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7 Freakin’ Good Reasons You Should Do NAKED! Yoga


About Me

Zen Holmes is the founder of Zensuality Sacred Sexuality. She is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, nutritional counselor and a teacher of Sacred Sexuality. Her work focuses on the activation, cultivation and circulation of sexual energy throughout the body. This sexual awakening creates a state ecstasy, optimum health and a feeling of oneness with the universe.

“Practicing nude yoga allows you to accept yourself, flaws and all. You begin to love and appreciate the unique characteristics that make you, You.”

Here are 7 freaking good reasons for you to take off your clothes during your next yoga session.

#1 Nude Yoga Improves Your Body Image

Everyone has parts of their physique that they are uncomfortable with: wide hips, no hips, too fat, too thin, too tall, too short and of course breast, butt, and penis size.

Women in particular have a tendency to feel insecure with their bodies. Especially after having given birth some feel their breasts hang lower, and their waist or abdomen may have stretch marks, excess skin or additional weight – all of which are very natural.

However, everyday we are bombarded with media images that illustrate a very narrow portrait of beauty. 

Subconsciously, we allow these images to shape our feelings about our bodies.

Practicing nude yoga allows you to accept yourself, flaws and all. You begin to love and appreciate the unique characteristics that make you, You. The more comfortable you are with your body, the sexier you’ll feel. Self-love and acceptance are the building blocks of a healthy self-esteem and a sexier you.

#2 It Helps You Conquer Your Fears


I think most people would agree that being naked in a room filled with strangers might initially cause a bit of anxiety.

The first 10 minutes of a nude yoga class are probably the toughest part of the experience, but as you begin to drop into your body, focus on your breathing, and flow throw the asanas, your anxiety starts to dissipate.

You think to yourself: “Wow, I’m really doing this…and it’s not so bad.”

If you can conquer your fear of a naked forward bend or happy baby, then you can do just about anything!

#3 You Free Yourself From Norms & Social Conditioning


After you’ve overcome the initial hurdle of simply showing up and had the full experience, you will be filled with the realization of an immense freedom.

This freedom expands your awareness and allows you to embrace Truth. The liberating feeling experienced during naked yoga gives you the freedom to express who you really are in a bold yet mindful way.

You can take your new-found freedom and apply it directly to your sexuality. You will feel free to experience your sexuality in whichever way you choose without guilt or inhibitions.  

Our freedom gives us the power to choose to respond to life’s challenges from a place of Love, Wisdom, Understanding and Truth.

#4 It’s The Start Of A Deep Transformation


Practicing nude yoga, whether in a class or in your home, can be a very healing experience that allows you to reach deeper levels of transformation. Yoga in the buff can create a deep state of relaxation for the mind, body and spirit.

You become more in tune with the flow of energy throughout the body.

Connecting with this vital life force energy enables you to remove blockages within the 7 main energy centers of the body known as chakras. Our chakras govern all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. Balancing the chakras creates optimum health, spiritual growth, and enlightenment.

#5 It Enhances Your Sexual Energy


Sexual energy is the life force energy that gives us vitality and fuels all of our creative endeavors. It is a natural expression of our spiritual selves and can be used to expand our consciousness.

There are many yogic techniques that are utilized to activate, cultivate, and distribute sexual energy throughout the body in order to balance the chakras. Applying these techniques during your nude yoga practice will greatly increase your efficacy.

When sexual energy travels from the root chakra to the heart chakra we experience the loss of the ego, oneness with the universe, and joyful bliss.

#6 You Can Be Constantly Kissed By The Sun


Another great reason to practice nude yoga is to gain full body exposure to the sun. Many of us spend most of our lives indoors. We leave our homes, jump into our cars or mass transit, put in our 9-5 at work and then head home again. We are lucky if we get 30-60 minutes of sunlight on our face a day.

Scientists have recently discovered that there are many health benefits to exposure to sunlight.

Along with assisting in vitamin D production, exposing the body to sunlight can enhance our mood through the release of endorphins. It can treat a number of skin disorders as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder and synchronize the hormonal rhythms of the body.

#7 It Saves You Some Money

Call me thrifty, but yoga outfits can be expensive. Instead of lining the pockets of executives from designer clothing corporations, why not keep that money in your own pocket?

Simply come to class as you are. Your birthday suit will make you the best dressed in class!

By Zen Holmes

Artist Featured: Gerhard Riebicke | Edited by Eda 

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[…] MUST-READ: 7 Freakin’ Good Reasons You Should Do NAKED! Yoga […]

Bjarne Bødker
8 years ago

totally agree – liberate your mind and your body – enjoying my classes with nude yoga and mixed gender,

always without modesty

Loveto ClearClouds
Loveto ClearClouds
8 years ago

Does anyone know a link to a video of a yoga routine for those with moderate to severe sciatica pain due to injury? I started running 2 years ago and lost 30 lbs in the first year. Haven’t looked or felt this good since I was around 35…I’m now 53. But I did damage 1.5 or so years ago and again around 8 months ago lifting heavy things and had to take breaks for a month or so after each injury. A month ago I passed out from a severe onslaught of pain in the middle of the night and had to crawl across my house to waken someone to take me to the ER. It is a well known fact that I detest the conventional medical system so my husband knew the pain was off the charts. 5 weeks ago was my last run, possibly permanently. I’ve already gained 5 lbs during those 5 weeks so I’m freakin out. I need a yoga routine that will maintain my muscle tone/firmness and burn calories but be mostly non-weight bearing and gentle on the lower back and hips. I just discovered full body massages last week (YUMMY) and am making that a routine as well. Can anyone help? Thank you!

8 years ago

Thank you! You are so right. Nudeyoga is a great present and experience for anybody.
Namasté Elke


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