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This Is The New Plus-Size? Are You Kidding Me? Did I Miss Out On Something?


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So according to the magazine Cosmopolitan this is the new plus-size model. Right. Yes. Of course, she is plus-size. So if she is plus-size what does normal size look like?

No wonders this society is screwed up if the media declares this as Plus-Size.

Plus Size

This picture too became super viral on my Facebook Wall. For good reason.

You have to check this out:

How does this make you feel?

Much love, Adina

P.s. Please share this with your friends. It is crucial that we help this society to create a healthy natural image of the female body. I am sure Cosmopolitan did not have any bad intentions, but we have to become more mindful about what we say and how we see women. I am no crazy feminist, but the female body and mind has been exposed to so much mind-manipulation that it is about time reinforce a healthy natural idea of a female’s body. No plastic surgery, no hardcore fancy diets. Just a healthy, mindful life.

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  • ironhat

    Jeez, slacken your harsh there, JhM. She looks to be the age of a soccer mom so, she’s probably up to her eyeballs chasing after kids. She’s not as toned as a gymnast but who is in their middle years? I’m not offended and I might say that I find her very attractive (as if she should even give a crap what I think). Just my take on it.

  • Destiny Waters

    This is purely ignorant, given the diversity that exists across humanity… To begin one must accept oneself where we are right now. Then we can be transformed in what so ever way we desire. Given the chemicalization of our bodies, and the over use of DRUGS, VACCINES, GMOS, BABY FORMULA, TOXICITY SINCE BEFORE BIRTH, TOXIC WOMBS AND SPERM E.T.C. Skinny DOES NOT = healthy, and everyone responds differently to their environment, this is not even taking into consideration all the abuse we experience… Many times excess fat is a cover/SUBCONSCIOUS PROTECTION, anxiety e.t.c. Its no wonder we are having so many issues physically, and EMOTIONALLY. Be a little more compassionate, and understanding of others peoples sensitivities, struggles and desires to be a better human being, to be accepted, and LOVED…

  • RetweetLister

    JhM Beauty is subjective and go fuck yourself. 🙂

  • Krissy Jones

    Saying someone is plus-sized isn’t the same as saying they’re fat. I’m guessing (because I’m tall too) that she can’t buy pants in most stores. The clothing for average size women would be too short on top, and the length of the pants would be too short….so technically she’s plus sized. I think she looks amazing…..I also think we’re a little hypersensitive when it comes to categorizing people as skinny, plus size, large, fat, curvy, whatever. I don’t cry when people say I’m tall….and I’m sure this goddess doesn’t give a damn about what people say about plus-sized fashion, she’s getting PAID.

  • Daniel

    Actually she`s even -too flat- on the bosom for normal sizes… THATS not normal size breasts. They are even -smaller- than most of the healthy women bear… And the other parts of her body MAYBE normal, but slim, but she doesnt even have some buttocks… Completely flat there also. Actually shes a bit masculine by outline. AND a tad slim, but otherwise normal. Theres no any part of this body whats plus size. Wait… I doenst know her height. Maybe the height…

  • Kendra Behringer

    it’s sad but the fact is, in the fashion industry, size 12 and sometimes even size 10 is considered plus size. I know I’m plus size now, but when I was younger I was 140lbs and a size 12. There’s no fricken way I was plus size back then. I wasn’t even pudgy. My body wasn’t perfect, I could have lost a few pounds, but I was not fat or plus size.

  • Christin New

    She is not a plus-sized, in the idea that while she may wear a size 12 (which is subjective by both country and manufacturer), she is 6’2 inches (74 inches). The average height of American women is 5’4 (64 inches). Taking into account that a standard deviation of height is approx. 3 inches (really, for women it is 2.8), then she is roughly 3.3-3.5 standard deviations outside the normal height range for women. She’s a real outlier in height, so that skews her weight/waist/other ratios immensely. Calling her plus-size is accurate in a sense, because she’s kinda Amazonian in stature. But plus-size in the nomenclature to reflect our idea of larger women who wear sizes 16-20-something? Yeah… not a real accurate reflection.

  • KL

    Thanks for sharing, but I’m not sure what the author is accomplishing by distancing herself from “crazy feminists”. Don’t diminish the feminist implications of what you have posted here. Also, women calling other women crazy just needs to stop, just like body-shaming and calling other women fat needs to stop.

    • PresenceLOVE

      Ummmmm, dont we all need to distance ourselves from hate groups and call out crazy people if they are indeed crazy? There is no group that advocates only for men that has any collective acceptance! Feminism is a toxic ideology that needs to go. Women giving other women a free pass simply because of their biology is the last thing we need! Men need to call out and stop other crazy men just as women need to do the same to their sex! Blaming men for everything is never going to solve anything!

  • DB

    she’s 6’2 180. if that’s not plus size, idk what is.

    • Rosemary

      *sigh* No, that’s nowhere near plus size. Yes, she’s tall and built, but she would be about a size 10, maybe 12. A true plus size is size 16+. Here’s an example, I’m 5’6″ at 145 I was a size 12, and quite frankly in the best shape of my life. Now I’m a size 16/18, barely a plus size, and I KNOW I’m fat. Other than our height, the model and myself are similarly built. I have wide shoulders, narrow arms, long torso, and a big chest. This is what I looked like when I was @ 145 and a size 12. Here’s a fact for you, the store that caters to plus sizes (Lane Bryant) carries size 16 and up. In fact, the size 16 and 18 are actually hard to find, because it’s borderline plus size. So no, this beautiful, healthy, sexy woman is NOT a plus size.

  • Damian the Crazed

    These comments are unreal…I can’t believe that this is ‘plus size’. How does that even happen? What the hell is going on in this country? Eventually we’re all going to look like fucking meth addicts. This is just sick. If you are going to reply to me and tell me this ‘Is actually plus size because ________’ I’m just going to ignore the fact that you even said anything. You will not ever change my mind on what is and is not ‘plus size’.

  • Ramona Douglas

    According to the model, she says she is a size 12, which is technically plus-sized by any standards. However, we all should know that size 8 is considered plus-sized in the modeling industry. The concern here is that we should all be striving to be as healthy as possible, while understanding that NOT ALL WOMEN ARE GOING TO BE A SIZE 2. Just like all men can’t have wash-board abs. Just like some men just don’t have the ability to build up muscle like the latest cookie cutter male model, not all women can rid themselves of the hips they were gifted with. We were all created to be different shapes and sizes, and as long as you are as healthy as you can be, your size shouldn’t matter, because honestly, everyone’s healthiest size is different. There is no one right or wrong size to be.

  • Jollyriffic

    This isn’t “new” and anyone claiming to be a “scientist” in their bio, as the author has, should have some sort of clue as to what BMI is before writing about simple common sense claiming its outlandish. With america’s obesity problem, people have skewed the idea of what being plus sized is. Most females that claim to be “curvy” are Morbidly obese. People simply have no idea what BMI (body mass index) is anymore, or for that matter have any clue what is or is not, overweight. yes, the picture/link you posted is plus sized.
    while this picture may not be the nicest of pictures, i’ve seen it on facebook and said to myself “at least someone out there has a clue”. http://funlolx.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Girls-Who-Don%E2%80%99t-Accept-500×355.jpg the curvy woman in the picture, based on her BMI, is in fact, plus sized also. These are not “medias ideas of being skinny” it’s science!
    As someone that isn’t even an author, i’ll back my facts up with proof, unlike this poor excuse for an online article.

    these facts are based on the CDC (center for disease control), NOT the media!
    that being said, if you’re happy with your body, more power to you! But please, lets be honest, if you’re fat based on science, don’t go acting like a fool trying to get the rest of the world to change their stance on what overweight is just because you simply don’t want to be called “fat”. with my height and weight, i’m bordering on being obese, and guess what, i own up to it.

    • Brittany

      Amen. I am so sick of this mentality that if you are a healthy weight, you’re too skinny, and real women have curves (fun fact: fat rolls and curves are NOT THE SAME THING!) If we use fat models we will only encourage more people to stay fat, and obesity costs taxpayers more per year than smoking. If women want to be fat, fine, but don’t shame the rest of us who choose to be healthy and have self control. This girl is plus sized because she is on the heavier end of healthy, if not overweight. Unfortunately we’ve become a society that decided the solution to the obesity epidemic was to raise the weight standard for BMI.

      • Lark

        You don’t sound healthy, you sound pro ana!! If you know so much about fitness why don’t you post some encouraging comments instead of disrespecting and hating over weight people!! I’m a size two and I share my diet routine openly encouraging anyone

    • Nicole Rose

      BMI has been dis-proved as totally inaccurate–it doesn’t even account for muscle mass. while i agree with some of your points, that woman is not plus-sized by any standard–except in the modeling industry, she is probably a size four and weighs maybe 130 pounds (idk how tall she is). she is absolutely not “overweight” by any “scientific” standards.

      yes many women claim to be “curvy” and complain about unhealthy body standards when they are in fact unhealthy weights. but that doesn’t make this woman overweight. to claim so is ridiculous.

      • Sarah Crystal

        Are you serious nicole? how about instead of arguing whilst having no facts to back you up you do some damn research. the models name is literally right there! Not only is she 6’2 and 180 pounds she is a size 12 not a size 4! Not to mention this photo your saying she looks like a size 4 in was probably photo shopped to high heaven since it was for cosmo. While I would agree that BMI isnt a very good system because despite being and looking healthy i was always considered underweight but in Americas vanity sized clothing (which *SURPISE* is a whole nother crock of bs) I can fit in anything between a 0 and a 3. Do you know why America uses vanity sizing? So girls dont feel bad about their weight and therefore are more likely to buy clothes. Its literally all a fucking sales ploy. No one said that she was unhealthy or fat. They called her a plus sized model and here thats anything over a size 8 and i dont know about you but at about 5ft and 90 pounds that girl would make a dwarf of me. But despite that she looks beautiful happy and PROUD to be a plus sized model. The real problem with america is that so many woman care more about what others think of them than being comfortable in their own skin like this lovely young model is.

        • mhall

          If you check her stats she is size 12 UK which is size 8 in American sizes, so to say she is size 12 not 4 is a bit misleading – I’m assuming the previous comment was using US sizing. (I agree with most of what you say though). I think she looks beautiful the size that she is, although I have read articles stating that she wishes the modelling industry would just use models appropriate to the size of clothes/ relevance of the model to the brand etc. not labelling people as plus sized etc. By putting people into these groups it means that people who are the epitome of ‘ideal weight’ as recommended by doctors/ BMI etc (obviously varies alot but usually around a UK size 10/ US 6-8) very seldom get used in the industry as they are not quite slim enough to be regular models while not quite plus sized. In fact a lot of models who have slightly wider bone structure etc find themselves in the position where they have to actively put weight on so they can model as plus sized (including this model). Not, in my opinion, the best message – but then the modelling industry has never really been about health and well being…

      • PresenceLOVE

        This women is at least 145 and thats a healthy weight if she is indeed 6,2!

  • Mustlovecats/dogs


    Look at this link there are people that love themselves and honestly it doesnt matter what all of you prats are saying.

  • EmLem3

    I’m actually pretty confused. I’m 17 and does the media have any idea of the issues they are causing girls today? I can name a girl in my class with an eating disorder or body image distortion for every toe and finger I have. plus some. They don’t realize how painful they are making it for girls to grow up now a days. It took me 17 years to realize I love the beach. I hated it because I thought when I was fat ever since I learned what fat was. It’s not fair that it is impossible to feel slightly secure in yourself even as a little girl anymore. Why do women have these expectations but men do not? Yes they have the pressure to be fit but not to be skinny. Can’t the media either back off or feature real women who have a shape. There is nothing wrong with being skinny as long as the media shows there is nothing wrong with being curvy either. This woman is gorgeous not just because she naturally is, but also because I can’t see her ribs, she’s tall, she has those little things of skin right were her arm meets her armpit, she doesn’t have abs, she has gorgeous thighs and… shall I continue? Why not lay off the skinny thing for a while, media? Before you kill off all you’re younger readers who are desperately trying to meet your outlandish expectations.

  • April Lavoie-Legrand

    Honestly i think woman are beautiful creatures. They can create milk, they can birth children, they endure pain well, and honestly we rock! I dont care what size we are, what we look like. We are cherished creatures that give life to this world and no matter what we look like, we are beautiful. People need to recognize that. Not the fact that our ass is huge or tiny or we have big boobs or flat, or even we have alot of curves. We are what make this world carry on and strive. If it werent for woman, this planet would die. This picture depicts a beautiful model that is healthy and has curves. She is beautiful, but so is all the other woman in this world. No matter race, colour of hair, eyes, big small, boobs, no boobs…. we are woman. Beautiful ! Men should Respect that. Listen to your mother!

    • PresenceLOVE

      I will respect someone who has earned it as an individual! Demanding respect simply based off their biology is very very sexist! Honestly, feminists these days are the most sexist creatures in the history of our planet!

  • jimbobway

    Lol at plus-size model. She’s hot as fuck. The skinny twig girls are gross. You can’t bang a skeleton.

  • Michelle Eble-Martin

    That is sooooooooooo NOT PLUS SIZE!!!!!! That was me when I was about 17 before gaining 85lbs having babies and gravity taking over and not being able to get the weight off!!!!! That today is NOT even AVERAGE!!!!! Plus size to me is Any woman size 20 + !!!!!! And Kate Upton being referred to as PLUS SIZE!!!! Not even on a BAD DAY is Kate Upton PLUS SIZED!!!!! I am a big girl over the size of 20, I consider myself PLUS SIZE!!!! Not sizes 16 and under…GIVE ME A GOD DAMNED BREAK!!!!!!

  • Anders C. Madsen

    Sigh. I wonder how long people outside the fashion- and modeling-industry will keep getting their knickers in a bunch over a TECHNICAL INDUSTRY TERM USED TO DESCRIBE A MODELS SIZE! God dammit, people!

    The term “plus-size” has NOTHING to do with the model being fat, ugly, unattractive, useless, repulsive or whatever other crap I have seen being spewed all over the internet when non-industry people gets all huffed up and tries to link the term to a ton of nonsense.

    Kate Upton is considered a plus-size model, for crying out loud! I personally don’t think you will find a more sexy, attractive woman on the planet right now, so stop taking a technical term, quickly defining a model as unable to fit the usual size 6 that you will find on a fashion photo shoot, as something that describes a lot of subjective details about her as a woman. It’s not. It just lets the art director, designer or photographer know, that if they want to use this model, they will need to make sure that they have the clothes that fit, and can’t expect her to slip into the standard size 6 used by models that are not plus-size.

    That Cosmo uses a technical term in an article without explaining it is their mistake, but technically they are definitely correct – she is a plus-size model, and a gorgeous one at that.

    • Rebecca Balent

      a size six was the industry standard in the 80’s. Now its a 0, size 2 max.

    • Brittany

      A size 6 is not small. For a woman who is 5 7, a size 6 is at the heavier end of healthy

      • Lark

        Everyone has a different frame, for some people a size 6 looks ideal…stop being such a hater!!

      • kufflersays

        pardon?!………. just, wow

  • CHEZ

    this is nuts. i have been considered thin, even skinny, by everyone around me, all my life (yes, I have been blessed with a fast metabolism and long legs), but I am Bigger than her! I do not consider myself plus sized, not even chubby. Flacidmeat you have got to get a grip, that is a really vulgar comment, and Cosmo you were the one women’s mag that I thought had a wee sense of reality, and I am sadly disappointed. Never gonna pick that up while waiting in the grocery line again.

  • FlacidMeatLog

    That woman is DEFINITELY plus sized & could use a diet and the gym. It’s really getting on my nerves that the whole world is trying to convince fat little piggish girls that they’re “beautiful” and decreasing the value of true beautiful hot women.

    I’m not advocating long-term bulimia, but there are some chicks that could benefit from a tad of anorexia. Shape up, fat chicks!

    • Mustlovecats/dogs

      Are you kidding me? What are you a 00?! How about you fuck off you dumb bint, Im guessing you’ve never had a weight issue in your life. I hope you gain 50 lbs. Stupid bitch. She is clearly healthy vs the 6ft models that starve themsevles to get nowhere in life then work at a gap after they get too old or gain 5lbs. Take a good look at your life.

      • FlacidMeatLog

        Lol… Mustlovecatsndogs is obviously a nasty huge whale. Why are the fatties always the loudest. Go for a run… those Dove commercials were just trying to sell more ice cream to the hogs.

    • Brittany

      Amen. I’m sick of fat women complaining about those of us who are healthy and have self control. If you’re jealous, do something about it. Shaming healthy women, though, is not going to get you any healthier. And fat rolls are not curves.

      • Lark

        Oh so every woman who is over weight is jealous?? Of you?? Are you that full of yourself?? Do you really think that every “over weight” person cares about what us “thin women” look like!! Get a grip!! I’ve been a size two most of my life, if I walked around thinking every person that was bigger than me was jealous of me I would have almost no friends!!

        • Brittany

          I’m not full of myself. I just have no other explanation for why a fat woman would belittle, ridicule, and attempt to say horrible things about skinny or fit women. “Real men like curves” is simply not true. Real men like whatever they like and most men prefer women who take care of themselves. Unless you have another explanation for it?

  • Ron G

    That girl doesn’t look like a size 12-24 (which is what Wikipedia says is plus-sized) I agree that it’s fucked up, but it’s Cosmo, and they are fucked up. I guess nobody else noticed all they talk about is sex, and that in and of itself degrades society

    • Brittany

      Yes she is at least a size 12. She just doesn’t have the typical look of someone that size because the picture is still photoshopped and touched up.

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  • onyonet

    Completely ridiculous this or any woman is called plus size. I cannot stand seeing a woman’s ribs in a swimsuit or any skimpy clothing. I also do not want to see a six pack, it makes the women look ugly, yuck! Nothing sexy about either of these things. I personally believe that most men like and prefer a woman to look like this model. The problem is they’re afraid to admit it in public because of peer pressure. Women who too skinny are paraded and touted as beautiful and that simply needs to stop. As I say to my wife when I see the ribs on those girls, “somebody needs to feed them a cow to put some meat on those bones.” And another thing, I’ve read that two-thirds of Americans are overweight. That’s puts us in the majority (by a long shot). Skinny people need to catch up with the times.

    • sylphique

      Great, body-shaming skinny women. Here’s an idea: how about we celebrate all healthy body types? Some women are thin by nature. They don’t need someone to “feed them a cow” and they don’t need to change their body to fit the expectations of any man, whether they prefer skinny girls or not.

    • Sophia Pinella

      well put by someone who should seriously slim down.

      i’m guessing your wife is a chunker, too?

      • Mustlovecats/dogs

        What is your issue lady? Would you ever say that to someone or are you brave because this is online and you dont have to feel bad? Celebrate life and don’t put people down. Damn.

        • OutdoorWoman

          If you look at her profile you’ll see she’s chronically mean. What she says is a reflection of her miserable self, not the people she’s hateful to.

      • Lark

        Do you really think that every person who doesn’t agree with your nasty comments is over weight!?and if you have such an anti fat bias why are you on this site?! Eating disorders are not a joke and they can affect people in many ways whether it be by over eating or under consuming!! Go educate yourself on it, you sound like an angry half wit!!

    • Brittany

      Skinny people need to catch up with the times? Sure, I’m going to start binge eating and lazing around all day because fat people are offended by skinny people.
      And for the record, healthy is beautiful. There’s a reason healthy girls get more dates. If a six-pack bothers you, that’s an issue with you, not the woman who decided to go to the gym.

  • Beto

    Well, I don’t see it as Cosmo saying that -that- is a plus-size model. For all we know, the model herself presented herself as such.

    • Meems

      um right under the photo that COSMO posted the first sentence… “Plus-size super model…..”

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  • Alecta

    Well, “plus” in that, unlike most models, she is not smaller than a zero. The fashion industry is so far beyond insane it’s horrifying. Models are walking coat hangers. To quote Yves ST Laurent in Women’s Wear Daily (late 80s, if I recall correctly) “we want the models thin so their bodies don’t interfere with the clothes”. Now, the clothes are supposed to be for women to wear, so clothes that look good on normal bodies would make sense, right? No. Clothes are art, independent of who will wear them, and YSL’s ideal was a body so thin it didn’t effect the hang of the garment.
    Folks, please speak up! Contact magazines *and especially manufacturers* and say no more! Insist on realistic clothes, sizing and labeling. “Plus” is absurd, just give a numbered size and leave it at that. Fat women know we’re fat, there’s no need to further ghettoize us. If you can’t cut clothes for bodies that have more than two dimensions, make paper dolls.

  • Sean Ruben

    lol the real problem is not the media, but the believers. who cares?!

  • Sarah

    She is 6’2″ & 180 lbs. That is considered plus size in society & it’s nothing to be looked down upon as well as nothing for everyone to have a cow about & it’s not cosmo that made the decision she is considered plus size. They are just calling it like it is.

    • Amanda Lovatsis

      How is that calling it like it is? She is in no way shape or form a PLUS sized model. Using the word “plus-sized” implies overweight. She is at the CORRECT weight for her height and age. Therefore she is NOT plus sized, therefore they are NOT calling it like it is. You just said, “That is considered plus IN SOCIETY.” Which is exactly the point! The fact that SOCIETY thinks that THIS is what is considered PLUS is EXACTLY the PROBLEM. And that is why everyone is so mad. If she is a plus, then what are some of the rest of us? PLUS X13242 ???

      • Leeda

        The term “Plus size” does NOT mean “overweight” or “fat.” It means “Larger than average” and this model is larger than the average, healthy woman. She’s not fat, she’s not overweight, but she IS exceptionally broad shouldered and has wider than average hips. She has a plus sized bone structure. I could be morbidly obese on my frame and still be too small to fill out “plus sized” clothing because plus sized clothing is not designed for “fat people” it is designed for people with a larger frame. You can be wear plus sized clothing and still be beautifully fit and healthy, and you can wear regularly sized clothing and still be obese. It has to do with skeletal frame, not body fat.

  • Judy Williams-Boone

    I guess my goal in life is to be a plus sized model than… cause she looks damn good to me…. I don’t want to ever be a board with small bumps… .. I’d rather have curves and sex appeal…. maybe u should hug a “slim” model and then your version of a “plus-sized” model and tell me which one you’d rather sleep with….

    • Brittany

      Based on personal observations, men like the skinny chicks. If they bring home a fat chick it’s because “they’re easy”, and the next day they laugh about how they harpooned a whale. But if it makes you feel better about skipping the gym, carry on.

      • Lark

        Brittany you sound so ignorant!! You should listen to yourself and NO I’m not a “fat chick” you know how there are racists? Well you sound like one only against over weight people!! Do you know how many models have died of anorexia and bulimia because of the pressure put on them by the industry?? Because of people like you that won’t hire them unless they are pin thin…it’s disgusting to think of what they go through and thin doesn’t always mean healthy!! Go look up Terry Schiavo had a stroke at 110 ibs 5 5 left her brain dead as a result of an eating disorder and she wasn’t even emaciated…go educate yourself on anorexia before opening your mouth especially on a non pro ana article!! Although based on these comments I’m thinking you are pro ana!!

        • Brittany

          Do you know how many people die from obesity-related complications each year? I’m for being healthy… That includes losing or gaining weight in a healthy manner. Jesus it’s fine to tell smokers smoking is unhealthy but tell a fat person being fat is unhealthy and everyone freaks the hell out.

      • Lark

        Seriously?? Brittany Are you that ignorant?? You are a weightist!! You are gona sit here and call all over weight women easy?? And no I’m not a “fat chick” before you act like a 12 year old and assume I must be…easy is an attitude and a self esteem issue NOT a size…do you know how many women in the modeling industry suffer from low self esteem and have died from anorexia and bulimia cuz of the pressures put on them by the industry?? What they go through is horrific…there are plenty of unhealthy “thin people” google terry schiavo at 5 5 and 110 ibs she had a stoke from an eating disorder leaving her brain damaged…or what about Karen Carpenter?? Its not funny to sit here on a computer and make such disgusting remarks…you are selfish and irresponsible… Do you really think that every over weight person must not go to the gym?? How do you not know if they have a thyroid issue or sole other condition?? You need to stop jumping to conclusions about what men may or may not like of why someone is over weight and take a long look at the kind of comments you are putting out there…As a “thin chick” you are in a position to encourage people yet you make disgusting remarks hiding like some Avatar!!

        • Brittany

          I’m merely basing that statement, as I said, from personal observations. I have never personally met a guy who was into fat chicks. I have met guys who have had sex with fat chicks and said it was because they were easy. Not once did I say it was scientifically proven.
          I can say, however, that it is scientifically proven that 97.58 adults out of every 100,000 people has a thyroid condition. That doesn’t explain the fact that over 60% of the US population is obese, and over 5% are morbidly obese (BMI 40% or higher). Not to mention the fact that obesity-related complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, ulcers, and heart disease, cost taxpayers more per year than cigarettes. That’s right: purposely inhaling carcinogens is less harmful than being fat.
          Please tell me all about ignorance though.

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  • padraige

    If SHE is plus size, I’m President Obama.

  • Lynsie Gray

    I’ll be honest when I first saw this it depressed me a little Bc I feel I look the same as her as in I’m proportionate to my size…plus sized does not mean fat it’s more just a very tall person that isn’t bean pole small…Also if a fat person was wearing this swim suit they would not sell as many swim suits…it’s just a fact

    • Amanda Lovatsis

      Are you kidding? The words “plus sized model” even imply that she is a heavier weight. Why is one person just simply a model, while she is a PLUS sized model. Why is it necessary to make a size distinction. Its the same thing as saying “That guy..” versus “That Black guy…” Why is it necessary to make that distinction? Why can’t she just be called a MODEL and THATS IT?? An din fact, “plus size” DOES imply that it means “fat”. Have you ever walked into a clothing store and gone into the PLUS section? Those clothes are sizes 20, 24, XXXL, etc. This woman is by no means a PLUS sized model and even if she was, why does the word PLUS have to come into play at all?

  • Daryl

    1. Who said and why do modelling ads have to convey reality? Your own fault for thinking those images are the standard to society. Look at men magazines, or even many women magazines, every time you see a male, he is completely chizzled in every muscle group, do men get mad and think women expect that when thats all you see in every movie and picture? No. not at all. We dont think that way, neither should you.
    2. Stop hating and being mean to skinny girls because of your made up imperfections. Everyone is beautiful. Every curve is beautiful. You are beautiful. Many women claim that they are a “real woman” and they dont want to look like a twig and please society-Then why do you always try to diet? Why do you want to loose weight? You should EMBRACE your body no matter the size, and not try to change it. IF you want to change your body for your OWN reasons, GREAT! But don’t you go being condescending and be an absolute ass face to those girls you want to look like, and try to belittle them. Believe it or not, just like many girls are naturally larger, many girls are naturally small. Why is it ok to call a bigger girl beautiful and real, and a smaller one anorexic and disgusting?
    3. Don’t be rude to other girls because you’re jealous. Pretty self explanatory.
    Sorry for this long status, but I had to voice my opinion. What triggers me most is that after the article, HUNDREDS of girls were commenting and saying how stupid a very professional modeling company was and how all there girls are this and that and unbelievable and ugly and they are what girls really looked like. GIRLS, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely no one is telling you that this is what we expect a woman to look like! THE MODELS don’t even look like that! Think about it, if everyone looked like that fabricated beauty, then everyone would be a model. Big, small, short, tall you are all unique and gorgeous. Please stop conforming and yelling at society because of your insecurities and jealousy. They are miss-placed, no guy cares that every magazine has ripped guys and girls idolize them.
    Don’t blame society, you are society.
    Don’t hate and be ridiculously mean.
    Be true to yourself.
    Know you’re beautiful.

    • Amanda Lovatsis

      The whole reason why everyone is so mad is because of the fact that they are labelling this woman as a PLUS model. The word plus implies overweight or weighing more than the average amount. And the reason that people are so mad is because this beautiful woman is in no way shape or form a PLUS size. And if she is, what does that mean for most of the rest of us? How big does that make us?

      • Ashley

        The word PLUS means “bigger than standard models” not fat, over weight, or any of those things. That’s what it means in the fashion model industry. I agree with Daryl. The comments only mirror the posters insecurities. Educate yourself before commenting.

  • Romana Biedermann

    Speak for yourself. I am about 5’6″ and weigh 150, I have almost an identical body to this model and I’m not taking this offensively. I realize Cosmo didn’t mean to call anyone fat nor did I say that I agree with this classification. In fact what I said was this is a sad reality of the modelling world. I’m sorry that it effected your girlfriend that way and I’m sure it will offend other girls but we really shouldn’t take this is so seriously when these are impossible standards set by the modelling industry which is a completely different world. No need to insult me for defending the magazine, by point is they didn’t determine whether or not this girl was plus-size, she’s already classified as such in her line of work. I realize if I was a model I would be plus sized . . it doesn’t mean you’re fat it’s just an impossible standard set by an industry that unfortunately admires body types that aren’t the norm. I’m happy the modelling industry has changed over the years to at least accept normal girls like myself as models, about ten years ago the women in the picture would have been turned away and told to lose some weight. My whole point is that the modelling industry is the one to blame for this, not cosmopolitan. Ellen also had a model on her show who she referred to as a “plus-sized” model and in fact had an entire discussion with her guest about being a plus-sized model and she didn’t recieve the criticism cosmopolitan is for posting something on facebook.

  • Dean

    Well yeah. This girl looks like a plus size. Chill out, nobody said she was fat.
    A little more volume and yeah, she would be your regular fatso. But she still looks somewhat hot.
    Thats why she gets to be a “plus-size” and not a fatso.

    • Amanda Lovatsis

      What the fuck? Do you even have any idea what you’re talking about. PLUS sized means OVER the healthy and normal weight for your age or height. This woman is in no way shape or form overweight. Therefore, why in the world, is she being labelled a PLUS sized model??? Walk into a woman’s clothing store and go to the “Plus” section and look at the size of the clothes. Then tell me if she is considered “plus”. That’s what all the fuss is about – the fact that she’s being labelled as plus when she is not.

      • Dean

        Well…you might be right. Still, she looks like she wouldn’t be getting any S or maybe M sized clothes any time soon, wouldnt you agree? L…XL maybe? XL = large person = Plus Sized?
        And I dont know exactly where you got that idea about Plus Sized and health. Well…perhaps if you are large because some excess fat in your body, it might affect your health. But where is the point on arguing about that?
        Also, not working out or doing cardio plus eating pizza and stuff, might contribute to the flappy arms we see in the cute fatty in the picture.
        Again, diet and exercise doesnt make you a better person, its just a choice.

      • Leeda

        “Plus sized” does NOT mean “over the healthy and normal weight for your age or height.” It means “A larger frame than the average woman.” Notice, Plus size models are NOT fat.

    • Meems

      somewhat hot? fatso? plus size not fatso? you are a major part of this problem pal.
      what’s wrong with plus/fat/volume/curve?! real women.
      “that’s why she gets to be a plus size and not a fatso” what does this even mean?

      • Dean

        I never said there was something wrong with plus-curvy-fatsos. I just said that there is nothing wrong with ackowleding reality and calling a somewhat pudgy, stocky person…well, stocky and pudgy.

      • Sophia Pinella

        please stop insisting obese women are hot. ROLLS are not CURVES. huge difference. he is not part of the problem- women who cannot accept they are obese and want to eat their way through the donut aisle and insist that they do ‘work out’ or just have a ‘thyroid issue’ while still demanding to be seen as sexy….THEY are the problem.

        • Rebecca Balent

          I wish I could give you Hashimoto’s thyroiditis so you could suddenly blow up like a balloon, have pain in every joint, right down to your fingers, loose your hair, your fertility and think you might be losing your mind, all while trying to stay awake long enough to function like a normal human being.

    • Brittany

      She looks hot because she’s been airbrushed like all the other models. Put a fat chick with cellulite and a double chin on the cover and see what happens.

  • Linsey Fischer

    Why do they have to label it PLUS size? It’s offensive to normal sized women everywhere. Why can’t they just say models?? If they must put labels on the models..then they should call the really thin models, UNDERWEIGHT models..or MINUS size models. I’ve been seeing all these articles lately about thin women complaining that they are naturally thin and don’t deserve to be called Anorexic ..well some of us are naturally normal size and don’t deserve to be called plus in size just because we aren’t “naturally skinny”

    • Angela Delfino

      They label her as “plus size” because she wears a size 12, which is a plus size. “Plus size” does not mean “fat”.

      • No, size 12 is not a plus size. Sizes 18+ are plus size.

      • Amanda Lovatsis

        The fact that even need to make that distinction and call her “plus” and add that label as opposed to just simply calling her a model, is exactly the problem. Who cares WHAT size she wears? If she wears 12, great! If she wears 6, okay! But who cares??? Why does the fact that she wear a size 12 have any sort of significance at all anyways? Because she wears 12 that means we have to call her a plus? Who cares what sizes she wears. Plus, also does in fact imply “fat”, as plus means overweight or weighing more than the average amount. Plus, as the other commenter said, plus sizes are actually 18+.

      • Rebecca Balent

        plus size is generally above standard clothing sizes which generally run to a size 14. Once it exceeds size 16, it is in the plus size department or Women’s World.

  • david

    why is her head so small?

    • Angela Delfino

      Because the rest of her is huge

  • bd

    why do models need to reflect reality?

    • Amanda Lovatsis

      Because they are in the spotlight, with everyone’s eyes on them. They decided to be in the business of modelling, to have people look at them, and so they should reflect a healthy and realistic image that majority of normal / average people can look up to and relate with. When all you see is rail thin supermodels, and young girls should be looking up to that? No because that is neither healthy nor realistic. So, to answer your question, it is because everyone is looking up to them.

    • brit d

      Because we live in reality?

  • Fernando Candido

    and the discusting anorexic looking models are normal size????

    • Caroline

      Please don’t body hate. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some tiny girls work extremely hard to gain weight and still can’t. We should all love ourselves and take care of ourselves according to our individual needs.

      • Amanda Lovatsis

        Which is why there should be not size distinction whatsoever in the label or job title. Why is one model labelled as simply just a “model” while another is labelled as a plus sized model? Why is it necessary to make the distinction at all. ALL of them are just MODELS. That’s it , period. The word “plus” needs to be dropped. You dont see the rail thin models being labelled as underweight models, do you?

  • Viridi913

    I’m just shocked that people still take Cosmo seriously. It’s a crappy magazine, no better than any tabloid trash out there. The whole thing is shallow, poorly written and contains the worst advice known to man, regardless the topic.

    This crap shouldn’t surprise anyone. If anything I think that we should come to expect such nonsensical crap from Cosmo.

    • Caroline

      I know, it’s like people think that just because Cosmo said it, it must be a fact. When in reality, it’s their opinion on a + size woman.

      • Amanda Lovatsis

        The fact of the matter is that, whether it is a good magazine or not, there are still ALOT of people who read it. The fact that its crappy is not the point. The fact that they are publishing these words in an article that will be read by thousands of people is where the problem lies. If they publish their disgusting opinion that THIS woman is a PLUS size, how do you think that will influence the perspective of their audiences and how the women who read that will think about themselves. When you are publishing articles and putting them out in the public for many people to read, you need to take the responsibility of publishing positive and encouraging messages. They should consider how their words will influence their readers.

  • Julia

    This is about my size.. And I’m a medium/small in most clothes. How is that plus sized? Fuck your magazine, Cosmo.

  • Romana Biedermann

    Cosmopolitan really shouldn’t be getting any criticism for posting this. The modelling world and agencies are the ones who classify who is and isn’t a plus size model. It’s sad that this is what is considered plus size when in reality she looks like a normal girl, thin even. But cosmo aren’t the ones who classified her as such, its just the sad reality of the modelling world. Sure, they could have just referred to her as a model rather than a plus sized one, but what difference does it make when in her every day job she’s referred to as a plus size model. . just like how other jobs have classifications such as doctor or nurse.

    • Angry Person

      listen here you uncultured fuck. my girlfriend reads this magazine. She is 5’8″ and weighs 120 lbs. She now believes she is fat and gross because this magazine referred to a girl with the same body type as her as “Plus-Sized” The girl in this picture is perfect. And skinnier is almost gross. Any guy will tell you that. It doesn’t effect her in any way, but it effects all the normal girls who read this bullshit. The modeling world is sick and twisted and all it does is make others insecure.

      • Fatty

        cause she is fat turd like you

      • Angela Delfino

        This woman is plus sized. She wears a size 12. That is a plus size. Tell your girlfriend that “plus size” does not mean “fat”.

        • Amanda Lovatsis


          • brit d

            Actually its 14+ plus, just look at ANY clothing website.

      • Brittany

        If your girlfriend is 120lbs she wears a size 2, not a size 12, which is what a plus size model wears. If she can’t tell the difference, take her to a store and have her hold up both sizes.

    • Meems

      did anyone see COSMO’s post beneath the photo calling her a plus size super model? so i’d say cosmo classified her as such. and it’s as if the supermodel bit cancels out the plus bit.
      her every day job? she’s a model. and i bet, because she’s “plus size” she doesn’t work every day.
      is anyone else as bored of having to have this discussion as i am?

  • January

    “Plus Sized” Models don’t wear bikinies … point

  • Tessa

    A plus size model is different from a plus sized person, just as “regular” models are different than the typical person. I’ll never understand why the average citizen (men and women alike) get so offended by the model physique – it’s their job to maintain a specific look depending on agency requirements, etc. As long as they’re healthy (some women are naturally thinner or curvier than others) they shouldn’t be attacked for what their body represents. Their bodies aren’t an insult to others, so the outrage it produces seems silly.

  • disqus_VES1aEpdA6

    Shes tall. Looks decently heavy when you take her BMI + her height. Dont understand why femanists always bitch. Have you ever seen a Calvin Klien underwear model add? Those men have body fat percentages of 10% plus muscle. Men are also photoshopped. Men also are constantly exposed to hard to obtain body images. We don’t bitch. We dont make a topic of conversation over these issues every day. We just have more confidence and dont feel the need to fight the media. If you want to be part of that small percentage of people who are in bikini adds, then you better be ready to kill yourself in the gym. If not let them be skinny, and you be you. Stop giving a shit.

    • Marie-Lyne Goyer

      people like you are the reason why there are a lot of our children with eating disorders in clinics in pediatric hospitals… you should go visit a nurse there, she will tell you why these young men and women are there. If you’re too lazy and don’t care about the future generation then I will give you a hint: medias, and morons like you. The problem here is not the model, nor the classification the model world gives her, it’s how medias are trying to make believe children that THIS IS FAT, and being underweight has to be achieved by every means to be accepted and beautiful. Period. And for your information I’m not fat, nor a feminist. I’m just concerned.

    • Amber Smith

      learn how to spell “feminist” and then come back with an answer that makes sense

      • Keli Belanger

        I imagine your name may be rather common, I went to school with an Amber Smith… graduated 1970 from Henninger High School, Syracuse NY… any chance you are that same Amber Smith? would be awesome after all these years to hear from my high school friend….

    • Amanda Lovatsis

      Okay, the whole “feminist” thing is getting really old. No one can ever have an opinion or share concern for something without being called a feminist. Just because I think it is disgusting and outrageous that this is considered “plus”, does not mean that I’m a feminist. Seriously, grow up.

      • Haley

        Actually her BMI is 23 that is normal, she’s not overweight people!

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  • Marcy Jean Cottreau

    To be honest, no one said that she wasn’t beautiful. Obviously she is stunning, but with society today, Yes, she is considered a plus size. And I can agree to that. I’m not saying she is ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. She is gorgeous! That is MY opinion and I will stick to it. To each, his/her own. Beauty, however, doesn’t come from size though. Everyone who has a few pounds to shed obviously gets offended because they’re insecure. Heck, I was. Last year I weighed 180 lbs. I dropped 30lbs in a few months and fit back into my high school jeans and i’m still loosing! If you’re so wrecked over your size/weight, then why not do something about it instead of complaining and crying over it. It’s better to bring health and fitness into your life, because you are worth it and you feel great doing it! And well, because the opposite results aren’t too ideal for your self-esteem or you altogether. But, If you are happy and feel great at whatever size you’re at, then GOOD! keep doing that. Robyn doesn’t care what size she is. She obviously looks and feels great! She’s not concerned about labels.

  • Mike

    Even if Plus Sized means ” tall women “, it’s kind of irrelevant, it’s the title that means something. I think the people who decided this either weren’t thinking too hard about this or thought way too hard and are actually fucked in the head. Why can’t people just be normal fuck like take me back to the 90’s.

  • Tessa Culp

    a size ten in pennigtons is way different then a size ten in urban planet etc etc

  • Tessa Culp

    i dont think anyone realizes the significance of this photo! she is sexy, she is confident and she is proud all in one photograph! plus size is anything double didgit whether it be in length or width anything above the average store sizes usually 0-6 and anything 8-10 is avereage! lol i dont know why people get so offended that is just how some companies differ from others

    • cause people are self conscious about how they look themselves, how about people stop bitching and go hit the gym, maybe all this bitching is the reason some of these people are supersized LOL

      • Brittany

        Naw, it’s easier to tell healthy or skinny women that we’re ugly than it is to go for a run

  • Casey Hughes

    In your hurry to place your own insecurities on other people, you failed to realize that “plus size” includes many different body types, including ones that are much taller than normal. Thank you for showing me how pathetic the feminist movement is and how biased and disgusting it’s members can be.

    • Michelle

      Actually… being tall is not considered plus size idiot. Runway supermodels are typically 5’10 or taller. SMH. You’re just as ignorant as Cosmo is.

      • Keli Belanger

        Thank you… totally agree… if she were 5′ tall weighing 180 she would be a plus size…. she is perfection… she’s just tall

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  • plussizewomanbecauseyousaidiam

    Its irritating that you guys are basing her “plus size” physique based on her weight! Plus size clothing runs from a size 1x and on up! She is clearly NOT fitting into a size 1x!

    • Keli Belanger

      Thank you… totally agree… if she were 5′ tall weighing 180 she would be a plus size…. she is perfection… she’s just tall…

  • Nikki London


  • Lisa

    Although you can’t tell by the picture, Robyn is 6’2 and a size 14. Contrary to what any of you say, that is “plus-sized”…if she were to shop in the store, she would shop in plus-sized section. Despite her being beautiful, she’s a big girl and nothing is wrong with that…Lawley started her modeling career as regular model but later found that
    she doesn’t feel comfortable when forced to keep small dress size and
    switched to plus size modeling…so if she made the choice and she’s not angry, why should all of you give a f***….I’m sure it’s probably your own insecurity. Just say’n…

  • Kay

    To those of you who keep
    throwing around the stats about over weight Americans I would encourage you to
    consider the following: The “plus sized” model pictured above
    is not overweight (according to the cdc a bmi of 25-29 is overweight. She
    is a least 5’9” which means she can weigh up to 168 lbs and not be considered
    overweight. Also bmi does not take into account body fat percentage so it
    is a far from perfect measure of an individual’s risk of obesity related health
    problems. Additionally, a body fat percentage of 19-22 is considered
    healthy for an adult woman). Furthermore, women who look like the model
    above are not the ones coming into doctors’ offices requiring treatment for
    diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and all of the
    other things that come with being dangerously overweight. Please stop
    categorizing women with any amount of body fat as fat/ overweight/ obese.
    There is a whole spectrum of body type that ranges from the very thin to obese.
    Just because a women does not fit into the very thin category does not
    mean she is in the obese category. Yes American’s in general are
    overweight and their health suffers because of it but the model above is not an
    example of that.

    • Angela Delfino

      You are mistakenly thinking that “plus size” means “fat” or “overweight”. It does not. “Plus size” merely refers to the number size the person wears. This model wears a size 12. That is a plus size. You do not have to be obese to wear plus sized clothing. It just so happens that most people who wear plus sized clothing are overweight. She just happens to be 6″2′.

  • Kay

    To those of you who keep
    throwing around the stats about over weight Americans I would encourage you to
    consider the following: The “plus sized” model pictured above
    is not overweight (according to the cdc a bmi of 25-29 is overweight. She
    is a least 5’9” which means she can weigh up to 168 lbs and not be considered
    overweight. Also bmi does not take into account body fat percentage so it
    is a far from perfect measure of an individual’s risk of obesity related health
    problems. Additionally, a body fat percentage of 19-22 is considered
    healthy for an adult woman). Furthermore, women who look like the model
    above are not the ones coming into doctors’ offices requiring treatment for
    diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and all of the
    other things that come with being dangerously overweight. Please stop
    categorizing women with any amount of body fat as fat/ overweight/ obese.
    There is a whole spectrum of body type that ranges from the very thin to obese.
    Just because a women does not fit into the very thin category does not
    mean she is in the obese category. Yes American’s in general are
    overweight and their health suffers because of it but the model above is not an
    example of that.

  • María Elena Martín Morales

    So you think that a plus-size model should be a really fat women…a model of what? of an unhealthy life?

  • William Ware

    None of the magazines ever, and I mean ever imply that because you don’t look like a model you’re fat or ugly. If you feel that way when you see something like that thats your own fault, stop reading it. The reason you should read or do anything in life is to inspire yourself. Also these people are models, if you want to spend a couple hours a day for a couple years to look as good as this girl does then go ahead and do it, stop complaining about the media. They’re not the say-all and end-all of how you think. The magazine and their editors are so far removed from you, they certainly shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself. It’s your friends and family and how they see/care about you that really matter.

  • Garima Sharma

    Her height and her measurements classify her as a plus size model. No one said she was fat – she is a beautiful woman with curves. Instead of criticizing Cosmo Magazine maybe you should re-evaluate your definition of plus-size and stop paralleling it with ‘being fat’.

  • Amanda

    There is a line between fat and sick. You body will tell you what that line is. I am over weight. I know it and I am planing on doing something about it, but no one person can say to another that you are fat because that one person doesn’t know the health issuse of the other. Like me for example I have major thyriod issuses and arthritis. it makes it very hard to get moving. I think the women is healthy and looks beautiful. To be honest true beauty come from within and how we treat eachother. I would never voice my opinion about how someone looks with out being asked by that person because I don’t know there story. I know a girl in school who everyone picked on because she didn’t take care of herself. she was over weight, didn’t shower or brush her hair. I tried to help her. Come to find out many years later she way being molested by her mom’s boyfriend and her mom allowed it. That girl didn’t take care of herself because she didn’t want to be attactive to her mom’s boyfriend. So what I’m saying is unless you know the persons story you should really keep you mouth shut.

  • saxx

    that is plus size. people get confused about what plus sized means. Plus size is not overweight fat women, plus size is when a model is like size 8 or 12 or what ever but keeps her body proportionate.

  • evan

    6″4 seems pretty plus sized to me. But that doesn’t fit in with your feminist agenda….carry on.

    • Katie Baroff

      It’s not about how tall she is, it’s about women being categorized based on their height and weight. Personally I don’t understand why we need to have “plus size” at all. Why can’t we just have models of varying shapes and sizes? What about that is feminism? That people don’t want to categorize women generally based on their weight? That seems like basic humanity to me.

      • evan

        ummm…don’t see you bitching about “plus size” mens clothing? at the end of the day who really gives a shit.

    • Alyssa

      You’re a bad person

      • jack briant

        why ?

    • Bethany

      Most REGULAR models are that height. Height has nothing to do with it

      • Kate

        Most models are not that height. Regular models are usually 6′ or under. The range is usually 5’9″ to 5’11.5″ and a size 2 or 4. Take a look on any modelling agency website. It’s a sea of 5’10″s and size 2s. That build looks great in clothes in photos and on the runway.

    • Kyle

      Yeah you can tell that proportionately she has a tall body, but when most people think “plus-sized” they are talking about fat. She has very little body fat so she appears the same as any other model. Women who see this might be a little frustrated that a woman who appears the same size as them is called plus-sized.

      • Keli Belanger

        I also imagine chunky/chubby/fat girls thinking if this is plus size what the hell are they???

  • Jaime Gonzalez

    well she obviously looks over than 130lbs

  • kitty 332

    A lot of fashion models are actually teenagers, which is silly to try and tell a mature woman who is fully developed she is plus sized simply because she doesn’t have the same body as a child. This is why media is a negative aspect of society and should have no say in what is healthy and what is not, because they do not have your best interests in mind.

    They are a group of sick minded people who think all women should starve themselves into malnutrition just to fit into a pair of their jeans.

    If you go into a retail store, what size does plus size start at? After size 14? This model pictured above is a size 8. So please, tell me, how is size 8 considered plus sized if in every store you go to that is considered normal size?

    Women out there, pay no mind to what these poisonous magazines have to say, just be healthy, that’s all you need to do. The men out there that find malnourished women attractive are victims of this so called “society” and you do not want anything to do with people who think like that. They will always be judging.

  • Lauris

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on anything on the internet before, but here goes it:

    She is CONSIDERED plus-size in the modeling world, and in the real-world also. This saying, no one ever said she was ‘fat’ as that is a term that inaccurately placed and used in our society. If anyone looks up her measurements, they would realize that she IS in-fact plus-sized, and pretty tall. She also has a lot of mass!! Her measurements are actually very different from the standard and usual measurements that other Victoria’s Secret models have. This is a triumph for her! Just because she maintains all of this curviness in a way that is appealing, is very beautiful and is a tactful model that understands how to give a camera the most eye-pleasing picture, it does not mean that she can not be considered plus-sized. You all are all looking way too into this. This is Victoria’s Secret we are talking about. Like please, this is a HUGE step in the right direction if you ask me…. so don’t try to take away the positive connotations behind this announcement, and just say ‘good for her’ and move on with your lives, because this literally will not affect you in any way in 2 hours, 2 days, 2 years or ever at all.

    Go Robyn Lawley!! Good for you!

    • First of all who are you to say that that just because her measurements are different from other Vic Models that that means she has a lot of mass?? Where do you get off to compare, so are most the women in the world who dont have that petite figure Massive? No she is beautiful and talented not tactical, with her every picture is pleasing to the eye and every angle stunning. This is not a HUGE step but just another stride down a path that most the american public already know. To label her as a Plus Size model is wrong because simply out she isn’t and for a very well acclaimed company to do so is wrong. The fix is simple take out ” plus size” and just leave model SuperModel Robyn Lawley is Beyond Sexy in this swimsuit shoot. @Victoria’s Secret !!!!

      Dear Robyn
      You’re gorgeous, simply put 🙂

  • Keli Belanger

    that is NOT plus size… She is NOT plus size, she is just tall…. Get your eyes checked Cosmo… so sick of this crap… why I do not read fashion mags… you guys have no clue… I am 5’3 125 lbs… I am more plus than she is & I AM NOT A PLUS SIZE WOMAN EITHER… I wear size 5/6 & sometimes 7/8. I shop in the teen/junior dept… I can even fit into girls size 16… that’s as in CHILD girls size. get out from behind that desk & look at some REAL WOMEN WHO ARE NOT MODELS for a change… get a reality check ! ! !

    • Angela Delfino

      She’s a size 12. That’s plus size. You don’t have to be fat to wear a plus size.

      • Keli Belanger

        Sorry, but I do not consider an hour glass figure as plus size… she may be size 12 but she’s not a plus size… IMO plus sizes are 1x, 2x, 3x ect…chubby tummies… a gut even… spare tires… (aka love handles) muffin tops… (belly hanging over the pants…) cellulite… layers of blubber…no noticeable waist line… thunder thighs… and they come in all heights… but never proportioned…. she has none of that… she is gorgeous, perfectly proportioned, she’s just tall…

        • Angela Delfino

          Yes, she is tall, that’s why her width evens out. In the US, plus sizes start at 12. Most people are short enough that it means they look wider. You do not have to appear fat to be a plus size. “Plus size” refers only to the number of the size the model is wearing. The word you are looking for isn’t “plus size”, it’s “overweight”, probably even more “obese”. If the US wants overweight models, that’s fine, but don’t lambast a plus size girl because she isn’t as round as you want her to be.

        • Brittany

          It doesn’t matter what you consider plus sized or not. You are not in the fashion industry. And she very well may have those features; she is every bit as photoshopped and retouched as the “skinny” models.

  • sparkystiltskin

    When fat models sell products the world will change; until then assume every effort to show ‘plus size’ models will be a head fake and no more.

    But to those who don’t like it- voting with wallet does the trick.

  • Mike Monalco

    She is a bit plus sized. She’s not obese, but she’s certainly not in top shape. So, being on the smaller side of plus size is appropriate.

    • guest

      If you don’t wears plus size, you aren’t plus size. it’s simple. There’s no way she wears plus size clothing, i’m bigger than her and I don’t. so please take your fucked up expectations else where.

    • Nicole

      Did you SERIOUSLY just type the words “she’s certainly no in top shape” on here? *looks at Robyn* So what exactly is your definition of ‘top shape’ and where is your picture of your ‘top shape’ body?

    • Mandy Radcliffe

      So you would rather her be anorexic? This is what healthy looks like. Being thin isn’t always “top shape”.

  • Kristen Walsh

    If this is plus sized I must be supersized

  • Guest

    not true not true.. this is highly desirable and a hot commodity

  • Redletter

    apparently no one is paying attention to the fact that shes tall as fuck

    • Alyssa

      Learn to read, numerous people have commented on her height.. and the term “plus size” is in terms of your waist, pants size and weight.. not being tall. God you are so stupid it’s almost unbelievable. My best friend is 6’1 and 121 pounds.. almost alarmingly thin. Is she plus sized because she’s “Tall as Fuck?”

      Jesus Christ.

    • Jessica

      lol because people like to get sensitive and make the issue about them..that’s why. She’s SUPER TALL. Not to mention you are considered plus size is you wear a size 12-24 and she’s a 14. Because she’s tall, her weight is more evenly distributed, if you see a shorter woman walking around in a size 14 you’d see how drastically different she would carry her weight.

  • jess

    Almost everybody posting here is just making the line between ‘skinny’ and ‘fat’ more visible when there really should really not be one.
    Do you people realize what your fighting about right now?
    A lot of you are actually getting angry at each other about clothing size and what a healthy weight is. Well its really not up to anyone where that line is, and labeling and fighting about it is what draws the line in the first place.

  • What is truly sad is that over weight has become socially accepted and is expected as the new ‘norm’. The model is clearly over weight and the fact that she is being defended underlines the the problem of rampant obesity. Give your head a shake and get yourselves in shape.

    • kitty 332

      She is clearly NOT over weight. Does she have rolls on her body? No. Does she have flabby jiggly arms? No. Is her jaw line clearly defined. Yes.

      You are what is wrong with this world.

      • When you have rolls and jiggly arms you are OBESE. There is a difference.

        • flabby arms!!!

          Yeah no, you have no idea how fat distribution in women’s bodies works at all.

    • Alex Prikhodko

      Exactly, fat is not normal. It’s also pretty hard on the eyes.

    • Nicole

      You are what is wrong with this world.

    • Alyssa

      Unless you look like Channing Tatum that’s enough out of you.

  • Sabrina

    I disagree with this, 69.2% of American’s are overweight. That is nearly half of us, and I feel like people think it’s okay to be overweight when it’s detrimental to our health. She may a little bit over weight based on a small noticeable amount of fat but this is still not healthy nor okay (obviously being overweight can cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.). Should someone her size be a plus sized model? It depends. I think people’s size should be based on their body mass index, muscle weighs more than fat. I think the whole concept of ‘plus size’ is skewed because if this girl had a normal bmi she would certainly not be plus sized. Every woman is beautiful in their own skim but it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. I’m hoping our society stops accepting unhealthy eating habits and is more concerned about what is being put in our bodies (a lot of our food is banned in other countries). That’s all. P.S.- I am probably the same weight as her.

    • kitty 332

      BMI is a flawed system and does not work for everyone.

      • Breiya

        Especially considering that if you’re 180 pounds but the size of a 130 pound person, with that added 50 pounds being muscle mass, you’re instantly ZOMG OBESE.

    • Nicole

      According to BMI, my boyfriend is super obese. He is a body builder so don’t go by BMI. It is flawed.

    • Alyssa

      69.2% is more than half…….

  • Justathought

    To those this applies to (which would be most people in the comments): Say what you want about the magazine, but shaming people for being thin is just a poor excuse for lack of a better argument. You people cry that society is “perpetuating” an idea of women. Aren’t you doing the same thing? I laugh at how people are encouraged for their girth while are shamed for being thin. You’re basically going in a giant circle and doing the same thing you’re bitching about. It’s mean to say “You’re fat” but it’s acceptable to say “eat a hamburger”. THAT is what is screwing up society, the fact that some of you don’t realize that BOTH are wrong. And just before you ever make yourself sound stupid ever again, some people are with high metabolic rates or other health characteristics that cause them to lose weight quickly. Some people are born and can hardly gain a pound while others can hardly keep them off. Accept both kinds of people (until it becomes a health concern). Please consider this before you post about how “disgusting” models are and cry about your idea of beauty not being recognized. Also, the fact that you rely so heavily on a magazine’s perception of beauty made me applaud you. That leaves a weak personality with most of the blame for this. Take charge of your own ideals and stop letting others make them for you.

    • Someone honest

      And you’re what, a size 2?

      • Justathought

        My size somehow adds to the credibility of my argument? Please humor me and attempt to argue my points objectively. It seems like you’re butthurt over Cosmo’s perception of Plus-Size. By all means, let it define you if you choose.

  • Sabrina

    I disagree with this, 69.2% of American’s are overweight. That is nearly half of us, and I feel like people think it’s okay to be overweight when it’s detrimental to our health. She may a little bit over weight based on a small noticeable amount of fat but this is still not healthy nor okay (obviously being overweight can cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.). Should someone her size be a plus sized model? It depends. I think people’s size should be based on their body mass index, muscle weighs more than fat. I think the whole concept of ‘plus size’ is skewed because if this girl had a normal bmi she would certainly not be plus sized. Every woman is beautiful in their own skim but it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. I’m hoping our society stops accepting unhealthy eating habits and is more concerned about what is being put in our bodies (a lot of our food is banned in other countries). That’s all. P.S.- I am probably the same weight as her.

  • lydz

    How can you not be a crazy feminist if you are a female and consider yourself as valuable as another male?

    • kitty 332

      You’re an idiot.

      • Alyssa

        He sure is.

      • woopwoop

        I think lydz was being sarcastic.

    • Missy

      A female is less valuable than a male? What an idiot! I’m both sorry for any women unfortunate enough to be in your life and mad at them for not doing something about you.

      • lydz

        First of all, I am a female. Second of all, I said nothing about whether or not females and males are more or less valuable than each other (I was saying, IF you consider yourself as valuable as another male, how could you NOT be a feminist? As in, If you do consider yourself as valuable, you ARE a feminist.)

        But to be extremely clear (as you have indicated is painfully necessary for me to be)… To me, being a feminist (which I am) means that I believe women’s lives should be led by their own independent choices. If that means choosing on her own to participate in a more traditional gender role such as being a stay a home mom, that’s fine. As long as it works for her.

        PS – I don’t care about your opinion and neither does the rest of the world.

  • Jimmy Rustle

    Fukkin fat bitches complaining…what does “plus size” mean to you, whale sized? Buncha whales…how about hitting that treadmill instead of looking like a sumo wrestler

    • kitty 332

      You should be ashamed of your behavior on here. Just because it is the internet you suddenly think it’s ok to say awful things to women on here you can’t even see, therefore you have no clue what they actually look like. I feel bad for your parents for having such a piece of shit for a kid.

      • Alyssa

        I’m 5’6, 120 pounds. Not an inch of fat anywhere on my body. 34-24-36. I am not a “fat bitch complaining” I am an educated woman who thinks muscle dummies like you should learn to spell before you attack another human being. Some of these women who are upset may have a few extra pounds on them, but they most likely obtained these pounds while.. I don’t know..
        – getting a university education
        – being pregnant and creating life
        – holding down a family and a career

        All things you will forever be completely incapable of because not only are you a man, but you are a piece of shit man with absolutely no concept of reality. I hope the gym is there surrounding you on your death bed, because you’ll certainly never have a loving family with that shitty attitude., Shove a weight in your ass hole and call it a day you fucking moron.

  • shelby

    is this what society has come too? wow, im ashamed.

    • Jimmy Rustle

      you should be ashamed of yourself if you’re fat

      • kitty 332

        You should do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.

        • Alyssa

          PS- whoever this kitty 332 is, I like you. We should be friends 🙂 Hahahaha!

      • Alyssa

        You should be shot.

        • Jimmy Rustle

          you should be shot…then burned, just to make sure you’re dead

      • flabby arms!!!

        you should be ashamed because you’re a tool but damn is your username funny. Troll detected.

  • sourcecode123

    lol at all the whales in the comments, lol at the author Sexual Health-, Sexual Pleasure & Intimate Relationship-“Scientist”, lol at feminists, fucking sloots

    • Not-In-the-Wall

      “lol” at the troll in this comment, “lol” at the author of the Above Post & I’m Sure Thousand of Others Like it, “lol” at the “Terminally Ironic,” —It’s a fucking waste of our little time here stepping on the spines of other breathing humans. You make me ashamed to call my self a Millennial. Crawl back under your bridge, curl into a ball, and hear if you can even hear your own heart beating — (Even if this was posted ironically.)

    • Jas A

      lol at the obvious troll. good one braw, but riddle me this: do you even lift?

  • I found this upsetting… if she’s plus size, that would make me Jurassic.

    • Jimmy Rustle

      she is plus sized you fukkin moron, she is a “plus sized” model

      • kitty 332

        Learn to spell, moron.

  • Laura Gascoyne

    If she was 130 lbs and 6’2 you wouldn’t be saying she’s a big girl .

    • Missy

      She would be medically termed “anorexic”.

  • Laura Gascoyne

    A woman who is 6’2 should probably weigh about 180 . So she’s healthy .. and normal for her height . MOST MODELS ARE AROUND 6 FT TALL and much thinner , and they are what is considered normal to Cosmo ? right ..nice try .

  • Rachael Golinski

    I dont think shes plus sized at all, but she is mad soft looking. Theres a difference between being slightly thicker and slightly thicker and fit. Its all about that healthy weight though!

  • Gary

    What a fatty.

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  • Mr_Saturn

    why would anyone let a magazine dictate to them what is and what isn’t. poor america. the media has us by the nuts.

  • concernedaboutthestateofourcou

    She is not a big girl. She is healthy. She looks fantastic in a bikini. Most models look emaciated or anorexic she is absolutely beautiful. If you want to see plus size I will put on a bikini and come sit in your lap then you will know the difference. Ignorant people saying ignorant things need to shut up.

  • Shannon Fenton

    Most models are already 5′ 8″ or taller… And the only reason they`re not considered plus size is their incredibly thin waist size. There are women of all shapes and sizes who deserve to be recognized as beautiful as well because they are all EQUAL. Fat women, discriminated against and oppressed by society, don`t get the chance to show their beauty and be accepted for what they look like. I know so many fat women that are comfortable with how they look and would love to be involved with the fashion industry. A plus-size model shouldn`t have to be “well-proportioned” (a thinner waist) to be considered beautiful, fat woman should have the chance to chase their dreams and not be oppressed by the fashion industry and society. Considering other plus-size models have thin, hourglass figures like this particular model, you can see that fat women of different shapes are still being oppressed, shamed and portrayed by the media as if they don`t exist. Plus size models should be more than a dress size… They should ALSO be fat women – women with DIFFERENT BODY TYPES – getting the chance to be involved in the fashion industry.

    NO HUMAN DESERVES TO BE TREATED LESS OR IGNORED BECAUSE OF HOW THEY LOOK. Human cruelty can be unreal. Larger groups of privileged people that fit the mold (look how society tells them they should look; skinny, hourglass, etc.) preying on people that do not… The reality is that no single human is better and deserves to be treated better – acknowledged more -than any other person.

    • Raj Binder

      Why are you so media obsessed? Is it an essential part of the human experience to see someone with your body type mirrored on TV so that advertisers can steal your shekels? Besides, I’m just societys role model as a skinny male (think over 6 foot and less than 130lbs). Yes definitely. The media loves portraying twiggy men on television even more than large females.

      • kitty 332

        Sorry to burst your bubble but over 6 feet and less than 130 pounds is not societies role model, that is very under weight for your height category.

        • Raj Binderr

          What is…. Sarcasm?

          Can you not read, Mr Kitty?

  • Schoppenwhatever

    They’re not saying this is the new “plus size” body, this is a plus size MODEL. models who have the slightest bit of curves is considered to be plus size… its a bad idol to look up to, but maybe you should teach your kids not to look up to fucking models…

  • Abii

    She’s bigger than the norm for the modelling world so yes, she’s plus-sized. On the other side of the coin, her visual proportions are considered standard for regular society, and some do see the term “plus-size” as a lighter way of being called overweight.

    People shouldn’t be bashing Cosmo for posting the photo and stating the she is plus-size, it is not them deciding it. And the only reasons as to why she is plus-size are that she wears larger clothes and that she is heavier than the modelling standard. People need to think before they jump to a quick conclusion.

  • Jocelyn

    Oh screw off all of you .. Any ridiculous label towards size is ridiculous .. Grow some brains all you lunatics out there that think this is healthy .. Sadly enough even the plus size models look ridiculous .. She looks like she’s baked in the sun perfectly without a flaw.. Realistic? I don’t think so? A fantasy for most? I think so! Plus, petite, whatever .. Make clothing size from xxs to xxl and number sizes as well instead of labeling plus or even petite!

  • LaurenChris NicholasBeman

    yes she is plus sized. not sure what everyone is freaking out about. she’s a big girl.

    • Cheyenne Penny

      are you fucking kidding me? “she’s a big girl” ?! what in the living hell is wrong with you?! she’s a size 9 at best, so that makes her fat?! i honest to GOD wish i could come through my computer and bitch slap you.

    • hannah

      No shes not… u must be fucking blind, or have some serious issues. The reason everyone is “freaking out” is because plus size is clearly different than what was shown in that picture. Dont be a moron, open your eyes dip shit… duuuurrrrr durr duur..smart one!!!!!!

    • Taylor Singleton

      You’re right. She is considered plus sized! She also looks great for her particular weight, most people aren’t knowledgable about this subject lol

    • K_trondsen

      I feel bad for your wife if you consider the model in the picture fat.

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    • hannah

      Lol your pathetic for stating such a stupid opinion. You must be ugly as hell to call her fat. shes taller than u yes…. u do seem like u have “little mans syndrome” so mentally all women are bigger than u, now aint they??? BURNED BITCH!!!!

    • from_the_bleachers

      now tell us how you really feel..

    • from_the_bleachers

      Now tell us how you really feel..

    • Guest

      Actually, she’s NOT “larger than the average size woman”, moron, she is the average size woman.

    • kitty 332

      Oh good lord, go crawl back under your bridge troll.

    • Nicole

      She’s just tall. Jeez, you are an idiot.

    • Mandy Radcliffe

      They’ve already established the fact that she’s around 130 lbs. NOT 180 lbs. Please and thank you get your facts straight asshole.

  • bob tihaken

    she fat and so are u

    • hannah

      SHUT UP UGLY!!!! Go Wack Off FAGGOT!!! Shes Fine As Fuck, hahaha u obviously aint… poor thing.

      • Jimmy Rustle

        you shut your whore mouth and get back into the kitchen

        • kitty 332

          You first.

  • Emily Hanna

    Why do you feel the need to qualify your awesome post by stating that your not a “crazy feminist”? You might want to revisit the definition of feminism and stop perpetuating the idea that wanting gender equity is for the lunatic fringe.

    • OGcuddles

      I concur completely. It’s a stigma that’s being perpetuating by those with even the best intentions. We have to disassociate ‘feminism’ with all of the negative preconceptions that are usually tied to it. It’s just sad how we are susceptible to media manipulation

  • Robyn Lawler, the model in this photo, is 6’2″, 180 lbs. and a size 14-16 according to the press on her website. Her measurements are reported as 36D-32-42. She is not a small woman.

    By most conventions this would indeed make her “plus-size” (Wikipedia defines plus-size as women’s sizes 12 to 24, and with more voluptuous figures) … but she is obviously *NOT* a fat woman; she is a tall, well-proportioned, beautiful woman, who happens to fall into the “plus-size” category.

    “Standard” size clothing is generally designed from women ranging from 5’4″ to 5’8″ and sizes 4-14. “Petite” clothing is generally designed for women ranging from 5’0″ to 5’4″ and sizes 0-8, with fewer curves.

    By implying that calling her plus-size (which she is) is calling her fat, you are perpetuating the negative connotations that the phrase “plus-size” was intended to downplay.

    Shame on the industry? Perhaps.

    Shame on you? Definitely.

    • Frae

      THANK YOU!!!!


      • hannah

        Stop talkin Walter, your a faggot.

        • Justathought

          Maybe it’s you who should stop talking, Hannah.

        • Philip Natale

          *You’re.* Learn to spell.

        • lisa

          lol wtf hannah im scrolling down these comments and all you’re doing is putting others down by calling them names i don’t think that’s the way to go if you want to prove a point

    • Not N i c o l e™ ⚡

      if that’s the case, then the media and fashion industry need to start changing up the view of “plus-sized”. for years they’ve connected plus-sized with “overweight.” I agree that with the models measurements, she’s bigger than the average women, but society still thinks “overweight” when they hear plus-sized. probably why everyone is freaking out.

    • hannah

      well said argument.

  • Autumn Falls

    well it’s a problem when the “modelling industry” refers to woman of this size as “plus-size”… models should be taken in different shapes and sizes. we don’t call the thinner models “less-sized” then why should we refer to “larger” models as “plus-sized”. wake up.

    • Halo

      This is the most reasonable response I’ve seen. She is just a model. All models are models. It is not healthy to be too skinny or too fat. There shouldn’t be support behind either side of it – we should be encouraging healthier lifestyles and self-acceptance of our body types. We shouldn’t be fat- or thin-shaming, nor should we promote obesity by overeating or being skinny by under-eating.

  • Linda Graham

    And we wonder why girls and women don’t eat today! Dr. Phil (I know we are all tired of Dr. Phil) had this girl on today who is doing something different. How about chewing your food for the flavor and then spitting it out! She believes that you will not gain weight that way but you still gain the great flavor. And Dove tried to tell us that we are ALL beautiful no matter what we look like. That is true! What happened to those commercials? We talk out of the corners of our mouths. One side says Be yourself and quit trying to be skinny. While the other side still wants the very, very, skinny to model on the bill boards. Ever watch “Project Runway” ? When I was young I had a very hard time gaining weight. You would not believe how people made fun of me. From neighbors to school mates! Right down to my future in-laws. Now a days It’s called bullying! Funny how “fat” people can make fun of “skinny” people and hurt them to the core and leave them with scars. But say one thing to a fat person, and Lord save us we’ll go to hell some day for being so mean. In later years I found out my thyroid was out of whack and after having my para thyroid removed my metabolism dropped so fasted I was in the I.C.U. for a couple of days. After that the pounds started to add up :(. Then people started to tell me I was fat! You know YOU CAN’T WIN FOR LOOSING!

    • Philip Natale

      No we don’t. We don’t care if women are eating.

  • Matt Boyles

    This woman is super tall.

    • hannah

      Tall and big structure… plus sized, okay. Fat, Not At All!!!!!!

  • Guest

    But of course she’s plus sized…true beauty comes from exposed rib cages and extruding internal organs.

  • Bugsy Gunther

    FOR PEOPLE POSTING THE NEW “This Is The New Plus-Size? Are You Kidding Me? Did I Miss Out On Something?”

    FIRST: Sizes for women are not standardized due to manufactures not agreeing and women complaining about being “too big” if they were above average.

    SECOND: “PLUS” Refers to a womans height in some cases, being over average in others. !!!!!!! 5’7″ and over is PLUS. Average is 5’4″. In this article..it WAS refering to height. SHE”S 6 FOOT FRACKING 2!! 180lbs!! THATS PLUS BASTARDS!!

    THIRD: Sizes have changes over the years as you idiots freak out over being a 10 or 12 so instead they changed it to a 6-8…you are still the same size. You just feel “better” and definately more entitled. Google “vanity sizing”.

    Fourth!: NO GUY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD DATES A GIRL BY DRESS SIZE! If you are hot, youre hot. If not, not. Seriously, when was the last time a dude walked up and was like…”Yo, babe…what dress size are you?” Cause guys give two craps.

    FINALLY: But your insecutities and vanity are sure as hell making you less attractive to men everywhere.

    If you have an issue with the way you look, hit the gym, not the computer.

    Oh and if you’re wondering if I find the girl in question, Robyn Lawley, 6’2″ 180lbs attractive… 10/10 would bang.

    • bananafofanna

      Non-standardized sizes and height do absolutely nothing for the argument here. The argument isn’t whether the model is or is not TECHNICALLY “plus-sized”, the argument is that calling someone who visually looks healthy and thin a “plus-sized” model is beyond confusing to the women and especially girls who look at these models and are told repeatedly that they’ll never measure up to her unless they are equally thin and beautiful. It tells girls who are larger than this model that, regardless of what they think about themselves, they are large. And until you have the experience of growing up in a culture that repeatedly tells you how you look is not good enough, you will continue to be ignorant and think that telling girls to like themselves is the message they’ve been lacking. They know they SHOULD like themselves. They also know that their culture is telling them repeatedly that they are only supposed to like themselves if they’re thin and beautiful, and if they’re not, they have to change. THAT is the point being made here.

      • Chao Chun Su

        I’m just wondering how far can some people’s insecurities surpass their ever so little “ambition” and just hypnotizing themselves that humans do not have the least instinct to choose the visually pleasant males or females. We live in a society where we say to everything “yes”.Gay rights movement, feminism, multiculturalism, you name it, isn’t everyone in this country who has a little bit of history being oppressed taught to be exalting their “individuality”? Their ever so precious yet crooked “individuality” deserves so much attention that it gives them the opportunity to turn around and rebuke the societal norms that have been existing for almost the entire human history. What, now the lazy females are attempting to reverse even the natural norm and believe that your blind logic is going to win you some “sympathizers”? I do not advocate for unhealthy industrial propaganda, but I certainly won’t appreciate lazy fat chicks who dream of the reversal of nature. There is a thing called gym.

        • cat

          First off, isnt it ambitious to want to change societal norms?
          Second, since when is oppressing any group of people a good thing to uphail? What has that ever given to a society other than hatred and brutality? Its not like those things you mentioned is harming anyone. In the end there will still be bigger and smaller women in the world. The idea is to acknowledge a larger group of that they are all just women, not big or just small women but just female. Women ned to stop being pitted against each other with these labels.

          Next…both bigger and smaller women are found to be attractive to the opposite gender, just because you dont like something doesnt mean everyone in the world doesnt as well. Turns out skinner women are sending signals of increased fertility or optimal fertility whereas bigger women are signaling ambition(since androgens make your waist to hip ration larger and tend to lead to more competitive behavior) and more resources (since clearly they have enough to store fat.)So…during a time era where guys were suppose to bring home all the bacon it made sense there was a larger preference for skinny. Now that its more acceptable for women to do so it would only make sense this shift could occur.

        • the

          jesus christ you took the words out of my keyboard. thank you so much for vocalizing how i feel about bitchy fat people

    • maddagazcar

      Just an add on to bring up some points!

      There is a minimum height for models that I believe is 5’7”, actually (it probably depends on the company or whatever) and to be considered a “petit” model you should be between 5’4” and 5’6”. Yes she is extremely tall, which is why she makes 180lbs so attractive, but for a woman of that height, 180lbs is considered about average (if not on the higher end of it!) range according to a few different searches, not above for her weight. So…she is not above on weight scale but in actuality very normal. It is EXTREMELY rare for a model to be within “average” weight range for their weight/height ratio, which is why I find this sort of cool. Yes she looks relatively thin because she has more places for her excess weight to go, I think it’s sort of great how the modelling industry is starting to see the negativities of the extremely thin and are starting to hire more “average” and healthy looking (as far as weight goes) models.

      And yes, she DOES shop in the plus-sized section. Do you realize how hard it must be to find clothes for a 6’2” woman that still look cute? Your jeans have to be significantly longer and same with shirts if you want to cover your mid-section. “Plus-sized” doesn’t necessarily equal “overweight” all of the time! 🙂 We live in a world where women are an average of 5’4”-5’7” and weigh around 115-130lbs on an average scale. I understand the problem with heavier women not being represented in the fashion world, as my mother struggles significantly with her weight being 5’0” and being considered obese has it’s major struggles, but isn’t it better to tailor clothing and such to people who are within a very healthy weight range? I don’t know, I feel like sometimes we all step on eggshells a little too much when it comes to being “overweight”.

      Also realize that the fashion industry isn’t necessarily about the models, but the clothes the models are wearing.

  • kate

    I think that if you can harass someone for smoking because its bad for you then it should be okay to tell someone that being fat is bad for you!

    • bananafofanna

      Smoking is a choice….weight is influenced by MUCH more than just choice.

      • the

        weight is a product of how much you eat vs how much you burn. your base metabolism can be affected by hormones, age, and stress, but other than that, not too much. eating can considered an addiction too. also, smoking and obesity cost the government huge sums of money in health care, so it kind of does involve everyone who pays taxes

      • five_by_five

        The amount of food you jam in your cake hole is absolutely a choice.

        Calories in > calories expended = you get fat.

        You don’t get to change the laws of physics to make your fat gut excusable.

        • bananafofanna

          That’s extremely ignorant. What about the people who eat only healthy food and exercise regularly and still are large? Not every plus-sized person stuffs their face at every opportunity.

    • Jess Sagui

      If I smoked, I would probably shove my cigarette up your nose for sticking it in my business. My weight is not up for your judgement, kthnx.

  • b1234

    There’s nothing “crazy” about being a feminist. You having said this detracts from your argument, gives you a LOT less credibility in my mind and is actually embarrassing on your part.

    • the

      go on youtube and search radical feminism. there can definitely be a little “crazy” with feminism

  • Tatz

    If this person is plus-size, every human being ought to be plus-size. In the mean time, I’m going to assume that the Cosmopolitan is owned and edited by a bunch of starved skeletons.

    • the

      it refers to her height, and those people your talking about are marketing executives who, through studies and sales data, know that when using models like this, magazines sell. i know most magazines aren’t being bought by guys, and most of the complaints on here aren’t guys either, so maybe stop buying cosmo magazine, and maybe they’ll change their marketing strategy

  • Lucy June

    This is so frustrating. That model would not fit into plus sized clothing, therefore she is not a plus sized model. She would probably wear a medium in womens clothing, and I’m sure she would fit into probably an 8 size jean. And last time I checked, an 8 is pretty small and is NOT plus sized.

  • Ben Alonzo

    America is FULL of fat people, lol what are you complaining about Cosmo is just trying to motivate some of you to stop eating so much god damn fast food lol. Its not ok to be some skinny bulimic girl either… throwing up after every meal. If we had some sort of malnutrition problem in America, I would feel concerned about this ad, but in reality, most of us serve ourselves more food than we should have, consume far more resources than what we need to survive and stay healthy. America is a fat country and if you think this cosmo ad is what is wrong with our society, you got your s**t twisted.

  • Danielle

    I don’t care for this particular model ever since she made the comment that skinny models should be called “minus size,” it doesn’t promote much unity amongst women. Frankly some of these commentors are overreacting about the word “plus size,” because they’re “real/normal/healthy” we see plus size models and criticize the very idea that they are “plus size women” and pat ourselves on the back for acknowledging a beautiful woman who doesn’t fit the very thin image. That still doesn’t stop society from throwing stones and humiliating people who are considered “obese” by staring/shaming/snickering at them, filming them from the neck down and airing their bodies on national television (without their consent) to show the world that fat is so bad that these men and women should be ashamed to even show their faces in public. The plus size models are used as a guideline of acceptable fatness, just big enough to deviate from the normal model image, but not so big that likely won’t be disrespected due to their size. Body image issues SUCK.

    • the

      forget unity and feminism. obesity is unhealthy. flat out epidemic. don’t get mad at people for seeing unhealthy people, and not being attracted to them, because thats more genetic than metabolism. it is bad to be super fat, you can’t even deny that. so stop pretending its ok to kill yourself with food, because its not. being healthy isn’t hard, so don’t act like its impossible. seriously, it has nothing to do with size, if you are healthy and a good reproductive partner, you are attractive. thats why women love guys with great abs and big arms. seriously, whens the last time you saw danny devito and thought “damn, wish i could rock his world”

      • Danielle

        I never it wasn’t, I’m personally working to lose weight, because I know first hand that excess weight can cause a strain, for me it’s the occasional strain in my ankles. But as someone who would medically be considered obese (I can admit that, and make a change, but that’s me), I don’t hold any body up over another, the “Curves are for Men, Bones are for Dogs” annoys me, you don’t like the fact that this model IS plus sized then deny it, and you don’t like the fact that you’re fat/plus sized, then deny it, it won’t do you any good. I’ve accepted that I’m fat and I feel good about myself enough that I want to take care of myself, but I will know form here on in, that I’m not above someone else’s body type because of my actions of weight loss, nor will I go out of my way to humiliate anyone, that’s the point of what I was saying.

      • Shana

        I don’t believe she mentioned anything regarding the attractiveness of overweight individuals. She specifically said “…staring/shaming/snickering at them, filming them from the neck down…” Honestly, I couldn’t give a crap whether or not anyone finds me, or the next chunker or waif hot/sexy/attractive or not, but keep the insults/commentary to yourself. I feel like people ought to stop treating others’ weights as though it’s their problem to deal with, and just focus on their own issues. You can’t catch the chub/skinny disease. If they’re a stranger to you, show some common courtesy. Respect everyone on the off-chance they have a charming personality, regardless of shape and size.

        BTW, maybe not Danny DeVito, but a chunky Kevin James? Hell yeah. Then again, I’m a face person, and not a body one.

  • Dem Feels

    The comments on this story are a perfect reason why women should not be allowed to vote. Logic and reason not even once.

    • bananafofanna

      Because leaving decisions up to men alone works so well….

  • Knowing is Half the Battle

    This is the snarkiest comments section to any article that I have read in a while on the internet. Do people not know how to have a conversation and disagree anymore without shaming the other person for holding a different viewpoint? Or are we all just talking to hear ourselves talk and assert our superiority without even caring why the other person feels the way they do. I mean, honestly.

  • Sarah MacDougall

    I think the reactions to this article are slightly ridiculous. First of all, I think the vast majority of you all do not understand what the term “plus-sized supermodel” means. In the modelling business, there are specific standards that these women have to meet, such as height, weight, and bodily structure. If a model does not meet these standards and, such as in Lawley’s case, happens to be slightly larger, they are labeled a “plus-sized model”. This is referring to the MODELLING INDUSTRY, not the average girl in today’s society! Lawley is “plus-sized” in comparison with the standard high fashion model, but not in comparison with the average person. All you ladies need to realize the context in which this term is being used before allowing it to offend you so greatly.

    • Jessie Martell

      The point is that young girls look to those models as to what they should look like. the industry needs to change there standards haven’t you seen that now average size models are becoming more and more thin? is it right just because the standard is to be super thin? the only way change will happen is if we change what the standards. So all woman including super models can have a more realistic goal for body image.

    • brit d

      I see your point but I believe you fail to understand one thing: she is NOT PLUS SIZED! The modeling industry isn’t it’s own universe. Everyone who works in that industry is apart of the REAL world,and in the real world her figure is about average. So all the women who are about average look at that, do TAKE it personal. This is how women get a negative body image in their heads. It doesn’t matter that she’s a model she should be considered plus sized when she’s not. END OF STORY.

      • the

        …really, just “end of story”? i feel like theres just a little room for argument. like how in any industry they have there own standards. Like the pirates aren’t a terrific major league team, and thats a lot of what you hear about them on espn, but they could beat any pick up game normal people have

        • brit d

          They shouldn’t have their own standards. They aren’t living in the real world! Not every person is a size 0 and not every person is a size 24. However when people are modeling clothing, I don’t think a skinnier person wants to see what it will look like on a larger person, and the same for the other way around. IF they would do that, we would feel better about ourselves. And honestly I can’t believe ANYONE would actually justify their actions.Oh their models it’s okay to see their ribs, Um no it’s not. Double standards are what’s destroying the world.

        • brit d

          And I disagree. Those people still have to follow the same laws we do and they should be realistic about how they make their clothes and the women/girls/men/boys that wear them.

        • brit d

          We are real women. Fashion should reflect how REAL women look. Not all of us are a size 2.

    • katie

      well think of it this way she does not shop in the plus size department

    • XReflection

      Sure, it’s easy to say that its a “separate standard” but what idea does our society perpetuate? It says that smaller sizes are better. Tell me that you or any of your girlfriends have not compared themselves to models and wished they were as skinny as said model. Separate standards or not, the average woman will continue to compare themselves because that’s just how our society has molded them to think. As a male, I think its bullshit because then guys have to constantly reassure their girlfriends that they are perfectly fine as they are.

    • Joynanners

      Thanks for sharing that.

  • Amanda

    I don’t believe this woman by normal and average standards is plus sized. However, in the fashion industry, nothing is normal and average. Most models are significantly smaller than the average woman and I believe when they label a model as plus sized they are referring to the average model standards. For this reason she is unfortunately put in the “plus-sized” category. I don’t believe that Cosmo is really to blame here. I think this is a magazine adhering to the fashion rules, just like magazines everywhere do. I would not be surprised to see Vogue editors agree with this classification. The main issue and people to blame come from designers and modeling agencies that have created the unattainable image that in turn creates a beautiful woman like this to be deemed plus sized.

  • ajajssss

    This chick is tall… who said anything abot being fat or overweight?

  • teralee sampson

    Do many people here realize that sizes are calculated by inches/cm, and that a 6’2″ woman weighing say 200 lbs is going to look leaner than a 5′ woman weighing the same – it is all in the distribution of the weight.

    You also have to understand the meaning of proportion when referring to sizes – she could still be plus-sized and have an hourglass figure even though she might weigh 200 lbs.

    Lastly, she is okay-looking but not “drop-dead gorgeous” in this photo, unless you like heads that appear too small for their bodies. I also find a longer waistline and a shorter hip height more proportionally attractive in a female, but that’s my artistic eye.

  • Shawn

    Its plus size in the MODELING industry you silly people the term is relative. It’s pretty clear to me shes not as skinny as a lot of supermodels and also quite tall, hence plus size. They are not implying she is fat. God people are so quick to try and crucify others before they even give it a single thought

  • MsElaneous

    It’s not okay to body shame.
    For everyone who is talking about women as “clothes hangers,” “twigs,” “bones,” etc…
    What is wrong with you?
    Why would you put people down for a body size they can’t help?
    Why can’t we support people at any size, as long as they are healthy?

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  • Port

    But she’s not the average height for a female… Plus size. just like they have a category for men that’s called Big and Tall.

  • Port

    She 6’2 180 pounds that’s bigger then the average guy… Average height for a girl is around 5’4. Plus size sounds like a pretty normal label… They call men that are around 6’4 and above Big and Tall. when they call her plus size they aren’t calling her fat… She really is big people. Even a male that is 6’2 180 pounds is big boy.

  • Lynsay Williams

    If you google her and click on her Facebook page, which I will admit I can only assume is her own created page, the url is https://www.facebook.com/RobynLawleyPlusSizeModel. Why are we blaming Cosmo if this woman refers to herself as a plus size model? Blame society, yes. But not Cosmo.

  • tjeee


  • Patrick Mohar

    she’s absolutely stunning and that body is amazing. This is how healthy women should look…

  • Sarah

    Well then its a damn good thing that bony, thin women don’t want to be with you if you’re going to tell them that their NORMAL body shape should be reserved for Halloween because they look like a skeleton. Bony does NOT always mean unhealthy or anorexic. Plenty of girls and women are born with that body type and find it very difficult to gain weight. So fuck off and stop talking about things you clearly don’t understand.

    • Drew

      Bony, by my interpretation, is the eating disorder side of things. My current girlfriend is very small, but in no way boney. It is unhealthy for a woman specifically to be below a specific body fat percentage. You are not born with an abscessed stomach and ribs that are outlined by your skin unless there is a clear defect genetically, you cause that. If you’d like to insult someone for not knowing what they’re talking about it’s probably best for you to know it yourself first.
      As I said, working hard to be fit and in shape is one thing, it is another entirely to be “unhealthily skinny.” Do you understand the difference?

      • Sarah

        I think we had different definitions of bony. Oftentimes, collar bones and hip bones protrude normally, but I see you meant more than that. I do see what you mean.

  • Sarah

    I enjoyed this article right up until “I’m no crazy feminist…” What do you have against the group that have you the ability to vote, own land, and be seen as a person rather than property to a man?

    • the

      maybe its because the fact that feminists on a whole are now usually associated with radical feminists. you can go on youtube and there are a lot of videos that show radical feminists doing some pretty awful things. maybe she’s emphasizing that she isn’t a “crazy” feminist, rather than a feminist at all. anyways on a whole, the tone of the feminist movement has changed a lot in the last hundred years since all of those things became legal. back then, you wouldn’t hear about women who call for the neutering of all men, women who attacked a church and the people who were surrounding said church, and my prime example women who cheer on another woman who cut off her husbands penis

  • Charlotte

    Apart from the fact that the model is extremely slim the main issue I take to this article are the responses. Most people are outraged that by this new standard they would be considered plus-sized. The fact that our society equates being plus-sized with being unattractive is more concerning in my opinion. Also, “I am no crazy feminist”? Really? Without feminism you wouldn’t have a job in the first place. Please don’t equate feminism with its extremists; that’s like equating all Christians with the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Desya_beloved

    She is a plus MODEL, no one is saying she is a plus normal, regular person. There is a big difference between the model standard and the regular people standard, always has been this has not changed. People getting upset about it now just don’t understand this. No one is saying women should be smaller than her, bigger than her or anything else. She IS big for a regular model, is this bad? NO. But it is a fact. Her body is gorgeous, this does not change.

  • Jim Baker

    It doesn’t matter what the media says clearly people can still identify the outrageousness in this being a plus size.. either way its just fat people complaining about being fat. And what did you expect? It’s a cut throat world out there

  • rhauck

    I hope by “plus-sized” that they mean she is 9 feet tall. I could totally see that.

    • the

      nope, just 6’2

      • rhauck

        Sarcasm…learn it, live it, love it

  • Victoria Pynchon

    Definition of “crazy feminist” please.

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  • Rachel Wilson

    I talk to my circle a lot about the Victorian Era when women in art represented the true image of what one saw in society. She had shape, form, and flaws. She was beautiful. Being in and around art and sports I am inundated with tits and ass images that are either grossly over or underexaggerated. I’m working towards becoming a dancer and I’ve got work to do in conditioning and strengthening my body. When I see this representation of what one fashion magazine supposedly targeting all women as their audience I get a little discouraged and my journey to dance hurls way out there to a distant expanse of space I can’t reach in a lifetime. That’s only for a moment. I’m. Over it. I treat this like I treat the many tits and ass images my sports enthusiasts and colleagues love to tweet & retweet. I figure they can’t help it. Society is overstimulated by these and other mass marketing publication media of what a perfect body looks like for both sexes. It doesn’t mean ‘I’ have to buy into it. My thought is if someone doesn’t like what they see? Keep moving. I change for me and no one else. My motivation? To be healthy and strong whatever that ‘image’ turns out to be.

  • RA

    I agree with people’s sentiments… but girls who wear “regular” sized clothing don’t look like the “regular” models, so the models who are representing people who wear “plus” sized clothing aren’t going to look like real “plus” sized girls either. It’s all the same issue.

  • Bitch Faggot

    meh she’s ugly

  • Bitch Faggot

    she a fatty

  • Rachel Wilson

    I talk to my circle a lot about the Victorian Era when women in art represented the true image of what one saw in society. She had shape, form, and flaws. She was beautiful. Being in and around art and sports I am inundated with tits and ass images that are either grossly over or underexagerated. I’m working towards becoming a dancer and I’ve got work to do in conditioning and strengthening my body. When I see this representation of what one fashion magazine supposedly targeting all women as their audience I get a little discouraged and my journey to dance hurls way out there to a distant expanse of space I can’t reach in a lifetime. That’s only for a moment. I’m. Over it. I treat this like I treat the many tits and ass images my sports enthusiasts and colleagues love to tweet & retweet. I figure they can’t help it. Society is overstimulated by these and other mass marketing publication media of what a perfect body looks like for both sexes. It doesn’t mean ‘I’ have to buy into it. My thought is if someone doesn’t like what they see? Keep moving. I change for me and no one else. My motivation? To be healthy and strong whatever that ‘image’ turns out to be.

  • Jme

    Its NOT Cosmo that is calling her a plus size model.. its HER AGENCY. The agency that a model signs with is what she is considered, blame the agency. Cosmo is going by the models “title”. Cosmo is not to blame… but fully agree, a size 8 is normal, and not plus size.

  • Alex Christie

    Don’t like the article then don’t ever buy Cosmo again. This article assumes women are so dumb as to read and think they’re “plus size” and obviously that’s a mistake.

  • Thilfigergirl32

    Though beautiful the fact of the matter is that this woman is a (US) size 12 and she couldn’t walk into stores here such as Lane Bryant, Torrid, Avenue, etc… to find her clothes, so how could she be “plus-sized”? A plus sized model in my personal opinion should be a size 14+ however society is so narrow minded that it starts them at a size 10! The average woman size in the US is a 14 after all. I truly appreciate the models that have paved the way in being full figured and keeping an active modeling career, Thank you Ashley Graham, Fluvia Lacerda, Viktoria Manas, Tara Lynn and many more… if you don’t know these gals google them, you’ll see a difference. Every woman is beautiful and deserves to be accepted, end of story.

  • MK

    If the magazine is calling her a plus-size model, it’s because the modeling industry labels her a plus-size model. Cosmo is actually pretty good about emphasizing loving your body and accepting it as it is before promoting unhealthy body image. And the label “plus-size” is a misnomer – it doesn’t mean fat or obese and many times not even overweight. It just means not the size of a normal model.

  • Liberfairian

    She is 6″2. That is considered “plus-size.” It is not Cosmo’s fault y’all have subscribed to a definition of
    plus-sized” that is offensive to you. No, 6″2 is not normal height for a woman. Why does size have to refer exclusively to waist? Y so senstiv?

  • ♡☹deanna☹♡

    I absolutely appreciate this article and everything it stands for… well, I did, before I saw that you ACTUALLY wrote “I am no crazy feminist” in an attempt to give yourself more credibility. Please don’t set the women’s liberation movement back by putting down the group of people who made it possible for you to vote. This piece sounds like feminism to me, and until you own that, you’re not doing women much good.

    • Keith

      Or maybe she relates to the wider feminist movement and not the radical (crazy in her view) thoughts that so often show up on social media and in article comments. I’d imagine Adina feels that one can be a feminist without being a radical feminist, and just wanted to clarify that she doesn’t hold extreme thoughts pertaining to the feminist paradigm.

    • Anonymous

      The butthurt is strong with this one. The funny thing is that feminists actually promote a deteriorating society in branding women as more independent than they actually are which is statistically untrue. The only thing “crazy feminists” want is for more power for women as opposed to having the rights to obligations that men have to put up with (and no, military action is not an obligation). This being said, men are definitely hurting in the process which women apparently don’t care about which is quite ironic but then again, that’s probably what they want. Feminists are blinded by envy, hate on me all you want but this author did a superb job and hilariously enough gave herself more credibility by stating that she is, in fact, not crazy.

      • Zowie

        Lol are you being serious or just kidding

  • Lauren Lulu

    In America, it is OK to call perfectly healthy Giselle too disgustingly skinny but it is not OK to call Adele fat. You all think my head is messed up??

  • Lauren Lulu

    Clearly we are living in a very messed up world. It is OK to call perfectly healthy Giselle too skinny but it is not OK to call Adele too fat! And all of you are saying my head is twisted???

    • brit d


      And she’s actually under weight. She’s 5 foot 11 and should weight, on average, between 140 – 171, but she weighs 126 according to a site I found. She’s 20+ pounds underweight.

  • frejzch

    I support the whole “realistic bodies in advertising” movement, Robyn
    Lawley is a size 16. She’s also proportionate, because she’s 6’2″, and
    drop-dead-fucking-gorgeous, but that doesn’t make her any less plus
    sized. If “normal women” are freaking out over seeing her body in an
    advertisement for a “big girl store” because they think that means the
    world thinks they’re fat (as the article and “favorite facebook comment” are suggesting), they can get
    the fuck over themselves. If bitches be a size medium at H&M and
    think they’re fat then I’m not going to fall all over myself trying to
    convince them otherwise.
    the other hand, when I was a size 22 I didn’t appreciate browsing the
    Torrid website and seeing the clothes modeled by girls who looked like they were
    a size eight, so I can sympathize too.

    • Coral

      Being plus sized is different from being proportional because you are 6 feet tall. Being a size 16 at 6 feet tall is NOT plus sized. Being a size 16 and 5 feet 4 inches is plus sized. That is really something people need to wrap their minds around.

  • Kate

    This is really annoying. You are just using Cosmo to scapegoat and write a popular article. Cosmo didn’t make her or dub her a plus sized model! -_- That Cosmo article came out a long time ago and so not only is this old news but pathetic to get all heated about the evil Cosmo when they didn’t do anything but call a very thin good looking (obviously messed up that she is labeled plus sized by the modeling industry) hot and attractive! Blame the modeling industry, don’t blame the editor who got a popular story before you did.

  • Jill Shore

    apparently she’s UK size 16, wish I looked that good when I was that size, but I feel a lot healthier and sexier now I’m size 12.. Suppose it depends on the person in question. I did hate it when I was bigger and all the models for the bigger sizes made the clothes look frumpy or maybe it was the makers of them that thought bigger people only wanted baggy/mishapen clothes

  • OverEdUnderEmp

    Jesus, are people actually defending the newsworthiness of Cosmo? Cosmo, the same mag that encourages women to use blowjobs as a way to keep a man? Of course she’s plus-sized, she looks like she ate something a few months ago. Should she be considered plus sized? That’s the real question, and of course no she shouldn’t. She’s gorgeous and I wish more models looked like her.

  • Today


  • Rebecca Marie

    Just wanted to share the status I wrote in response to this post:

    While I would never look at this model and think of her as “plus size,” I don’t think it’s fair to place all of the blame on Cosmo as I’ve seen many blogs and statuses doing the past few days. The reality is that in the fashion industry, models size 8 (even sometimes 6) and up are considered plus size and I think that Cosmo simply chose their wording based on those guidelines. And while I completely agree that this model is nowhere near plus size, perhaps talk of reforming the fashion industry as a whole might prove to be much more useful than attacking Cosmo specifically. And I think Cosmo did a decent enough job addressing this in a different post on January 11th:http://www.cosmopolitan.com/_mobile/celebrity/news/plus-sized-models. But as a side note, I keep seeing outraged statuses pondering how she could possibly be considered plus size as “she’s beautiful” (and she obviously is very beautiful). But does this imply that she would be considered less beautiful if she wore a larger size that you agreed to label “plus size”? I did not realize the term “plus size” was equivalent to “ugly” or “fat.” I don’t necessarily consider plus size to have a negative connotation and maybe eliminating this term completely, rather than continuing to differentiate between different types of people based on body shape and size, might be a step in the right direction.

  • Lauren Lulu

    Ha, finally a plus size model does not look obsessed. Of course she is plus size, she has no bone structure and no definition. She is bigger than 99% of fashion models. Compare to other models, she is definitely a plus size. I am tired of insecure women and men talking about fat is beautiful. We skinny girls work very hard to be a size 0, show some appreciation. Do not hate just because you do not have the dedication.

    • Lauren Lulu

      I meant obese not obsess lol

    • Drew

      I’d rather be with a woman the size of that model than the twigs that wear size zeros. Working hard to be fit is one thing, but to be unhealthily skinny is another. I work out myself, in order to maintain a fit appearance. I don’t want bones sticking out everywhere, cause that’s what Halloween costumes are for, not every day.

    • Eva McAllister

      That’s just screwed up.

    • Emjay99

      She is by no means fat. She is sexy as hell and I myself was a 0 ( now a 2 thanks to baby giving mommy some hips) wish I had her curves. Size 0 does not look good on everyone. If she was a 0, beet she’d look anorexic and THAT should not be what young women look up to.

    • Cam

      says a girl with truly disordered thoughts. Health is what matters and for most women healthy is not a size 0. In fact for many women size 0 means underweight. The majority of supermodels have (had now that Milan has instituted minimums due to health concerns) a BMI of 18 or less. The DSM used to categorize the mental illness anorexia nervosa using a 17.5 BMI. Anything under 18.5 is considered clinically underweight. Personally I think BMI is a bunch of bs because it doesnt account for the difference between muscle mass and fat but it proves my point. The idea is not to accept obesity, its to accept yourself under healthy conditions and to love yourself for who you are, not what you look like. Also the word you are looking for is obese, you’re the one who seems obsessed with being thin.

    • addie

      ignorant and conceited

    • Shelby

      I’m guessing you’re probably around 5 feet tall, because that is the only time it would be acceptable for someone to be a size 0. I was a size 0 when I was 14…I was 5 foot and weighed 85 pounds at the time. Now, I’m 5’9, weigh 130, wear a size 2 xlong jean with a D sized chest and would NEVER, EVER look as good as this “plus-sized model” in a bikini. Sorry, but I like pizza over celery and muscle over bone. Athletic is not plus-sized, which is what they are obviously stating with this model. Keep flaunting you size 0 jean, but I could kick your ass at basketball, softball, golf, volleyball, running, lacrosse, swimming, ping pong, etc, etc any day. Muscle over bone!

      • Lauren Lulu

        Hahahahaha, I am actually 5’9 with lean muscles. I work out at least 10 hours per week and run about 15 miles every week. I am pretty sure my 6 pack is looking better than yours if you are eating pizza :P.

        • RunnerGirl

          Every body is different, every musculoskeletal structure is unique. You are making rules for when it is “acceptable” to be certain size ( you must be five foot and 14 years old to be a size zero?) and that is NO better than any one else making standards for another person’s body. It is possible to be athletic and thin. The body’s musculature responds to the specific training. An Olympic sprinter and an Olympic marathoner look completely different. Both are athletes, both are healthy. I am a marathon runner. I run ten to twelve miles per day, six days per week (60-66 miles per week)in addition to Barre and Pilates exercises. I eat thousands of calories per day. I too, have a six pack. I compete in marathons, and I have won marathons. I am 5’5″ tall. Oh, and I am a size zero.

      • Amanda

        I am 5’5 and am a size zero. I workout most days and eat relatively healthy. I have what I would consider a fair amount of body muscle. I am not a stick or look like i only have skin on my bones. I have also been a size zero all through high school and college. I am not showing off or trying to sound like I think being a 0 is better than anyone else, but your comment saying that you could kick a size zero’s ass because you are one size bigger is just as insulting as the comment you are trying to rebuttal. Every woman is built differently, so just remember that when you generalize a group of women the way you just did.

    • Mike

      Ha ha – The irony of your comment has made me weep with laughter.

      You have the audacity to call others insecure yet you’re the one working ‘so hard’ for your size 0, then you ask others to appreciate it. You’re an immature narrow minded buffoon, you try to ooze confidence yet you’re demanding validation here. I hate to rain on your parade but the majority of people don’t give a damn about your size 0. Deal with it.

    • Carlie

      If she’s not wearing actual plus size clothing, she shouldn’t be considered a plus size model. I’m in a size 2-3 and my legs are that size. Plus sizes don’t start until size 12-14. I don’t care if you work hard to be a size 0 because with the mindset that you have you’re just as bad as heavier girls calling you too thin. I’m not fat, I’m not insecure, and you are wrong. This is why girls starve themselves to be thin and end up in the hospital or dead. I guess that’s just dedication to you though.

    • Jackie Outlaaw

      your statement is very flawed. from what i know, even most skinny women don’t reach a size zero. even gisele bundchen is around size 4 or 6. the body frame is what determines a woman’s size, but the amount of fat she had necessarily. heck, i know a girl who wears size zero and she’s no stick. she’s just really small and short.

    • brit d

      Maybe if society would stop making women who aren’t a 0 feel like crap then they wouldn’t be insecure.

  • AudreyChaplin

    let me start off by saying this girl is gorgeous and has a smokin’ bikini bod.. however plus size DOESN’T mean FAT… we need to change our perception of the word, all it means is that they are larger or curvier than your standard runway model.. just like a lingerie or swimsuit model isn’t the same as a runway model because they have to have boobs and a butt to fill out their outfit that wouldn’t fit in standard runway clothing… i agree they could probably choose a better name than plus size.. but it has never meant fat because any idiot can see that this girl is far from it

    • Rebecca Marie

      Agreed 100%

  • Passerby

    As mermaidman says: “Eeeeeviiil. Eeeeeeviiil”

  • sarstan

    She’s so fucking fat, it’s disgusting. Right? Ummm… I wish I looked like that in a bikini. It’s insane that she’s “plus-sized”. On what planet?

  • JoeyDG

    Let me start off my comment by saying. . . .I’m a big fat chick.

    Models are living CLOTHES HANGERS. . . . that gorgeous girl is herself not plus size. . .however, she IS a PLUS SIZE CLOTHES HANGER..

    • AudreyChaplin

      I totally agree… bigger than your standard runway model… so model …plus :S lol

  • no

    Why does it look like her head doesnt match her body?

  • About7fish

    I’d hit that ass like it owed me money.

    Seriously though, ladies, fuck Cosmo and its other knock-offs. They plant those insecurities in your head so that you’ll buy their magazines. Ignore that shit. If you feel the need to make a change because you think it would improve you, then do it. If you feel the need to make a change for the approval of others, well, that’s a choice for you to make. As a 220 pound 5′ 10″ male, I understand what it’s like to choose between the ability to pick up a tipsy chick at a club and the irresistible allure of a ribeye. I’m pretty happy with my choice, and that’s what counts.

  • Amanda

    I don’t think this woman is exactly “plus size,” but it’s certainly a step up from all the painfully skinny girls usually featured in magazines. There should be more “average” sized woman in magazines like her. I think this girl is absolutely gorgeous, and I’d rather see someone her size on a magazine cover than most of the skinny girls they usually feature. She reminds me of Raquel Welch….who was the sex symbol back in the day…see back then women in the media weren’t encouraged to be painfully skinny, they were average sized. We really need something done about that today!

  • Guest

    This is fake, this wasn’t on cosmopolitan, i really don’t see the point of this.

  • Anna Saddler

    She’s not plus sized! She’s still slimmer than me and even I can squeeze my ass into size zero hot pants if I want to!

  • Dalas Hood

    she is 6’2 and a size 12…..

    • Eva McAllister

      I would say that is average size for her height.

  • Linda Granqvist

    Apparently, according to Cosmopolitan Sandro Boticelli’s Venus would also be considered overweight, http://www.maverickscience.com/birth-venus-botticelli-small.jpg

  • WR

    just wanted to say, for all those saying “she IS plus sized” you fall into the category of people who have a large hand in making women feel bad about themselves. She is a model, that is that. Why are models who are very thin, very tall, (more than 1/2 who have documented eating disorders) called “super” models. They also should just be called a ‘model’. What makes one super and one plus? One is a healthy size and one is unrealistic for the majority of women… this woman isn’t plus anything. She should be referred to as a model – just as a 90 lb, 5’10 woman should be called a model, not a super model, just model.

    • Port

      Men dont feel bad when you call them Big and Tall? So why should women feel bad about themselves when you call them plus size? Its the same thing. But sure its fine to be big if you want their is nothing wrong with that but men like girls smaller then themselves, just like girls don’t want to date a tiny guy and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Sara

    this is a fucking joke.

    any skinnier than that is unhealthy.

  • b Hartzy

    Also, plus sized… does not mean obese. Also, she’s really not that new.

  • b Hartzy

    She is plus size, that picture is one of her smaller appearing pictures. She’s 6’2 I believe? Size 16. She is beautiful and proportionate. You should check out her FB page.

  • Xavier

    Just a thought, according to her website she is 6 ft 2 and 180 lbs and she considers herself a plus size model. If being called a plus sized model is her choice and it doesn’t negatively affect her in anyway then why is this a story? People are beautiful no matter what size they are.

    • Sarah

      It affects other people, not only her own self-image. Girls who are larger than that may think “if that girl is plus sized, what does that make me?”

  • Lynsey Betz

    This is NORMAL sized, unless your a skinny anorexic junkie *cough size 0* then you have a serious problem, this woman has the PERFECT figure

    • lucyinthesky

      I agree that this woman does have a beautiful figure, however body shaming thin women is not appropriate. Especially in the case where they are described as “skinny anorexic junkies”; many women are naturally thin and that in no way indicates that they should be labelled as having an eating disorder or drug addiction. Educate yourself.

    • AudreyChaplin

      being a size 0 doesn’t make you a skinny anorexic junkie… necessarily…. at her height yes that would be frightening.. but there are plenty of size 0’s that are perfectly healthy.. its not about the number its about your proportions (height makes a world of difference)

  • fragmentedyouth

    I don’t think any of you commenters have actually read the real Cosmo article. Adina, I understand where you’re coming from but Cosmo is not trying to shame women with their article. It’s not about being plus sized. It’s about a woman starting her own fashion line. Cosmo writers are not the ones who have declared her a plus size model. It’s the fashion industry who has. If you look, Cosmo also has this article which addresses the issue: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/celebrity/news/plus-sized-models

  • Andrew J. Gordon

    so if that’s a “plus size” woman, WTF do they consider overweight?

  • Roallin

    She is 6’2″ and weighs around 170 lbs. Considering most Victoria Secret models are around 5’10”, 115 lbs, i would say, yes, she is a plus sized model. This doesn’t mean she is fat by an my means. She looks to be a very health weight for her body size and height. I do not see where the controversy is.

  • OsamaIsAlive

    her head is way too small for her body. and yeah she has some extra meat on her bones. nice fupa

  • The Truth

    Men dont like fat chicks. Stop trying to make us like them.

    • Sarah

      Fuck off everyone has different taste in women

  • anon

    I agree. She is plus sized. The problem here is when a female is a healthy size everyone thinks she is too thin. Look at people 50 years ago, they were way thinner then the average person today and they were healthy. The problem here is everyone thinking that being over weight is healthy. Then trying to justify it. She is a bit over weight. Its just the truth.

  • Michelle Funaro

    See this is why Tyra Banks says “Fiercly Real” instead of “Plus Size”. Plus Size has a negative connotation to it. It implies that the model, while gorgeous, is some how not of a normal size and shape. This girl is a total Glamazon, I mean she’s 6’2 and ridiculously beautiful, AND she has body proportions that are actually attainable! Personally, I think we should ALL start saying Fiercly Real…so much more positive.

  • Rachel

    This woman is obviously very large. Look at her head in comparison to the rest of her body. It takes over two of them to span the width of her stomach. She’s amazonian!

    While I like to see women support each other no matter what size they are, I hate the “fat and proud” movement. This model is clearly straddling the “healthy/overweight” categories in BMI. Why is that not acceptable to people? Why does she have to be super unhealthy to be considered plus-size? Why do we, as a society, allow ourselves to settle for being larger sizes and then beg people to “love me for who I am”?

    I LOVE the image this model is portraying. Looking at her, I suddenly feel like I’m not that far off from having a model figure and I feel motivated to just do a liiiiiiittle more exercise, and eat just a few more veggies. Full disclosure: I’m not in a healthy weight range. But I’m not proud of it. I KNOW I can take the inches off, but I’m too lazy to, just like many women in our country. However, I will never allow myself to believe that being unhealthy is okay. (That’s my own battle… Being fat and knowing it but too lazy to do anything about it.)

    I think the problem isn’t this model, but rather it’s our culture telling us that to be beautiful, we have to be a size 0, and we eat that shit up. And then, after we’ve cried into a carton of ice cream, we tell ourselves, “Screw that! If you don’t like me for who I am, it’s your loss!” If we had more models like her, I think we’d be more persuaded to set more realistic health goals. She’s NOT thin! But she’s certainly not fat.

    The only way we’re going to change the modeling culture is by supporting her body type, and this picture! We should WANT to see more of her so that the wind blows away all those toothpicks and SHE becomes the normal model figure. That’s not going to happen if everyone kicks her to the curb and says she not good enough. We’re basically telling the fashion world that they can keep their skinny models because we like to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, but we’ll only accept size 0 and size 20 but nothing in-between. (As if people really want to see a size 20 model wearing the bikini this model is wearing.)

    My point in all this is that I’m disappointed that people are shaming this picture. It’s a really big step in changing our perception of beauty in this culture and we should be supporting it.

  • There’s no way she’s plus sized.

    Her boobs are too small.

    • teralee sampson

      You need to understand how clothing works, and bras in particular.
      A woman who is 5’5″ could have a ribcage of 38″ and then size A cup – very small breasts but her shirt would be a 14W – 16W. Another woman could have a ribcage of 30″ and a size DD cup – large breasts in relation to her size, but not putting her up into a plus size top. Plus sizes in tops are the total inches around including both breast and ribcage diameter. A chest size of

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  • Nicole

    I object to the use of “real” women but I get it.

  • Holly Vanessa Benson Creavy

    Insanity and feminism aren’t mutually exclusive. What you’ve written here tells me that you probably ARE a feminist. The way people portray feminism requires you to take a stand and OWN your role as a feminist – I implore you to do so, in spite of what misogynists may think about you.

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  • Lol. Look at what they consider a female model which is basically a 14yo boy. Of course their idea of plus size is going to be wildly skewed. In the real world, that’s what we call a woman and she isn’t plus sized. All these chicks starving themselves into twigs are just skeletons, one or two grapes away from death.

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  • Shweta Rai

    Plus size…size zero…all of that is a major bullshit…I think everyone should just eat healthy n workout n feel good….how about some size fit and healthy

  • Cree DIzzle

    HAHAHAHA! I just LOVE the responses to Cosmos post. I bet they had a “uhhhh…SH*T…” reaction.


    she IS plus sized.. for a model. cmon all these knee jerk reactions from you dummys saying “thats bullshit, woman shouldnt be held to such ludicrous and unrealistic standards”, im sick of it bc if they had some fat pig up there everybody would think it was a joke, EVERYBODY, and only once it made the news all u phoney dikes would get behind it with ur girl power horse shit. i dont get upset about these twilight kids and i dont go around saying “us guys gotta stick together”, why would i? who gives a shit? just own up to who you are and if you cant do that then change ur body. whether you wanna do it through dieting and exercise or cosmetic surgery thats at you’re own discretion, U GOT THAT OPTION! We livin’ in America muthafuckas

    • Nicole

      Her size was super model size just a few years ago–think Cindy Crawford. The size of ‘normal’ has gotten smaller and smaller to where it is the look of prepubescent boy–no hips, no tits, just bones. It is sick how the media has skewed our perception of reality to where people actually believe this woman is plus-sized.

      I have jeans from the 80s that I bought that are size 12. Today, they are the same size as a size 18. That is what the media and fashion industry has done. They have made it so our perception of size is distorted.

      • tjeee

        Not at all. You’d like to pretend that, but in reality what you hypocrites commentating are displaying is a lack of self-esteem and awareness. You are here because of your own insecurities. WHY ARE YOU DEFINING YOURSELVES FROM THE OUTSIDE? Media and the fashion-industry doesn’t control the norm? We do. “They have made”… bla bla bla bla bla bla. Do you, ACTUALLY, REALLY believe that NORMAL PEOPLE get their world view from the media?

        Or from the people around them?

        On the other hand they’ve become better at percepting what the majority of souls on this planet are genetically wired to respond to, AT FIRST GLANCE, and therefore the phenomena of “thinning”. Please stop being so easily offended and step up in becoming a real person.

        • Nicole

          Yes people get their ideas of what is ‘normal’ from the media. Why do you think girls are starving themselves to be like the people they see on TV and in magazines? Why do you think people who are are overweight are made fun of everyday? Why do you think men and women have unobtainable views of what is beautiful? The media. They are the reasons why people define themselves from the outside. I hate that it matters what we look like, but it does; and women get the harsher end of that. Pick up any paper during the 2009 (not positive on that year) US Presidential Nomination and see how Hilary was described compared to the men. Media matters. Media sets the beauty standard. Take a class in media, language, culture, etc. and see this trend. It actually goes right along with racism, victimisation, hegemonic masculinity, sexism, etc. Watch ‘Killing us softly 1-4’ and see.

          And I am real person. Your accusation that I am not is offensive.

    • welllookhere

      And what about the women like myself who struggle to lose or maintain their weight despite exercising everyday and eating healthy because of a disease out of their control? Think before you speak, insensitive jerk.

    • Everydogsmom

      You really aren’t very bright are you?

    • Keith Murdock

      A little harsh dude lol ..but I second your opinion~

    • asdfasdf

      Idiot. You are part of the problem. Eat manure.


    Her head doesn’t look like it belongs on her body and if that’s “plus size”, I want to be just like her!!!!!

  • Vince

    Dummy…..she is plus sized because shes tall as hell not fat ya dummy…..tall and wide makes plus size, just like a dude thats tall as hell and has big feet….same ish…..stupid….

    • UncBrad150


  • Jebediah L.

    Yes, she is plus size. But that doesn’t mean Cosmo is calling her fat. She’s a size 16 and she’s 6′ 2″. So technically, yes, she is plus sized.

    • Erika Escariz

      There is no way in hell that girl is a size 16. At least a size 10 but 16. Nope.

  • barloot

    Women and gay men make the decisions at catalogues, magazines, and what get’s to the runway. You all like Lena Dunham’s shape? Liars, all of you. The second a woman of that size get’s anywhere near editorial the editors get letters and email so angry they poison the mail room for weeks. And then there’s the model, she get’s hateful scorn and comments from women twice her size. I don’t have a solution but I know moaning like this is not the answer.

  • Angelina

    I don’t think Cosmo is the source of the problem here. We all know that supermodels are often very very thin and I think that in the supermodeling industry, she is considered plus-size, though in regular life she is quite in shape. The modeling industry is the one who glamorizes super-skinny models. Cosmo is not claiming this girl is plus-size, but in the supermodel industry, she is considered a “plus-size model”.

  • Lauren

    I’ve been reading about her and she considers herself a plus size model so it’s not Cosmo’s fault. She’s 6’2 and a size 12. She’s the new face of Ralph Lauren. I’d say she doesn’t care what people are calling her lol she’s beautiful and becoming a huge success!

  • kfav196

    “I’m no crazy feminist…” Unnecessary disclaimer. Being a feminist isn’t something horrible or anything to be ashamed of, but if you’re still in denial and can’t handle the strength it takes to be one of us “crazy feminists” then that’s your loss.

    • gonzomatic

      I couldn’t agree more! you go girl! it takes a lot of strength to take care of 6 cats

  • stephanie

    There’s no way she’s plus sized. Maybe she has to get tall-sized pants, but I’m a size 8, not plus sized, and I am way bigger than that in every respect (except height).

  • Angie

    Why is everyone attacking Cosmo? This is a problem with American culture and the modeling industry in general, not a problem with Cosmo. Just like we have size 0 and 2 sized girls modeling clothes that “normal” sized women would wear, we have size 6 or 8 women modeling clothes that “plus-sized” girls will wear. It’s a modeling industry thing, it’s not Cosmo’s fault.

    • Pauline Manley

      However Cosmo can choose whether or not they choose to go along with the “standards” that the modeling industry displays. By displaying an article in THEIR magazine they are simply agreeing to this sad and very true idea of what an image of a women is/supposed to be. They could have easily chose not to publish that article so yes it is their fault.

  • Levi

    Americans are generally fatter than people in other societies. There’s nothing morally wrong with being overweight, but we shouldn’t tell women it’s healthy. It’s not healthy to be overweight/obese; however, it’s just as unhealthy to be malnourished like many runway models. This “plus-sized” model is overweight by definition. By saying she’s overweight we aren’t saying she’s ugly–we’re saying she would be in better health if she weighed less.

    • ghostnapa

      I’m not anywhere near overweight and I’m bigger than that model. Anything that says a size 6 or 8 is some how equivalent to over weight for models, who are typically well over 5’8″, is full of crap. The only way that could possibly be “over weight” is if she was pure muscle and solid as a fricken tree trunk. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. There is barely any chance a healthy woman who is almost 6′ should be wearing size 2 clothing, which is what the modeling industry promotes. That limited of a body fat percentage comes with plenty of medical problems, not to mention the psychological issues for thousands of people.

      • tjeee

        Says more about your self-image, and insecurities than this so called “problem”

    • Galina

      This opinion is unsolicited.

    • InLoveWithLife

      Hi! So not to be rude but I would just like to point out that severe health complications come from being obese, which is not the same as overweight. The woman in the picture is overweight, she is heavier because of either too much water retention, her bone structure, or she could have a mild bit of extra fat. However, she is not obese. Obesity is when you’re body fat percentage is so high that it becomes a possible concern. HOWEVER, even when you are obese this does not guarantee any illnesses shall occur, you are just at a higher risk. Beyond this is morbid obesity when you’re body fat percentage is extremely high and your likelihood of a fatal or life changing illness is almost certain because of your weight.

      The problem that you people seem to have is that you can’t tell the difference between these stages and treat women who are overweight like they are morbidly obese. While 70% of Americans are overweight, only 7% are morbidly obese.

      Stop being a part of the problem. Don’t judge women you don’t know on incorrect information and a country you don’t live in on stereotypes.

    • MarcelSLG

      She’s not overweight. Do you know her numbers? Are you her doctor? No. So shut up and take your faux concern elsewhere.

    • Angelina

      The model pictured here is not overweight or obese even by definition..even outside of America. She looks pretty in shape to me…

    • Earl of Sandwich

      Unless you know her BMI, how can you possibly know if she’s overweight “by definition”? From what I can see, I would estimate she is not overweight. In fact, from a brief search and calculation, she is 6ft 2in (1.88 meters) and apparently at her heaviest weighs 82.5 kilograms. BMI = mass(kg)/ (height (m))^2; therefore, her BMI is 23.5 which is easily within the healthy range (18.5-25). You are correct in that we shouldn’t encourage obesity, but you’re ridiculously off-the-mark by saying this woman is overweight. Giving a “plus-sized” designation to a woman with a perfectly healthy weight is the whole reason this is outrageous.

    • jlmspar13

      while I agree that we need to realize that overweight isn’t healthy, this model is not even overweight. She is likely more than the Hollywood average of 100#, but her size is absolutely proportionate to her height. What’s most important when determining overweight and unhealthy is waist size, a waist size of greater than 34inches is unhealthy and a risk factor of diabetes and heart disease. This woman clearly has a thin waist, again likely more than the Hollywood average of 20inches, but smaller than the American average.

    • KJohnson_12

      It’s clear that people are going to get their feelings hurt by your comment. However, I agree to the point you’re attempting to get at. There is no way to know her body fat percentage, or her cholesterol levels, or anything of that sort. That being said, however, it is a medical fact that being over-weight (and by over-weight I am meaning a body fat level which is considered unhealthy) leads to an extensive amount of health concerns. I feel that promoting “loving yourself and your body” and a realistic representation of American women is admirable, necessary, and fundamental for moving forward as a gender. HOWEVER, I do not feel that “loving yourself and your body” should mean that if you are at an unhealthy weight that you should simply expect everyone else to maintain that weight. There are supermodels who are underweight, they are “skinny fat” and just as unhealthy as their over-weight counterparts. The focus should be health. The industry focuses on those who are “thin” by whichever standard because, in theory, they are healthy, and health is attractive. Perhaps not always, but genetically speaking, the human species seeks healthy mates and those who are “in shape” are at a lower risk for all diseases, have better vitality and many other biological factors.

      This does not have to be women against women. Over-weight women hating on thin women, and thin women talking crap on over-weight women. The conversation should not be how is she considered plus-size, but why is plus size such a dirty word? If America is wearing these clothes, they are this size, and they find this size appealing, why does it cause an outrage to be labeled “plus-size”.

      Frankly, I believe more than any movement (self-love, fitspo, whatever), the focus should be on health. Whatever the height. Whatever the weight. The focus should be on eating right, and exercising. Maintaining a healthy body fat composition. I don’t feel that endorsing that it’s just ok to be over-weight, because well, all of America is, is at all healthy or helping. Nor is the idealistic expectation of being 5’11” and 115lbs like the majority of runway ladies. For the record, skinny-shaming isn’t helping anyone. Making skinny, or healthy, or even under-weight dirty and despicable is just as bad as the opposite. America has trouble finding the correct issue to be outraged about. You complain that this woman being labeled plus-size is insanity. To whom? And why? I’m not outraged. She apparently wears a size 12, which is considered by all standards plus-size. Are attractive and plus-sized mutually exclusive? Are “over-weight” and “plus-sized” synonyms? ….

      I wish that we could focus on appropriate issues.

  • JenJen

    Here’s my problem with this…Why did they have to label the photo with “Plus-size Supermodel” Why couldn’t it just say “Supermodel” Robin Lawley? Do they write “Regular Supermodel Gisele Bundchen” ? Of course not! I miss the days when Marilyn Monroe was the standard!

    • Brooklyn

      Studies have been done that Marilyn Monroe was actually a size 0-2. She was “curvy,” but was still a skinny, skinny little thing.

      • DescendantofPlato

        lol nit 0-2 you twit lol she was about an 8…i dunno what research you’ve been looking at! however the myth of her been a 16 is complete shit….not that i have the faintest idea of what those sizes translate to, but hard evidence doesn’t lie 😉 gooday.

    • Yes

      If I hear this BS about Marilyn Monroe being a “size 16” one more time!!! Argh – please read the following:


  • jodi

    if this is plus sized can i please be plus sized?? she has a smokin hot body!

  • Michael Aertker

    She is really hot!!!! You wanna critique this? The top and bottom of the swimsuit don’t match.

  • Wes

    That chick is beautiful. The best thing I teach the delinquent population that I counsel/teach is to able to control your emotions. People are crazy, the media plays on that. Labels are whatever you make of them. Clearly that chick is beautiful. Stop stuffing yourselves in the box and comparing yourselves to other people. Dig deep within yourself and find the answers. That’s where they reside. Love yourself and you’ll stop getting crazy about what the media is portraying. Unless you like getting worked up over things you don’t have control over and you like arguing. Then, do whatever.

  • Kari

    I’m not actually a Cosmopolitan reader, but I want to point out that Robyn Lawley is a very well known “plus-size model,” and I’m sure that her agency has her listed as a “plus-size model.” The magazine was just referencing her as she would be professionally described. Obviously “plus-size models” are similar or even slimmer than the average American woman. The difference is that the model agencies list women who are much taller than average and underweight by height/weight ratio as “fashion models.” I don’t mean that to say that fashion models are unhealthy, thought I’m sure that many battle with food-related issues seeing as how their careers depend on staying slim, but the bottom line is that they have a very different body type than the average woman. The trouble is that then the regular-size girls have the label of “plus-size” and the girls under 5’7″ have the label of “petite” (try putting them in petite pants – HA!) and these do not correlate at all with the sizing of the general population. This is an industry-wide practice and this particular magazine really shouldn’t be taking the heat for it more so than any other business within the fashion industry.

  • Sweetz

    If that is plus sized I am enormous bc my thighs, butt and stomach are nowhere near that skinny.

  • Adult Stewie

    those who listen to magazines and other publications on what is considered beauty is just weak minded. You shouldn’t need the media to tell you how to look and feel great. Once people stop holding the media’s opinion in such high regard, then we can truly progress forward.

  • Deandra Patrice

    You really didn’t have to qualify this whole thing with “I am no crazy feminist.” The arguments in this article are valid simply because they are. Not to mention feminism is not a dirty word because we aren’t crazy: we simply want equal respect for females and males. The image of female beauty is warped in this country, and it is nowhere near crazy to feel the need to speak out about it. That’s part of what feminism is about.

    • kfav196

      I agree, wholeheartedly.

  • Deanna

    If u can look that good in a bikini, your not plus sized, no where near!!!

    • asdfasdf


  • C B

    So many fools on here. This woman is 6’2 and wears a size 14. She’s a “MODEL,” not some fat slob on the streets. The reason people don’t want to look at obese MODELS is because they’re, generally, disgusting to look at. The fact she wears the average size a woman does is all more to the point that she is a plus size MODEL. Perhaps some of you need a dictionary, as you don’t quite understand what the definition of a MODEL is.

    • ghostnapa

      I think you need to look up the definition of “MODEL”, it’s a representation of women. And strangely, most women don’t appreciate being represented by the unhealthy stick figures that get called models. They are unrealistic and proven damaging to the development of thousands of young women. I’m not saying that people need to be fat, I’m saying that having a BMI of about 15 is not healthy and needs to stop being promoted as the norm while a healthy BMI is touted as “plus sized”, which is BS.

    • mbp2013

      There’s no way she’s a 14. An 8 or MAYBE a 10 at the absolute most.

      • HikaruYami

        You’re objectively incorrect. She models size 14 clothes because she’s tall as fuck. They don’t make “size 8 super tall” or whatever you’d want to call it. Don’t think that you can arbitrarily eyeball people’s sizes when you’re not considering height. She’s considered plus-size by modelling definitions because of the sizes she wears, not because the fashion police measured her BMI and declared her overweight.

        With that said, C B is obviously a complete douchebag to overweight people, so it feels really awkward backing up his facts…. Still, though, his second sentence was, simply, fact.

        • mbp2013

          Actually, they do make size 8 jeans in as much as a 37.5″ inseam. I’m seen them at several stores including Buckle. They also carry 35″ inseam pants at Maurice’s and several other places. The size and length have nothing to do with one another. Regardless of that, I wore a 14 for a long time and never had to shop in the plus section.

      • einah20

        It’s actually very likely she wears a 14… she’s extremely tall so a 14 on her is the equivalent of a smaller size on a shorter girl. I had a friend who wore extra smalls but looked heavier than me (5’5, size medium/small-ish) because she was only 5’0.

      • Yes

        In what country?

  • Alanna Calisha John

    I think she looks great. Love that natural glow.

  • SB

    Just because she is a “plus sized model” does not mean she has to be plus sized (14+). A LOT of plus sized models are not actually plus size! They are wear and 8-10. Especially high fashion SUPERMODELS like Robyn Lawley! Get with it people. Stop being butt hurt over something that has been going on for YEARS.

  • SB

    A-lot of plus sized models are 8-10, even though PLUS SIZE is 14+. Look up plus size New York models and their stats are shown. That being said, the plus size swim suit models are always smaller than the actual models. Look at Forever 21+, Torrid and even Macy’s. It’s a marketing tactic. She looks good in the swim suit clearly labled “plus size” so maybe I will too.

    Not really that offended by this picture because I’ve seen models who are this size (probably a 6?) as “plus sized” my whole life.

  • Taylor Lynn Patrick

    How does this make me feel? It makes me feel ashamed that all the women bitching about this have nothing better to do with their time. If you are saying it’s sick that this is plus sized because you must be super sized then…. perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your life and make necessary changes to obtain a healthy body weight. Having models being an abnormal weight is not a new concept. Maybe if all of these outraged females actually did something worthwhile with their time instead of bitching at an advertisement… things would get done. You feed into your own disillusioned concept of an oppressive “Patriarchy” by letting yourselves focus energy on this nonsense. You want equality? Do something in pursuit of human rights then. And additionally, if you are comparing yourself to magazine advertisements, it isn’t society that is fucked, YOU are the fucked up one.

    • MarcelSLG

      You sound so enlightened, tearing women down because they don’t want to be seen as huge/fat/whatever when they aren’t even close to being fat. Seriously, people in glass houses.

      • Taylor Lynn Patrick

        If this makes you look supersized, huge/fat/whatever… you should probably be losing some damn weight. Sorry, not sorry. Obesity is a disease, not something to become socially normal and acceptable. Glass houses? I work very hard to be in shape and be healthy, not look like some shopped up image in cosmo. Because comparing yourself to an advertisement is A WASTE OF FUCKING TIME!

    • Guest

      Can’t agree more with everything you’ve said. I just got finished re-reading Fahrenheit 451 and we were warned of the dangers of censorship in future society. People want to bitch about being treated unfairly by society rather than attempting to better themselves and as long as that continues to happen, no progress will be made. Look at the size of the average American over the last few decades- it is increasing RAPIDLY. Does that mean we should become offended that our overweight society isn’t being mirrored in advertising, or does that mean we should take a look around and fix the problem? We are on the verge of a diabetes and obesity EPIDEMIC. An epidemic, as if we cannot stop what’s happening. The woman in this photo is overweight, aka plus-size, and the fact that many of you are complaining about that makes me realize that our country’s problem is more widespread than I thought. i just hope everyone realize that if this woman is considered “thin” years down the line, that will mean sky-high insurance/health costs for every American. It is scientifically not healthy to be overweight. Say what you want about the social issues at play

  • thisisstupid

    Women on the subject of a woman’s body: “She’s beautiful just the way she is, you’re filthy for thinking otherwise.”

    Women on the subject of a man’s body: “OMG look at his abs!” “His biceps are to DIE for!” “I need a man that takes care of his body, that shows he will take care of me.”

    Men on the subje- *interrupted by a woman saying he has no say because it’s not his body, men are pigs for their subjugation of women, women have so much pressure on them (yet they are SO much stronger?) so they don’t need any more, etc.*

    What’s funny is I’m seeing a lot of comments from men saying ‘don’t worry about this crap, she’s beautiful, other women are beautiful regardless their size, getting worked up over this is hurting your self-esteem and a waste of time, be yourself.” And women are responding “NO! You’re the problem! There are unnecessary pressures, and women should be able to be themselves!”

    Another knee-slapper is all the women insisting the phrase “plus-sized model” shouldn’t be used because it’s degrading, but then going on to correct somebody about the proper use of the term when they say ‘well she is a size ___ so technically she’s bigger than the average model but that doesn’t mean she’s fat.’

  • pimp


  • Andrew Webb

    For the record… she considers herself a plus size model, Cosmo didn’t just call her that for fun.

  • chelovek5

    Sorry, fat girls, but no one wants to see you in a bikini. “Plus-sized modeling” isn’t some massive umbrella that includes obese women. It’s attractive, fit women who have a bigger build than petite models. Focus on your improving your own body instead of trying to drag the standard down to your level.

  • concerned idiot

    maybe you should delete your Facebook. it’s like complaining McDonalds sells coke when no one is forcing you to go there. it’s so fucking simple.

  • Rachel Sherret

    I’d just like to point out that Robyn Lawley is, in fact, a working plus-sized model. Cosmo did NOT label her that out of their own beliefs, rather, that is what she is labelled as under contract. It is not Cosmo’s fault that they wrote plus-sized. I have seen her model a lot of plus-sized fashion and lingerie before this article was even posted. Please stop trying to blame Cosmo for something that’s not their wording.

  • odjit

    i’m a woman who has experience with modeling and i’m a little over 6′ tall. i am a little bit smaller than she is and i can tell she’s a plus-size model. you’re right, she doesn’t look it but she’s probably size 12.
    at between 6′ and 6’1″ and 160 lbs (exactly in the middle of the healthy weight range for our height, which ranges from 140 to 180) i was a size 10. she’s a tiny bit taller and maybe a tiny bit heavier. she’s probably a 12, and in the modeling industry (awful as it is), that is size 12. when i was down to 146 lbs i was a small size 8. they use taller models for plus-size because they look thinner by comparison. if you see a 5’4″ woman and a 6’2″ woman wearing the same size, the tall woman will look thinner. her height is her game in the plus-size modeling industry. they still get a thin model, but if she can wear a 12, they can use her to sell plus size clothes.

  • Morgan H

    I am canceling my subscription to Cosmo. No wonder girls are so screwed up in the head. Cosmo I am so disappointed and you have lost a long time customer.

    • DescendantofPlato

      lol it’s only now you’ve realised they’ve been doing that since? it’s a fashion magazine..

    • OsamaIsAlive

      cancel your life subscription while you’re at it

  • Alicia

    that my friend is not a plus sized model… yall are crazy…. way to piss people off exp the plus sized women like me

  • Michael Angelo Tucci

    Shes actually not even plus sized … the picture is photoshoped to make her head smaller thus making the rest of her body bigger

  • Jacob

    She could use another 20 pounds if you ask me. If that girl is plus-sized, then what would they call her if she gained 20 pounds? I don’t even want to know because I’d probably lose my temper.

  • Paulie

    Why is this wrong? Why set low standards? People should want to be in shape and this is one of the many ways to inspire that. Our lives are run by the food industry. If men and women had this image of plus sized in their mind maybe they’d think twice before they order two mcdoubles a day..

    Don’t get me wrong guys I’m very current on many of today’s controversial issues.

  • Joe

    yuk, i prefer thin women.

  • Brie

    I agree that it is wrong to state this woman is plus sized. At the same time we need to stop saying this is normal or average. I am 5 foot and weigh 125 lbs and have a lot of muscle mass and was still told by my doctor that I need to watch my weight because it was getting out of control. Historically as more food became available the American public ate more because that was what lavish culture told us to do. Consequently most of the American public changed its perception of what a normal woman should look like (those are the people outraged that she is considered plus size). Now magazines and the medical profession are sticking to their guns saying no you’re wrong, by standards that were set hundreds of years ago she is plus sized. Truth is this woman weighs more than the average model. Truth is this woman weighs about the same as average women. Truth is this woman had the courage to join a world that completely runs off of skinny people. That should be the only thing that matters. She had the courage to call herself beautiful. That is what everyone needs the courage to be beautiful whether their skinny or curvy or can see their toes or have stretch marks that aren’t from having kids. Society is suffocating courage not beauty.

  • I’m-Mikey I-rock

    Every one of you need to shut the f*ck up and so some research…You do know that SIZE also has to do with HEIGHT right? Just because someone is plus SIZE does NOT mean they are fat it means they are BIGGER! If you havent noticed this girl is TALL as fuck. 6’2 to be exact. she IS a plus size model. Plus size INCLUDES tall girls. People just need a reason to bitch and complain, if you feel like you are fat, do something about it. If not, be proud….simple. if you look in a magazine to compare yourself then you already have issues.

  • Laura

    Actually she is “averaged size” if she wears a size 14-16 (which other comments have stated). That’s the average size of women today. HOWEVER, why was it necessary to even say her size? Just start the sentence at “Supermodel” then there’s no debate!

    • Jennifer Noonan-Tardo

      I think she looks average but since she is likely tall maybe a size 10-12. An average size woman is about a size 8, its that a size 14 is most commonly sold because our society is overweight..Models they have are usually a size

    • JenJen

      There is no way she is a 14-16!

  • Savvy Dee

    “i’m no crazy feminist but”

    and you just completely invalidated your entire argument. do you even know what feminism is? do you still think ‘bra burning’ actually happened and that all feminists are just dykes who hate men? you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Stanford

      I agree with you entirely. That statement cheapened her argument.
      “I’m not crazy in trying to say that men and women should be treated equally, but…”

  • Caroline

    She’s plus size but can wear a bikini and look good? I don’t think Cosmo really knows what a plus size woman really looks like.

    • vlewitus

      So your definition of a plus size model is “can’t look good in a bikini”? News flash – plus size models can look good in bikinis too

  • Guest

    this article is disgusting. the author of it ought to be sacked. yes, this model is “plus sized” but she inspires an image of being healthy despite having a larger frame. the phrase “big is beautiful” and “skinny is beautiful” should be scrapped for the simple term “healthy is beautiful”

  • Alexa Lavalliere

    So, Adina Rivers, you call yourself a “scientist”? The quotation marks around that word in your bio are fitting considering scientists (not “scientists”) actually do research on the topics they right about. Yes, the media is ridiculous/stupid/superficial/whatever, and taking your self-appointed title, you of all people shouldn’t be buying into the bullshit…but you are. Congratulations.

  • Jason

    This is not something to get angry over. She IS a plus sized individual (at 180 pounds and 6’2″), and by that I don’t even mean she’s plus sized in the model industry. An average woman in the US Is about 165 pounds and 5’5″. This woman is NINE inches taller and FIFTEEN pounds heavier than the AVERAGE American woman. It’s worth noting that nearly SEVENTY percent of people who live in the US are medically overweight or obese. So, according to that information, you’re all pissed off that Cosmo put the label “plus-sized” on a woman who would be large by the MEDICAL STANDARDS in the FATTEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Shouldn’t you all be outside your local GP’s office petitioning him to lower his ridiculous standards?

    Get a grip.

    • Malena

      Second fattest. Mexico is the current fattest.

    • Savvy Dee

      no. you’re completely forgetting that terms like plus-size are relative to body type. it only has to do with how much you weigh in RELATION to your height- which means being 180 lbs at 5’5 might be considered plus size, but for a 6’2 woman it is not. for a 6’2 woman 180 lbs is well within the healthy BMI for a woman of that height, and that doesn’t even take into account that much of her weight is probably muscle mass.

      • Alex

        No, it has to do with what size you wear, hence plus sized. Maybe people need to have more self confidence and get butthurt over Cosmo. Whats worse, Cosmo calling this woman a plus sized model or the people who live their life through a shitty magazine?

      • Jason

        I’m not saying she’s fat or unhealthy. She is much taller than ‘normal’ models. This makes her by default a plus-sized. I definitely could have worded that part better, but now am too lazy to go back and edit it. Apologies.

      • Michelle Ann Napier

        Thank you – plus sized means overweight. Not normal weight for height and weight.

      • Matthew Hope

        That’s incorrect. Plus size is a loose term. It has nothing to do with BMI.

        • Savvy Dee

          i’m 6’1. my clothing is not considered plus size, despite the fact that i am taller than the average female and have to buy clothing that is longer- the reason i am not considered plus size is because *dingdingding* i’m thin. if size, including plus-sizes, is not determined solely by height, it has to be determined by weight in RELATION to height, because that is how mass works in our universe. so yes, it does have to do with BMI, the Body Mass Index. what the fuck else would it refer to, her state of being in the 4th dimension?

          • Matthew Hope

            So a woman who is 6’2″ and 180 (that’s aboslutely plus-sized) doesn’t have to shop in specialty stores, or go out of their way to find plus sized clothing? Yeah, ok.
            No one says it’s unattractive or unhealth. This is about larger than larger than average, regardless of BMI

          • Matthew Hope

            And thin is one thing. You can have a large FRAME and still be considered plus sized, even though your fat content isn’t any higher. So, BMI is simply a ratio, but does not necessarily equate with a body type.

            Congrats on being thin though…

    • Katie

      actually Mexico is the fattest country. just sayin.

    • Lee

      I would like to point out to you that I am a male that is 6’3″ and 185 pounds, and I get told that I am too skinny all the time. People tell me I need to eat more. I am well built and muscular, but since I am so tall people look at me and think “string bean”. This woman is pretty much the same size as me, 1″ and 5 pounds difference, and yet she is called a plus size model? Talk about double standards… Your assessment is categorically flawed by the way, Sure, she may be TALL by medical standards in America, however you’re taking the average woman, adding 9 inches and only 15 pounds. That’s less than 2 pounds per inch added to her size, making her, again, quite tall, but not at all “plus sized” which is typically a measurement that has more to do with girth than with height. Here are some pictures of your “average”, do they really look like this “plus sized” model? http://www.mybodygallery.com/search.html?gender=female&height=165&age=any&weight=73&pantSize=any&shirtSize=any&bodytype=

    • Bart

      You are actually an idiot if you actually believe what you just wrote. Learn the definition of Plus-size. Its in relation to height, what does being taller than the average woman have to do with being plus-size. Feel free to look at a dictionary.

    • Sweetz

      Um…I am 5’6″ and 180….and I am not considered obese by medical standards. Saying this model is plus sized is offensive. I used to be that model body…you know 5’6″ 105lbs…..but I was also VERY ILL. I am finally a “healthy weight for my bone structure and height” but the long lasting medical issues I developed from the eating disorder perpetrated by wanting to have that model perfect body will NEVER go away.

    • Angie

      Actually, at 6’2 and 180 pounds she has a BMI of 23.1 and is completely healthy and in a normal weight range. Depending on her measurements, she probably wears a size 8. An 8 is not plus sized. It is a normal size that is sold in normal woman’s clothing stores all over America.

  • Anonymous

    It’s these kinds of advertising mistakes that makes magazines like “Cosmopolitan” an a host of others, loose credibility. I won’t spend money on a magazine that perpetuates this kind of nonsense. If magazines and companies want to continue this kind of nonsense, they are only going to loose more and more credibility as the average thinking individual can quickly and easily spot such bull. I for one hope they keep it up to the point they go out of business. That’s the future they have in store. My opinion of a beautiful woman, is one that’s not so skinny you can see her bones, and not one who’s so overweight that she can’t get out of a chair. Find a balance, to me sexy is healthy. Times are changing, it’s not about starvation to look your best anymore but eating healthily, and being healthy in body soul and mind. That’s sexy.

  • Chey

    hahaahahahahah someone thinks our society is fine lmao brainwashed

  • Eileen Apple

    I don’t have a problem with people who are naturally thin. What I do have a problem with is all the stories you hear about models being told they weigh too much when it is obvious they are waifs who are already on diets of lettuce and water. Naturally thin that is awesome, I was like that when I was young until my early 20’s I was a size 1 and I could NOT gain weight and was put on shakes just to try and put weight on I was constantly harassed about it and told to eat more. Its pretty pathetic when you have to shop in the kids section when your 21 because adult sizes don’t fit you. But I did eat and I did NOT starve myself like so many models and people who want to be thin because society makes it out so people who are not that perfect size are imperfect. What is fed to society as NORMAL is what is wrong. Now however I no longer have that issue, actually I am on the other end so either way you look at it it is quite annoying. Cindy Crawford is 5’9″ , Tyra banks is 5’10”, Iman is 5’10”, Gisel is 5’11”, Kimora Lee is 6’0″, Brook Shields is 6’0″ so its not about height. The list goes on and on.

  • Jenna Marie

    she is definitely plus size.. and plus size does not mean fat and disgusting… you people are too defensive. she is a size 14 dress.. that is in the women’s section not misses. either way she is still beautiful and looks good..

    • Misses sizes go up to 16. You can get a 14 in women’s, but the cut is completely different. With her proportions, she is most certainly not a 14, either. I’d bet she’s an 8 or 10.

    • Angie

      She has a 23.1 BMI and most likely “normal” sized measurements. No way she is a size 14. More like an 8 or a 10.

  • Joshua Camp

    She’s 6’2″ tall, wears a size 16, and was a fat kid… how is she NOT a ‘plus’ size model? Do you just have a problem with her being fit and looking good in a bikini? She’s still bigger than 80% of the women I know…

    • Elizabeth René Cueto

      That is how most women look. She is normal-sized. The normal models are sticks. It is because of people like you that normal women feel fat, when they are not.

    • Danielle P

      Uh, she’s 6’2 and has a big frame which equals a bigger pants size. She is by no means what society deems as plus-sized, which is code for overweight and not ideal. She is IDEAL for her height and body type. You are part of the problem.

      • Brian Raña

        Plus size doesn’t mean overweight and not ideal. Where do you get this shit from? Plus size means above average size. That’s it.

    • Danielle P

      And to be clear, she’s a size 8 US. Not a size 16.

      • Michelle Ann Napier

        Thanks for clearing that up!

    • Chris D

      You don’t know a lot of women then.

    • Lori

      Are you on crack??? There is no way this woman wears a size 16 anything. And you must know a lot of malnourished, anorexic women!

    • Bart

      Are you crazy! Size is in relation to HEIGHT. Men cannot be this simple when it comes to women’s sizes, LEARN before you speak. For instance, A size 10 may be perfectly fine on someone who is 5’7, but if another person is 5’0 and a size 10 she may run into health risks! Learn how women’s sizes work PLEASE!

  • Erin

    From the way this model looks, she most definetly would not be shopping in a “plus size” clothing store nor would she be wearing plus sizes. I understand that “plus size” in the modeling industry may mean something different, but not to any average girl who does not model. She looks like a HEALTHY model, notice you cannot see her bones and she appears to be fit and not “chunky”. I think “plus size” is a term that yes, may destroy society in a tiny bit…but maybe if their was a better explanation for it (not just the modeling industry definition because it is very misleading) it would not attract so much hype! This model is georgous and this is what girls should want to look like, but the whole “plus size” title she has makes society think its not what they want to strive for.

  • Lucy Kathleen

    “No wonders this society is screwed up if the media declares this as Plus-Size.”

    It’s not society that’s screwed up, we’re fine. We’re doing great actually. If you keep on sending the message that society is screwed up, that’s not helping anyone. It’s the MEDIA that has the power to control our perception of what we THINK. As long as you know the difference, as well as everyone else, that she is just as normal as the rest of us, there’s no need to freak. Don’t let cosmo, or any other huge media publication have the attention and the power to control what you think is pretty! Surround yourself without those things. 🙂

    • Jen Perkins

      the media is a perpetuation of society. what we want is what sells, so the media shows it to us. we are not blindly consuming whatever the media tells us to, we create the media. we are the media. and yes, society is screwed up

      • Lucy Kathleen

        I’m showing you this because what we want isn’t what sells. We don’t have a choice in what’s advertised to us. Our opinions are essentially created for us through these publications because that is what will make THEM money. When was the last time Cosmo, or any other huge publication asked you what kind of lipstick you wanted to buy, or the correct measurements for a plus-sized model, or the kind of shampoo you liked? They don’t, they just make up the next big thing and sell it. They don’t CARE how their advertising will make us feel, but as long as someone’s buying into it, it works. And look! It is – because the amount of uproar from this one article means that someone, somewhere will be sold something. We don’t have a choice in making decisions like that cause it’s up to them. We don’t create the media, because if we did I’m sure it wouldn’t be as half as corrupt as it currently is – clearly people don’t “want” this. Their disgusted by it. But their still reading it. And the terrible part is, the way how you can finish your argument with “society is screwed up.” – You’re a part of society, where’s your solution to your problem? You are the solution to your own problem, be the change YOU want to see in the world. The more you keep buying into and believing these sick and twisted perceptions of what they WANT you to think, the more control they have over you to buy more things you think will make you feel beautiful. I won’t lie, society isn’t perfect, but we do have the power to resist and not buy into what the media wants from us. The greatest power we have is what we decide to do with our dollar, so save your money, because it will make your soul feel 100x better.

    • Stanford

      You think our society is fine!?

      • Lucy Kathleen

        The moderator deleted a much of comments I as well as a bunch of others wrote I wish you could have read them but long story short no.. society isn’t fine. It needs a little work. Media controls a lot of what we think is beautiful and accepted so they can sell. Look to your right, there is an add telling you to shop for more clothes because the ones you currently have aren’t good enough. Screw the media because that’s what sucks. Society would do so much better if we didn’t buy into the greed.

  • Heather Lynn Zorn

    200 pods lmob she would not be anywhere near 200 pds

  • Brian Baywatch Hatzelhoffer

    Before you guys become outraged, look up her measurements. She IS a plus size. SIZE pertaining to her dress size. Not how fat or skinny she is. She is huge for a woman. Not fat wise, size wise. She is 6’2″ and weighs more than 180 pounds with a 42 inch waist. She wears bigger pants than most men. She is very well proportioned which makes her look like a normal size in the photo.

    • Sue

      Actually her measurements are 36D-29-39, which would make her a size 8-10. The smallest size considered plus is a 12, though typically it’s a 14. I’m not sure where you got 42 inches for her waist. Additionally her BMI is 23.1, which is within the normal weight range. That means in no way, shape, or form is she actually plus sized.

      • Bort

        Her hips are 42. And she is a size 14. I’m surprised at how many people posted inaccurate info (size 8 / 42 waist). It’s like everyone gets all excited to prove someone wrong and posts what they want to see. Bottom line… she is plus sized. Get over it. She certainly has.

      • thisisstupid

        “I hate that you’re using words like ‘plus-sized’ to label women, but I’ll be damned if I don’t tell you how to use those labels correctly!”

  • D.M. Stillwood

    Well, as long as you’re not some “crazy feminist.” Pfffft.

    (Way to undermine all your previous, well-stated comments.)

  • mike walsh

    Men watch athletes who are in pristine physical condition and appreciate what they do. Women look at models and complain. And this is society’s fault. Gotcha

    • Madi Storey

      Men look up to athletes who work out and eat healthy to look the way they do and are rewarded by their skills not their looks, yet you want women to look up to models who are stick figures and look that way not because of hard work because of genetics and not eating and who are rewarded for their looks and not their skills? Not society’s fault? Gotcha.

    • A. Morton

      No one is complaining about this model’s appearance, just about the fact that she is considered a plus size when she is obviously at a healthy weight. A comparison between athletes and models is pretty ill composed by nature, though. Athletes focus on achieving a physical goal that allows them to perform well in a sport and it is known that they have to be in a certain physical condition to achieve their goals. Models focus on achieving a physical goal (an often unhealthy one) that allows them to sell whatever is being sold and this means their bodies must fall within what our society deems will sell; our consumer culture buys into what models are doing and buys the product with the photoshopped, unrealistic body. Most models don’t decide what job they’ll have or even what their bodies look like anymore…the higher ups do this and perpetuate the idea an ideal body that is not reflective of a normal body. (For an example of a normal body, look at this beautiful model above) I guarantee that if you talk to any woman who is of any weight, even a healthy or UNDERWEIGHT one, they will tell you that they are or have been at some point unhappy with their bodies because of seeing some advertisement in a magazine. Why? Because those women have been so photoshopped that NO ONE can look like them…but women and men alike are made to feel like they are the ideal of ‘beauty’.

    • Dillon Thomas Prendergast

      haha this is exactly what I was thinking. Do you think that Hollywood and the male model industry does not set the same impossible standards for men as they do women? They do but the difference is that men give no fucks. All of the crazy shit going on in America right now and people are so damn opinionated about this. Why don’t you get mad about something that actually matters like our civil rights being taken away or this pointless war we have been in for 15 years.

    • Cheyna Shannon

      Well I’ve never seen a quarterback with a six pack, bulging biceps, and who is a normal height and weight get called “plus-sized” before. However, you’re right-this isn’t society’s fault. We women are complaining because this woman is in no way shape or form, plus-sized. She is the perfect weight for her height. No it isn’t “normal” perhaps, but definitely not plus-sized.

  • Kate

    She is plus sized for a model. Meaning larger than most models. It is true, though, that if you saw this girl on the street you wouldn’t think of her as plus sized, even though she is a size 12, but that really isn’t that relevant. Companies are never going to use actual obese people to represent their product. They’re not usually going to use average looking people to represent their product. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. They want the most attractive people they can find to represent their brand, and it works. It is just marketing. Honestly, when I look in a magazine, I want to see beautiful people. The woman in the picture is still a beautiful model, but she is larger than most models, and therefore labeled plus sized.

    Also, I think there is a big issue with “skinny shaming.” Most models are not all “bones” like many people tend to say. They’re thinner than most people, but I don’t think the average model looks unhealthy. These women are paid to be thin, pretty, and work out a lot in order to look a certain way. It is their job, and they were hired because they have the ability to accomplish that. People saying that there is something wrong with being a size 0 or 2 need to take a hard look at what it is they’re doing. You can’t discriminate against one group of people in order to benefit another group who you think are being discriminated against. That is hypocritical and counter productive.

    A lot of thin girls defend themselves by saying something along the lines of, “I’m a size 0 and I have never been able to gain weight!” They don’t need to gain weight, nor should they have to justify their weight. I’m naturally thin, but the truth is I could gain weight if I stopped working out and eating right, but why would I do that? No one should have to justify their weight, whether they’re big or small, and no one should comment on another person’s weight unless asked to do so by that person. When people think its okay to tell me that I’m “too skinny,” I always have to bite my tongue, because if I gave them an unsolicited assessment of their own physical health, I don’t think they would like it too much either.

    Most Americans today are overweight, and if companies started using people of actual average size, then they would be promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. To the people that say that no matter how hard they worked out, they would never be as small as a model: no one is asking you to look like a model. You’re not a model. It’s not your job to look like that, so relax. As long as you’re happy and healthy, who cares whats in magazines?

    Although the woman in the photo was labeled “plus sized,” that wasn’t put on her with a negative connotation. Those who were offended by Cosmo’s post are the ones who are saying that being plus sized is somehow a negative thing. Also, these people are indirectly saying that if only she were fatter, being labeled plus sized (which is apparently an insult) would be okay. None of this logic makes sense. The woman is a size twelve. She looks great. She is technically plus sized. She looks phenomenal and the rest of us can only wish we looked like that. Being plus sized and looking great aren’t contradictory, so people need to stop acting like they are.

    • Lacey Jane

      This woman isn’t plus sized. She’s an average sized, healthy individual. I guess you could call her plus sized in comparison to exceptionally petite women, but being exceptionally petite shouldn’t be the standard for beauty. Since plus sized means bigger wouldn’t it make more sense to reserve that kind of label for someone who is bigger than the average woman? I agree that as long as people are both healthy and happy labels found in magazines shouldn’t matter, but the media greatly influences people both consciously and subconsciously.

      I also don’t like the idea of skinny shaming, that’s not any better than fat shaming. It’s true that being overweight is an unhealthy lifestyle to promote, but being underweight isn’t healthy either and magazines often promote that kind of body image. The so-called plus sized model in this photo is a great example of the kind of image that should be seen more often in magazines, and not under a plus sized label.

      • Adam

        Since when is 6’2″ average for a woman?

  • Kate

    She is plus sized for a model. Meaning larger than most models. It is true, though, that if you saw this girl on the street you wouldn’t think of her as plus sized, even though she is a size 12, but that really isn’t that relevant. Companies are never going to use actual obese people to represent their product. They’re not usually going to use average looking people to represent their product. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. They want the most attractive people they can find to represent their brand, and it works. It is just marketing. Honestly, when I look in a magazine, I want to see beautiful people. The woman in the picture is still a beautiful model, but she is larger than most models, and therefore labeled plus sized.

    Also, I think there is a big issue with “skinny shaming.” Most models are not all “bones” like many people tend to say. They’re thinner than most people, but I don’t think the average model looks unhealthy. These women are paid to be thin, pretty, and work out a lot in order to look a certain way. It is their job, and they were hired because they have the ability to accomplish that. People saying that there is something wrong with being a size 0 or 2 need to take a hard look at what it is they’re doing. You can’t discriminate against one group of people in order to benefit another group who you think are being discriminated against. That is hypocritical and counter productive.

    A lot of thin girls defend themselves by saying something along the lines of, “I’m a size 0 and I have never been able to gain weight!” They don’t need to gain weight, nor should they have to justify their weight. I’m naturally thin, but the truth is I could gain weight if I stopped working out and eating right, but why would I do that? No one should have to justify their weight, whether they’re big or small, and no one should comment on another person’s weight unless asked to do so by that person. When people think its okay to tell me that I’m “too skinny,” I always have to bite my tongue, because if I gave them an unsolicited assessment of their own physical health, I don’t think they would like it too much either.

    Most Americans today are overweight, and if companies started using people of actual average size, then they would be promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. To the people that say that no matter how hard they worked out, they would never be as small as a model: no one is asking you to look like a model. You’re not a model. It’s not your job to look like that, so relax. As long as you’re happy and healthy, who cares what is portrayed in magazines?

    Although the woman in the photo was labeled “plus sized,” that wasn’t put on her with a negative connotation. Those who were offended by Cosmo’s post are the ones who are saying that being plus sized is somehow a negative thing. Also, these people are indirectly saying that if only she were fatter, being labeled plus sized (which is apparently an insult) would be okay. None of this logic makes sense. The woman is a size twelve. She looks great. She is technically plus sized. She looks phenomenal and the rest of us can only wish we looked like that. Being plus sized and looking great aren’t contradictory, so people need to stop acting like they are.

    • Emily

      I think models should reflect the size of society, meaning a mix of bigger boned models and skinny models. This women is naturally larger then most models at 6’2 and 180 pounds, but that doesnt mean she doesn’t work out as hard as normal models to retain her figure. I don’t believe people who are normal weight should be classed as plus-sized just because they are larger then a size zero. The problem is not being labled plus-sized, but creating crazy high standards for young girls to strive to be. no one is asking you to look like a model. You’re not a model. It’s not your job to look like that, so relax. As long as you’re happy and healthy, who cares what is portrayed in magazines? That is not what young girls take from magazines, as a 17 year old girl, I know the pain that young girls go through when they are trying to understand why they don’t look like Cara Delevingne. One of my childhood friends is currently recovering from anorexia, she was a size 8 (size 4 Usa), and thought she was too fat. Skinny shaming is there, and yes its just as terrible, but it’s not as endorsed by the fashion industry like “fat shaming”. They should get rid of the term “plus-sized” just as they should get rid of the term “petitie”. In Model standards a girl is plus sized if they are a size 10 or above (USA 6), and petite is a 5,8 or below. How many people do you know who are 6ft and a size 0. Now I’m not saying they should get rid of traditional models, and I’m definatly not endorsing “skinny shaming, I just believe all of society should be represented in fashion, meaning tall models, skinny models, short models, and larger models.

  • the end

    Am I seriously the only person who noticed. Her head is photoshopped. It’s an average sized girl that was put into photoshop and they shrunk her head to make her look more plus sized. I think this is a fake ad, or Cosmo’s art department really sucks ass.

    • Marisa DiFillippo

      I’m not positive here, but I think that maybe her head just looks slightly smaller because she’s over six feet tall. Here’s another picture off google and it seems as though they really didn’t photoshop her head: http://www.stylehasnosize.com/wp-content/uploads/RobynLawleyNovember2.jpg

    • Bort

      She’s a real person.

    • Kari

      I’m going to have to disagree here since Robyn Lawley is a very famous model. That’s definitely her. Of course, I’m sure the photo has some photoshopping and airbrushing, as most do. Flawless skin, nobody ever has cellulite or wrinkles (unless you want to talk about those “problems”)… Super unrealistic. However the proportions do look like what we normally see from this particular model.

  • Alex

    She’s a “plus sized” model because she’s fucking 6’2″ people!!!! It’s not about her weight!

    • Claire Winfrey

      That’s not what “plus sized” means in modeling. It does not really have much to do with her height, or even weight, but her proportions and BMI.

  • Bianca

    I’m not bothered by the word ‘Plus-sized’ or any of that, cos let’s be honest in the modelling society she would be considered ‘Plus-sized’. There is just no argument about that one, but what’s more distressing is the people’s willingness to criticise and make others feel less than ideal based on their own perception of beauty. People saying that it’s only fat people who need to work out are upset by this, you are just plain ignorant. People are upset for the fact that her body image is seen as not the Norm, when a size 12 is perfectly normal size to be (depending on your proportions). Someone’s size does not determine how healthy a person is, just cos your a size 8 doesn’t reflect your fitness level in the slightest. Ultimately women need to get out of attacking each other over each others weight/size, it’s just ridiculous. It’s a matter of being healthy and aspiring to be a healthy size based on your body shape and proportions (not anyone else’s).

  • Shelly Grubb

    For years now these magazines and commercials have no concept of what “Plus Size” is. They put skinny women in plus sized clothing and indeed they do look good because they are not fitting that model realistically. Shame on you all for making the youth of today binge and purge and cut and kill themselves because they can’t look like those models. Shame on our society for agreeing to this pile of horseshit they are feeding you.

  • Cathy Moyer

    If you haven’t seen this already, check it out. It’s only 37 seconds long. I know how to do all the things in that video in Photoshop myself so I know how easy it is to manipulate an image to what you want instead of what actually is.

  • Elizah

    My body is her size. I’m a 6-8. I am not plus size. This is dumb.

  • NC

    why can she just be a model? though it would be interesting to see the put negative size model next to someones name

  • landonsmom

    This woman is beyond gorgeous. Why couldn’t they say that? Why couldn’t they say “a gorgeous model killing it on the beach”. Why do they have to say plus-size? You don’t see them writing, – “here is a skinny size model on the beach”. And besides- there is nothing wrong with all sizes of women- as long as they are healthy individuals. For the record, if she is plus size- I am a beached whale and loving it

    • Kari

      Just FYI if she were a regular (read: super thin) fashion model, she would technically be a “fashion model” while Robyn falls within the measurements of a “plus-size model.” This is how different groups of models are represented by agencies to meet a client’s needs. (Fashion, Plus-Size, Petite, Mature, etc.) But yes, that is obvious without the magazine specifying what type of model she is. She is gorgeous and has a great body.

  • Fabell

    Cosmo is a joke, yeah, but it’s not like calling her “plus size” was their idea. The author of this article needs to redirect her anger towards the industry.

    • Bort

      She actually made the decision on her own to model as “plus sized” according to the internets (wikipedia). So she seems to be pretty ok with the label. That’s why this whole thing is so funny to me. People need to stop blaming their issues and insecurities on outside sources.

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  • Brett Self

    The entire notion that a woman’s initial attractive quality is her ‘size’ is arcane. Our obsession with appearances is the strongest indicator that we have not advanced any further than our own hormonal responses. While we all would like to see people that are physically appealing, is it not enough to see them first as people, then as women or men, then as specific personality types, then as ‘appealing’ or ‘unappealing’? Is it not more important that someone be ‘healthy’? Can that be a new ‘size’? “What size are you?”
    “Healthy. I’m healthy.”
    Or, maybe this:
    “A perfect ten. A perfect 14. A perfect 8.”
    Fashion trashzines are not the measure by which we are assessed. We are.

    • Stephany Hoffman

      YESSSSS! Thank you Brett!!! Someone with some actual sense on this discussion! Thank God there is someone with courage to say these things, let us NOT follow the media. (anyone) how about it’s passed time to drop their ideals? We reject their standards. We divorce their validation proposals.

    • jsnow

      Just curious, not correcting your word usage, did you mean to use “archaic” instead of “arcane”? Arcane means mysterious or secretive while archaic means old or outdated. Just trying to grasp your meaning, good comment though.

      • Brett Self

        jsnow. Thanks, you are correct. Likely I was attempting to do more than my brain would allow when I posted months ago. Thanks for the correction: Archaic.

  • itguy

    while i don’t find her plus sized people need to grow up and stop getting so upset. If a picture of a average girl with the words “plus sized” is enough to get you upset and questioning your size then you haven’t matured yet. Love who you are regardless of what other people say, i don’t know why you have to have other people tell you this. If i see a picture of a male model with the words “average looking” I’m not gonna start crying because I’m not as good as him and he’s only considered “average”, I’m gonna not give a crap and live my life. Be happy, don’t let petty things like this get you wasting your time complaining and demanding change. With all the problems in the world a picture is the least of concerns.

    • If people commenting on pictures is enough to get you upset then you haven’t matured yet, either. Be happy, don’t let petty things like this get you wasting your time complaining and demanding change. With all the problems in the world, people commenting on a picture is the least of concerns.

      • thisisstupid

        “I’m just gonna change the wording of your argument a bit to try and make you look dumb. By doing this I’m doing the same thing I’m trying to call you out on, but hopefully nobody else will notice because they’re all sheep.”

    • BrianSheller

      She’s not average. She’s 6’2″ with relatively large measurements.

      • Erin Taylor

        Um, a 29″ waist isn’t “large” by any means. And plus-size does not refer to her height. Most models are very;tall. Cosmo and people in society indicating that this woman’s body and 29″ waist are “Plus-Size” is very damaging to a vulnerable girl/woman’s body image and self esteem, and is directly correlated to the rash of eating disorders in our society today. I would love to see all different body types without labels represented in magazines and fashion.

        • BrianSheller

          And 6’2″ isn’t petite. You can’t pick one measurement without considering the overall size of this model.

          Your assertions that labels delineating clothing lines into markets relating to size and shape cause harm to the self esteem of some population of women are ridiculous. There is no negative connotation to plus-size beyond the very contrived one you’ve imagined.

  • Trell West

    You girls are ridiculous. This is a PLUS sized MODEL. This is not the industry STANDARD. So therefore going ABOVE that standard would plump you into the PLUS sized MODEL category. The big unhealthy fat girls are NOT MODELS selling PRODUCT. So stop trying to compare the average sized of a fat unhealthy girl with the career and industry of someone visually selling you a product.

    • Danielle

      Listen, I agree that individuals that are struggling with obesity are EXTREMELY unhealthy, but those who are way too skinny, (which includes the majority of models these days) are extremely unhealthy as well. Getting down to a very low weight can start to shut down your body just as obesity does. Humans aren’t meant to live on the extremes of the weight spectrum.

  • Trell West

    are you kidding ME? Omg the girls in those comments on that page need to get a grip. The industry has come a long way for the better and yet are still so harsh. They’re not going to have some fat large unhealthy woman trying to sell someone a bathing suit. Women want to look and feel sexy. Not obese bloated and full. And I applaud Cosmo for going that far tastefully. This is something to celebrate not harp over.

    • Malena

      Um, by the name I’m going to assume you are a guy, and therefore shouldn’t be speaking as to what women want. Just as I, as a woman, shouldn’t say that “real men want curves”. What women WANT is to not be seen as objects to sell a product that furthers the cycle of degradation, but apparently, according to your standards, that’s a bit too much to ask.

    • Lacey Jane

      Well, you’re right about one thing (but only one thing). Women want to feel and look sexy. The model in this photo looks fit, healthy and sexy. She’s not fat by any means. She’s an average size. Calling an average sized woman plus sized makes average sized readers feel far from sexy. Being overweight’s not healthy, but neither is being underweight. Implying that average sized women are too big is absolute bullshit. The industry standard is bullshit.

  • Ryan

    Maybe I just spend too much time around fit people, but this does not look normal to me.

    • Erin Taylor

      Wow, I really disagree. And my whole family are health fanatics. She looks healthy and gorgeous in that bikini.

  • krista

    Yea, the term “plus sized” is ridiculous. But it’s not Cosmo’s fault that that’s the title that the modeling industry has given her. The only reason she has been classified as “plus size” is because the modeling industry decided she wasn’t tiny/emaciated enough to be a “normal” model. So don’t kill the messenger in this situation. Yes, they perpetuated the term, but they did not originate it, and they are not the ones who declared her a plus size model. Blame the industry, not the reporting.

    • guest

      Yeah but Cosmo doesn’t have to put the words”Plus size” in their article. That’s choice. The ‘industry’ didn’t type those words, some reporter at Cosmo did.

  • leon southerly

    Maybe the problem here isn’t what the media says, but the fact that everyone’s letting it get to them. Who cares what other people think, especially a magazine

    • Zowie

      It’s getting to people because this nonsense needs to stop. It’s not just this dumb magazine, it’s media at large which bombards our lives constantly. It’s unhealthy.

      • Lawrence Jones

        The outrage you see here is from the minority- quite simply, cosmo will produce what appeals to the majority as that’s how they make their money. If you stop buying then they’ll adapt to the change in demand, that’s the way it works.
        If you’re reading these cosmo posts then you liked their page, it’s a very simple to unlike. Unfortunately many girls won’t even consider unliking, despite that being the only action that would really make a difference. For that reason I find it hard to sympathise with girls who voluntarily consume massive amounts of media that distress them, it just isn’t logical.

        • Zowie

          We are failing to realize that these standards of body image do not exclusively exist in Cosmo magazine. Everywhere you go, these beauty ideals are created and reinforced. Girls my age are buying Cosmo because they really think that Cosmo has objective truths about body image and beauty and, as we all know, it’s very important for girls my age to be desirable/beautiful.

          What I don’t understand is how people who are not growing up in this environment (which, in my opinion, is downright hostile to girls’ psyche, especially regarding body image) can judge why these girls behave the way in which they do. While it doesn’t make logical sense for any girl to read this idiot magazine, you have no right to judge girls who have been conditioned from an early age to believe that the magazine has hard truths in it. Especially if you’re a guy. You have no idea.

        • Zowie

          And I haven’t liked their page. My friend shared this article.

      • debsaid

        Then people should stop reading crap like that. Right?

        • Zowie

          Yes, they should. Unfortunately however, the Cosmopolitan sentiments/standards are not restricted to Cosmopolitan alone. They exist on social networks, in most TV shows we watch, in all the billboards we see, the magazines we read, most movies that come out, even the newscasters on Fox and CNN. We are bombarded with the message that unrealisticness (for lack of a better world lol) is best. And it’s negatively affecting girls’ body images

      • Jer

        “It’s getting to people because it’s getting to people”

        I agree Leon.

        • Zowie

          Unless you are an adolescent female growing up in this current society in which you are given daily, constant reminders for why you look like crap, you have little room to comment.

          • Jer

            I have plenty of room to comment. Learn to read comments before you respond to them. He stated that it doesn’t matter what people say, and that it shouldn’t get to people. You stated that it’s getting to people because it has to stop. That is not a legitimate argument and you have no right to state what I can and cannot comment on.

          • Zowie

            The problem is that we as adults know that what other people say doesn’t matter, but you cannot reasonably expect that from adolescent girls growing up in this society. This standard of the perfect body is shoved down your throat everywhere you go and everywhere you turn.
            My point is this: it is getting to people because it is enormously detrimental to girls’ body image in America.
            As an observer who has never felt what adolescent girls feel when they look at what is supposed to be their aspiration for body image in the media, which is EVERYWHERE, you cannot possibly understand how poisonous this is. You can’t possibly understand how horrible a girl feels when she comes to the realization that she will never be considered ‘beautiful’ or ‘desirable’. If the media takes steps to reverse these ideals, girls would be able to grow up without such a damaged understanding of beauty and self worth.

  • Jay

    well shes not skinny so…

  • Jen Arnold

    We’ll Bob you sir are a moron. The whole point everyone is making is that to young girls who don’t know any better those tiny models are what the aspire to look like, its about changing the view of what is beautiful. yes in modeling this may be plus sized but in real life this is the norm! Being 6 foot tall 100 lbs and a size 0 which is what is expected in the modeling world is almost impossible to obtain, even if I worked out daily and cut out every bad thing I ate I would NEVER be able to reach that size because I have normal size hips like 90% of women do and by the way I am not “plus sized” and have always been thin but curvy!! I hope to god you don’t have a daughter….

    • Kiara Reid

      but it’s not their job to be a role model. their job, as in career, is to sell clothes. fashion designers spend less money on fabric when they deal with people who aren’t as fat and don’t have as much to cover up. they weren’t meant to be role models. NO one is saying that this is what people should aspire to be. you do not see these girls on the cover of fitness magazines or health magazines. everyone’s body type is their own. two people could have the same exact diet and work out routine but one girl is naturally a size 0 and the other a size 8. who are we to scrutinize people for being naturally skinny? it’s not okay to be a size 2 but if you’re a size 14, “work it girl!”? are you going to tell them to take weight gaining pills because their body doesn’t put on weight like normal? what is moronic is the fact that you cannot teach your daughters not to look at magazines and aspire to be as thin as models. she is considered plus sized because in the career she decided to pursue she is bigger than other women in the same career. isn’t the guy who finished in last place in the 400 meter dash in the olympics considered slow compared to the guy who won.

      • Owen C Runk

        It may not be they’re job to be a role model, but being in the public eye, everyone looks to them as a role model. The whole mindset is, you can only look good in these clothes if you look like me. Whether they intend to or not, the are influencing how our culture sees sexy. I want to know what the hell is wrong with our society?

      • Cece

        First of all, @Kiara Reid,
        I find your insulting response to this mother to be completely thoughtless and ignorant. A part of being in a career where you’re clearly in the “public eye” involves being an influence or to some extent, a role model to others; this is inevitable, don’t you think? And also, this is a SUPERMODEL (meaning she isn’t ignorant enough to overlook her position as an influence). As a supermodel, she obviously earned this title through hard work within the modeling field and is not oblivious to the malicious nature of society’s standards and it’s effects on girls all around. (so even if this mother taught her daughters to not be influenced by filthy magazines like Cosmo- you can’t always protect your children from what they are influenced by or what they see and you’re an idiot if you think differently)

        Sure, no one is saying people, especially girls, should inspire to be as skinny as a size 0 (I also don’t want to insult naturally skinny girls out there, you’re beautiful too.) but at the same time, if we have “plus-size models” why don’t we add on “minus-size” models as well, so the demeaning of both body types is being shared?

        and lastly,

        “isn’t the guy who finished in last place in the 400 meter dash in the olympics considered slow compared to the guy who won?”

        What a pathetic analogy, sure there is a winner and the loser is obviously slower, but they are clearly talented enough to be in the olympics. Sure, Robyn Lawley is the “slow guy” and the skinny model is the “winner” but can’t they be beautiful regardless of the distasteful harshness of the media?

        • Kiara Reid

          My “insulting”, “thoughtless and ignorance response” was due to the fact that this mother called someone else a moron for having an opinion. What is ignorant is calling Cosmo a filthy magazine as if they created this name plus-sized. What is also ignorant is saying that Robyn Lawley need not to “overlook her position as an influence” when she’s not doing anything outside of her career title to make her a bad influence. What she is doing, is her job. Are you going to protest the profession of modeling? They’re small for a reason, one of them being that it costs less money to clothe tiny people apposed to bigger people. You clearly don’t understand what the purpose of modeling is, to advertise products, not people. If you want to consider them role models, why don’t you look up to them as people who worked really hard to accomplish what they have accomplished.
          And yes you can teach your daughters to not to be influenced by “filthy magazines like Cosmo-” because that’s what my mother did. I’m 18 years old, a size 10, and even I not being the size of a model or even a plus sized model know that it is completely stupid and ignorant to blame models for the career they chose. If anything blame society for their view on models and each other for not understanding the difference between how society views models and how the modeling industry views models.
          Society can say Robyn Lawley is an image of health. But a designer who wants to save money on fabric will look at her and call her plus-sized because they’d have to use more fabric on her than they’d have to on Cara Delevigne.

  • Ariana Vegas

    Ewww she’s huge! stop eating ASAP. I can’t believe there’s still an industry for plus sized models. Haha!!!! Gross!!!

    • Kim Parker Carter

      Says the girl with no picture…..

  • Bob

    I hate to tell all of you this, but this model IS plus sized. Maybe not compared to the rest of your fat selves who are offended due to your own subliminal insecurities, but in the modeling world, the label is more than accurate. Go hit the gym and work on those abs kid, then we’ll talk..

    • Zowie

      Plus sized implies larger than average. This woman is not larger than average, she is average. The bone-skinny look should not be considered normal sized, because (while it is also a body type that deserves celebration if it is natural) that isn’t true. Bone skinny is not average sized.

      • debsaid

        Yes, but no one said she is a plus-sized ‘woman’. She is a plus-sized ‘model’. If models are super skinny, then, according to industry standards, she is a plus-sized model. The problem is us women wanting to be like models. What the crap for?

        • Zowie

          It is not that women want to be like models, it’s that the beauty/modeling industry is giving us our only standard of beauty. The industry’s standards are the most potent, most prevailing, the most pervasive, and the most influential. Since they have that influence (by the mere fact that they are EVERYWHERE in common life) it is wrong for them to define this girl as plus sized.

          I would love to say that we should define beauty for ourselves. And we should. But that’s not realistic for girls in our society at large when the industry is shoving their standards of beauty down non-models’ throats.

          And it’s not like they’re doing it on purpose. They aren’t saying “let’s make these girls feel like dirt! Yeah!” it’s just a chain reaction of historical icons that have influenced what people think is beautiful. And I think th exclusivity of those opinions concerning beauty (and the media’s decision to perpetuate it all in the name of profit) is dangerous and shameful.

      • Alex

        She’s 6’2″!!! For a woman that is above average height and that’s why she is “plus sized”.

        • Kim Parker Carter

          And there are size 0 90 lb models that are 6’2….your point is?

        • Claire Winfrey

          That’s not what “plus sized” means in modeling. It does not really have much to do with her height, or even her weight, but her proportions and BMI.

        • Zowie

          -_- let’s not play semantics, please. And if you don’t know the industry’s definition of plus-size, I’ll tell you. It is a model who is “larger than average”, or curvier than average. My problem is with the industry’s definition of average. There are lots of 6’0 and above models who are not considered plus size.

          I would know, lol I watched ANTM

      • Jer

        While I agree that this woman is beautiful, your statement is inaccurate. She is larger than average. You are not included in the average, nor is anyone else commenting on this post. The average of MODELS is what is being referred to. And while there are some grossly skinny models out there, nobody can argue that most of the Victoria’s Secret models are incredibly fit and healthily attractive.

        • Zowie

          I would argue that your statement in inaccurate.

          The problem with this whole thing is that the modeling industry’s definitions of average body type and beauty are projected onto us normal girls.

          We can both agree that models are meant to exemplify beauty (advertisers want their products to be advertised in the most appealing way possible). If models are meant to exemplify beauty and most models are stick-thin, then we are necessarily concluding as a society that stick-thinness is the epitome of beauty. 

          The whole skinny model thing didnt even come to be until the 60s when everyone wanted to look like Twiggy. And modeling as a career existed long before that. 

          So the models did not come to be for their skinniness, but for their beauty. But now since we have equated the two (thinness and beauty) our society has this stupid complex that skinny is the ultimate beautiful body type EVEN AMONG us non-models. THAT’S  the problem with calling skinny models the average ones. 

          Victoria secret models are beautiful, but they are not average. You can’t act like the modeling industry’s standards are solely associated with models, because it’s not true. Us non-models have to deal with those (unrealistic) standards and it’s not accurate or healthy for our girls’ body images.

          • Jer

            I get what you’re saying, but how does that make my statement inaccurate? She is larger than average models, whether your opinion is that the average is correct or not. I didn’t ask what the problem was, or how you feel, or what is projected on to normal girls. I am not required to disclose my entire opinion in everything I post, so by assuming my opinion and sending this rant you’ve simply wasted your time on things I agree with.

          • Zowie

            i am disagreeing with your definition of plus size. since the standards of the modelling industry are reflected in our media and then projected onto us non-models, this girl should not be considered plus size. she is larger than other models, so we could say she is technically plus sized in that regard. but since the standards of the media have always been so intertwined with the standards of women in general, then the modelling industry needs to adjust their body standards. they can choose beautiful girls with all kinds of bodies, because they are inadvertently telling our society’s girls what they should aspire to look like.

          • Jer

            “i am disagreeing with your definition of plus size”
            “she is larger than other models, so we could say she is technically plus sized in that regard.”

            “That regard” is my definition, so no you aren’t really disagreeing. I don’t know why you’re arguing about anything else, because that isn’t relevant to my point.

          • Zowie

            Basically, I disagree with the modelling industry having one default “correct” or “best” size, and then everything else is abnormal and “above average”.

  • Bob

    I hate to tell all of you this, but this model IS plus sized. Maybe not compared to the rest of your fat selves who are offended due to your own subliminal insecurities, but in the modeling world, the label is more than accurate. Go hit the gym and work on those abs kid, then we’ll talk

  • Bob

    I hate to tell all of you this, but this model IS plus sized. Maybe not compared to the rest of your fat selves who are offended due to your own subliminal insecurities, but in the modeling world, the label is more than accurate. Go hit the gym and work on those abs kid, then we’ll talk.

  • Bob

    I hate to tell all of you this, but this model IS plus sized. maybe not compared to all your fat selves who are offended by this due to your own subliminal insecurities, but in the modeling world, this label is more than accurate. Hit the gym and go work on those abs kid, then we’ll talk.

  • Christine

    I hate how healthy beautiful women like Robyn must be tagged with “plus-size” whenever she is referenced as a model. She shouldn’t require that label. Why can’t the skeletons get the label “inaccurate, idealisticly-sized” models, and women sized similarily to Robyn get just ” model”.

    • Jack

      Putting down thin women is counter-productive. Why can’t both sizes be beautiful as long as they are healthy? Some girls are naturally slim and others are naturally bigger. Furthermore, even if some women are “skeletons” because of eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia are diseases and women who have them need help, not insults.

    • Bert

      Wow, Why call them skeletons, that is messed up. I agree to label them “plus sized” models is ludacris. Honestly it should just be the title model.

    • Jer

      What a fool. Calling skinny people “skeletons” is an equal form of discrimination. You’re just as bad as people that call larger models fat.

      You blindly follow what you believe to be right with no real morals.


    Maybe, just maybe, their definition of “plus size” is not referring to the weight or shape of the woman, but to the height she stands. That is all.

  • Devin Jude Myers

    Lol everyone should just go to the gym and stop being cry babies.

  • Amy

    But she has such a flat stomach.

  • Amy

    This is ridiculous! Never reading cosmo again.

  • Rob Guimaraes

    In other appalling news, Starbucks’ “small” size is called a “tall”! OMFG, call the disbelief police! This article is written with clear apparent ignorance of the fashion modeling modeling world and is just trying to ruffle the feathers of big girls. Sadly, its working (proving, unfortunately, that many complaining women simply yield to appeals to emotion rather than intellectual substance; you’d figure THAT would be the bigger insult to the gender as a whole…).

  • Brandon Pancoast

    allow me to explain. bear with me this isnt an attack on your opinion but rather the post.. first off- you are focusing on the wrong word. you think “plus-size” and you probably think of honey boo boo’s bother having to wash herself with a rag on a stick and hasnt seen her intimate areas since the Clinton administration. The word you have to focus on is MODEL. This woman has no other job in life but to be beautiful. she is a professional who gets paid millions of dollars to do this.. sorry to anybody who is waiting for ugly and atrocious to come into fad. She is still a MODEL. If any plane jane or irregularly shaped person could make a cosmo spread or be a VS angel it wouldnt be special. As it is this woman probably had a very hard time getting into the industry to pursue her passion. Secondly- this chick is is plus size. where i stand at 5’7 155lbs i would bet every dime to my name that she is at least a head taller and 50lbs heaver than i am. THIS IS NOT NORMAL SIZE. Thus, PLUS size. think a woman over 6 ft tall and 200 lbs is a regular sized model? i think not. so if she cant be a regular model, and doesnt fit what you think is a “plus” model, please tell me what kind of model she is. People are just upset because theyre hearts are broken that every woman in america cant be a model. even though most of them think they are… I say nobody can complain until they put in at least as much effort and dedication to their body as she does…

  • Tab Jackson

    Am i the only one that notices that her head looks tiny!? lol

  • Sarah Adams

    She’s normal size. Models that walk for Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Philip Lim, Chanel, ETC are minus-sized. end of story. <3

    • Snezha Silver

      That’s discrimination against skinny people.

      • Jer

        Thank you Snezha, people think that skinny people don’t suffer discrimination in the same exact way that fat people do. Calling someone skinny with a negative connotation is equal to calling someone fat.

      • Christina_bdba

        Most skinny young girls are bat sh!t crazy evidence would be your posts.

    • Minolta Araya

      That’s ridiculous. I am thin and healthy, as are many of my friends. This beautiful Model is thick and healthy. So…? I think your confusion is from a lack of knowledge of the fashion industry. The term plus-size is not an insult. It’s simply a descriptive term used to classify the model. This model is not industry standard therefore she is plus size.

  • BonnieMohan

    Why the need to specify that you’re “no crazy feminist”? Do you think women and men should have the same rights and opportunities? Yes? Then guess what – you’re a feminist. You undermine the important point you are making about female body image and portrayal when you go out of your way to distance yourself from feminism.

    • Rob Guimaraes

      Sorry. Imagining “feminism” means only the pretty things you want it to mean in near complete disregard of how it is lived, spoken, and activism-ed in practice is hypocrisy. No one genuinely interested in civil liberties for humans as a whole needs to define themselves by a term that, by name alone to begin with, segregates and specifies only one gender. This angle of argument has long ago lost whatever intellectual muster it had among mature ethical discussions that involve people who aren’t addicted to the proverbial kool-aid.

    • Jeremy Owens

      I don’t think it undermines it at all. Feminism is a laudable goal.

      The Feminist movement, on the other hand, is associated with extremism, insanity, and all around unreasonable people (and for good reason). Distancing yourself from that is the best possible move you can make to get people to take you seriously.

    • Snezha Silver

      Most feminists are pretty insane, though. The Tumblr brand, at least

  • Snezha Silver

    Seriously? She’s pretty fucking plus sized. I’m 5’1” and petite models are STILL bigger than me. If girls are offended, maybe they should lose weight. In case you didn’t notice, magazines don’t set standards.

    • Sarah Adams

      This woman isn’t plus sized you ignorant, ignorant girl.

      • Snezha Silver

        As a previous post stated, she’s size 12. So perhaps you’re ignorant if you’re posting without any knowledge on how the modeling industry works.

        • Mk

          She’s definitely not a size 12, she’s about a size 8

          • Heather Lynn Zorn

            she is way skinnier than me and I am an 8 lmbo

        • richie sam

          I dont agree with the modeling industry but to me she looks perfect.

    • Sarah Adams

      Obviously you don’t have a clue what its like to be normal.
      All your doing is defending yourself because somehow this offends you. IDK WHY. You went out of your way to reiterate that you are just so so so small. smaller than most models.
      You offend me.

      • Rob Guimaraes

        I’m sorry. One group of people with a specific size body shape don’t get to corner “normal” for their own use to wave as a victimization fad. Her point rings true most of all because any woman complaining about whether one business industry happens to describe another body type as “plus” clearly isn’t comfortable in her own body (which, by the way, is the complete antithesis of the mindset that leads to the flawed idea of aesthetic affirmative action anyhow).

      • Snezha Silver

        Um, I guess you don’t know how the modeling industry works, but she’s clearly plus sized. Funny that this article didn’t include her height and dimensions. You understand models need to not be obese to use the smallest amount of expensive clothing possible, right? Models are clothes hangers. I made a point of saying I’m shorter than ‘petite’ models because I’m trying to point out how different the modeling industry is from real life. But it’s okay, be a keyboard warrior.

      • Snezha Silver

        So make a Tumblr post about it. And you seem to lack reading skills. I added my height as a way to show how skewed the modeling agency is when their petite models are bigger than actual petite people. Otherwise, I’m not small in any way, I haven’t worked out in a while. You’re the one extremely offended, and are on the verge of breathing fire, it seems.

    • Jamie Alison

      “If girls are offended, maybe they should lose weight.”

      You’re an idiot.

      • Snezha Silver

        Not exactly, since the only ones who seem offended are the ones who don’t want to lose weight?

        • Bayleigh Renee Fraser

          Nothing wrong with saying that she is “plus-sized” for a model. However, there is something to be said about whether that SHOULD be plus-sized for a model. The modeling industry isn’t exactly kind to women and their body images.

          Beyond that, where you make yourself sound like an idiot is by saying that everyone offended is the ones that don’t want to lose the weight. On the contrary, the people who are offended probably DO want to lose weight, and this probably makes them feel self-conscious. Where you make yourself sound worse is with this: I’m 5’1” and petite models are STILL bigger than me. Interesting. If you earned that and you’re happy with it, then good for you. If you are that thin naturally, then you don’t really have the right to talk to women about losing weight because you’ve never even had to try. Again, if you earned it, good for you. If not, don’t overstep.
          This is coming from someone that never had to work to lose weight because I was always size 0. I felt great about myself BECAUSE my body proportions were what society considered ideal. By society, I mean the media’s projection of society. I never gave anyone a hard time about their weight or acted like I was superior just because I was blessed with an “ideal” look. The problem here is that I, and many other women, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, built up my/their entire “ideal self” and “worthy-looking self” based on what I looked like then, what those women in magazines look like, the actresses on TV and in movies, etc. The media continues to create an ideal body image for women that isn’t always manageable.

          I have had two kids now. My body has changed. I am a size 6/8. You know what? I can’t stand it. I get disgusted with myself when I look in the mirror. You know what else, I WANT to look better. I workout everyday, despite the fact that I have an entire household to run. I eat right. I’ve even tried crash diets. I’ve even tried NOT eating. The fact is that even though my weight has gradually (way more gradually than I would like) gone down, my proportions just aren’t what they were before. I have hips. I have boobs. I find it insulting, and frankly, ignorant that someone would say that if I’m not okay with the word “plus-sized” in this context, then obviously I just don’t want to lose weight.
          Saying that if girls are offended, then maybe they should lose weight is exactly the problem here. Girls who have a healthy weight and a healthy BMI (and by healthy, I mean for their height, age, sex, etc.) still feel the need to keep on losing/trying to lose, and end up trying to do so in unhealthy ways. This is due to their own insecurities, yes, but where do you think that insecurity comes from? A lot of places, but one of them is most assuredly the media and the modeling industry.

    • Miz Legow

      Wow, you are what is wrong with society. It’s ignorant small minded girls like you who make others feel like shit when they shouldn’t. You as a girl (I specifically chose the word girl, because you are obviously not mature enough to be called a women) should know never to tell girls to lose weight if they feel “offended” by magazines that DO set the standards for body image. You are a pathetic disgrace to our society.

    • mmw113

      You’re missing the point. No one cares how teeny tiny you are. I’m 5’2 and thin as well but that doesn’t mean I should be what people aspire to be. The point is that we, as society, need to be changing what the “norm” is. We shouldn’t be allowing magazines and the media to define what is normal and what is “plus-sized”. Maybe you and I should gain some weight? Think before you say something so ignorant because people will 100% turn it right around on you and tell you to eat a burger or wear some higher heels so you don’t look like such a midget.
      Not to mention, you’re tiny due to genetics. There are MANY factors that go into someone’s weight, from genetics to diseases to stress and so much more. You can’t just generalize everyone and tell them to lose some weight.

  • AnnaRogers

    she’s a size 12… that’s pretty typical for plus size? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2509335/Plus-size-model-Robyn-Lawley-shows-figure-Chantelle-lingerie–new-collection-ISNT-curvier-women.html

    i think that’s just a really good angle of her

    • Zowie

      If she’s a size 12 then they must have shaved her whole body off. That isn’t just angles.

    • Lisa

      Since that article is in the Daily Mail, I’m guessing she’s a UK 12, which is about a US 8/10. From what I understand “plus-size” models are typically a US 10/12, which is much more like the average size of an American woman than plus-size.

      • Christina_bdba

        Plus size starts at a 16.

        • Lisa

          I am aware that plus-size clothing begins at 16. However, I was discussing the model’s size. “Plus-size” models (just like “normal” models) are generally significantly smaller than the clientele they are representing. While plus-size clothing starts at size 16, plus-size models are generally a size 10-12.

    • Christina_bdba

      That is nt a size 12 an 8 maybe but not 12.


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