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2 Unthought Reasons How A Thong Can Cause A Vaginal Infection & UTI

Thong Urinary Tract Infection Vaginal Infection

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This article seeks to help you understand how and why a Thong (also called G-String, Tanga) can cause an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and other types of Vaginal Infections.

This information is especially valuable to women with recurrent vaginal infections & those who are emotionally unstable.

The Thong-Debate – Can A Thong Really Cause A Vaginal Infection

As with everything in life there are always two sides and two possible explanations.

Looking at the latest researches I cannot provide you with scientific studies that connects the wearing of thongs to UTI’s or other vaginal infection.

However, many gynecologists report that an increasing number of women wearing a thong suffer from urinary tract infection and other vaginal infections. One gynecologist stated:

“I would like to tell all women”, she said, “that wearing a thong has long-lasting health effects. It’s bad for the entire genital and perineal area.”

Before I dive deeper I like to state that as with all diseases a vaginal infection can only spread if a woman is emotionally unstable. A thong is just a ‘tool’ that enables the unhealthy bacteria to spread more easily. A thong alone won’t do harm to a healthy female body & mind. But since 90% of our society isn’t exactly emotionally stable and healthy I would recommend to actively taking control over your health and the well being of you body.

How can a Thong Cause A Vaginal Infection

REASON #1 – Irritation of the Vagina

If you wear a thong you probably know the feeling of a too tight sitting string between your butt cheeks. In some cases the string part rubs too much and can inflame and irritate your vagina and the surrounding skin. An inflammation can lead to trush (a type of a yeast infection of the skin that thrives in warm and moist areas).

REASON #2 – The string is like a bacteria-subway from Anus To Vagina

The thong sits closed fitted and can easily pick up fecal matter and bacteria. When you move during daily activities the bacteria can travel from your anus to your vagina causing UTIs and certain types for Vaginal Infections caused by bacteria from fecal matter.

What Kind Of Vaginal Infections Can Be Caused By A Thong

  • Bladder Infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Yeast Infections (Trush)
  • Group B Streptococcal Disease
  • E.Coli
  • Clitoral Pain
  • Irritation of Hemorrhoids

It has been found out by gynecologist that

  • recurrent vaginal infections are more common in women wearing a thong
  • bladder and urinary tract infection are more common in women wearing a thong

How To Work Around The Thong

Recommendation #1 – Let Your Vagina Breath Whenever Possible

My all-time recommendation is to not wear any panty at all whenever possible. Try to go naked at these occasions:

  • at home
  • at night/in bed
  • wearing a long dress without panty

Unhealthy bacteria hate oxygen and sun. They simply cannot thrive in this environment. If you do this once a day you are pretty much on the safe side and don’t leave any breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria.

Recommendation #2 – The Right Fabric

If you really want or have to wear a thong chose a soft, organic material e.g.

  • rayon
  • cotton
  • bamboo

Even though there is no study to back up that materials like spandex, nylon or polyester cause infections it is to me a natural conclusion that these unnatural materials should be avoided. Always chose natural options.

Remember: Your skin is the largest organ and whatever you put in contact with your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

Recommendation #3 – Right Hygiene

Finally let’s chill a bit: A thong won’t do any harm if you wear it for only a couple of hours & have the right hygiene meanwhile.

If you want to wear a tight fitting, short dress there is no way to get around the thong. In this case I leave you with these suggestions:

  • Make sure to wear a high quality thong
  • Wear no longer then 10 hours
  • Wipe from the front to the back. Not the other way around.

Like this you won’t accidently carry bacteria from the anus to the vaginal area. If you wear the thong longer then 10 hours bacteria can develop and linger due to sweat, restroom habits and daily activities.

Recommendation #4 – No Thong For Those With Vaginal Infection

If you currently suffer from a vaginal infection I highly suggest not to wear a thong at all. Rest & let your vagina take a sunbath or at least suck in some fresh oxygen. Don’t put back a thong before your infection has healed.

Recommendation #5 – Seek Sexy & Organic Alternatives

There are many alternatives to the thong out there. Go shopping and check the fabrics before you buy.

I am in the process of designing an organic & sexy alternative to the Thong at the moment. Here is a little sneak-peak of me wearing one of the first prototypes of the new MyTinySecrets-Panty collection. Pleeeeassse… let me know in the comments below how you like it.

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Organic panty My Tiny Secrets

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9 years ago

Does no one understand the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ anymore?? Someone really should edit these articles properly before submitting them.

10 years ago

very sexy want some pairs for my girl


[…] Read full article via 2 Unthought Reasons How A Thong Can Cause A Vaginal Infection & UTI | My Tiny Secrets. […]

Chardonnay Dunbar
Chardonnay Dunbar
10 years ago

I love it. Its cute!

Adina Rivers
10 years ago

thanks love. 🙂 Adina

10 years ago

I think the panty is adorable. I like the back, kind of like a boyshort how it shows off the butt, however not as much fabric. Not sure if this is more comfortable for the Ladies, but its a great look for the men!

Adina Rivers
10 years ago
Reply to  Randy

Thanks very much, Randy. It s super duper comfortable. I think I ll have them available in about 8 weeks. 🙂 Maybe u wanna check back then and get one as a present for ur lady. Much love, Adina


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