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My Top 5 “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY” Sex Toys (Ooh, so Hot)

Fifty Shades Og Frey Sex Toys

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Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

Anybody following my blog, knows that I love to explore the secrets of sexual pleasure. May it be a threesome, a sex party, a Yoni-Massage or sex toys. Each of these adventures helps me to experience my body & myself in a new way.

Lately 1000s of women are raving about the erotic romance novel  “50 Shades of Grey”. I got all excited too, but did not have the time to read the book. So I asked a friend to write an article about her favorite sex toys from “50 Shades of Grey”. Here you go:


The read of “50 Shades of Grey” left me curious, wanting to try out most of the toys that feature in the book …and obviously wet. Below are my top 5 sex toys from the book.


50 Shades Of Grey Charlie Tango Classic Vibrator

It’s not only a vibrator. Noooo, you can use this baby on either the nipples, testicles or the clit. I get all excited about this toy. Not only because what it is capable of but also of it s elegance.

Btw. The use of vibrators not only helps you to experience multiple orgasms but also helps to release stress and tension.


Fifty Shades of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug

I must admit it: a butt plug remains a forte of the daring lover who has no fear of experiencing something new and different. Good thing is that this butt plug has a perfect size for beginners.

My tip: Add some natural lube like coconut oil and slide the plug into the butt for a never felt before experience.



These babies are my favorite. It’s hard to describe sexual pleasure without the mention of Ben Wa balls. The balls provide a once in a lifetime form of pleasure. Gently slide them into your pussy and experience awesome internal stimulation. The best about it is that the more you use them the more you will train your pubococcygeus muscles (they help you to experience even stronger orgasms)

My Tip: Use a lot of natural coconut oil as a lube so you can experience maximum pleasure.



Now this toy might not be for everybody, but it certainly will help any women to experience her body in a new way. With the ability to increase in size upon insertion, the beads provide a nasty kind of pleasure that grows with you. The beads are oval shaped to make insertion and removal easier.

Great bonus: The anal beads work perfectly at massaging ones inside ready for anal sex.



I haven’t tried out this toy yet but it’s next on my list. It is said that the love ring helps to boost sexual pleasure by helping sustain erections for longer. The love ring can be used during sex for both his and her pleasure.

I’ve read this tip: For maximum pleasure the use of lube is always advised. Try positioning the cock ring with the vibrator above for clitoral stimulation or below to tickle testicles.


Now you have seen the Top 5 Sex Toys of my friend.

Wanna see my favorite sex toy? You probably won’t believe it.

Click like to unlock it. 😉

Now if you ask me..  I am all ready to have some fun after writing all this. Who is with me? 😉 What’s your favorite toys? Which toy appeals the most to you?

Love, Adina

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