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Yoni Massage – A Sacred Ritual & An Act Of Worship

Yoni Massage

About Me

Jonti has worked for over 12 years in the field of Tantra, expanding sexual experience and consciousness. Jonti offers workshops, talks, private and group lessons in the field of sexuality & sensuality. He assists singles, couples and groups in healing, creating a deeper connection, intimacy, pleasure and the magic between sex and spirituality.

It is an experience of healing, release, awakening, empowering, expansion and transcendence.
And pleasure. Deep pleasure that is often a path to heightened states of consciousness that allows you to experience the unity of sexuality and spirituality.

Slow, so slow.
Gentle, so gentle.
From the heart.
This is where the healing begins. Healing the hurts of the past, the abuse, the frustrations, the disappointments, the unfulfilled expectations.
Tissue that should be alive, awake and so sensitive is numb, tender or painful.
The Goddess Area is closed to pleasure.

An opening and a softening.
The release of so much, emotional, physical, psychological. Beliefs, limitations, withholds, lies, guilt, shame, embarrassment…

With the softening is the release of pain and the opening to pleasure.
The pleasure that you know is yours by right.

New sensations to discover, deeper, higher, sensitivity. Sensation and feeling that move from your yoni through your entire body, that expand your body, then expand your being. Body and heart connect. Body and soul connect. Then expand more, the boundaries melt, disappear. You merge with a stream of universal consciousness, universal pleasure. In this space so much becomes possible. You see with different eyes. You see so many truths of your life. You see the patterns, the reasons. You see the possibilities.

Yoni Massage is ancient healing, touching on aspects of anatomy, sexuality and energy that science is slowly catching up with through research.

The healing impact of Yoni Massage is deep, touching so many aspects of your being. In a more direct way it is able to release tension leading to painful sex, awakens the G-spot, contributes to making orgasms during penetration possible, assists in dryness, helps raise libido, may have a balancing effect on hormones, frees and increases orgasmic potential, heightens sexual response, becomes a vehicle for sexual meditation, can be used as a manifestation tool…

Healing through pleasure is often a difficult concept to grasp because of the way we see pleasure, the context it’s ‘meant to happen in’.

Yoni Massage as an experience of safety, a gift that is given in a sacred space can be life changing. As strange as it sounds, it’s often not a sexual experience in the way we generally think sex should be. It’s not about penetration, yet it’s making love, an gift of love that flows from the hands to your yoni. And for a moment, no matter how brief, you feel so beautiful, so loved, so honoured.

As more women give themselves permission to experience this magic, so it becomes possible for more women to do so. As more women free themselves from the limiting beliefs that prevent the fullness of pleasure, so it becomes possible…

Possible for you.

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[…] MUST-READ: Yoni Massage – A Sacred Ritual & An Act Of Worship […]

Ozzy the Healer
Ozzy the Healer
9 years ago

Tar some massage therapist and sex therapist offer it, even some healer such as myself will do it with clients that trust us beyond reproach. It is difficult for many to do, simple due to the fear of law suits or even being arrested. In the massages I do I even incorporate energy healing at the same time, to clean and a-line the chakras and then to go and into the Yoni massage can be life changing for many. I am very pleased when this happens for those who come from abusive situations. I myself may not even do the Yoni massage until we have been in 2 or 3 sessions. It does take time to build a deep trust for this work to have a wondeful ending for all..

Ami Go
Ami Go
10 years ago

I have provide yoni massage to many of my clients to their full extent. it is really hilarious experience who want to enjoy and relax. it is just like relaxing in heaven. it is like do now experience.

10 years ago

OK… I’ve read 2 or 3 of these articles and each and every one is all but useless.
By that I mean that the article is little more than a preamble to something that is likley
quite interesting and valuable. But if you merely describe in flowing verse what a
yoni massage is supposed to be about but fail to actually discuss the nuts and bolts.
you really haven’t conveyed anything usefui, The cervical orgasm article suffered the
same issue.

David Chandler
David Chandler
9 years ago

THAT MAY BE THE POINT. He’s just trying Sell Himself, while making it look like he’s offering up some big secret (without actually letting the genie out).

Amber Stanley
Amber Stanley
10 years ago

i love this, definitely up my alley….. Thanks for sharing!

10 years ago

Very Interesting, I wonder where this type of massage is offered.


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