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The Sacred Sexual Powers Of {TWERKING}


About Me

Lady Shepsa Jones is a life coach, writer, teacher and juju woman. She helps guide women to creating a life of bliss and orgasmic juiciness through her company Let Go Let Goddess. A connoisseur of joy, she believes that pleasure is not frivolous but mandatory.

“Go ahead, girl: twerk! This may be the most Spiritual and healing thing you do all day. Yes my dear, twerking is sacred!”

Twerking has become popular and well known, thanks to Myley Cyrus and her infamous performance at the 2013 VMA’s. Unfortunately, her embarrassing display has given this ancient dance a bad reputation.

Contrary to popular belief, the movements associated with twerking are not new (even the term ‘twerk’ has been around for a while)


Twerking is a set of dance moves that originated in West Africa (particularly amongst the Mapouka people of Ivory Coast), and spread throughout the African Diaspora.

Need proof? Take an African or Afro-Caribbean dance class, and you’ll notice that most of the moves are isolated in the hips, pelvis and buttocks – the same muscles used to twerk.

“If women consciously did these dance moves not as props in music videos, but in sacred, healing womens’ circles (or in the loving presence of our partners), it would empower us to reclaim our health and our sexuality.”


#1 Twerking strengthens your pelvic floor muscles

The parts of the body used to twerk build muscle and control of the pelvic floor, while also strengthening the core. It’s also an intense workout that can give you a sexy physique and make your booty look extra juicy! So bend over and contract your booty muscles, then let them go and drop it like it’s hot!

#2 Twerking heals your reproductive health

“Moving the hips increases energy flow, releasing stagnant chi (or life force energy) and helping to alleviate issues such as fibroids and menstrual cramps – both a result of contracted energy in the lower abdomen.”

The moves performed in twerking, and other similar dances, can help to heal the female reproductive system. Strengthening these muscles helps to ease childbirth and prevent disorders such as urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse.

Twerk daily and relieve yourself of the need to pop Motrins while on your monthly!

#3 Twerking balances your lower chakras

In Chinese Taoism, the lower tantian (energy center) – located three finger widths below the navel – is where our life force and sexual energy are stored and generated. It is also known as the root chakra, a major area of focus in martial arts. When this area is strong, we have increased energy to support our physical and spiritual bodies.

Dantien - Tantien

In the Indian Tantra tradition, these dances circulate energy through our first and second chakras, which are connected to our feelings of security and creativity, respectively.

When these chakras are balanced, it strengthens our connection to our sensuality and abundance. In both Tantra and Taoism, once our sexual energy is generated, it can be channeled to higher Spiritual centers, expanding our consciousness to a state of Divine bliss!

So let’s reclaim twerking for what it is: a sacred practice for feminine health and sexual empowerment. Now go put on some music and back that thang up!

Do you know how to twerk? Let me know in the comments below.

By Shepsa Jones

(Check out her biography (at the top of the article) & her epic work); Edited by Chelsie Diadhiou | Photo Found Here


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Maya-Lin Green
Maya-Lin Green
8 years ago

Great Read!! One comment: I believe the Mapouka is a dance, not a people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mapouka. I absolutely love this blog. I host a women’s circle once a month during the new moon-I use a lot of juicy stuff from your blog with the women I meet with. This article inspired me to do a History of Twerking discussion complete with a movement exercise. Thanks for all you do to uplift the consciousness surrounding feminine, masculine, and sexuality.

Katie Weiler
Katie Weiler
8 years ago

Great article. This is why I got trained to teach BUTI yoga. Shanti rising.

shaney marie
8 years ago

i love twerking and totally get the sacredness of it and respect its origins however i find this sentence unnecessary…

“thanks to Myley Cyrus and her infamous performance at the 2013 VMA’s.
Unfortunately, her embarrassing display has given this ancient dance a
bad reputation”

Hay how about rather than dissing another womans expression, rather praise her bravery in self expression. It’s disappointing to see an article here shaming another woman.

8 years ago

Twerking gets the blood flowing, and gives your a high of ecstasy. Plus you feel so damn sexy doing it! That is why you should try belly dancing oh my!!! talk about connecting to your inner sexy goddess and the amazing good energy you pull into your soul is mind blowing. Plus it’s a great way to workout that body girls!

Tess D'anBee
Tess D'anBee
9 years ago

For anyone who doesn’t understand the anthropological aspects, i.e. most western females, it’s just a crass display reminiscent of baboons on heat at the zoo. It is important to remember that western *civilisation* and culture is somewhat manipulated so that humans remain stuck in their lower chakras.

Jenna Ice
Jenna Ice
9 years ago

Yes. I know how to twerk. I recently quit dancing as much but the other day I started twerking and boy did I feel good! It was like a release of energy but I felt good more open feeling. I can’t explain good energy.


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