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Creative Or Crazy? 7 Ways to “Spruce Up” Your Vagina

Beautify Your Vagina

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You’ve tried shaving. You’ve groomed and kept it clean. But you’re still not quite satisfied with the aesthetic down there. What’s a girl to do to go that extra step in showing some love to the lady parts?

Maybe you’re just curious. Maybe you or your partner want to try something new. Or maybe seriously looking for an edgy new way to spruce up your vagina. Whatever the motivation, there are several options.

Piercings and tattoos have been around a while, but there are some newer choices. This is by no means a complete list (there are some amazing things out there), but here are eight things you can choose when looking to beautify the vajayjay.

#1 The Vajacial

Yep, it’s like a facial for your vagina. A spa treatment of sorts. The Vajacial is a 50-minute treatment that includes plucking ingrown hairs, special cleansing, intense moisturizing, and an enzyme mask. Different salons and spas may call it something different and offer variations, but the main purpose is soothe and beautify the area. The vajacial calms those red bumps after shaving, and exfoliate and smooth the skin.

#2 Bleaching

Speaking in bleaching, it’s an option unto itself. Don’t freak out, it’s not actual bleach…well, mostly. When people use the term “bleaching” when referring to the vagina, they most often mean a cream to lighten and brighten the area. But some women are actually going for the full bleaching treatment.

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#3 Hair Design

Shaving the pubic hair has been around for a long time. But for the most part there were few choices: mild grooming, the landing strip, or removing it all. Now, you can put some art into it. Sunsets, hearts, lightning bolts, flowers…your pubic hair becomes the canvas for whatever you choose. There are even stencils!

Pubic Hair Design

#4 Vajazzling

It’s exactly what it sound like. Bedazzling the vagina is a trend that is swiftly gaining popularity. Vajazzling typically involves applying jewels and/or glitter to the bikini area for decoration. It’s kind of like a sparkly temporary tattoo. And if you can imagine it, you can probably do it – butterflies, words, simple sparkly patterns, lips, fireworks, pretty much anything. The pattern will last a few days, and loose fitting clothes are recommended while the jewels are in place.

vajazzle Vagina

#5 Labiaplasty/Rejuvenation

Two of the more extreme choices is labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation. Both are surgical options for improving the shape of the vaginal area. Labiaplasty involves reducing the labia to combat loose skin or “flabbiness.” Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure to tighten the vagina. Both are very expensive, require a recovery period of 4-6 weeks, and are quite painful.

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#6 Implants

Most of us have heard of piercing, and vaginal piercing or clitoral piercing has been around for a long time. People who have done such piercings say they add to stimulation and pleasure during sex. Now you can also opt for implants. Pebbles or crystals are implanted under the skin. Women say the added texture is pleasurable, and sometimes opt for the crystals for “extra energy.”

#7 Merkins

Saving the best for last, there’s always the merkin. After all the popularity of shaving and smoothing, the merkin comes as a bit of a surprise. It is literally a wig for the vagina. And should you think this is a completely new thing, you would be mistaken. The merkin apparently dates back to prostitutes in the 15th Century, who used the wigs to disguise the fact that they had shaven the pubic hair to get rid of body lice or evidence of sexually-transmitted disease. In modern times, the simple and natural merkins are used for women who cannot grow pubic hair (or miss it once they’ve waxed). But, along with the natural ones, there are colored merkins, merkins with feathers, extra-long merkins, and furry merkins. If you’re curious, do a web image search for merkins. It’s fascinating!

Vagina Merkin

There was a time when any modification to the bikini area would have been considered strange. But these days, there are many choices for beautifying and enhancing lady land and they’re all readily available. Whether you want increase sexual pleasure, improve vaj-esteem, or just feel like being creative, there’s something out there you can try. Have fun, but be conscious about the choices you make. After all your Vagina is beautiful just the way it is. But getting creative from time to time won’t do any harm. 🙂

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