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This Woman Went To Jail Because Of Her Breasts? Are You Kidding Me?


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Did you know being a criminal has become easier than ever? All you need is a vagina and nipples. That’s it. Easy.

Okay, all joking aside. Here’s what happened:

On June 15th 2015, Anna Goodman, a young woman who lives in Los Angeles, California, got handcuffed and arrested for … tadaaaa…. swimming topless in her apartment complex pool.

Yep, you read that right.. Handcuffed and arrested for swimming topless in a private pool.

Anna Goodman

Anna is now officially a “criminal”…


On her facebook page she explains her possible penality:


And this “criminal” has some good food for thought.



Not sure if I need to add anything else here?! Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

Love, The Criminal Adina

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P.p.s: Now…no matter what other people say, don’t forget to give your beautiful breasts some love…

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Share Your Thoughts

  • cherfer

    what if a man’s “gender presentation” is to walk around with his penis out? Would that be ok?

  • urmom

    Ur just a slutty whore. Why would u even think about taking ur clothes off? I mean, if it s ur private pool like in ur bathroom or whatever it should be okay, but in this case people could see ur nipples and u don’t even feel guilty about this. In ur country, there r a lot of strip clubs nearby ur house. Go there and ask them for a job! Ur mother will be proud of u.

  • Oksana

    Back home (Ukraine) I used to work topless on our fields. I did not want any tan lines;). The only danger for me was to hear my neighbors gossiping lol

  • Peggy Hall

    I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I to was arrested while on vaction in Gatlinburg Tennessee for simply flashing my breasts while walking out of a bar at closing time. The Gatlinburg, Police Dept chased me down and handcuffed me and read me my rights. Then told me they could charge me with indecent exposure. I was taken to city hall drunk tank where I was searched by a male officer. 3 other male officers put me down and shamed me for wanting to show what I believe to be one of the most beautiful attributes on a female. I was made to feel like I was the worse huan being on this earth and should be taken to the local square and stoned. Locked away in a drunk tank for 6 hours with a sheet and a mattress the width of a sleeping bag. The next morning a was released and only charged with disorderly conduct and given a fine of $100.

  • Mike New-fbpage

    Yes this needs some more context …. was their a complaint? Did she breach her agreement with the apartment complex? Had she been approached by anyone else before? Was she rude or disrespectful to the officers? .. I agree that nudity should not be a crime. But not enough information here to judge this case?

  • ohioan

    seems like there would be more important issues to deal with. with that said the cops could have told her that there was a complaint, put a top on, or leave the pool. she should never been arrested unless she gave them a hard time.

  • Sue

    weaker sex?? men, they just cant control their urges and blames women for it,,,,generalizing of course

  • J3522

    I am okay with toplessness but it seems hypocritical in an equality article to point out that the cops were male. I doubt this is the whole story.
    Also, the cops don’t make the laws. Legislators should be your targets.

  • Jan Ludovicus

    USA is infamous for its typical Christian hypocrisy. They kill left and right without raising any eyebrows but God forgive if there is any nakedness involved. Sounds like ISIS to me.

    • mioahu

      thanks god for whatever meaningless country posing as righteous you might be from

    • Thomas Hodges

      I endorse Jan’s comment 100%. The U.S. is one of the most hypocritical countries on the planet and has a massive problem with priorities. War, gore, horror and death are perfectly acceptable in U.S. society, but nudity or anything remotely sexual is deemed a crime against society!

      Born British, resided all over the world (currently Italy).

  • wonderhussy

    Idk…I can’t find any other information about this on ANY other site. Did this really happen? I’m a huge supporter of topless rights….but this article is so vague and poorly written, it makes us look bad

    • @wonderhussy:disqus Sorry if you felt this article was lacking information. Check out Anna Goodman’s profile (linked in the article) It did definitely happen. Large media just haven’t picked it up yet. I hope they will do so soon. Adina

  • Ceri Farquhar Smith


  • Raza Ali Hussain (MonstaCalves

    Does that mean I will get arrested for showing my nipples too? In the privacy of my own home?

    Am I even safe in my shower anymore. Wtf is this?

    In all seriousness, you should take this to the local papers. It’s a joke. Those cops should be charged with discrimination and abusing their authority.

    If that was a shared pool, where the landlord forbidded your actions and you signed that condition. The actions taken are logical but extreme.

  • Persepshun

    Mens nipples don’t makes your vagina wet. Womens nipples are sexual. get the fuck over it.

    • Tracy Caraker

      Women’s breast are not sex organs. They are fatty tissue that happens to produce milk for babies. (when needed)

    • Savanna Danielle Kivimaki

      Have you ever had a vagina, sir? A lesbian’s vagina doesn’t get wet looking at a woman’s breasts either. Furthermore, a homosexual man can get an erection for looking at another man’s bare chest. Does that bother you? Well then, keep a shirt on fucker.
      Frankly, I don’t care if a guy gets an erection. Take care of it. You see, the problem isn’t women’s breast’s, it’s men’s cocks. But if you were all castrated, that wouldn’t be so much of a problem anymore, would it? There’s the REAL answer.
      Fuck off with your one-sided sexist comments, dickwad. Oh, and while were at it, my pussy has been plenty wet looking at men, with or without their shirt on. It’s easier to hide, but it’s just as uncomfortable. Get over yourself.

      • mioahu

        have you noticed how the people who are full of love and pretend to be tolerant are the biggest hippocrites when you don’t agree with them ? It’s ok to be different, UNLESS you are different from them.
        get a life Kivimaki, you are pathetic

        • Savanna Danielle Kivimaki

          Persay the man who’s commenting beneath anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with him. I’ve passed by three comments made by you to different people, and frankly THAT’S pathetic. Almost as much as your spelling and grammar. You clearly haven’t a cent of intellect, so why don’t you come back with your unnecessary opinion after you’ve had a proper education. Thank you! <3
          Oh, and while we're at it; the only insult I could make out that could possibly be directed at me is "get a life" and "you are pathetic". At what point in time did I sound full of love or pretend to be tolerant? Enlighten me.

        • Kiwileigha

          Ya try to shut down the person who has a legit point…. We are all responsible for our own selves. I really don’t see the point in this comment except maybe you took offense to the fact that she said take responsibility for your own self. Idk what gender you are but either way, if you took offense to her logical comment that says nothing against her tolerant, full of love self but rather you and your problems. Did you somehow think she said its not okay to be different? use your brain! she said be yourself BUT also take responsibility for yourself!

    • adam smith

      You sound like a loser. And how presumptuous of you to tell women how they feel.

      • ElleryFamilia

        He did a shitty job at presenting his point, but he still does have a point. Society has sexualized female breasts, and a bare chested woman in public is still a spectacle. I’m not saying that this is right, but it’s the reality of the situation. It should be legal for a woman to expose her chest anywhere where a man can expose his chest, that’s just logical. But let’s not sit here and pretend like society will view it the same.

    • cherfer

      I like man nips

  • allan

    what would Eve have done at this day and age the police would have arrested her too, God made her that way and man
    also. I think it is time we come out of the closet. Then we wouldn’t think it obscene, after awhile the newness would wear
    off then would be everyday stuff.

  • John Coffey

    I see no reason why a woman can’t run around topless like a guy can. I for one like the statement made by Ron White “seen one set of boobs you want to see all sets”. Honestly if a lady wants to run around without a top on why shouldn’t she? The only thing is if she chooses to do so then she has to understand people are going to look at them expecting her to not get offended when they do.

  • Paul Eckert

    We all know the lawmakers across the world have lost touch with reality…this is really sad but typical of where the nanny state politics rules so poorly

    • Thomas Hodges

      Not “all over the world”, just some countries in the world and especially in the U.S.

  • Natta Stella

    This has got to change, nipples are nipples.. A lot of men have MUCH bigger boobs than A LOT of girls!

  • Grandma

    While I agree that it should be no different for a woman to go topless, I disagree with a couple of things here. “in the privacy of your apartment complex pool”. If it was your personal pool that would be okay, however the complex is for all persons who live there which is then not private and they may not want their children exposed to your nudity. Just saying. As for charges. You should have at least been given a warning that it was not okay to do before being arrested and or charged.

    • Gus

      What’s wrong with a child seeing a naked body? Seriously, why do people believe, that a naked body will somehow traumatise your kids? Yes, lets keep on covering their eyes, whenever theres someone naked around to protect them from the EVIL that nudity is and help them be as insecure about their own bodies as we are!
      Well I guess it can be hard to grasp the notion, that a naked body is not sexual by itself, when you have only seen them in sex associated context…

      • mioahu

        I wonder if you would feel the same when some naked dude poses in front of your 12 year old girl

      • Thomas Hodges

        Children are the first and foremost favourite excuse, for adults that don’t have the balls to state the true fact that it is in-fact they who are complaining. There is absolutely no problem with children being exposed to nudity, they are born nude and if living in a healthy and natural environment, will be exposed to family nudity on a regular basis.

        In Europe, topless bathing is totally normal and naturist beaches and sites exist in abundance, catering for families with children of all ages. The real problem is in the U.S. where people have been brainwashed and religious fanatics rule society (or at least doing their very best to!).


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