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The Magical Powers of {Breast Milk}


About Me

Peruquois is a world-known singer and serves humanity with her unique voice, music and wisdom of the divine feminine. She is the author of practices such as ‘Vocal Yoga’ and ‘Vocal Tantra’. In 2013 Peruquois created a unique feminine sound practice called “Emotional Cleansing” which helps women to directly address their emotions such as anger, fear, grief, longing and ecstasy. During all these years she has been helping women and men to awaken to their whole potential.

“Tits, boobs, and knockers are just some of the names used to describe breasts – names that are far removed from the source of love & power they were created to embody.”

Pornographic descriptions and displays of women’s bodies have misled men and women about the potential of breasts and their power.

Many women have lost their connection to the power and beauty of their breasts, and have replaced it with hidden feelings of shame and inadequacy.

And many mothers are hesitant to breastfeed – afraid their breasts will become saggy and lose their sex appeal, which is a myth.

The Power Of Being A Mother

The knowledge of the breast’s magical potency has been lost because we haven’t given the mother her true place in society.

 “Mothers today are encouraged to multitask and though the practicalities of life often demand a mother’s energy in many directions at once. New mothers are prized for their ability to get back to work quickly, establishing business as usual.”

However, a mother’s greatest gift to her baby is to stay present in her own body – in a meditative state – while nursing. This way, a whole transmission of physical and Spiritual nourishment can pour through her sacred breasts!

The Benefits of Breastfeeding For Mother And Child

breast feeding

Breastfeeding is an ecstatic communion between mother and child, Earth and Cosmos. The beauty and wholeness of existing in a physical body, and the wisdom of the Universe, reassuringly pours through this loving union.

 “When a mother feeds her baby, she has the power in her breasts (and in her milk) to keep her child connected to the Universe, the source of pre-embodied life. Thus, her milk is the bridge between the Cosmic and Earthly being; between the formless and form.”

For the mother, her yoni opens and contracts, and her womb energy begins to flow.

For the baby, he or she is fed everything it requires – nutritionally and Spiritually.

 “So much is transferred to baby through the breast. If Mother is in pain, feeling unloved, stressed, out of control, or in a state of disharmony, those feelings are transferred to the baby as a message that being in existence equals pain.”

When a mother gives her baby the full potential of the love of her breasts, the Spiritual power and strength of her milk will help her child to grow into a whole, healthy and present human being!

Any Breast Has The Power To Give & Heal

It is important to note that women who cannot breastfeed (whether as a result of closure from their breast energy, or for any other reason) still have the potential to fully open the channel of love by tenderly giving their breast to their baby.

 “The physical milk may not arrive but the Spiritual energy through the bond between mother and child will be felt by both.”

This will dissolve any shame or fear that the baby is not getting what it needs, bringing with it much healing.

The Importance Of Presence During Breastfeeding


A great re-education on the function and purpose of breasts is so desperately needed, starting in our homes and communities.

 “As a culture, the presence of family and community around a breastfeeding mother can be a great source of encouragement and support, helping to hold space for her during feeding.”

Women: When chatting with a nursing girlfriend over coffee, wait until she has fed before sharing your stories. Let her be present.

Men: Support your partner in being fully present during breastfeeding, reminding her to focus on this very sacred act and nothing else.

So let’s all begin to bring consciousness into our daily lives and support this very sacred act of love!

By Peruquois

(check out her bio & amazing work (at the top of the article); Edited by Chelsie Diadhiou


Did you breast feed? If so, how was your experience & for how long did you breast feed? Let us know in the comments below


Did you know Peruquois is also an amazing, world-known singer? Check out her latest video:

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9 years ago

Thank you sister for sharing this wise words. I like to breastfeed my little big boy 🙂 its so pure love, can’t describe in words …its amazing the ability of being a mother <3 that's what makes us complete woman


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