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Free The Boobies!! Why The Best Thing About A Bra Is Taking It Off.


About Me

Kara Maria Ananda is a women's health educator and holistic business coach supporting wellness entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses that empower women globally. She integrates 17 years of experience as a healing arts entrepreneur into her work facilitating leadership programs and coaching for women entrepreneurs globally and online.

“A woman’s breasts are naturally designed to jiggle, bounce, and sway as she moves. Bras inhibit the natural movement of the breasts, which interferes with the way Mother Nature designed breasts for optimal health.”

The bra is a recent invention that burst onto the fashion scene in the late 1800’s, replacing the tight corset, which was known to damage the internal organs, spines, and overall health of women.

“By the 1930’s, large-scale commercial production began that made the brassiere widely available to women. The bra industry is now a multi-billion dollar market dominated by large, multinational corporations.”

Bra wearing has become such a common part of Western women’s lifestyle, that many women feel obligated to wear them for work or any time they are out in public.

Some women even wear them 24 hours a day!

Bras Don’t Prevent Sagging

Many women wear bras because of fear that their breasts will sag if they don’t, but a recent 15-year French study indicates that women who go without a bra actually have perkier breasts – even after they have breastfed a child!

“The CEO of the bra manufacturer Playtex, John Dixey, was quoted as saying, “We have no medical evidence that wearing a bra could prevent sagging, because the breast itself is not muscle, so keeping it toned up is an impossibility.”

When a woman is not wearing a bra, her movements allow the breasts to move naturally – from side to side, up and down, to shake and bounce.

“This natural movement supports the circulation of the lymph and blood, and promotes the vitality of the connective tissue and skin, enhancing the perkiness of the breasts.”

Note: Larger breasts will naturally sag over time, something that cannot be avoided, whether a woman wears a bra – or not .

Health Risks Posed By Bras


“The bra industry does not want you to think that your bra could be harmful to your health, but increasing information leads to that very conclusion.”

A BBC study interviewed over 4,700 women – with and without breast cancer – in five major cities across the U.S. about their bra wearing habits.

“They found a dramatically increased risk of breast cancer in women who wore their bra more than 12 hours a day, and this risk increased in women who wore their bra 24 hours a day – even to sleep.”

There is definitely a lot more research needed, and it would be great to see such an important issue for women today to be more fully studied, and not so quickly dismissed.

In the meantime, prevention is key.

Why {Bra} Size Matters


In 2005, Oprah did a show called the Bra Revolution, which featured lingerie experts, thousands of bras, and fitted every member of her audience for a new, correctly sized bra.

“Improperly fitted bras are known to cause many health challenges, such as back and shoulder pain.”

They found that over 80% of the women were wearing the wrong bra size!

“There is no standard sizing for bras, and women’s breasts are all different shapes and sizes. Bra size measurements are based upon two dimensions, which does no justice for our 3-dimensional breasts!”

If you feel you must wear a bra, go to a real lingerie store and have a professional fitting, then try on the bras. Invest in a comfortable, properly sized bra (avoid under wires).

Note: Your breasts change size at different times, including during your menstrual cycle. Try on bras when your breasts are at their fullest, usually before your period.

And, if you’ve experienced any recent changes, such as gaining or losing weight, pregnancy (or postpartum), breast surgery, or any other changes, now is the time to get refitted.

Try Breast Massage


Massage your breasts in the morning after your shower, before getting dressed, and at the end of the day after you have taken off your bra to stimulate circulation.

“Look at your breasts and body in the mirror when you take off your bra. Do you have any red marks or lines?”

That is a warning sign your bra is cutting off circulation.

To Bra, or Not To Bra?

If you must wear a bra to work or to leave the house, take it off as soon as you can, and do not wear it longer than 12 hours a day (or to sleep).


Or, just go bra-free!

“If your breasts are sensitive or painful when you go bra-free, that is a sign of congestion, which will go away within a few days (or a few months) when your breasts get used to the enhanced circulation and movement.”

If you are nervous about your nipples showing, use a scarf, dress in layers, or wear a camisole.

“Naturally supporting your breast health promotes longevity, sensuality, and vitality.”

Now take care of your breasts and take off your bra!

Be well,


By Kara Maria Ananda

Edited by Chelsie Diadhiou | Artist Featured Image: Jean Baptiste Greuze


Are you ready to set your boobies free? Or are you already bra-free and loving it? We’d love for you to share with us in the comments below.


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9 years ago

Bra free and loving it!!

9 years ago

I usually do not wear when I am home..! I remove it once I am back home.. Never wear it while asleep .. such habits should be followed and it should be avoided wearing whenever possible


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