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Would You Dare To Walk Around Naked All Day? Well, This Girl Did It. (15 Eye-Opening Pictures)

walk around naked

About Me

Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

The western world has become obsessed with clothes and scared to death of naked bodies in public. Show some naked boobs in the wrong place and you will go to jail. We are so disconnected from our naked bodies that we think it is unnatural being naked. We have been taught that nakedness is something to be scared off, something wrong, something to hide.

Truth is: We are all born naked. Not with some fancy clothes.

This Is What It Would Look Like For You Being Butt-Naked All Day Long

#1 Going to work butt-naked

Erica Simone

#2 Going shopping butt-naked

Erica Simone

#3 Driving home butt-naked

Erica Simone

#4 Getting something at the corner butt-naked

Erica Simone

#5 Going for a walk in the rain butt-naked

Erica Simone

#6 Getting a snack butt-naked

Erica Simone

#7 Reading a book in the center of the city butt-naked

Erica Simone

#8 Going to the library butt-naked

Erica Simone

#9 Working out butt-naked

Erica Simone

#10 Riding the bicycle butt-naked

Erica Simone

#11 Going on a road trip butt-naked

Erica Simone

#12 Getting some money at the bank butt-naked

Erica Simone

#13 Waiting for someone and reading the newspaper butt-naked

Erica Simone

#14 Being ready for take-off butt-naked

Erica Simone

#15 Going jogging butt-naked

Why can we be arrested for being naked, when as human beings, we are born naked?

Erica Simone, the photographer of this eye-opening photo series, stated:

“Why can we be arrested for being naked in the street, when as human beings, we are born naked?” I can understand that it would be socially unacceptable or morally discouraged, but for it to be in some cases prohibited by law…? This all seemed quite bizarre and really more so a violation of human rights.

Another question that arose was that of sexuality. “Is nudity inherently sexual or is nudity just a part of being human? Why does society typically equate nudity to sex? And how does the variety of body types come into equation when asking that question?” Each person’s answer is different.

To clarify, I’m not an exhibitionist or a nudist – I’m an artist looking to humorously poke at some interesting thoughts about society and question who we are and portray as human beings. It’s now up to the viewer to answer those questions, as he/she likes.”

Matter of the fact is that being naked more often is not just good for your physical health but even more for your emotional well-being, your level of confidence & self-love.

Visit Erica Simone’s Website

Mucho amore, Adina

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Share Your Thoughts

  • HAHA i would do Yoga nude anywhere and get away with it saying it is for the mental health and body’s spirit see your self naked yoga on the beach http://goo.gl/uFq051

  • Graeme Chegwidden

    All shots faked

  • Michael W. Jones

    To each their own.. For me I like the space @ home for doing chores around the house naked… With safety and visualabity in mind , yard and pool also.

    Think we are over-obsessed with the idea that naked is “bad” or in some way “harmful”. I often hear people say or comment about outer ware in today’s social trends as being not enough, of what. I counter that only someone who DOES respect themselves has the confidence to Wear a little… For me it is the confidence that or the swagger I grew with… We hide behind clothing and shame and no self-esteem in oneself.

    P.S. I grew up in a boys home and the Military. OLD School ,56 yrs young.

  • Faisal Shamas Shamas

    well if someone one would like to walk naked in the street and wants to show their beauty they can do. and i just want to tell that beautiful girls is gift for God for all man’s in this world and we should take a good care of them and treat them like princesses. but in the plan i think its not a good idea cos it will be very cold after take off..but my fantasy is to make love in the plan….

    • Todd Ruben

      Three things… first of all, learn how to properly use the English language… Second, this would only occur when/where the climate is appropriate… Finally, this was not posted to pique your sexual interest. This is here as a way to say “Hey! Cloths are overrated! They cause excess judgment on a persons character, and that is unavoidable! Just go naked!!!!”

      • tiger drum

        Yes its true.. being naked has nothing to do with sex. Its a natural way of living. Putting sex in mind to be naked is not what is meant to be.. the consciousness that arise that fact is a deep one, free of relativity.. its a cosmic consciousness which looks and sees that I am you and you are me.. its freedom from the relative state of consciousness.. its the absolute bliss that makes everything equal and everything positive. If we are naked from that level it will be the ultimate natural truth.

  • Jenna Ice

    Interesting. I’d love to do this. But I would most likely get arrested with my luck. Lol

    • Faisal

      i would love to walk naked with you..

      • Jenna Ice

        Let’s do it!

        • Faisal

          yes why not it will b my pleasure. i will be in U.S in June if you dont mind we can keep in touch…:)

        • Faisal

          yes why not it would be pleasure for you to walk naked with very beautiful girl. i wil be in USA in June, so would u b my friend?

  • How were you ever allowed to do any of that?! Especially the plane and library!?

  • CSTI

    Unfortunately, I don’t love my body enough or have enough self-confidence to pull this off but I do think we are over-obsessed with the idea that naked is “bad” or in some way “harmful”. I often hear people say that someone who wears clothes that show her breasts or a short skirt “doesn’t respect herself”. I counter that only someone who DOES respect themselves has the confidence to pull it off. We hide behind clothing and shame.

    • Love yourself the way you are right here and right now. You will waste your life if you wait to …”be perfect”. YOU are already perfect the way you are, you just have to believe it! IF not you, then WHO?

  • Sisa

    I wish I could go to the gym naked or at least only in a tiny little G-string. So sexy!
    I think it would make me want to train harder. You want to be wet and sweaty ’cause people would be able to see it so much better.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    How are these “eye opening” pictures?

  • M.j. Szynaka

    It’s not fair to say that we are hiding behind our cloths because can’t it be the expression of ourselves? It’s an art form in some cases. And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by nakedness, I don’t even like having someone’s but in my face as I walk up the stairs (which I often do because girls where those “Shorts” a lot). This is just my opinion.

  • Jason Lee

    @ Adina Rivers would you dare walk around naked (nude) all day?

  • Llegra

    What are you talking about, almost the whole population walk around almost naked with crutch shorts, barely there clothes and you say they are arrested!! Where do pray tell as women here in the Western world confuse liberation and nakedness to be one and same thing.

  • worldsgonemad

    Ohhhhh, they didn’t show the “Getting arrested while being naked” shot. Too bad, it was the best one.

    • Watcher

      I would guess it might not be in the US the pictures were taken. Look at the side of the road the taxi on 6 and the motorcycle on 11 are, as well as the direction all the cars are parked in.

  • grant knowles

    My Partner recently took part in the local naked bike ride and then after she went on to the local cafe for pizza and a strol round our small town ….this has been very empowering for her and there were only a couple of negative comments in the local news paper letters section complaining by fear filled Christians scared even to look at their own naked bodies in the mirror …go figure

    • Jason Lee

      did she eat the pizza naked (nude) in the local cafe?

    • Ochun Lesso

      what is empowering about running around naked. This is anything any woman can do.
      All i can think of is how many germs her naked ass and va-jay-jay picked up and how many she left behind . clothes protect sensative parts from the germs of people and bugs

  • thanks for sharing the cool nudist photos!

  • Talidan

    Right on. I’m just waiting for a day when this, and all else we are meant to do as creatures of nature, are freely accepted.

    I’m going to rape so many people, because that’s what animals do. We are animals and our roots should never be forgotten. The streets will run brown with my waste as I do my business where I please, because I am a proud creature.

    We are animals! We should be free to be naked! To be allowed to rape! Eat our young! Society should just accept that “civilized” needs to allow for some wiggle-room!

    • n8ftc

      Seriously? Talk about missing the whole point. You do however make a good argument for eating our young…

    • Michael Trowbridge

      But the difference Talidan is that being nude harms no one. Raping, eating our young and pooing in the streets cause harm. If non-sexualized nudity was legal and practiced in our society, society would benefit.

  • TheDMV

    Getting money out at the ATM? Where does she keep her ATM card? Or her money?

    • I personally know of some places she could put it. 😉

      • Sometimes the imagination creates a better scenario than reality. Of course this piece was organized and thought out well. The sad reality is that had anybody just went out into the random world and done such as she, not every person would have a happy ending when they catalogued it.

        • Llegra


      • Michael Trowbridge

        When nude, I have kept my paper money in my hat 🙂

    • In her bag! Didn’t you just noticed that she has a bag? There ain’t no bag in some photos, but it’s obviously why~!


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