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Why These Women Are Butt-Naked, Honest & Incredibly Beautiful

bare campaign

About Me

Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

These women don’t look like models and you know what? They don’t give a sh**. They love their stretchmarks, curvy hips and their wrinkles.

They have made peace with their past and look forward to their future. They learned to accept their rough edges and even “worst” fell in love with them. And by the way: the edges we consider as rough are all made up by our gloriously creative mind if you ask me. (.. talk to the most beautiful woman and she will tell you about the many things she does not like about herself.)

This self-love movement is called the Bare Campaign, founded by Michelle Fetsch. Learn more about her and the campaign at the end of the article. But first get to know these lovely ladies.

Learn about self-love from these beautiful women

#1 Lakshmi, Age 75: What do you love most about your body?

bare campaign

 “I love my eyes, my blue hair, my breasts, my legs and my pretty little feet.”

#2 Tanya, Age 39: What is your dream for the next generation of women?

bare campaign

To look back at us and laugh at all the pain and suffering we imposed on each other, all the judgements we passed on each other. How mean we were.  How foreign it will all seem to them. How loving, nurturing and supportive they are to each other. I see the seed of it, but when we are old and the next generation is strong…i want to see it as a sweeping movement.

#3 Mykale, Age 27

bare campaign

“I posed for all women that hate who they are!”

#4 Bonnie, Age 61: What is your dream for the next generation of women?

bare campaign

Well, since my daughter is the next generation of women, I think about this a lot. The quick and easy answer is this: My dream is that women won’t have anything to battle against as a result of being women. That is, our world will have learned to embrace and love women exactly as we are and exactly as we’re not. And then, even more than that, my dream is that women’s only reaction to being women is to love every second of it!

#5 Xiomara, Age 37: What is your dream for the next generation of women?

bare campaign

I hope that in the future woman can embrace the curves that we were meant to have and have self acceptance and that just like a shoe or purse we come in different styles, colors and sizes.

#6 Vanessa, Age 37: What do you love most about your body?

bare campaign

I love that my body is always at my service, its constantly performing miracles to keep me alive. I love my soft curves and womanly roundedness, powerful hips!

#7 Hilary, Age 37: What’s the most courageous thing you have overcome in your life?

My ability to be a sexual being after experiencing sexual abuse it’s building a background of self-love and I refuse to reshape any part of me to fit anyone else’s ideal.

About the Bare Campaign & Women Enough #WE

I have met Michelle Fetch, the amazing soul & founder behind this campaign about 3 days ago for breakfast. What she has created is something desperately needed in this world and at this time. Here’s her story:

I created Women Enough, #WE, in the summer of 2010 after a 16 year struggle with eating disorders, self esteem and downright confidence issues that stemmed from the core belief + conditioning that I wasn’t enough.  I was sick of believing something that no longer felt true to me and I was committed to supporting other women in owning their worth.

I realized that what I had to say landed with other women – they were longing for the freedom to feel good in their own skin. They were longing to own their worth far beyond their beauty. They were sick of media as usual and they wanted to stand up for creating positive, realistic and empowering messages in the world.

And there was one more thing that deeply resonated with me. She said:

Only when you get totally BARE with yourself and the world will you access the total and complete freedom to live into who you were truly meant to be.

I couldn’t have said it any better. Please support her work by sharing this article and visiting her website

“I am not my hair, I am not this skin. I am the soul that loves within.”

All Image Credits to: Anastasia Kuba / www.womenenough.com

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  • Raven

    Well no actually what you have to do is none of those things. It is clear that your complaint here is selfish. The skinny woman’s complaint is also stupid, because the main complaint should be that drivel like this is being posted on the Internet in the first place and labeled an “article”, somehow. However, the one who posted here is obviously sick of being told she’s “too skinny,” thought to be aneroxic, and otherwise complained about, made fun of, and bullied. You do not “have to starve yourself” and here is the worst part showing that you are clearly not at all an appropriate or normal human being… you are not even fucking fat. So you’re what,,, pretending to be fat so that you can complain about the skinny people who are being bullied? You are a size fucking SIXTEEN… how is that remotely “fat”? However, if you actually WERE fat, instead of lying about it, then you would not ‘have to starve yourself and exercise”…. what you would have to do is, either exercise or not exercise, but if so would be done solely to improve the length of your life, heart disease risk, etc., OR you could do the same thing by just being active and doing labor in general as people did before “exercising’ existed. And you NEVER “have to starve yourself” because that is stupid – it makes very little sense to exercise to keep healthy and then not eat enough to keep unhealthy. The only thing you “have” to do is stop caring about how much you weigh.

    • Gail Miller

      Hmm you seem to think you know me.. LOL.. I can not exercise due to health issues, I have RA and a few other not so fun things going on. To exercise would put me on bed rest for days. So yes, I do have to damn near starve myself or gain a ton of weight, my thyroid is dead due to cancer/radiation treatments so that causes me to gain weight if I don’t take my medication ( and even if I do take my meds ) You are very judgmental for someone who is trying to make a point about being judgmental LOL.. And who are you to call me a liar about anything? You have no clue about me or how I look, I am not obese, but I am overweight, most would say “fat”, so that was the word I used, you need to quit responding if all you can do is judge and call people liars..

  • Raven

    Why are you “trying to gain a pound”? Why not just act normally (which includes ignoring stupid webpages such as this one)?

    • Gail Miller

      Why don’t you “ignore stupid webpages such as this one”?

  • Raven

    If these women are so “empowered” then why is every single one of them making a point to cover up both their boobs and vaginas?

  • Jessica B.

    I am not skinny, I am not fat, I am a size 6 and Idk how I feel about this. Why aren’t there any super skinny girls or real curvy not chubby (sorry)women represented? I have ok sized breast (what ppl say), a pretty flat tummy, and a nice butt, again that’s all what ppl say. But underneath my clothes I still have a stomach full of stretchmarks and a c section scar that i am so self conscience about but am made to feel bad because at least my stomach is flat still. I cry when ever I see myself. And I can’t express that because it will make the women bigger than me feel bad like i am not allowed to feel that way. I can’t even say I have to go workout without a bigger person looking at me sideways! I don’t think that it’s fair! And there are really skinny women that can’t gain and how about the ones with no breast or curves that society calls boyish then they feel they need to go buy a body! I’m sorry I feel this is only a representation of women with a little extra meat. Fat isn’t the only flaw that women worry about and are criticized for.

    • Julie C.

      I understand what you’re saying, Jessica. I’ve been where you are. Now I’m fat. I think that by portraying the positivity of these women who have been told they are unacceptable because they are fat, all women can benefit. None of us have perfect bodies, and we are taught to hate that. If we can learn to accept that we, as human beings, come in all shapes and sizes – and that it’s okay to love one’s body in spite of, or because of those shapes and sizes – we will all be happier people!

    • Raven

      Um, you are skinny. You are a size 6. Did you notice that? =

  • Irby Tremor

    “I am uncomfortable that this isnt about me”

    Go anywhere but the article and your body is celebrated. ugh

  • Jennifer Long

    Ya , we feel for you

  • Robin Pehrson Guyton

    I just want to cry!!!! How do I get here? How do I inside love myself, reverence my body and my life? I keep doing the same shit to please a man. I want to shift it to only pleasing me!!! This is awesomeness. I pray for my daughters to feel this way about their bodies. <3

  • Actually, it’s buck naked, not butt naked.

    • Ian Bibby

      The whole point of the article is about women of any size and shape being accepted rather the an looked upon as having physical flaws, and you pick up a tiny one word (two letters if you want to be really pedantic) “error”? (Didn’t you even think that ‘butt’ suited the article better anyway?

      • Raven

        The whole point of this collection of picture which is not an article but rather is a collection of pictures instead, is to show pictures of naked women who are all of the same approximate weight and have no body flaws to take pictures in which they are naked but cover up their nakedness, and you go and insult and degrade somebody just because he made a correction because he is actually intelligent enough to see everything on the page rather then only part of it?

        • Ian Bibby

          So I guess you didn’t see the writing in-between the pictures.
          As for why they are covered up, unfortunatly the internet has a habit of attracting some people who, if they were showing their breasts, vaginas, vulva’s, etc, would sexualise them rather than seeing them as people.
          I apologise if you thought I was being nasty to Scott, that was not my aim, nor is it my aim to be nasty to you.

        • Gail Miller

          You’re one to talk!! You judged the hell out of me and even called me a liar about something you have NO IDEA about.. Take your entitled butt somewhere else!!

    • Raven

      Actually, it’s butt naked, as no one ever uses the word “buck”. (In reality both of things are legitimate and real phrases.)

  • Krissy Jones

    Look in ANY fashion mag, or any movie, or tv show, and you’ll see loads of women like you. No one said anything negative about smaller women in this piece, it was you who chose to see it that way, maybe you should analyze that.

    • AR

      Exactly they are not under represented and some continually bemoan how they aren’t included in western media’s pinnacle of beauty there are still endless ads and spreads with naturally skinny girls and girls who aren’t so naturally skinny or slender and the moment blogs show up with other body types there’s an issue. Medium and plus size women are on more blogs now because they’re been under represented for years and are still shamed largely the media mainly caters for slender, skinny women of all types so they aren’t under represented whatsoever.

  • Pain Goddess

    This article says nothing about ‘real women’ not that i saw. This is about women that are not thin, not what society deems as perfect, not super models. Its about accepting your body as you are. Bigger women have fought societies ideas of what is beautiful for way too long. And now that they are getting positive attention, skinny girls always try to make it negative. Its just silly. Accept yourself for who you are. Stop the body hate in any way. There are plenty of articles about skinny girls, a lot more then articles about bigger women. Why let it bother you, google skinny girls if you feel you dont belong here, but let the big women have their moment in the sun for once.

    • Raven

      How exactly are these women “not supermodels”? They all pretty much have model bodies.

  • KP

    I’m a plus size woman and I feel the same way. Rather then celebrating every woman, no matter what size, they want us to embrace our fat. It’s not fair to women, like you, my cousin, and a childhood friend, who desperately wanted to be “curvy” but couldn’t gain a pound. I’m tired of women being told they aren’t good enough no matter what size they are. Campaigns like this need to be more inclusive.

    • Are you kidding me? They have the rest of the world telling them that they are pretty. Why do we need to apologize for finally finding our beauty to the status quo? And why do skinny/thin women come on sites like this to derail comversations and bring focus back to them? How is this ok?

  • Jax

    Disgusting !

    • Pain Goddess

      its people like you that is wrong with the world. Your mom should smack you because I am sure she looks like these women after giving birth to your sorry ass.

  • Sasa

    I could be wrong, but I didn’t notice any body hair on any of these women. Curious.

    • Ozmagoddess

      Exactly. All perfectly shaved as society says they should be. *groan*
      I wish they would just REALLY be themselves. I’m sure there are women who would have preferred to remain unshaven.

    • Raven

      Well that’s because they are covering up their vaginas and these pictures have nothing to do with showing people naked. Duh.

  • I love projects like these, but ugh I cringe when I see the women covering up their nipples and not showing the “shameful” bits. To me, that is sending the opposite message. It’s saying love your body…except for these parts, that you should be ashamed to show. Body love + body shame! That is the message it’s sending. What’s wrong with those body parts? America might label them obscene, but why do we have to do the same?? And if these were photos of men, we all know those nipples would not be covered up like that. Let’s end body shame and gender discrimination and let women be free to show their whole bodies because they are proud and because they love their entire bodies and because it’s not a crime to have a naked body!

    • kel

      Start a trend.

    • Krissy Jones

      I think it’s probably because if they show nips, the pics instantly can’t be shown on many websites.

  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    beautiful ladies!


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