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The Story Of Mankind: A Story of Sex, Violence & Power? (Warning: Intense & Breathtaking)

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Art By: Milo Manara – Story of Humanity

What are your thoughts on these images? Do you agree?

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  • Derek

    This was interesting except alot of people of color are not shown with color or powerful position. Egypt is in Africa they are people of color. The mongols are people of color. This view of history is part of alot of problems with race in the world..History was not one color or people. I see all as my brother and sister but show the truth so all can me proud or ashamed.

  • Erick

    This is such a negative way to see human’s history. Everything has a good and a bad size. Yeah, the sexy part is sort of ok but human has done remarkable noble actions through history. It’s not healthy to focus only on bad things. Sure, there will be violence always, but there will always be love too. Cheers! (Guilty pleasure: this page…damn)

  • Juan Francisco Levaggi

    Amazing! Milo Manara is such a great ilustrator. I was shocked by the picture that portrays the conquer of the Americas: goosebumps all over my neck.
    Great post, cheers!

  • Vivek Kashyap

    Pretty Intense and seems like the journey is getting downhill ! But I am sure there is a lot of awakening happening…like this place trying to awaken .

  • Jon Empey

    Sex and violence. 4.5 million years, and we still can’t decide which way to go, bonobo or chimpanzee…

    To the victor goes the spoils, which generally include women, thus “rape and pillage.” Or war brides!

    Interesting fact: A a substantial proportion of men in the world are direct line descendants of Genghis Khan. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2010/08/1-in-200-men-direct-descendants-of-genghis-khan/#.UmnrFhDkXIU
    Similar results for Attila the Hun, and ‘Vikings’ – aka “the Rus” and “Northmen” = Norman, e.g. the Battle of Hastings, 1066.

    It is not all evolutionary and genetic though, choices have been made. Constantine had issues, so today we incarcerate the priestesses of Astarte, Cybele, Aphrodite, Venus, and Flora. Mohammed had issues, and so the sexual power of women was feared, bound, enslaved. Anthony Comstock had issues and…, well, you see the point.

    • wow, thank you for all these amazing facts. so much to understand. thanks brother.

  • AvaSimone

    Wow, powerful! I keep looking at it mesmerized!

  • Melina Anush

    Breathtaking. Only Milo Manara could pull this out.

    It only shows that we’ve learned nothing.

    • I hear you. I had and still have to keep looking at this comic strip as it mind blowing.. can it be that history keeps repeating itself in a self destructive manner? Aren t we moving forward at least a little bit? thanks for being here Melina. much love, Adina


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