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Wow I Just Squirted: Here Is My Tiny {How-To-Squirt} Guide


The Author

About Me

I am the typical girl next door. I am born in Taiwan, live in Bali, am a teacher and love to discover the mysteries of life. I love to fall in love, but I figured this love thing is not that easy I thought it would be. I am on a journey to discover what love really is.

That morning my desire of wanting him was so powerful that I became wet inside out. I was on fire.

I will never forget that day. It was the day after a big crazy party. My partner and I both went to bed feeling exhausted. The next day before we were fully awake, we started to kiss and explore each other.

To be honest I’m not the type of person who truly enjoys morning sex. I worry too much about how my partner sees my body in the bright day light without my nice little dress and my faultless makeup. But this morning I told myself “Screw it – I want him and he wants me.”

The morning it happened we tried several positions. The desire of wanting him was so powerful that I became wet inside out. I was on fire. I was living in the moment. I wasn’t thinking about anything but pleasure.

Giddy Up Sex Position

I sat on him with my legs squatting down and my back was facing him. He laid on his back and lifted his butt up to get inside of me. Every time he lifted he went deeper.

I experienced a tiny discomfort in my vagina mainly because of fear. But then again I told myself again: “Screw that”.

The fear did not remove my desire of wanting him and wanting to feel his cock inside of me. I closed my eyes, I found my focus and determination; I wanted to go to a place where I have never been to before. I wanted to feel that special spot being reached.

All of a sudden I felt an unbearable energy exploding deep inside of my vagina.

This orgasm came from a different spot. (All of my orgasms before where from clitoral stimulation & this spot was definitely new). It was so powerful that to a degree I had to pull myself away from his cock. While i was pulling away a liquid squirted from my vagina. My entire body was shaking. It was like my vagina was screaming, saying “Something is coming out, don’t block the hallway”.

I enjoyed this powerful orgasm so much but at the same time I also experienced 10 seconds of shame right after. I looked at my partner and thought I peed on him.


“Well, but it didn’t feel like I was peeing. The water came out from a different hole.” “Squirting” came into my mind. (Sometimes porn can give us better sex education than anyone else )

Wow, I squirted. I’m going to be 35 in January and I just had my first squirting experience.

How lucky I am! I thanked my partner for giving me such a wonderful experience. Then he simply stated, “I should thank you for letting me make you squirt.” And he’s right about that.

I made myself squirt by letting go, by fully diving into the sensation.

After that amazing squirting experience, my partner and I have had a couple more successful attempts. It is like something has opened up inside me. We both now know how to reach that climax. We now know the certain positions to make it happen. And the best recipe is to be free of the mind and relax.

There is a simple rule how to make yourself squirt: Remove the fear, the shame and the worries and just feel the love, the passion and enjoy the moment.
By Sydney

Images by the awesome artist Thomas Saliot

P.s. I am curious: Did you ever had a Squirting Experience? How was it? What tips can you give other women to get there?

P.s. These videos might help you to experience deeper orgasm.. and it might even make you squirt:

or this one:

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  • Chi3f

    Since when does female ejaculation come “from a different hole?” I’d always read that it was an emptying of the skenes gland through the urethra. Potentially some pee, but if that bothers you, then maybe avoid sex.

  • Venus Matters

    So glad this phenomena is coming out of the closet! Somewhere between 10 to 40% of women naturally ejaculate despite the UK banning squirting in porn as immoral, silly prudes. True, it’s *not* the same thing as pee (even if there may be some urine in this liquid pleasure, as it turns out men’s semen also has some urine in it). It’s time to liberate women from any residual shame around squirting… Venus Matters is here to help with gorgeous waterproof and washable mats designed especially for women. Because no one wants to sleep on the wet spot! http://igg.me/at/venusmatters

  • Anastasia Aisatsana

    I am a very juicy woman by nature, but after my friend gave me a vibrational sound healing one evening and my foot fell asleep, he placed his tuning fork on my ankle to “wake it up,” just being goofy. The vibration went all the way deep inside my yoni and REALLT woke it up. Since then, I’ve been squirting like crazy; its insane! Since then, in practicing tantra together, he’s used vibration from his tuning forks directly against my pubic mons, direcing the vibration into my lotus, bringing me to orgasm with lots of squirting, but focusing on my heart chairs makes me absolutely flood the bed!

  • Gwinnett Couple

    I am 51 and squirted for the first time last year. After hearing the term for the first time back then ( yes, I’m a late bloomer but better late than never) I decided I had to try and learn how. Husband and I did some research and we managed to be successful Can I just say…OMG!!! It’s amazing when it happens which isn’t every time. After… I am drained, and deeply satisfied. I crave a shot tequila after, its crazy! Funny story: One time while I was on top, I squirted him in his face!! 🙂 We have learned a few things: We keep lots of towels on hand and I have to drink lots of water after. Re-hydration Is import IMO. I am blesses that my husband are still learning lots of fun sex stuff at our age!!!

  • Rose Cooper

    don’t squirt. do scream though. so I definitely don’t feel like anyone’s missing out. least of all me 🙂

  • R. Leigh

    My first squirting experience was quite shocking. It led me on a journey over several years to understand it, and come to a place where I could accept this new ability. It even encouraged me to write a book about it because women just aren’t talking about it and the information available about it is scarce or incorrect (mostly info via porn). I won’t spam you with my book name. Feel free to ask me about it if you’re interested in reading it. It’s cheap on Amazon, and primarily for women just wanting some quick tips to help them squirt. I’m also offering an ecourse on the subject, and orgasms in general. Life experience has brought me to a very different place in my sexuality than I was just 5 years ago. Women should embrace these orgasms, and allow themselves this level of pleasure! R. Leigh, http://www.AuthorRLeigh.com

  • J91

    my first long term relationship and i guess you could say the first girl i really loved was this beautiful girl named Torie. She had the body of a model perfectly tanned skin and the most gorgeous green eyes ive ever seen to this day! and she could not get enough of me! but for the longest time she couldnt fully take me becuse it hurt her and she’d end up bleeding… 0-o it was ironic though because she was my first and I knew I wasnt small but didnt honestly think I was big, she on the other hand had been with around 15 guys and told me I was the biggest. Anyway the first time she was able to fully take me it was such a turn on for both of us and a huge relief for me and her as well im guessing. She had just got home from work and said her neck was sore we were in the bedroom so I told her to get on the bed and I’d give her a massage, started out innocent enough, I ended up turning her on and started kissing her neck from behind she let out a sigh and whispered “I want you now,” “hah oh really?” I laughed as I slid my hand up her shirt, undid her bra, and started playing with her nipple, she let out the sexiest soft little moan and I instantly got hard. I spun her around abruptly and layed her on her back she giggled excitedly as my lips met hers. I slowy moved my hand out from under her shirt and started unbuttoning her pants and slid my hand into her panties which were soaking wet she playfully bit my lip and let out a muffled moan as my finger brushed her clit and moved further south and found home she arched her pelvis pushing down on my hand as though she couldnt wait another second I started slow and slowly increased the pace as her hips started moving more I knew what was coming next “fuck me baby she moaned in my ear,” not yet I whispered back with a teasing smile. As I took her shirt off and kissed my way down from her neck to her breasts teasing her nipple with my tounge before moving down to just above her pussy I stopped and looked up at her to see the her bearing the cutest devilsh grin, then went straight to work. before long her legs were tightening on my head as I buried my tounge in her and her hips began to buck as she started coming “I cant take it any more fuck me!” she shouted. I lifted my head “you sure?” I said teasingly “oh my god please babe!” she begged I flipped her on her stomach pulled her legs off the bed so she was standing and slowly slid it in her now throbbing pussy all the way to my surprise, she clawed the sheets and bit her lip “too much?” I asked, “no it’s perfect” she moaned I could feel her blood pumping to her pussy on my balls as I pulled out and slowly started to speed up. close to the end she was screaming with pleasure and I couldnt have went any harder if i wanted to then as soon as I started coming I felt a hot rush of fluid soak me and push me out of her looking down in time to see it covering the floor and streaming down the inside of her legs which were now trembling uncontrollably as she nearly slid to the floor I picked he up setting her fully on the bed collapsing next to her my hand on her hip as her legs still shuttered both her and I panting to catch our breath. “Did you just squirt babe?!” I asked excitedly “yeah” she mumbled still trying to catch her breath, “I need something to drink” I said “you want something?” I asked, “babe?” nothing “Torie?” I said a little louder this time looking at her “what?” she said looking at me dazed and unaware of what I asked “you ok?” I asked with a huge grin on my face. “yeah i just, that was amazing” she exclaimed still halfway staring off at nothing. “Glad i could help!” I said beaming with pride, she just kind of smiled at me and shook her head. and thats my story sorry if its a little too vivd but I’ll never forget it, it was the moment I felt the most manly I’ve ever felt to this day I cant explain it but the closest I can describe was this primitive pride in how amazing the moment was.

  • 12 Notes

    A couple of women asked for input from men, and Randi, I hope this helps part of your question. I have found that most of the men that I know and have read about get extremely turned on by a woman squirting when she orgasms. I can only give my experience but women do seem to be embarrassed by squirting if they are still in the early part of a sexual relationship. We are obviously doing something wrong as a society in order for women to feel this way about something so beautiful. ….and we like to call ourselves the modern era?

    I should first point out that my partner and I had known each other years before but in a non romantic way so this allowed us to be a little more comfortable our first time being intimate together. The first time that she squirted with her orgasm, I had no idea that it was going to happen. In this case, I think it’s important to mention our sexual position. She was lying on her back diagonally on the side of the bed and I was standing up in front of her but holding her legs against my chest with her feet over both of my shoulders. For me, I like to feel the softness of a woman’s legs against my chest and there is something special about holding her legs with my hands while pulling them snuggly against my chest that all adds to the pleasure of the experience.

    But importantly, it also gives me a better position and angle to be able to reach and pleasure her G-spot with every stroke. Some women may need that in order to squirt through penetration. And when I can take in her beauty and feel her pleasure while watching the poetic motions of her soft elegant breasts, I can also tenderly kiss the inside of her legs and it all makes me want to ensure that every motion and every movement is pleasuring every part of her in the best possible way.

    This very first time of being intimate together was quite magical so it did not take long at all for her to have her first orgasm together and she squirted this very first time. The anticipation she felt had her literally gushing and I thought the warm sensation was beautiful but she was apologizing over and over. I tried to tell her how erotic, sensuous and arousing it was to feel her warmth flowing down my legs while I was still inside her but she would not allow herself to believe it. So I told her that I could not wait to feel her next orgasm, and that immediately started another orgasm after just a few seconds but then she still apologized. I knew that that had to place limitations on how deep her pleasure could be and I wanted her to really believe that I loved the experience and was sincere so I went down between her thighs to pleasure her but she pulled my head up and said I didn’t have to do that. I told her that I was now dying to taste her beauty and she finally reluctantly let go. She orgasmed without squirting so I began to use 2 fingers at the same time. This made her squirt with her orgasm fairly quickly and neither of us knew that an intimate experience could be so cerebrally and physically pleasurable at the same time. She then told me she believed me and that became her favorite way to orgasm. In fact, after knowing this, whenever we had sex through penetration, I would go down on her just as her orgasms would start and it would increase the intensity of her orgasms and prolong them, without fail. Somehow, that built up an anticipation for her that created a sexual tension so that when she orgasmed, they were really intense and long orgasms.

    Personally, I think it’s also very important for men to learn how to be nurturing when pleasuring their partner. It’s a trait that many women have naturally and I think it goes beyond the physical aspect and has more to do with adding the emotion of caring which heightens the entire experience of pleasure for her. The orgasm itself is so much a part of the mind that if she can feel that her partner cares more about her than his own release, it can be a much more beautiful physical and emotional experience and give her a better chance to experience her orgasm this way.

    In my opinion based upon input I have received from women, men need to learn how to be more nurturing and that in itself will influence them to think more about what he can do to make his partner have a more pleasurable experience. Number 2 is that they need to understand that when a woman has an orgasm after receiving oral sex for 5 to 10 minutes, it only happens in porn movies or fantasies. I’m sure there are exceptions. Lastly, if you really care about your significant other and want her to really understand how much you really care about her, then show her. Take the time and make the extra effort to find new or better ways to please her and make her happy. Love is not a noun or a Hallmark card, it is a verb, an action that requires your participation and it is one that should never end. Like everything that is alive, if it is not nurtured, it will have a difficult time trying to survive.

    • R. Leigh

      You hit the nail on the head. Men don’t always understand how important a nurturing, caring attitude is, and how long most women take to orgasm. Women take a long time to get warmed up, but the reward is great when a man allows for that time. I guarantee his experience will be much better if he just hangs in there. R. Leigh, www. AuthorRLeigh.com

    • Morgan Whitmire

      I’m an exception lol there are those of us out there who can squirt from just doing 69. But having a deep emotional connection that reaches farther back than romantics is I believe a big part of it. I met my bf 16 years ago, and immediately became best friends, but we always felt more. Of course at the time we were 6 and 7, so we didn’t know or understand it, but we did know we had to be around each other.
      Having this connection made me shy at first when we did finally decide to take that leap 4 months ago; I was worried that all those years of waiting had made him love me less, especially since I had already married and had a child. (No judging, I’m legally separated waiting for divorce court). Now I have no shyness except when we try something new, and he is the first man to ever give me oral. Ever. So yeah, I squirt every time he goes down on me, especially when I give it to him, because I feel it as an act of love

  • randi.

    I just did today for the first time and I still feel apologetic and gross because I am not sure how my fiancé felt about it.

    • R. Leigh

      I felt like that at first, and honestly still do with some partners. It looks like you posted this awhile ago. I hope you’ve worked through those feelings. For myself, understanding it helped me greatly. I have found most men think it’s great! R. Leigh, http://www.AuthorRLeigh.com

  • lisalelay1

    I love this article! After being single for almost 5 years, 6 months ago I started dating someone exclusively. I must say that it has been a world wind of a ride from our very first date. He makes me feel completely comfortable with him, which is a first. I have always been subconscious of myself with several things like do I look too fat to my partner naked, do I feel good to my partner, do I satisfy my partner orally, as well as wondering if I taste good to my partner. So like the woman from the article I was never completely relaxed. It was the middle of the day and he followed me into the bedroom and when I turned around he grabbed me and started kissing me and began pulling my clothes off. He layed me on the bed and started caressing me all over. This went on for a bit which I think is what actually got me to relax. That and the way he was looking at me. Crazy as it might seem, his eyes were filled with such passion, taking every inch of my body in, that I found myself just submitting and becoming one with his touch. He then slid his hand between my legs and started stroking and penetrating me with his fingers. I felt this amazing feeling start to build up inside of me which he figured out quickly by my breathing and the moving of my hips up toward him. His hands fell in line with me and every movement I made. Then it happened. Like it was stated in the story, I felt this intense energy inside of me along with a feeling of having to pee but I just knew it wasn’t that so I didn’t hold back. I must say it was so intoxicating the feelings, emotional and physical, that came with this experience. He actually stated when I was done “my god that was amazing, but I think I made you pee.” LOL Needless to say after I told him what he did that no other was able to do he was not only pleased with himself but very amazed with the fact that the two of us have such an amazing connection sexually and emotionally. I am sure this will not be the first and last time this happens!!

  • Kata Lunatika

    well i decided to travel alone, and on the second day i meet a guy and well next thing i remember, he was giving me an awsome oral, i reached the orgasm, and i told him 2 slow dow, but he looked at me, and say no… so he pressed a bit more and… well i love it..

  • Awakeningthesacredmasculine

    My first experience was with someone I was madly in love with. I had been pursuing with great patience. She had ended a 2 year relationship months before so she was trying to wait. So the courting process commences. It was worth it! She kept me away yet the magnetism was undeniable. When we finally went with the energy that was between us it was extremely passionate for young lovers. The first time she squirted it was unbelievable. It can be confusing but such a turn on. For men I feel we have the question with knowing when a girl orgasms. Of course with us its no secret. So knowing that I could give here that sort of pleasure and seeing it erupt, splash, and wet everything was sheer bliss. Still to this day she and I had more sex in one night than any other lover…. yet. My bed would be so wet that there was no area big enough for us to sleep on. So we had a strange and awful separation. It was devastating.

    It was a year and a half before it happened again.. (hot story but not for now). Then it happened with another lover… Then another.. I was beginning to understand the physical dynamics of how to provoke that experience. Well through the years I got better and better at it. I find it easiest to do it with my hands to start…. then after your bed is soaked you can enter… after she ask of course. So my experience culminated(so far) in a strange and wonderful gathering at a magical house. A random group of friends that I somehow seem to orchestrat gathered… Well that night something happened and some tantric energy ( i use that word because the girl I met was just getting into tantra) descended upon the night. I met someone who came late to the gathering and she was new to me. We had the most amazing love creating earth shaking boundary cracking sex that it was contagious. The screams of orgasm were so intense that her friends rushed in to see if she was alright…. we were all Right. That energy was so thick that it blew through the house and those that paired up also started having wild love tickle them. Moans and screams could be heard throughout the house it was Amazingly beautiful and life altering for all involved. Years later they still can’t forget that night. That night started a moment of a sexual healer in me. I was able to evoke that experience with anyone that I encountered. Often not for my benefit at all but to address blocks in those that I came in contact with. After that period I saw that what I was doing had great power and of course great responsibility as well. I had friends and guys of the girls I was exposing the experience to ask me to teach them. At first with my closest friend that I know have hearts of gold I would share it with. Once it got to the people on the perify I was hesitant. After some introspection I was/am not sure everyone should know a “technique” for giving a woman that type of orgasm. It opens you up. If you just want to get off or be the great porn star lover its not what I want to share openly. I feel deeply that most porn is born from our dominator culture. While that may be “hot” to some it seem to lack real intimacy. The reason those women (and there boyfriends) trusted me is because I respected the goddess within. I addressed the need for healing first. I am not perfect and experience the same relationship dramas as anyone else but when I am just fulfilling the role of healer it seems to be different. We all want to experience vulnerability and we should Now! yet this world has a face it doesn’t show so we have to be wise to whom we open the castle gates to. People have great intentions but we live in a society that injects selfishness behind every commodity. We have to tread the orgasmic highways and byways with those we Trust. I feel sex is a vehicle a literal vehicle for exploring the inner worlds. Each gateway has its own tolls. Pockets full of gold are not whats required. Its a mountain of Trust that gets your through. So as much as I see everyone becoming uninhibited sexually which has its benefits not being grounded in your love and trust will never get you squirting with no residual feeling of lack. When you enter that space with another that is worthy of trust all your desires of orgasmic wetness will follow…. Ok one last thing this site seems to applaud a little on the raunchy side…… for those in a wonderful intimate relationship 69 with her on top when she squirts and creams all over your face and you drink it like your standing under the waterfall of the fountain of youth…. yum.

  • kwkid66

    The first time I had the pleasure of a lady that squirted was when I picked up this girl at a bar and we eventually made it to her apartment. After some heavy making out we decided to go to her bedroom. She went to the bathroom and came out with a bath towel. She pulled a dildo out of her end table and laid down on the floor next to the bed. She then stated not to touch her. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she brought to orgasm and a stream came out of her three feet long. This was my first experience of this and you can imagine how turned on I was. By this time I took matters in my own hand and shot a load all over her stomach. I enjoyed it so much I went back to see it again!

  • shelby

    Such a fun topic.
    I have recently had the pleasure of entering a relationship with a man who already knows a thing or two about making a lady squirt. Before him, I had done it once. It surprised the hell out of me! Since being with my current love, there have been several occasions of me producing what must be a cup of liquid (made a HUGE puddle, and soaked through all the blankets on his bed). My squirting spot seems to be like a button, you’ve got to warm the machine up to reach it, but once found, it’s practically immediate.
    I’ve found that I don’t squirt at the same time as I orgasm, and that the sensation is similar to an orgasm but different, and I can squirt sometimes 4-5 times in one round, but can usually only orgasm once. That being said, it’s a riot and it really gives your guy something to feel proud about. In my experience, intense pressure on the upper side of the vaginal wall, and some pressure on the pelvis/bladder area, like right at the top of your bush (or where it would be if you wax/shave… you know) really makes a difference.
    My man will place his hand right there as we grind hips while I’m on top, facing him and slightly leaned back.

    Or, we’ll go for a sort of back bend/missionary combo, where my butt is lifted off the bed, and he’s hot his arms going under my legs, holding onto my butt, and lifting vertically so that I’m grinding against him and the tip of his cock is pressing right into my g-spot.
    Hopefully that helps someone. And if you’re anything like me, you might need a towel.. Or three.

    • Allen

      Will like to meet you if you are free i am very sure you will become exusted

  • Kathleen Dennis

    Been married 10 years to my first partner and it has been an incredibly hot 10 years of getting to know each other well in every area. I didn’t realize that squirting was what it was called, just knew we were swimming in a puddle when we were done and he was sure it didn’t all come from him! I explored the G spot thing through solo masturbation, and then with toys, each time having a different level of success. But the most explosive was first thing in the AM with well, a pretty full bladder. SO I spent most of the time clenched like crazy and it made everything tingle! I am a multiple so it was go around number 3 that did it. (after a round of penetration and ejaculation and a round of finger stimulation, I was wanting more exterior stimulation even though my legs were already wobbly) Because I was so swollen and turned on he just gave me a good round of (for lack of better terms) pussy slapping while I was spread eagle in the bridge position. BOOM! There goes the table, chair, rug and assorted clothing in the floor on the way to the bed! Totally soaked. Best O in my LIFE! He told me later he’d never seen me do that before and the first part squirted , the latter gushed so I guess it was likely that other stuff as opposed to the female ejaculation fluid (oh well, when ya gotta go…) but WOW, worth it. Slap happy addict!

  • Josephine Apraku

    I have learned from a gynecologist that when women come they all release a fluid. Most of the times it goes inwards though as the vagina makes a kind of pulsing movement for the sperm to reach the egg which is why the fluid does not come out most of the times.
    I am still quite young and have had two long relationships. In between there have been some other partners and to be honest I don’t feel that you need the intimacy of a loving relationship to let go and just be in the moment of lust. I feel you truly need to love and know you. I have squirted a few times and have had sex with most of my lovers because I really couldn’t care less how I look whilst doing it. I have let my partners know that I want give myself to them entirely and let them pleasure me and also that I love to give pleasure to them. I feel that sex has become something with so many rules that humans tend to forget that in a way good sex is always about giving love. At least that is the case for me. It doesn’t matter if I know someone I sleep with or not in the moment we sleep with each other I give them love.

  • CHEZ

    Hmmmm I’m not sure about all of this- I am an open-minded and explorative woman with a reasonably high sex drive and a very good lover who thankfully takes his time to get to know my body- yay! i do not feel any hesitation with him, we have open and honest communication, and he has found a number of ways to bring me to climax. Nonetheless, I have never in my life experienced squirting. I am 48 years old, and have had over 50 lovers, some of them better than others, but even the best of them have never brought me to that point, nor have I myself made it there independently. Do you really think everyone can do it? If so, what is the actual Physical thing going on, how does it work? How can I get to that point if I’ve run out of creative ideas? Lol- thanx for any suggestions!

  • someone

    i thought women were carrying this big secret that we cant be pleasured by men, so we all somehow found out that we should keep this secrets under raps, pretend and moan on cue…i thought this way, because every man ive been with sucked. i think its the culture where i am from (Jamaica) the men are for the most part impatient, greedy, stingy, mean and hardly caress or part take in intimate touching. and for me in specific, like most women, because of this lack of touch and intimacy, we become drier than a Sahara desert.

  • someone

    turns out EVERY WOMAN CAN SQUIRT…i thought it was a lucky few..i squirted the first time from masturbating, i was going ham, concentrating pretty hard. i found that its easier to attain after the first orgasm, if u go again despite the initial sensitivity from cumming the first time, flex the walls down, press a lil sterner on the clit n rub faster, n when u feel it coming, PUSH!!!! 😀 also, u can squirt by allowing someone to finger you using the come hither finger technique. im not gonna be selfish, i found out about this move off the porn site youporn. type in how to squirt or look in the categories and search for instructionals etc yaddie yah…all i can say is, squirting is so much juicier (the feeling n the tangible evidence)..

  • ana nadiradze

    and can anybody tell me what the fluid is it?if it’ s not pee than what is it?sorry I’ve never had squirting as u get:)))

  • Arielle


    So I am a huge squirter. The first time I ever squirted was with my boyfriend at the time. He was going down on me in a jaquzzi. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, like everything was just shooting out of me and my whole head was swimming. I couldn’t get enough.

    I guess the downside is that now I am so focused on getting there. During my sex with him I found that if I pushed down on my muscles I could get there easily. It worked for a really long time until recently with my new boyfriend. Now as I push down, I am starting to pee and squirt at the same time. :/ I don’t really know what to do because I feel like if I don’t push down, or squirt, I won’t orgasim. But I am at a point where I am peeing almost every time. It is just really frustrating because now I am in my head constantly thinking, completely taking away from the sensuality of my amazing relationship. Luckaliy he doesn’t care, so thats great, but I feel unsexy and well frustrated with the cleanup. idk, I guess I am just writing this to see if anyone else has the same experience and how they got over it.


  • Tatiane

    I’m 19 and I squirted for the first time last week, it was also the first time I had sex with that guy and he made me feel more confortable than any guy did before. The squirt happend so unexpected but it came with the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I feel like being in the right way to be sexually happy. (:

    • Antonio Guido

      wowwwwwwwwwww my sweet love congratulations i’m looking for a great girl just like you nice sweet open minded and excellent beautiful brave lady kisses muaaa babe.hope to hear from you someday here is my email to keep in touch, strongman972006 at yahoo dot co dot uk

  • Jo

    I just squirted for the first time couple of weeks ago, but i didn’t orgasm at the same time. I orgasmed later. Either way i believe there were 3 important facts to get there. Position: i had a pillow under my hip and my legs were pressed to my chest, so my partner pennis can get really deep. Estimulation: i was touching my clitoris on the outside while my partner was stimulating it from the inside due to the position (i can feel him very deep). So i had stimulation from both sides in this area. Free mind: this is hard because actually it is diificult for me to orgasm frecuently. I definitely felt like i needed to pee, yet i though it can not be pee and that anyways i can hold it, so i didn’t worry about it anymore and i really concentrated in the weird but nice feeling, i was very curious of how it felt, so i put all my attention there and then it happened, i felt a lot of liquid everywhere and wasn’t sure what happened because i didn’t know what squirt was! Fortunately my partner didn’t react or anything, he was very natural about it and just keep going so i didn’ t feel embarrassed and it was a good experience

  • Randy

    The first time my girlfriend had a squirting orgasm we were both shocked. It was far more intense for both of us because I could feel how much she had finally let go sexually. I was going deeper consistently and “flexing” my penis inside her as my forward stroke would message her inside with more pressure than we had before that point. It was her first time, so at first she thought something was wrong, but something that felt that good couldn’t be so wrong! As we experimented, we found that it was easiest for us in a missionary position, but eventually learned other positions, and I could even masturbate her to the same result.
    The best advice I could give is for both partners to RELAX, COMMUNICATE, be HONEST with one another. Men need to be patient, and listen to their partners. Learn what she is telling you, and remember from her reactions what makes her hot. Take the time to touch her, message her, and help her relax. Women need to let us know what feels good to you so we can learn your particular likes and dislikes. Most of all, let go!! Remember, us guys WANT you to have the best experience possible, and we will not be freaked out if it is messy, sweaty, or wet. For me, it adds to the incredible sensations I feel, because I know her orgasm is as intense or better than my own could ever be!

    • that answer was so hot. u are awesome. thanks for the beautiful words. much love, adina

  • La Femme Fountaine

    So nice to see that someone writes about this. A subject which seems to be very reserved to a very few.

    If I am with the right man, who enjoys giving pleasure…I can gush for over 5 hours.

    Would love to hear from other gushers/squirters myself.

  • Lee

    As a man, I can say that the frequency of women I have been with that were “squirters” is somewhat low, maybe 1 in 15? One woman was very climax-centric, and could bring herself to orgasm very quickly. I agree with the idea of letting go, as Melody was a very sexually open and determined woman. Oral sex would often lead to our penetrative sex being MUCH more lubricated and would leave my bed soaked, but she never actually squirted, though I’m sure she could have in the right circumstances. I was with another woman that always held back, because she felt like she was going to pee on me. The first times I convinced her to forget about it by having sex in the shower, she told me it was different, more intense when she came, but out of the shower, she almost always felt too uncomfortable to really let go. I think that exploration is part of what makes sex so interesting in a relationship, and that by holding back, you are denying yourself true fulfillment both sexually and intimately. Let go, ladies. We’ll be able to take it. Seriously, show us what you love.

    • Adina Rivers

      now that is one of the best comments on this blog so far. I love every single word of it.thanks for sharing that with us queens..

  • Dee

    I squirt ALL the time. You need to relax ,trust and just let go. It can be messy …but,it is the best feeling in the world.

    • Adina Rivers

      Awesome. I am not there yet.. am probably still too much in my head. 🙂 But soon, soon. 🙂

  • Oliver

    Hey Sydney, thanks for sharing 🙂
    I wonder how many men out there actually experienced a squirting orgasm with a women … ?

    • Daniel McBrearty

      only a few times. Once when I was about 25, with an older woman. I was quite taken aback, I had no knowledge of it. A few years ago I had a girlfriend who did it very naturally and I loved it – problem was that she didn’t feel great about it, kept apologising and was even talking about going to a doctor to have the “problem” cured. Me telling her it was not in any way a problem helped a bit maybe. Anyhow that didn’t last, for other reasons. All I can say is that that, and also the full body orgasm (when a woman’s whole body starts shaking with the intensity of what she is feeling) are two of the sweetest and most .. well … nourishing … feelings I ever had in sex.


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