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Wow! These 14 Gorgeous Women Walk The Earth Naked {We Should All Do The Same}


About Me

Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

“I believe if we would all walk naked more often we would open up to our true essence and remember that we are spiritual beings in a human body.”

I came across these images & found much depth, strength and beauty in them. They trigger my raw spirit, feminine strength, purity and goddess essence.

We have forgotten to walk this earth naked, yet nature is naked all the time. We are the only species that puts on clothes. And with all these clothes, we too veil our essence, intuition and connection to the source.

About The Stone Nude Project

The project is called “Stone Nudes“. The artist describes it as following:

an extract of the art of climbing. Intended to inspire and celebrate the human form. Stone Nudes draws from the community it represents. Over the last ten years, a body of over one hundred photographs drawing from three generations of climbers has evolved.

Unlike current climbing media, these images do not seek to sell or promote anything beyond the experience. This approach has attracted climbers of all abilities to participate in a project designed to capture the essence of the climbing spirit.

These are in my humble point of view the best pictures of this series. The last one is my personal all-time favorite.

The 14 Most Inspiring Pictures Of Naked Climbing Women

# 1 Stone Nude Project


#2 Stone Nude Project


#3 Stone Nude Project


#4 Stone Nude Project


#5 Stone Nude Project


#6 Stone Nude Project


#7 Stone Nude Project


#8 Stone Nude Project


#9 Stone Nude Project


#10 Stone Nude Project


#11 Stone Nude Project


#12 Stone Nude Project


#13 Stone Nude Project


#14 My All-Time Favorite. (I love the way the light shines on her nipples..)

Let me know which one is your favorite picture? And how do you feel about being naked more often?

Much love, Adina

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Share Your Thoughts

  • jb

    who is the photographer?

  • 55dbau

    If any of these ladies give rock climbing classes I sign up.

  • Jeanna Sandy-Winder

    I prefer not to scare animals and small children…

  • Chris

    I just think it takes away from any sport or accomplishments when women are nude or dressed scantily. I’m all about equality but, it just makes it more of a spectacle because the world and our culture sexualize the female body. I love the sport and love female power, this just does a disservice to amazing women.

    • CharlesDecelles

      The disservice is all in your head.

  • Joshua Shaffer

    some pretty badass women

  • Linda Nafey

    I like #4 and #6; great composition. the muscles on the woman in #6 are extremely beautiful.

  • beef

    I love my nudist hobby. Now If I could just combine it with my others!

  • Jenna Ice

    I started seriously freaking out, every time I look at pics like this it’s like I’m the one that’s gonna fall. Lol Also those building climbers in foreign countries that do it just to take selfies. Like climb the highest skyscrapers and some fall to their deaths taking pictures such as these. Gorgeous photos tho!

  • Scott Bury

    Maybe I’m just an old geezer, but my SECOND thought was “I hope they don’t scrape themselves.”

    • You’re not an old geezer. My first thought was “where are their helmets?”

  • ela

    they are full of initiative v

  • Toes

    I would go with #3. It’s just a great angle.

  • Jason Lee

    number 1 is my favourite I love how the light shines in her buttocks

    number 5 is my other favourite I like how the sun shines on her vag

  • Kathleen Dennis

    I am in awe! Just…blown away. I have always loved black and white art but this! All the raw and yet soft fem energy and power on display next to the immovable Earth and yet they command it! And the way our bodies flow, like the shape of the rock in the caverns…I had forgotten! How connected they must feel, calloused feet and hands, scraped boobs bellies and butts, and the literal world in the palm of their hands. Def going on my bucket list!

  • redwolf68

    Couldn’t choose a favourite – these are all beautiful.

  • LaSheena Taylor

    Wow! All of them are so inspiring. Beauty. Grace. Strength. Love it!

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  • Randy Scott West Parks

    I Actually I love all of them. As a nudist I always wanted to try this. I love how the art of nudity is presented here and not to mention the woman are beautiful.

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  • maya

    These are all so beautiful but #12 is definitely my favorite. I really like her very athletic yet petite build. The lighting on the photo complements her muscle tone and beautiful feminine facial features so well. I have tried indoor climbing a few times and this particular angle is quite difficult so mad props to her for that. Seeing this post really inspires me to be naked more often for all the reasons you mentioned. I think the society we live in makes nudity seem way to vulgar when it should be something thought of as more neutral and organic. Thank you for sharing this

    • Jason Lee

      @ maya did the article inspire you enough to walk around your home naked and/or you to visit a nudist beach, camp, resort naked/nude?

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  • Goly Goly

    my favorite is #6 for her body and the rock creates harmony.
    being naked is awsome and we should be naked much more often

    • true that #6 is pure art. great taste you have. much love, adina


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