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The 11 Most Perfect Yoga Bodies in the World

About Me

I’m a writer & I am convinced that if I keep repeating it I will end up believing it. I’m a traveler, an adventurer & an explorer; mostly of my own desires and limits. Life as a constant journey. Committed to the adventure; to the pursuit of all that is fascinating and beautiful but might seem impossible. Constantly in love, mind roamer, moment hunter, a tiny bit obsessive and a word gatherer. In process of finishing my third novel.

“You are imperfect; permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” Amy Bloom

Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice helping us to embrace, heal and empower our bodies. And the more we love our bodies, the more we are able to love ourselves and others.

Many though feel a lack of love towards their bodies. I felt this lack of love too, but over the years I’ve realized that the only place I have to live in is my body. It is my temple.

When we don’t love and fully accept ourselves as we are, we cannot love or accept others.

I’ve put together the following images to remind myself and others of how perfectly imperfect we are; how our curves and edges, our scars and scratches make us uniquely beautiful.

It is up to us to embrace this uniqueness, to love ourselves and feel gratitude for all we are.

Let these following pictures inspire love; for yourself and others.

You are perfect!

#1 Be yourself, there is no one better

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#2 You are entirely up to you

#3 Beauty begins the moment you start loving yourself

#4 Honor your body, it’s your temple

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#5 Be content with your natural beauty

#6 Actually, you can

#7 Admire all your shapes, changes, edges & scars.

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#8 You are uniquely beautiful. 

#9 Your imperfections make you beautiful

#1o Self-love is not selfish. It is healing.

❤️ Love, Adina

Edited by Eda Sofía | Artists & models: An selection of different amazing people

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