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Let These Survivor Women Teach You About Your Beauty

David Jay Scar Project

About Me

Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

Did you ever hear this silent voice in your head telling you your boobs should be perkier, your butt rounder, your tummy more flat, your lips fuller etc. ? If you know this voice then read on & take a close look at the following women who survived breast cancer. You will look at your own body in a new way.

The Real Lesson To Be Learned From These Women

In a world where physical beauty is usually entitled to a perfect body with perky books & small nipples these women stand like a light in the darkness guiding other women through the darkness of their insecurities and false perceptions of their perfect “imperfections”.

I myself felt tiny compared to these women and the pain they went through. I felt bad about any judgmental thought I had sent to my body about my boobs not being as perky anymore or my tummy not as even as before my pregnancy. I want to be even more grateful for each and every bit of my body. I have no excuses. I am perfect. And my imperfections make me even more beautiful.

David Jay is a renowned photographer. His models usually looked like this: Perfect

Three years ago one of his best friends got diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 29 years old. Jay closely experienced the fight & victory of his friend over the cancer. It must have changed him in many ways. To this day he has photographed more then 100 young women and survivors of breast cancer gone through hell and back.

His project “SCAR” (Survivor Cancer) pictures the difficulty of this fight and the scars – emotionally & physically – left behind. It is an ever touching project and almost feels as if the women in the pictures are talking to me; telling their stories of pain, victory, pain, victory.. and strength.

Look the women in these pictures in their eyes. Look deeper. See the beauty, not just the pain.

#1 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Breast Cancer David Jay Project SCAR

#2 Project “SCAR” by David Jay


#3 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#4 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David JayProject "SCAR" by David Jay

#5 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#6 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#7 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#8 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#9 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Breast Cancer David Jay

#10 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#11 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#13 Project “SCAR” by David Jay

#11 Project "SCAR" by David Jay

#14 I can’t describe how this picture touched my heart

Girl, Surrender to your Insecurities & Faith

In an interview David Jay got asked about the biggest thing he learned from shooting these women. Please Beautiful, read his answer & feel the words:

“For one, the things that can seem unbearable, that seem like the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to you, can absolutely be the best thing that has ever happened to you—if you allow it to be.

But also, we as humans tend to procrastinate doing the things we need to do in life. We put things off, look the other way, surrender to our insecurity and fears. But Mother Nature will always have her way with us—forcing our hand, forcing us to live up to our own true potential. You can choose to live up to it, or you can die mired in it. This I know for sure, both from my own life and from photographing these women.”

This project touched me deeply.

Please share this with your friends. More then ever need to see this.

Love to your beautiful body & soul, Adina

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Share Your Thoughts

  • Umberto Amante

    I suspect that in 100 years (2114) these images will be viewed as a shocking view into our primitive views on cancer and will comment on our obsession with medical science such that women will remove their breasts “just in case”. Just as we would be mortified at what was thought to be scientific common sense in Victorian England: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1676337/ Surely, no one reading this page would find anything Victorian as it relates to women to be anything more than primitive?

  • Tracy Whitmore

    So, my fear, as a guy, is that, even though I see so much beauty and bravery in these ladies, will I still be shunned for cherishing and being attracted to them despite what I am ‘supposed to be attracted to? I just want to love on them and of course be loved in return, but I fear I will be responded to with hostility…..

  • Krissy Jones

    This piece is stunning. These women are beautiful. I pray each and everyone stays healthy <3 Makes me feel like a moron for not appreciating myself, as I am.

  • tyler martyn

    CONFIDENCE is so damn sexy !!!!!!!!!! These ladies own it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • qiwhiz

    I would love him to do my portrait. How does he find the women he photographs?

  • Joseph Bianculli

    Wow, brave women.

  • Shay Sharpe

    Thanks for sharing with your community! ~Signed #14 🙂

    • thank you love. your words are very much appreciated. hugs & kisses, adina

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  • Pingback: Scar project : Let these survivor women teach you about your beauty | Je m'aime, maintenant()

  • Guest

    Strength is beauty. I long for tender words to soothe there pain.
    and reshape this world. it a place where boobs are safe.

  • Brittani Maree Swain

    wow so happy I found this site I am so insecure it is killing my relationship of 11 years I hate my body and face a lot seeing this made me cry and wonder why I am so selfish about my body look at how strong these women are and I just cannot find an answer to my question but I feel pain and sad that these women have gone through this wish I could meet each one just to hug them and be there so I can learn to be strong like them

    • love, u almost made me cry with this comment. goose bumps. I felt exactly the same when I saw these pictures. after pregnancy I too become very insecure, but oh boy was I misguided.

      Every challenge comes to get closer to who we truly are. To dig the diamond deep within. We are beautiful. We truly are.

      Much love to you, Adina

  • Stephen Carl Eason

    These photos are perfect examples of why doctors should never be given access to a
    woman’s body. Natural health and cures with good food, education as well as
    total awareness should be promoted instead of giving butchers access to living,
    beautiful people.

    • Stephen, your comment is so much appreciated. I myself am living close with nature, eat mostly raw fruits & vegetables & don’t use any chemicals on my skin or hair. I truly believe in the power of nature as the biggest healer & beautifier.

      This post was meant to show other women the strength a women can attain & the an unconditional beauty that is not attached to the body.

      Please keep reading this blog & add your wise words. I am grateful for conscious men like you.
      Much love, Adina

      • Stephen Carl Eason

        You are very welcome and thank you for your complements! I have always called doctors
        butchers because they seem to pay more attention to their profits and the
        controls the pharmaceutical companies put on them than they do the misguided trust
        and respect that their patients give them.

        In my life I have been to many doctors and so called specialists and almost every
        time I have I have known more about my ‘condition’ than they have. I have only
        been to three specialists and paid a lot of money for the privilege and each
        time I would have been far better off going to a circus clown. In the end I
        fixed my own issues and if I had thought about if first I would have saved my

        More attention needs to be given to natural methods of dealing with a medical issue.
        A healthy lifestyle needs to be promoted in each and every community and
        doctors need to get another job where they can actually help the community in
        which they live and work. Breast cancer as well as every other type of cancer
        can be cured and has always been a curable disease and everyone needs to be
        aware of this fact.

        Women must never be experimented on and abused as your photos show and such abuse
        should be a criminal act and treated as such. I want to share something with
        you and it’s something that everyone, man and woman should respect and


        Woman is the creator of the Universe,

        the Universe is her form;

        Woman is the foundation of the world,

        she is the true form of the body.

        In woman is the form of all things,

        of all that lives and moves in the world.

        There is no jewel rarer than woman,

        no condition superior to that of a woman.

        Shaktisangama Tantra.

        I really hope my comments can make a difference to the world around us although it may
        take some time. So far it has only taken 10,000 years so it may take a little
        while yet!

        Keep up the great work you are doing and I wish you much success.


      • Gabrielle Cocchiola Hinz

        i was one of the women photographed for this project. raw food did not cure my cancer. surgery and chemo did. i sincerely hope you never have to face this disease and make the hard choices required to survive.

    • Morgan Fowler

      I’d say the butcher (so cruel…we’re not Frankenstein’s creations! ) was the massive tumor consuming my tissue….and my surgeon was the sculptor who destroyed what would’ve killed me at 32! Holistic isn’t the approach if u want to live….deny chemo/radiation if u must, but these oncologists and surgeons are amazing people and save lives. Like mine….I’m 32 now ♥


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