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What does a Hot Flash feel like? – Learn about the Sensations of a Hot Flash During Menopause

What a Hot Flash Feel Like

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Do you know 75% of women experience hot flashes during their menopause? Only a fortunate minority won’t go through the pain and discomfort caused by these hot flashes. Oh! And there is another group of women who don’t even know what hot flashes are and what do they feel like. I am sure that is the luckiest group out of these three.

The 3 major symptoms of a Hot Flash

A hot flash is a symptom that menopausal women experience in the form of:

  • intense heat
  • excessive sweat
  • fast heartbeat.

A Hot Flash usually starts with a feeling of intense heat in your face or upper body. It can be felt throughout the body within a few minutes if not cured immediately. The duration of this hot painful feeling can last for 10 to 20 minutes. You might experience it several times during a week. The intensity of a hot flash is different for every woman. There are 3 different types and intensities of Hot Flashes:

  1. Mild Hot Flashes
  2. Moderate Hot Flash
  3. Severe Hot Flash

Let’s go in detail about the types of hot flashes and see the difference and intensity of each type.

#1 Mild Hot Flashes: The Sensations of a Mild Hot Flash

This type of hot flash is hardly noticeable. You can feel a small increase in your body temperature and it might not last long. May be 5 – 10 minutes. A mild hot flash is not at all dangerous or painful. You don’t need to be worried or stressed out. In fact stress is a major factor that will increase the intensity of a Hot Flash. Please try and stay calm. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you never know when a mild hot flash changes into a painful severe hot flash.

Quick Tips for Symptom Relief:

  • Drink plenty of pure water immediately
  • Go to a cool place
  • lay down, meditate, rest – stay calm
  • Always avoid: Alcohol, Caffeine, Cigarettes, Spicy Foods

#2 Moderate Hot Flashes: The Sensations of a Moderate Hot Flash

Have you ever started feeling as if your face or upper body is heating up, you are getting cold chills and your heart will come out of your mouth? Well if you have then you sure have experienced a moderate hot flash. Someone who experiences a moderate hot flash will be aware of their symptoms. This type is far more obvious and often experienced together with excessive sweating. It can last for 10 – 15 minutes. This type of hot flash can make you feel uncomfortable and the burning sensation can easily spoil your mood. Please try to stay calm and start breathing slowly. A moderate hot flash is not dangerous but a proper treatment is important. Lifestyle changes are a must.

Quick Tips for Symptom Relief:

  • Drink plenty of pure water
  • Go to a cool place, focus on your breath and breath slowly
  • Put light clothes on (tank top, light blouse)
  • Eat light & natural e.g. fruits, vegetables, green juices
  • Lay down, meditate, Rest – Stay Calm
  • Always avoid: Alcohol, Caffeine, Cigarettes, Spicy Foods

#3 Severe Hot Flashes: The Sensations of a Severe Hot Flash

This type of a hot flash could be unbearable at times. You might experience reddening of face, sweat, fast heartbeat and intense heat through out your body. A severe hot flash can last for 10 – 20 minutes. It has the tendency to make you go crazy, and it could be really dangerous if you are in public, because the first thing you would want to do is to strip off your clothes (dangerous enough, no?) You would even want to put your face in an ice bucket or jump in a cold pool. Not dangerous enough? Well, imagine doing that during a formal party or some business meeting – What do you think now? Quite dangerous.

If you have ever experienced this during menopause then you can call it a severe hot flash. “Painful” and “severe discomfort” are the terms you can use to describe this sensation. Sometimes, you might feel that your body has turned into a hot furnace. It is imperative to understand this is a physical condition and has nothing to do with your mental health. There are many natural remedies that can help you avoid hot flashes. Here are some quick relief tips.

Quick Tips for Symptom Relief:

  • Always wear something that is easy to take off or carry something light in your bag that you can change into if you experience a hot flash attack
  • Don’t wear tight fitted clothes
  • Go out in to breathe fresh air
  • Try deep, slow abdominal breathing (six to eight breaths per minute)
  • Wash your face with cold water. Don’t take a cold shower immediately
  • Eat light & natural e.g. fruits, vegetables, green juices
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water
  • Try to stay stress free
  • Always avoid: Alcohol, Caffeine, Cigarettes, Spicy Foods

Hot Flashes are most likely to interrupt or destabilize your everyday routine. It can even affect your personal life. The key to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is to keep calm and stress free during this period of your life. And always remember: Hot flashes are temporary. Don’t let a condition like this rule your life. Be prepared, understand your body & live healthy. These are the best weapons to rule your life.


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Kate Dewar
Kate Dewar
7 years ago

Can a hot flush feel like you are having an orgasm


[…] good time. The symptom which is most associated with the menopause is the ‘hot flash’: that feeling of intense and sudden heat which takes over the face and upper body. It should be mentioned that hot flashes do not only belong in the domain of the menopausal and […]


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