecologica, mas enquanto não começo, pensei que talvez você pudesse indicar algum exercício, alguma postagem com ensinamentos para “fazer em casa”, para relaxar a musculatura vaginal. =( Beijos, e obrigada desde já!

  • Fernanda Barbosa

    #14 is your favorite…
    Then you make me curious about it just to make me “like” it and share it on my facebook.
    Unfair… needy…

    • oi linda, sorry to make u feel like this. I use this to be able to stay in touch with people who liked this post. I believe you ll find more very valuable information here on the blog. Much love, Adina

  • S. R. Tuppan

    * ! *

    Good! Beautiful! Poetic Vibrations from Recife, Brazil!


    • Ohhh adoro recife. espero eu poder visitar novamente um dia.. abraco, Adina

      • S. R. Tuppan

        * Sim, venha, sempre bem-vinda!

  • Awesome and very creative. Thanks for sharing the art of one of the most important gifts to mankind.

  • I love all of these beauties..

  • Randy

    #1 is my favorite, natures’ beauty is nothing less than perfection!

    • Yes, now we only gotta understand that we are nature too and then see the perfection in each of us. Much love, Adina

  • Indra Brianna

    A mais linda no meu ponto de vista é a 3, o tom a textura… perfeita! Todas são lindíssimas!!! Blessed Be!

    • tá certo.. #3 eh muito linda… abraco, Adina

  • Saleem

    I love them all. nature is the best picture taker, the best painter, the best artist.

    • Yes, I had exactly the same thought when I saw all of these beautiful natural vulvas. Much love, Adina

  • featurex

    I wonder what the male version of this post would look like 🙂

  • morriganscrow

    I agree with you Adina, #14 is also my favorite. I just want to caress it, so, so gently….

    • true, it looks so soft, gentle, welcoming & beautiful. Every detail of this ‘vulva’is perfect. Even the behind is part of it.

  • Kristine

    I think #8 is mine

    • yeah, now that u saying it.. even with the goddess nectar. Love, Adina


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