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WTF?? Teacher Gets Suspended From Work For Talking About ‘Orgasm’ On Facebook

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My friend forwarded the following facebook post to me. I felt the urge to spread this message since this incident is the perfect example of why most parts of western society is having a disturbed relationship with sexuality.

Sexuality is our core essence and its purpose is not solely for reproduction. It is the gateway to higher states of awareness, for peace & connection. Please spread this post to help this world wake up to its true potential.

Suspension Of Teacher After Talking About Orgasm

Teacher Suspended From Work

Mad love to this teacher, Adina

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  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. One of the reasons I quit teaching was because I wanted to write, and OMG my stories have orgasms and f-words! Granted, I’m from Idaho which is about as conservative as a place can be, but there are some liberals like me lurking here. This summer a teacher in Twin Falls was suspended because she posted a picture on FB where her boyfriend playfully had his hand on her swimsuited breast during a day of waterskiing. He was also a coach at a high school, but he didn’t get suspended. I can imagine she must have been allowed back to work since it just sort of faded from the news. Teachers get held to such high expectations. It’s ridiculous.

  • Ami Go

    I adore u Adina rivers. I do the some simple works like u in india…..


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