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10 Crazy Ways How Your Sex Drive (Low & High) Influences Your Life


About Me

Mariah Freya is Co-Founder of Omooni and a sex coach. She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her blog and podcast. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfillment. She sees her role as one of promoting sexual consciousness and helping humanity to plug into their soul desires to turn them into action

Your sex drive is your own personal truth teller. It tells you exactly where you’re at – physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and yes, even spiritually.

There is no objective way to measure your sex drive, but we typically decide for ourselves whether our vitality is low or high.

Around 30% of women between the age of 18-44 feel that they struggle with their sex drive and the older they get, the higher this percentage gets.

Let’s have a look at how your sex drive (low & high) influences your life.

#1 Low Sex Drive Can Make You Attract the Wrong Things at the Wrong Time


Low sex drive is like being a rocket without fuel. The rocket becomes purposeless. This is how low libido can feel, empty and without purpose. We start to dwell on negative thoughts. We may become jealous of others who are full of life, enthusiasm and fuel.

We may get grumpy, frustrated and just wanna hide in our little nest. Low sex drive can build up a resonance that constantly attracts the wrong things at the wrong time.

As if we were out of balance. Without flow. Over time we become chronic pessimists and circle even deeper down.

Embodiment: Acknowledge those emotions and ask yourself how you actually want to feel. Plan your day around this feeling and do whatever gives you this feeling.

#2 Low Sex Drive Can Make You Sick Even Though You Are Healthy

Do you have chronic fatigue and the constant feeling that something is wrong with you? First of all, check in with your doctor and make sure everything is alright. But also consider this:

If you punish yourself constantly because you feel that you are out of juice, be aware that this thought might eventually manifest itself as a disease. We create our own reality with our thoughts.

Embodiment: Assess your energies. Ask yourself why they are low. Awareness sheds light into the darkness, and it’s the first step for healing.

#3 Low Sex Drive Can Make You Slide Into Relationship Trouble


You might not even be aware of this: if your relationship is constantly in tension because one of the partners lacks vitality and sex drive, it may lead to an imbalance that slowly, slowly makes cracks in your relationship bond.

Your relationship drying up doesn’t just mean that there is no more physical connection, it may also mean that your polarity, the attraction towards each other is fading away.

Embodiment: Connect with each other. Talk about your needs and desires. Stay open to trying out something new.

#4 Low Sex Drive Can Lead To Stagnating Evolution

Being out of juice can lead to a slowdown in your personal evolution. We may lack visionary thoughts, and vital goals that motivate us to get up in the morning and feel enthusiastic. This obviously requires energy and fuel.

Embodiment: Do yoga, have a fun morning routine, do something that motivates you to get out of bed (instead of checking your phone straight away). Or hire a coach who helps you to get back on track with your visions and dreams.

#5 Low Sex Drive Can Push You Towards A Self-destructive Body Image


This means you slowly, slowly disconnect from your sexual self. Low self-esteem is actually deeply rooted in low libido. It’s almost as if we don’t let ourselves have a strong libido because we are afraid of putting ourselves out there. We tell ourselves that we are not worth allowing ourselves to shine.

Embodiment: Start working on your physical condition. Eat balanced and healthy. Do regular sports, something physical that reestablishes your connection with your body.

#6 High Sex Drive Makes You Ride The Optimism Wave


A high sex drive opens the door for finding the other side of the rainbow. When we are full of energy we are able to let it spill over. Share love and abundance with everyone around us. In those times we are riding the optimistic flow of courage. We put ourselves out there and share our dreams with the world. We attract the good and the positive.

Embodiment: Use this time to set an intention, to help the world become a better place. Help people in need. Yes, you can – be the next Gandhi.

#7 High Sex Drive Makes You Feel Freaking Healthy & Vital

All doctors know it. A healthy sex drive means a healthy body. Your body is very clever and whenever you become ill it channels vital energies towards healing and saves on extra pleasures, such as the desire for sex.

Embodiment: Be grateful for your health and vitality. And make sure you sustain it by taking care of your body with sports, diet and de-stressing hobbies such as going out into nature.

#8 High Sex Drive Improves Your Relationship Vibe & Makes It Flourish


We all know it deep down. Regular, passionate and deep intimate sex is a good sign of a flourishing relationship. Kiss, love, play, worship…

Embodiment: You are riding a high right now? Great, be open to trying out something new to avoid stagnation. Maybe you’ve always wanted to make love out of doors, go ahead, experiment, be creative!

#9 High Sex Drive Helps You Live Your Desire

All big leaders have a secret: it’s their drive. Without a sex drive we wouldn’t be able to manifest our desires, reach goals, get the lover we desire.

In ancient Asian tradition the sex drive is your vital force. It helps you to accomplish things. It makes you get up again even when you fall. It motivates, excites, yes, it’s the force for abundance.

Embodiment: You have a high sex drive. Great, use it! Channel this energy into your desired project by setting an intention.

#10 High Sex Drive Will Make You Feel Connected With Your Sexual Self


This is my personal favorite. Feeling connected with your sexual self makes you feel at peace. High drive can be a great opportunity to connect yourself with your sexual self. The grounded soul that manifest, yearns, desires, fulfills. Purpose, baby.

Embodiment: Once we connect to this essence we are fully at ease and simply want to be. It’s the freedom from guilt and shame and the healing state of unconditional love.

By Mariah Freya

Artist Featured: Luis Ricardo Falero | Edited by Eda

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8 years ago

Sad to see people blame their sex drive, instead of lack of self control and possibly the ability to foster a relationship that their sex drives will not only increase but flourish, for the burdens they’ve created. Nowhere was it stated or implied that sharing your high sex drive with anyone who will take a piece will you bring those wonderful things.

8 years ago

High sex drive: you wind up with partners who don’t suit you outside of the bedroom. If you’re a woman, you get called a slut, a lot, by your partners, even the well meaning ones; men say they want this, but in my experience, they really don’t. A high sex drive dissipates your energy into sex instead of other things you need to get done. Somewhere in the middle (neither high nor low) is probably the ideal sex drive, but honestly, I’d take low over high any day, it’s been nothing but trouble.

8 years ago

This article is a bunch of crap. I have a high sex drive and it has been nothing but a burden on my life. I have wanted to do nothing but sleep with everyone i see. How i have no STDs is beyond me. It also has been the hardest thing to do not cheating on my wife.

8 years ago

Thanks for the well thought out and interesting article.

8 years ago

So having a naturally low sex drive just automatically makes people unhappier and unhealthier than their high-libido neighbours? I applaud anyone who says that we should be more sex-positive, but there is also no need to be negative towards people who just do not have high libidos.

This article doesn’t suggest ways to increase sex drive for those who are interested in doing so, it just tells the “30% of women between the age of 18-44” that they are doomed to live miserable, sickly lives. It adds to the many voices out there who are shaming women for not having high libidos.

Why can’t we break the cycle of hating?


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